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Joseph Jerrald McCONNELL
Born 1908 Mansfield PA
Died 1965 Elmira NY - Buried Woodlawn Cemetery
Son of Ada Helena JERRALD and Carl Gilbert McCONNELL
Joseph was a surgeon in Elmira
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/10/1896 Babcock, Gracie F W Babcock, Walter Babcock, Dorah Grover Laborer 11/26/1896 Grover
12/10/1896 Burns, Harold M W Burns, Fred Burns, Della M. Litchfield Farmer 8/15/1896 Litchfield
12/9/1896 Brown, Nile Glen M W Brown, Leonard Brown, Ettie Monroe Twp. Hackman 7/6/1896 LeRaysville
12/1/1896 Beers, Flora F W Beers, C N. Beers, Lois O. Orwell Farmer 9/23/1896 Orwell
12/5/1896 Boardman, Daniel Seaver M W Boardman, M. B. Boardman, Jeanette H. Orwell Farmer 5/26/1896 N. Towanda
12/11/1896 Barnes, Blanche F W Barnes, E. J. Barnes, Mert Orwell Farmer 7/10/1896 Orwell
12/7/1896 Bowers, Emal F W Bowers, George Bowers, Clara Overton Blacksmith 10/28/1896 Overton
12/4/1896 Bender, Harold F M W Bender, Samuel E Bender, Mary M. Pike Twp Carpenter 5/23/1896 Pike Twp.
12/8/1896 Baldwin, Nellie A F W Baldwin, F. L. Baldwin, Clara   Farmer 12/5/1896 Pond Street
12/10/1896 Bosworth, Arlene F W Bosworth, James D Bosworth, Mary E Stevensville Laborer 8/5/1896 Stevensville
12/14/1896 Bennett, Wayne C. M   Bennett, N. C. Bennett, Lucy L. Stevensville Farmer 12/10/1896 Stevensville
12/7/1896 Browning, Hermon Montague M W Browning, Wm. D. Browning, Nellie May Rome Boro Merchant 6/23/1896 Rome Boro
12/7/1896 Blanchard, John Byron M W Blanchard, Wm Blanchard, Lottie M. Rome Boro Shoemaker 9/2/1896 Rome Boro
12/7/1896 Benson, Fred M. M W Benson, R. H. Benson, Maria C. Sayre Fireman 9/30/1896 Sayre
12/7/1896 Baxter, James Henry M W Baxter, George Baxter, Ellen Sayre Machinist 6/22/1896 Sayre
12/8/1896 Bushnell, Flora E F W Bushnell, Wm. Della Elmer Ave Laborer 6/22/1896 Sayre
12/12/1896 Bailey, Amanda F W Bailey, Chas B. Amanda Elmer Ave Engineer 9/10/1896 Sayre
12/12/1896 Bristol, Maggie M F W Bristol, U. G. Bristol, Laurie Third St. Laborer 11/16/1896 Sayre
12/12/1896 Blake, Not Named M W Blake, Arbay Blake, Nellie Orchard St. Switchman 12/5/1896 Sayre
12/15/1896 Brace, Sarah F W Brace, Simon Brace, Fanny Smithfield Peddler 6/13/1896 Smithfield
12/15/1896 Boughton, Gertrude F W Boughton, Clarence Boughton, Mabel Smithfield Laborer 9/27/1896 Smithfield
11/16/1896 Bailey, Geo. W. M W Bailey, N. E. Bailey, Sophrona Springfield Farmer 7/14/1896 Springfield
12/4/1896   M W Berry, Pletus Berry, Martha Springfield Farmer 10/19/1896 Springfield
11/19/1896 Benjamin, Geo. Henry M W Benjamin, Samuel Benjamin, Rosila Terry Twp Laborer 12/4/1895 Terry Twp.
12/9/186 Bowman, Lucy Martha F W Bowman, Joseph M. Bruce, Ethel B. 201 Third St. Broker 5/13/1896 Towanda
12/8/1896 Baker, Arthur D. M W Baker, Charles Baker, Mary Kingsbury Ave. Laborer 5/7/1896 Towanda
12/8/1896 Blackman, Marjorie Coburn F W Blackman, Geo. F. Blackman, Lou Dell 4th St. Laborer 9/27/1896 Towanda
12/13/1896 Burgess, Ralph Ulysses M W Burgess, William Burgess, Julia Towanda Twp. Farmer 12/4/1896 Towanda Twp.
12/13/1896 Bloom, Marion F W Bloom, Charles Meecker, Rebecca Troy Twp. Preacher 7/24/1896 Troy Twp.
12/13/1896 Becker, Lawrence C. M W Becker, Floyd Smith, Julia E. Troy Twp. Laborer 9/6/1896 Troy Twp.
12/9/1896 Baldwin, Lawrence M W Baldwin, M. G. Baldwin, Nellie East Troy Farmer 5/15/1896 East Troy
11/26/1896 Barton, Ernest M W Barton, James Barton, Cora Tuscarora Farmer 9/20/1896 Tuscarora
11/10/1896 Bigelow, Edith F W Bigelow, John Bigelow, Cora Tuscarora Laborer 12/27/1895 Laceyville
11/12/1896 Brotzman, Will M   Brotzman, Elisha Brotzman, Rose Tuscarora Laborer 5/9/1896 Tuscarora
12/7/1896 Blair, Milo Carl M W Blair, A. S. M.D. Blair, Lila Ulster M.D. 11/17/1896 Ulster
12/7/1896 Brainard, Floyd A. M W Brainard, S. S. Brainard, Mary Warren Farmer 2/13/1896? Warren
12/7/1896 Bates, Mary F W Bates, German A. Bates, Nellie M. Windham Butter Maker 9/30/1896 Windham
12/11/1896 Brown, Ruth F W Brown, Nelson Brown, Emma Homets Ferry Laborer 4/7/1896 Homets Ferry
12/11/1896 Biles, Ruth Elizabeth M? W Biles, John Biles, Sarah Homets Ferry Farmer 11/9/1896 Homets Ferry
12/10/1896 Brown, Clarance S. M W Brown, Joseph E. Brown, Elsie Wyalusing Laborer 7/18/1896 Wyalusing
12/15/1896 Brown, Alice Irene F W Brown, Samuel Byron Brown, Margretta Camptown Laborer 6/21/1896 Balibay, PA
12/10/1896 Bartlett, Margra F   Bartlett, Leverett D. Bartlett, Etta Myersburg Farmer 8/4/1896 Myersburg
12/9/1896 Brillhart, Stwart M W Brillhart, Calvin Brillhart, Lettie Willow St. Brakeman 11/13/1896 Athens
12/8/1896 Brennan, Eva May F W Brennan, Wm. Brennan, Eva O. Church St. Brakeman 11/21/1896 Athens
12/21/1896 Brink, Cora B F W Brink, Fred Brink, Minnie South Creek Twp. Farmer 4/18/1896 South Creek Twp.
12/3/1896 Burnham, James M W Burnham, H. W. Jelliff, Ada Bently Creek Farmer 6/14/1896 Bently Creek
5/14/1897 Bixby, Grant M W Bixby, Frank   Towanda  Painter 2/25/1897 Huston St.
5/14/1897 Brinnan, Joseph M W Brinnan, Joseph Mary Towanda . Laborer 5/7/1897 Kingsbury Ave.
5/18/1897 Barnhart, Leslie M W Barnhart, Elmer Barnhart, Anna F Elwell Laborer 4/3/18997 Elwell
6/10/1897 Bickerman, John J.(D?) M W Dickerman, Tillman Dickerman, M. Z. Wilmot Farmer 3/3/1897 Wilmot
6/10/1897 Bailey, Flora F W Bailey, Fremont Bailey, Nettie Main St. Laborer 2/12/1897 Mansfield, PA
6/10/1897 Benedict  F W Benedict, H. C. Benedict, Jennie Center St. Photographer 1/11/1897 Canton Boro
6/10/1897 Baker, Dorothy F W Baker, Allen A. Baker, Lena Washington St. Clothier 2/3/1897 Canton Boro
5/31/1897 Blauvelt, Mary E. F W Blauvelt, Chas. H. Rumsey, Viola Ridgebury Farmer 1/27/1897 Ridgebury
6/1/1897 Burt, Esther F W Burt, Hovie Smith, Jennie Ridgebury Farmer 3/4/1897 Ridgebury
5/4/1897 Bolich, Harriet F W Bolich, Alfred Bolich, Olive river St. Laborer 3/20/1897 Sayre
5/4/1897 Bailey, Henry Clay M W Bailey, John Bailey, Nellie Hornbrook Farmer 3/20/1897 Hornbrook
5/5/1897 Brown, Gusta F W Brown, E.E. Brown, Nettie C. Orwell Farmer 3/15/1897 Orwell
5/7/1897 Bennett, Reo Horas? M W Bennett, Jonathan Silestia, Leila (?) State St. No 124 Marble Cutter 1/4/1897 Towanda
5/10/1897 Brown, Roswell L.P. M B Brown, Wm. H. Washington, Cora A. Plank Road 49 Shoemaker 4/8/1897 Towanda
5/16/1897 Boyce, Protty M. F W Boyce, Geo. F. Boyce, Julia Athens Laborer 4/18/1897 Athens
5/16/1897 Burt, Marrion F W Burt, Geo Burt, Alma Athens Bookkeeper 3/24/1897 Athens
5/5/1897 Bump, Harold V. M W Bump, Chas. Bump, Dora Athens Boro Laborer 3/10/1897 Sayre Boro
5/4/1897 Barnes, Anny F W Barnes, Henry Barnes, Susan C. Willawanna Laborer 2/9/1897 Willawanna
6/18/1897 Beidleman, Anson M W Beidleman, Joseph Beidleman, Alme D. Willawanna Merchant 6/9/1897 Willawanna
4/28/1897 Barry, Catherine F W Barry, James Barry, Margaret 18 South St. Brakeman 4/22/1897 S. Waverly
8/31/1897 Burch, Harold M W Burch, Frank Burch, Emma Fulton St. Painter 6/4/1897 S. Waverly
5/6/1897 Brown, Mary L. F W Brown, William Cassie Sayre Engineer 9/27/1896 Geneva, NY
5/6/1897 Brown, Robert M W Brown, William Cassie Sayre Engineer 5/3/1891 Cortland, NY
5/6/1897 Brown, Emma A. F W Brown, William Cassie Sayre Engineer 5/21/1894 Cortland, NY
5/27/1897 Brown, Ruth Nellie F W Brown, Thomas E. Brown, Nellie Sayre Brakeman 5/24/1897 Sayre
8/20/1897 Babcock, Bertha A. F W Babcock, B. R. Babcock, Mertie L. Litchfield Farmer 3/18/1897 Litchfield
9/1/1897 Bostwick, Howard Eugene M W Bostwick, James Bostwick, Delia Litchfield Farmer 5/15/1897 Litchfield
5/7/1897 Barns, Howard M W Barns, W. Sherman Barns, Sophia Wysox Farmer 1/28/1897 Sheshequin
5/3/1897 Brink  F W Brink, Ruel Brink, Sarah A. Rome  Laborer 1/9/1897 Rome 
5/18/1897 Browning, Mary Woodburn F W Browning, Percy L. Browning, Hattie Grace Rome Boro Teacher 2/22/1897 Rome Boro
5/18/1897 Borgeson, Edward W. M W Borgeson, Nilo Borgeson, Annie E. LeRoy Farmer 4/28/1897 LeRoy
5/18/1897 Bellows, Dwin (?) D. M W Bellows, Kelsey S. Bellows, Lodema LeRoy Farmer 6/17/1896 LeRoy
5/7/1897 Brown, Ward M. M W Brown, Harry Brown, Cora Windham Farmer 1/1/1897 Windham
8/31/1897 Bender, Herald M W Bender, L. P. Bender, Hattie C. New Albany Blacksmith 12/31/1896 New Albany Boro
5/11/1897 Babcock, Lee M W Babcock, Fred Babcock, Ella Albany Twp. Farmer 3/31/1897 Albany Twp.
5/11/1897 Bunt, Lizzie F W Bunt, E. L. Bunt, Olive LeRaysville Laborer 4/10/1897 LeRaysville
8/31/1897 Bosworth, Milrae F W Bosworth, Harry A. Bosworth, Maime LeRaysville Merchant 7/3/1897 LeRaysville
5/4/1897 Butts, Lewis M W Butts, Joseph Butts, Mary Viall Hill, Terry Twp Farmer 4/10/1897 Terry Twp.
7/14/1897 Brink, Ina F W Brink, Chas Brink, Lillie Merryall Farmer 1/13/1897 Merryall
8/28/1897 Bennett, Elmer E M W Bennett, E. C. Bennett, Allice Homets Ferry Laborer 8/19/1897 Homets Ferry
5/5/1897 Bartlow, Arthur M W Bartlow, Charles Bartlow, Lina Overton Laborer 2/20/1897 Overton
5/7/1897 Byron, Catherine  F W Byron, Michael Byron, Bridget Overton Farmer 3/18/1897 Overton
5/20/1897 Brennan, Elten M. M W Brennan, Timothy Brennan, Nellie A. Greenwood Farmer 2/23/1897 Powell
5/19/1897 Barlow, Margaret F W Barlow, Herbert Barlow, Mary Towanda Twp. Farmer 1/31/1897 Towanda
5/19/1897 Benjamin, Routh M W Benjamin, Isac Benjamin, Louise Towanda Twp. Painter 3/16/1897 Towanda
5/19/1897 Burggs, Daisie F W Burggs, Miles Bixby, Cassie J. Troy Twp. Farmer 5/7/1897 Troy Twp.
5/26/1897 Barrett, Nettie F W Barrett, O. W. Barrett, Effa Springfield Farmer 4/14/1897 Springfield
5/26/1897 Batterson, Leon M W Batterson, Wm. Batterson, Mary Springfield Farmer 12/30/1896 Springfield
5/31/1897 Barrett, Annie M. F W Barrett, Seymour Barrett, Mary Springfield Farmer 5/15/1897 Springfield
5/31/1897 Brooks, Edith Luceil F W Brooks, Lee Brooks, E. Virgie Union St. Lawyer 4/24/1897 Canton Boro
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