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Mildred Ruth MUDGE
Born 1895 Elk Run, Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Died 1925 Elk Run
Buried State Road Cemetery
daughter of Ruth HOLLY and Menzo MUDGE
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/1/1899 Bostwick, Enough M W Bostwick, James Bostwick, Delia Vawter Farmer 4/10/1899 Vawter
5/2/1899 Baxter, Nina May F W Baxter, John Baxter, May Litchfield Farmer 1/15/1899 Litchfield
5/8/1899 Ball, Clarence M W Ball, Jay Ball, Stella Litchfield Farmer 2/20/1899 Litchfield
5/1/1899 Biles, Erl M W Biles, Walter Heath Wysox Laborer 3/28/1899 Laning House
5/1/1899 Burgess, William McKinley M W Burgess, Charles Burgess, Flora Warren Laborer 4/11/1899 Warren
5/1/1899 Bullock, Walter M W Bullock, Hugh Emma Cadis Laborer 1/8/1899 Cadis
6/13/1899 Bowen, Agatha M. F W Bowen, Archie Mary Warren Farmer 5/6/1899 Warren
5/15/1899 Bennett, Enos M W Bennett, Enos Bennett, Idea Towanda Farmer 2/15/1899 Burlington
5/16/1899 Bristol, Maggie F W Bristol, Shepard Bristol, Debby Towanda Butcher 2/9/1899 Towanda
8/8/1899 Brown, Cora F W Brown, Chas] Brown, Mary N. Towanda Farmer 8/2/1899 S. Towanda
9/2/1899 Brown, Howard F. M W Brown, Lee C. Grace Sayre Laborer 5/28/1899 Lake Side Susqu Co.
5/3/1899 Brown, William M W Brown, William Carrie Sayre Engineer 9/11/1898 Sayre
5/10/1899 Baltz, Sallie M. F W Baltz, William Terssie (?) Sayre Laborer 1/1/1899 Sayre
5/12/1899 Buck, Ruth M. F W Buck, Michael Mary Sayre Laborer 11/6/1898 Waverly, NY
5/4/1899 Baxter, Joseph Benson M W Baxter, George W. Baxter, Ellen Sayre Machinist 3/22/1899 Sayre
5/25/1899 Beardsley, Ruth Ann F W Beardsley, Sylvester Beardsley, Joanna Sayre Laborer 10/7/1898 Halstead
5/31/1899 Brown, Dora E. F W Brown, Jacob K. Brown, Margerat Walnut St. Laborer 10/3/1898 Athens
5/11/1899 Brown, Bacon M W Brown, Edgar Brown, Elsie Homets Ferry Laborer 8/30/1898 Monroeton
5/8/1899 Babcock, Beantris F W Babcock, Fred Babcock, Ella Albany Twp. Farmer 12/20/1898 Albany
5/1/1899 Blakesley, Chauncey M W Blakesley, C. S. Blakesley, Maud M. Rome Boro Mail Carrier 5/1/1899 Rome
5/6/1899 Bowers, George Devere M W Bowers, George Bowers, Clara Overton Twp. Blacksmith 4/21/1899 Overton
5/2/1899 Bird, Genevieve F W Bird, A. J. Bird, Nellie Overton Twp. Physician 2/20/1899 Overton
5/4/1899 Bartlow, Infant M W Bartlow, Charles Bartlow, Paulina Overton Twp. Farmer 3/29/1899 Overton
5/4/1899 Baker, Harry Fisher M W Baker, G. N. Baker, Ida Herrick Farmer 2/2/1899 Herrick
9/6/1899 Burch, Marion E. F W Burch, Frank Burch, Emma S. Waverly Painter 4/30/1899 S. Waverly
5/23/1899 Brown, Anna  F W Brown, James S. Brown, Violet Burlington Twp Farmer 4/30/1899 Burlington
5/26/1899 Bennett, James Hiram M W Bennett, Hiram S. Bennett, Adelia Burlington Twp Farmer 3/20/1899 Burlington
5/22/1899 Boyce, Shirley M W Boyce, C. F. Boyce, ora Granville Farmer 1/13/1899 Granville
5/31/1899 Bates, Jesse M W Bates, James Bates, Minie Norconk Laborer 12/11/1898 Norconk
6/6/1899 Brown, Margrate F W Brown, H. K. Brown, Rosetta Quicks Bend Farmer 3/28/1898 Quicks Bend
5/22/1899 Bates, Claud M W Unknown Bates, Lucy Hollenback Farmer 3/20/1899 Hollenback
5/24/1899 Brink, Stanley A. M W Brink, George A. Brink, Lucy Ann Orwell Farmer 4/8/1899 Orwell
5/25/1899 Boardman F W Boardman, M. B. Boardman, Janett Orwell Farmer 5/5/1899 Orwell
5/25/1899 Biddle, Fidello M W Biddle, Bly Biddle, May Canton Laborer 8/10/1899 Canton Boro
11/13/1899 Bennett, Leon M W Bennett, Eugene Bennett, Cindella Terrytown Farmer 7/29/1899 Albany Twp.
11/17/1899 Bedford, Gertrude F W Bedford, John B. Bedford, Luretta Terrytown Lab. 8/15/1899 Terrytown
11/17/1899 Bennett, Samuel C. M W Bennett, Darius Bennett, Lizzie Terrytown Farmer 6/7/1899 Terrytown
11/24/1899 Bump, Dewey M W Bump, Clinton Bump, Ella Terrytown Farmer 11/14/1899 Terrytown
12/9/1899 Brown, Edna Chasten F B Brown, Charles E. Brown, Mary M. Athens Waiter 9/1/1899 Athens
12/9/1899 Brennan, Thomas Leonard M W Brennan, Joseph Breman, Anna Sayre Brakeman 11/12/1899 Sayre
12/16/1899 Bell, Baby M W Bell, N. P. Bell, Maggie Sayre Laborer 12/10/1899 Sayre
12/16/1899 Bensley, Ruth F W Bensley, Arthur Bensley, Mary Fulton St. Laborer 2/4/1899 Sayre
12/16/1899 Becraft, Leon M W Becraft, Cezar Becraft, Miranda Bensley Laborer 11/24/1899 Sayre
12/15/1899 Bennis(?), Rose F W Bennis?, Martin, Jr. O'Keefe, Sarah E. Third St. 32 Merchant 10/13/1899 Towanda
12/11/1899 Butler, Mary Belle F W Butler, James Brown, Bessie Towanda Farmer 7/30/1899 Towanda
12/4/1899 Bayley, Willie M W Bayley, Ambrose Bayley, Mahaly Homets Ferry Laborer 7/19/1899 Homets Ferry
12/12/1899 Boyd, Clara E. F W Boyd, J. N. Boyd, Nora Lime Hill Farmer 11.5.1899 Lime Hill
12/9/1899 Bennett, Miles Dewey M W Bennett, N. C. Bennett, Lucy White Birtch Farmer 5/25/1899 White Birtch
12/9/1899 Babcock, Lacey M W Babcock, Grant Babcock, Allice Pike Laborer 8/12/1899 Pike
12/5/1899 Blodgett, Lulu Edith F W Blodgett, Lewis F. Blodgett, Edna A. Prattville Farmer 10/30/1899 Prattville
12/5/1899 Baldwin, Jessie Irene F W Baldwin, Frank Baldwin, Clara LeRaysville Motorman 8/9/1899 LeRaysville
12/6/1899 Brister, Loyd Clark M W Brister, Horace W. Brister, Hattie M. Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 9/21/1899 Tuscarora
12/5/1899 Bustin, Paul A. M W Bustin, George Foyle, Frances Wysox Farmer 6/19/1899 Wysox
12/20/1899 Bull, Maud F W Bull, Omar Kilmer, Marion Apex Farmer 12/14/1899 Apex
12/1/1899 Barnes, Allen Eugene M W Barnes, N. S. Barnes, Rhoe Rome Boro Farmer 5/23/1899 Rome Twp.
12/4/1899 Browning, Delphine F W Browning, Percy L. Browning, Hattie Rome Boro Teacher 7/23/1899 Rome Boro
12/1/1899 Brown, Daisey F W Brown, S. O. Brown, Martha Smithfield Farmer 6/22/1899 Smithfield
12/5/1899 Bennitt, Leon D. M W Bennitt, Eugene Bennett, Lucinda Albany Twp. Farmer 8/3/1899 Albany Twp.
12/21/1899 Ballard, Kathryn L. F W Ballard, Ed Ballard, Augusta Springfield Farmer 6/25/1899 Springfield
12/21/1899 Bailey, Eva F W Bailey, John Bailey, Nellie Springfield Farmer 10/4/1899 Springfield
11/23/1899 Berley, Floyd Perry M W Besley, Geo Besley, Satie Franklin Laborer 7/25/1899 Monroe Twp
12/18/1899 Bedell, Mary Marie M W Bedell, N. H. Bedell, Gertrude Overton Twp. Farmer 11/26/1899 Overton Twp
11/15/1899 Baxter, Nina May F W Baxter, John Baxter, Mary Litchfield Farmer 5/24/1899 Litchfield
12/5/1899 Ball, Clarence M W Ball, Jay Ball, Stella Litchfield Farmer 5/20/1899 Litchfield
12/8/1899 Burns, Minnie F W Burns, Fred Burns, Della Litchfield Farmer 7/27/1899 Litchfield
12/7/1899 Brink, Fay F W Brink, Fred Brink, Ida Litchfield Farmer 11/9/1899 Litchfield
11/29/1899 Boardman, Leola F W Boardman, Carlton Boardman, Effie Windham Farmer 9/3/1899 Windham
11/29/1899 Boardman, Clarance C. M W Boardman, Yale Boardman, Mary A. Windham Farmer 8/2/1899 Windham
12/8/1899 Boardman, Erwin W. M W Boardman, Henry D. Boardman, Lena Windham Farmer 6/29/1899 Windham
11/22/1899 Baird, W. H. M W Baird, Hugh Baird, Estella Granville Blacksmith 5/31/1899 Granville
11/29/1899 Bristol F W Bristol, E. F. Bristol, Elizabeth Armenia Farmer 9/8/1899 Armenia
12/5/1899 Bullard, Celia Alice F W Bullard, William Bullard, Hetta M. Armenia Farmer 8/13/1899 Armenia
12/5/1899 Braund, H. Caroline F W Braund, F. J. Braund, Alice Asylum Laborer 6/10/1899 Asylum
11/28/1899 Buchanan, Bell Madaline F W Buchanan, Irvin Buchanan, Geralda Columbia Farmer 9/19/1899 Columbia
11/28/1899 Bailey, Jesse Edson M W Bailey, Burt Bailey, Clara Columbia Laborer 9/6/1899 Columbia
11/20/1899 Bessley, Hugh E. M W Bessley, Jesse Townsen, Lucinda Ridgebury Farmer 5/19/1899 Ridgebury
12/1/1899 Brink, Hattie F W Brink, Fred Ide, Minnie Ridgebury Farmer 4/2/1899 Ridgebury
9/19/1899 Blodgett, Albert M W Blodgett, James Blodgett, May South Creek Laborer 5/9/1899 Gillett
12/8/1899 Berry, Ruth F W Berry, Edgar Berry, Alas South Creek Farmer 11/18/1899 Gillett
11/27/1899 Balmer, Helen F W Balmer, Oliver Balmer, Florence South Creek Farmer 4/26/1899 Gillett
12/11/1899 Boland George M W Boland, Dan Boland, Agnes Cadis Farmer 9/28/1899 Cadis
12/11/1899 Ballard, Francis D. M W Ballard, Frank L. Ballard,Mrs. Frank Kenyon Main St. Jeweler 6/19/1899 Troy
12/11/1899 Beardsley, Helen F W Beardsley, Wm.   RR St. Laborer 3/2/1899 Troy
3/28/1899 Brewer, Hazel Sarah F W Brewer, John Brewer, Florence East S,LeRaysville Laborer 3/28/1899 LeRaysville
4/28/1899 Not Named F W Bostwick, R. A.   Second St.,LeRaysville Painter 4/22/1899 LeRaysville
11/15/1899 Blackman, Herbert Folsey M W Blackman, Dewitt Jennie Sayre Laborer 4/26/1899 Sayre
05/14/1900 Bennett, Anna B. F W Bennett, John C. Bennett, Anna Terrytown Farmer 03/13/1900 Terrytown
05/10/1900 Blackman, Mildred E. F W Blackman, Henry J. Blackman, Blanch Wysox Laborer 6/11/1899 Wysox
05/08/1900 Barnes, Marjorie F W Barnes, L. E. Barnes, Callie Camptown Clerk 01/05/1900 Camptown
05/09/1900 Barnes, Harold W. M W Barnes, Clarles Barnes, Myrtle Windham Farmer 01/06/1900 Windham
05/09/1900 Brown, Marid I. F W Brown, Mervin Brown, Lena Spring Hill Farmer 11/28/1899 Spring Hill
05/09/1900 Brown, Floyd M W Brown, Percy Brown, Lou Spring Hill Farmer 6/19/1899 Spring Hill
05/09/1900 Babcock, Arliegh F W Babcock, A. M. Babcock, Emma Spring Hill Farmer 6/13/1899 Spring Hill
05/29/1900 Bailey, Lewis M W Bailey, Adelbert Bailey, Mary Columbia Laborer 2/24/1899 Columbia
05/29/1900 Bixby, Jessie F W Bixby, Floyd Bixby, Anna Columbia Laborer 9/10/1899 Columbia
05/29/1900 Boland, Robert M W Boland, John Boland, Margaret Warren Farmer 04/29/1900 Warren
05/29/1900 Bowen, Leona F W Bowen, Archie Bowen, Mary Warren Farmer 05/05/1900 Warren
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