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William Henry CARMAN DAVIS
Son of Grace CARMAN and Robert John DAVIS
Born 227 Tyler Street, Athens PA
25 NOV 1896
Died 01 NOV 1972 Easton, Maryland
Buried Ewing, Mercer County NJ
Photo submitted by Virginia DAVIS Gross
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date/Birth Place of Birth
12/9/1893 Campbell, Eliza F W Campbell, B. A. Campbell, Fanny Col.XRds Farmer 8/9/1890 Col.X Rds
12/6/1893 Congdon, Frank Ray M W Congdon, Clarence M. Congdon, Bertha S. Windham Laborer 10/2/1893 Windham
12/9/1893 Crimmins, Denis M W Crimmins, Thomas Crimmins, Anna Towanda Clerk 9/7/1893 Towanda
12/9/1893 Cantwell, Helen F W Cantwell, Edward Cantwell, Theresia Towanda Machinist 9/4/1893 Towanda
12/9/1893 Carroll, Thomas F. M W Carroll, Michael Carroll, Bridget Towanda Watchman 9/17/1893 Towanda
12/9/1893 Chamberlin, Walter F. M W Chamberlin, Joseph Chamberlin, Hattie Towanda Mechanic 9/8/1893 Towanda
12/9/1893 Cherran, Joseph M W Cherran, Laurance Cherran, Mary Towanda Carpenter 9/27/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 Cullinaw, Margaret Mary F W Cullinan, Daniel Cullinan, Julia 202 Lombard St. Shoemaker 11/10/1893 Towanda
12/9/1893 Coleman, John Joseph M W Coleman, Richard Coleman, Mary 312 Second St. Finisher 12/5/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 Cole, Elmer Eugene M W Cole, Eugene S.  Cole, Zva E. Monroe Boro Laborer 11/4/1893 Monroe Boro
12/19/1893 Campbell, Reed Frank M W Campbell, Burton S. Campbell, Rosa Monroe Boro Miller 12/15/1893 Monroe Boro
12/19/1893 Cranmer, William Bernard M W Cranmer, Harley A. Cranmer, Clara H. Monroe Boro Farmer 11/22/1893 Monroe Boro
12/4/1893 Cowen, Frederick M W Cowen, H. H. Cowen, Ana 9 Oak St. Oak Hill Cem.Supt 7/17/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 Cook, Nettie M. F W Cook, Joseph Cook, Hattie R. Monroe Boro Laborer 9/29/1893 Monroe Boro
12/5/1893 Coates, Georgie F W Coates, Geo Coates, Minnie Monroe Boro Laborer 9/25/1893 Monroe Boro
12/5/1893 Cogansparker, Lewellyn M W Cogansparker, Chas. Cogansparker, Allie Monroe Boro Laborer 7/20/1893 Monroe Boro
12/7/1893 Cass, Charles M W Cass, Burton Cass, Melissa Monroe Boro Laborer 9/21/1893 Monroe Boro
12/8/1893 Crayton, Josephine F W Crayton, Thomas Crayton, Florance LeRoy Farmer 1/1/1893 LeRoy
12/8/1893 Chapen, Floyd L. M W Chapen, Wm. H. Jr. Chapen, Lillis E. LeRoy Farmer 11/21/1893 LeRoy
12/9/1893 Conkle, Vira Irean F W Conkle, Elmer Conkle, Eva Granville Sawyer 3/27/1893 LeRoy
12/12/1893 Coleman, Suraelta F W Coleman, Elmer S. Coleman, argaret S. LeRaysville Farmer 8/21/1893 LeRaysville
12/11/1893 Christian M W Christian, Urban Christian, Emma Albany Twp Farmer 9/29/1893 Albany
12/29/1893 Campbell, Agnes Bell F W Campbell, Arthur Campbell, Mary Ulster Laborer 11/20/1893 Ulster
12/8/1893 Craney, Marion F W Craney, Wm. J. Craney, Libbie Springfield Farmer 11/26/1893 Springfield
12/18/1893 Commons, Jay M W Commons, R. H. Commons, Hattie Ridgebury Farmer 10/7/1893 Ridgebury
12/20/1893 Canfield, Ray M W Canfield, George Canfield, Emma  Wells Farmer 11/2/1893 Wells
12/6/1893 Campbell, Eda May F W Campbell, M. B. Campbell, Nellie Athens Laborer 6/11/1893 Athens Twp
12/21/1893 Not Named M W Chandler, H. Irving Chandler, Eva Athens Farmer 12/8/1893 Athens Twp
12/6/1893 Curry, Laurance M W Curry, Laurance Curry, Mary S. Waverly Switchman 9/27/1893 South Waverly
12/21/1893 Not Named M W Campbell, John Campbell, Sarah Athens Farmer 12/8/1893 Athens Twp
12/21/1893 Not Named M W Campbell, John Campbell, Sarah Athens Farmer 12/8/1893 Athens Twp
12/7/1893 Cokely, Catherine F W Cokely, Thomas Cokely, Bridget Franklin Farmer 7/3/1893 Franklin
12/9/1893 Comfort, Arrie M W Comfort, W. W. Comfort, Hannah Snedekers Laborer 9/11/1893 Snedekers
12/9/1893 Campbell, Eliza F W Campbell, B. A. Campbell, Fanny Col.XRds Farmer 8/9/1890 Col.X Rds
12/4/1893 Campbell, J. S. M W Campbell, Overett J. Campbell, Bertha M. E. Troy Painter 8/1/1893 E. Troy
12/4/1893 Child,  F W Child, Rufus W. Child, Frank Smithfield Farmer 11/23/1893 Smithfield
12/1/1893 Cardwell, George M W Cardwell, J. F. Cardwell, Annie Asylum Laborer 11/12/1893 Asylum
12/4/1893 Crayton, Mary E F W Crayton, Herbert E Crayton, Rosy M. Granville Center Laborer 10/30/1893 Granville Center
12/8/1893 Case, Frances O F W Case, Samuel R Case, Mary E. Granville Stone Mason 6/11/1893 Granville 
12/8/1893 Case, Mildred F W Case, Myers Case, Silly Granville Farmer 10/29/1893 Granville
12/4/1893 Cline, Alexander M W Cline, John P Cline, Philena Stevensville Farmer 7/7/1893 Stevensville
12/9/1893 Chubb, William M W Chubb, W. E. Chubb, Minerva Orwell Merchant 6/24/1893 Orwell
12/11/1893 Cass, Robert M. M W Cass, Samuel B. Cass, Cynthia Orwell Farmer 7/16/1893 Orwell
12/16/1893 Chubbuck, SethW. M W Chubbuck, Everett E. Chubbuck, LaFlossa Orwell Farmer 7/9/1893 Orwell
12/14/1893 Chaffee, Frank M W Chaffee, Jackson S. Chaffee, Lou Sheshequin Farmer 11/18/1893 Hornbrook
12/28/1893 Cox, James S. M W Cox, Willard Cox, Mary Lamoka Fireman 7/9/1893 Lamoka
12/29/1893 Not Named F W Chaple, Learn Chaple, Annie Carbon Teamster 11/28/1893 Carbon
12/27/1893 Cooper, Eunice Irene F W Cooper, William A. Cooper, Jessie Litchfield Farmer 12/20/1893 Litchfield
1/3/1894 Chaffee, Blanche Edna F W Chaffee, James P. Chaffee, Adelaide Warren Farmer 12/7/1893 Warren
5/8/1894 Chapman, Leslie Lloyd M W Chapman, Jno Chapman, Arvilla Albany  Farmer 3/6/1894 Albany Twp
5/10/1894 Coolbaugh, Maud F W Coolbaugh, Frank Coolbaugh, Laura Albany  Farmer 3/24/1894 Albany Twp
5/7/1894 Croll, Leiby Anita F W Croll, Edward William Croll, Elizabeth Main St. Clerk 12/7/1894 Athens 
5/14/1894 Case, Dorinda Maude F W Case, Aaron Case, Carrie Athens Laborer 1/2/1894 Athens 
5/15/1894 Crawford, M. Ruby F W Crawford, A. R. Crawford, Sallie Athens Tin Smith 1/23/1894 Athens
5/15/1894 Cook, Phillip L. M W Cook, Phillip Cook, Margaret Athens Engineer 5/14/1894 Athens
5/19/1894 Cole, Emery M W Cole, Sylvester Cole, Nora Spruce Laborer 3/12/1894 Athens
9/6/1894 Clinton, Earl M W Clinton, Orrin John Clinton, Mary Belle Job Griffin house Laborer 6/18/1894
5/9/1894 Carner, Ethel E. F W Carner, H. B.  Carner, M. J. Athens Bookkeeper 2/27/1894 Athens
5/19/1894 Crane, Melvin S. M W Crane, Ira Crane, Dora D. Burlington Twp. Faar 1/10/1894 Burlington Twp
1/1/1894 Crippen, Hellen Leonice F W Crippen, J. G. Crippen, Minnie Washington St. Grocer 12/26/1893 Canton Boro
5/17/1894 Coughlin, James A. M W Coughlin, John Coughlin, Susan A. Columbia Farmer 3/11/1894 Columbia
5/19/1894 Corson, Florence F W Corson, Robert Corson, Emma Columbia Laborer 4/29/1894 Springfield
8/30/1894 Colton, Mabel F W Colton, Samuel Colton, Dettie Granville Farmer 7/21/1894 Granville
8/30/1894 Colton, Mina F W Colton, Jarvis Colton, Luretta Granville Farmer 3/27/1894 Tompkins, Tioga Co.
5/16/1894 Coleman, Raymond Obediah M W Coleman, George A. Coleman, Edith Herrick Twp Farmer 3/21/1894 Herrick Twp
5/19/1894 Not Named M W Chase, Fred Chase, Celia Overton Laborer 4/1894 Overton
5/23/1894 Corner, Cora F W Corner, Fred Corner, Matilda Orwell Laborer 2/1/1894 Wysox
5/7/1894 Cobb, Paul M W Cobb, James Cobb, Laura Stevensville Farmer 4/26/1894 Stevensville
5/7/1894 Clink, Earl M W Clink, Henery Clink, Ada Stevensville Farmer 5/5/1894 Stevensville
5/21/1894 Carr, Mattie F W Carr, John A. Carr, May Ridgebury Farmer 4/20/1893 Ridgebury
5/17/1894 Callear, James Edward M W Callear, Richard Callaer, Mary Sayre Engineer 12/30/1893 Sayre
5/12/1894 Cortright, Robert Henry M W Cortright, G. W. Cortright, Christeen Sayre Conductor 11/8/1894 ? Sayre
5/7/1894 Connor, Joseph B. M W Connor, Joseph B. Connor, Hattie Sayre Fireman 4/12/1894 Sayre
5/8/1894 Champion, Paul E. M W Champion, Henry C. Champion, Kate Sayre Engineer 1/7/1894 Sayre
5/10/1894 Crandall, Mary E. F W Crandall, Charles Crandall, Esther Smithfield Farmer 3/21/1894 Towanda
5/12/1894 Clark, William L. M W Clark, Lacey Clark, Emma Rummerfield Telegraph Opr. 3/5/1894 Rummerfield
8/30/1894 Carmody, John Francis M W Carmody, John Carmody, Elizabeth S. Waverly Conductor 8/6/1894 S. Waverly
8/31/1894 Crimmins, Carl M W Crimmins, Patrick Mann, Fannie Rienzi Farmer 6/22/1894 Rienzi
5/7/1894 Campbell, Chester M W Campbell, Archibald Campbell, Lobeda Viall Hill, Terry Twp. Laborer 4/13/1894 Viall Hill, Terry Twp.
5/15/1894 Coleman, John  M W Coleman, John Coleman, Katie New Era Laborer 5/12/1894 New Era
5/12/1894 Coleman, Anna F W Coleman, Thomas Coleman, Mary 319 Poplar St. Laborer 9/1/1893 Towanda
5/26/1894 Crowe, William James M W Crowe, James Crowe, Carrie 103 Main St. Minister 12/11/1893 Towanda
5/4/1894 Carmody, James M W Carmody, James Carmody, Emma Cherry St. Railroader 10/1893 Towanda
5/4/1894 Cronk, Mary Adelea F W Cronk, Henry Cronk, Etta 103 Pratt Ave. Laborer 4/17/1894 Towanda
  Crow, Mary Powers F W Crow, Thomas Crow, Mary Powers Troy Twp Laborer 5/10/1894 Troy
4/19/1894 Canfield, G. Leland M W Canfield, Chas. M. Canfield, Lottie L. Tuscarora Farmer 4/27/1894 Spring Hill
4/19/1894 Cogswell, Emil B. M W Cogswell, W. B. Cogswell, Minnie Tuscarora Merchant 1/13/1894 Silvara
5/8/1894 Clough, Frederick M W Clough, Frederick M. Clough, Bertha R. Ulster Minister of the Gospel 3/18/1894 Ulster
5/11/1894 Chamberlin, Lena F W Chamberlin, William Chamberlin, Cora Myersburg Farmer 2/22/1894 Myersburg
9/3/1894 Coolbaugh, Linton(not for sure) M W Coolbaugh, Jessie R. Coolbaugh, Addie F. Wysox 2nd D. Farmer 3/17/1894 Wysox 2nd Dis.
12/6/1894 Cowels, Ethel F W Cowles, Albert E. Cowles, Clara Alba Clerk 8/28/1894 Alba
11/28/1894 Coolbaugh, Thomas John M W Coolbaugh, Fred Coolbaugh, Mary Asylum Farmer 11/22/1894 Asylum
12/5/1894 Close, Martha E. F W Close, Charles Close, Minnie A. Athens Laborer 10/7/1894 Athens
12/10/1894 Case, Charles M W Case, Geo. B. Case, Ellen Athens, Frederick St. Laborer 8/24/1894 Athens Boro
12/4/1894 Corneby, Amos, Jr. M W Corneby, Amos  Corneby, Emma Athens Twp Farmer 7/11/1894 Athens Twp
12/20/1894 Corneby, George Henry M W Corneby, Clarence H. Corneby, Margaret Athens Twp Laborer 7/7/1894 Athens Twp
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