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Ambrose Milan DRAKE   
Born 1889 in Antrim, Duncan Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.
Died 1980 
Buried ??? - info not given.
raised in Elmira, Chemunga Co., NY.
Mother:  Ida Clarissa DECKER, 1856 - 1945, 
of Mansfield, Richmond, Tioga, Pa
Father  Dr. Emery Gaston DRAKE, 1852 - 1916
of Granville, Bradford, Pa..
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/13/1895 Bennett, Lloyd L M W Bennett, Jno. Bennett, Mertie Tuscarora Laborer 5/30/1895 Tuscarora
11/29/1895 Balmer, Robert Matthew M W Balmer, Percy Balmer, Lucy Ulster Farmer 9/23/1895 Ulster
11/29/1895 Biles, Carrie E. F W Biles, George Biles, Fannie Ulster Farmer 4/15/1895 Ulster
12/5/1895 Bartholomew, Terrel F M W Bartholomew, John Bartholomew, Mame Ulster Farmer 10/3/1895 Ulster
12/16/1895 Barnes, Mabel F W Barnes, Frank Barnes, Fannie Ulster Farmer 9/26/1895 Ulster
12/13/1895 Baker, Ralph Raymond M W Baker, Willis Baker, Jennie Wells Farmer 7/13/1895 Wells
10/15/1954 Bidwell, Catherine Ella F W See delayed birth book          
12/12/1895 Brown, Leo E M W Brown, H. K. Brown, Ettie Quicks Bend Farmer 9/12/1895 Quicks Bend
12/12/1895 Brown, Leais E ? F W Brown, H. K. Brown, Ettie Quicks Bend Farmer 9/12/1895 Quicks Bend
12/8/1895 Bickem, Emma Melissa F W Bickem, Martin Bickem, Alice Melissa Wilmot Laborer 8/19/1895 Wilmot Twp.
12/2/1895 Brosnan, Helen A F W Brosnan, John Brosnan, Cecelia H. Windham Blacksmith 9/9/1895 Windham
12/3/1895 Bennett, Clyde E M W Bennett, Albert Bennett, Bosina Windham Farmer 10/6/1895 Windham
12/4/1895 Boardman, Benjamin M W Boardman, Yale Boardman, Mary A Windham Farmer 10/7/1895 Windham
12/10/1895 Bailey, Abram M W Bailey, Frank Bailey, Johnson Spring Hill Laborer &/12/1895 Spring Hill
12/3/1895 Boyd, Eleanor Hazel F W Boyd, J. W. Boyd, Elnora Lime Hill Farmer 8/23/1895 Lime Hill
12/9/1895 Baldwin, Leona Pearl F W Baldwin, J. W. Baldwin, Hattie Lee Lime Hill Farmer 10/26/1895 Lime Hill
5/3/1896 Benjamin, Chas M W Benjamin, Clark Benjamin, Nora Asylum Laborer 5/1/1896 Asylum
5/3/1896 Bovington, Nann F W Bovington, Sydney Bovington, Nann Asylum Lawyer 1/23/1896 Philadelphia
5/6/1896 Benjamin, Alma F W Benjamin, Wm. B. Benjamin, Tilda Asylum Farmer 7/10/1896 Asylum
5/6/1896 Benjamin, Fannie F W Benjamin, Orrin Benjamin, Nancy Asylum Farmer 3/11/1896 Asylum
5/16/1896 Benjamin, Edward M W Mingos, Fred Benjamin, Polly Asylum Plasterer 5/10/1896 Asylum
5/20/1896 Bennett, Melvin M W Bennett, Rudolph Bennett, Estella Asylum Farmer 7/17/1896 Asylum
5/20/1896 Benjamin, John H. M W Benjamin, John H. Benjamin, Delphene Asylum Farmer 10/28/1896 Asylum
5/20/1896 Benjamin, Fay F W Benjamin, L. M. Benjamin, Laura Asylum Farmer 5/6/1896 Asylum
9/2/1896 Briger, Margratta F W Briger, Simon Briger, Willhelemmim Long St Laborer 5/1/1896 Long St.
3/10/1896 Berwick, Annie F W Berwick, James Berwick, Annie Long Valley Miner 3/10/1896 Long Valley
8/25/1896 Brann, Paul S M W Brann, John F Brann, Catherine Main St. Butcher 4/20/1896 Canton Boro
09/14/1953 Bullock, Charles Arthur M W See Bk. 16, Pg.142          
8/25/1896 Bullock M W Bullock, Chas. E. Bullock, Georgia C S. Towanda St. Lawyer 8/1/1896 Canton Boro
5/15/1896 Bright, Daniel Amos M B Bright, Daniel Bright, Margret Louise Canton Boro Farmer 4/20/1896 Canton Boro
5/25/1896 Bruce, Harry M W Bruce, Harmon Bruce, Myra Grover Laborer 12/19/1895 Grover
5/26/1896 Bagley, Alice Pearl F W Bagley, Charley Bagley, Jessie Grover Laborer 1/30/1896 Grover
5/28/1896 Brown, Charles M W Brown, Charles  Brown, Annie Grover Laborer 3/8/1896 Grover
5/30/1896 Bump, Orandus? M M W Bump, O. D. Bump, Lottie Grover Farmer 5/23/1896 Grover
5/21/1896 Brown, Alice B F W Brown, Sam'l Brown, Emma Columbia Twp. Black Smith 2/15/1896 Columbia Twp.
5/13/1896 Burroughs, Mary A. F W Burroughs, Martin Burroughs, Myrtie Franklin Farmer 5/3/1896 Franklin 
5/9/1896 Barnes, Roland R. M W Barnes, C. S. Barnes, Gladys Granville Centre Farmer 11/19/ Granville 
5/9/1896 Baxter, Hazel Lecta F W Baxter, Fred Baxter, Annie J. Granville  Farmer 1/25/ Granville
5/14/1896 Baker, Lillian Maud F W Baker, G. N. Baker, Ida Herrick Twp. Farmer 12/26/1895 Herrickville
5/18/1896 Barnes, Pauline F W Barnes, Philetus Barnes, Kate Herrick Twp. Farmer 1/21/1896? Herrick 
5/6/1896 Billings, Fred G. M W Billings, G. E. Billings, Julia LeRaysville Druggist 12/27/1895 LeRaysville
5/19/1896 Bellows, Myrtle F W Bellows, Frank Bellows, Halliah LeRoy Farmer 5/13/1896 LeRoy
5/22/1896 Bellows, Adelaid F W Bellows, John Bellows, Mary O. LeRoy Farmer 10/17/1895 LeRoy
5/7/1896 Brown, Mahlon Mercur M W Brown, John O. Brown, Stella South Branch Farmer 4/15/1896 South Branch
5/16/1896 Benjamin, Robert Ray M W Benjamin, Frank Benjamin, Hannay? Orwell Laborer 3/14/1896 Orwell
5/14/1896 Baton, Ruth A F W Baton, George Baton, Mertie Overton Laborer 11/26/1895 Fox Twp
5/8/1896 Blieber, Frank E M W Bleiber, Reuben Bleiber, Matilda Overton Farmer 2/15/1896 Overton
5/8/1896 Balton, Elma F W Balton, J. J. Balton, Alma Pike Twp Farmer 1/21/1896 Pike Twp.
5/8/1896 Brister, Ear O M W Brister, Jas. Brister, Lizzie Pike Twp Farmer 4/10/1896 Pike Twp.
5/18/1896 Brown, Hovie ? M W Brown, Daniel Hall, Esther Ridgebury Farmer 4/19/1896 Ridgebury
5/4/1896 Browning, Ella Moss F W Browning, Percy L. Browning, Hattie G Rome Boro Teacher 3/21/1896 Rome Boro
5/12/1896 Bradley, Ray H. M W Bradley, Ernest H. Bradley, Ella Rome Twp Laborer 2/4/1896 Rome Boro
5/4/1896 Brown, Thomas Robert M W Brown, Thomas E Brown, Nellie Sayre Conductor 4/12/1896 Sayre
5/5/1896 Blakeslee, Nellie Mildred Keller F   Blakeslee, Wm E. Blakeslee, Valzora Sayre Engineer 2/19/1896 Sayre
5/5/1896 Bolich, Alfred M W Bolich, Alfred Bolich, Olive river St. Laborer 10/2/1895 Sayre
5/13/1896 Bensley, Ada Velma F W Bensley, Arthur Bensley, Mary G First St. Laborer 11/20/1895 Sayre
5/6/1896 Brown, Fred C M W Brown, S. O. Brown, Belle C Smithfield Farmer 8/25/1895 Smithfield
5/8/1896 Baker, Albert E. M W Baker, Albert E. Baker, Estella S. Waverly Carpenter 3/31/1896 S. Waverly
5/16/1896 Beardslee, Edson M W Beardslee, D. S. Beardslee, Rose Springfield Farmer 2/22/1896 Springfield
5/20/1896 Barrett, Glen S. M W Barrett, Seymour Barrett, Mary Springfield Farmer 3/10/1896 Springfield
5/25/1896 Butters, Clarence E. M W Butters, John Butters, Martha Springfield Farmer 3/2/1896 Springfield
5/1/1896 Benjamin, Floyd Lenon M W Benjamin, Obed Benjamin, Emma Standing Stone Laborer 3/3/1896 Standing Stone
5/1/1896 Benjamin, Cloyd Leon M W Benjamin, Obed Benjamin, Emma Standing Stone Laborer 3/3/1896 Standing Stone
5/4/1896 Burke, Hattie F W Burke, John Burke, Frankie Bartlette St. Tailor 1/8/1896 Towanda
5/11/1896 Burchell, Margaret F W Burchell, H. B. Burchell, Annie Fifth St. Marble Cutter 1/21/1896 Towanda
5/11/1896 Buttles, Mary M F W Buttles, F. M. Buttles, Laura L. Pine St. Crockery Merchant 1/19/1896 Towanda
5/11/1896 Browning, E. Leslie M W Browning, Guy H. Browning, Eliza M. Pine St. Printer 3/4/1896 Towanda
12/16/1896 Boyle, James M. M W Boyle, Michael Boyle, Harret Third St. Laborer 11/9/1895 Towanda
12/16/1896 Beck, David M W Beck, Walter Beck, Minnie N Main St. Candy Maker 5/24/1896 Towanda
12/16/1896 Baker,  M W Baker, Chas C. Baker, Flora Kingsbury Ave Laborer 5/14/1896 Towanda
12/16/1896 Baumgartner, Florence F W Baumgartner, J. F. Baumgartner, Lizzie Wm. Street Laborer 2/6/1896 Towanda
5/15/1896 Baire, Hazel F W Baire, E. Baire, Liza Troy  Laborer 1/30/1896 Troy
5/20/1896 Baxter, Emily F W Baxter, F. S. Baxter, Frances Troy  Agent 3/14/1896 Troy
5/24/1896 Beeman, Baby F W Beeman, Amos Beeman, Dana Tuscarora Justice 5/25/1896 Tuscarora
5/16/1896 Barnwell, Catharine Harriet F W Barnett, John Barnwell, Maggie Oak Hill Farmer 3/5/1896 Oak Hill
5/17/1896 Barnhart, John M W Barnhart, Wm Barnhart, Rowena Hollenback Laborer 4/16/1896 Hollenback
5/17/1896 Bailey, Melissa F W Bailey, David Bailey, Orlie Hollenback Farmer 2/16/1896 Hollenback
5/16/1896 Boland, Patrick J. M W Boland, Patrick Boland, Ellen West Warren Farmer 3/16/1896 West Warren
5/25/1896 Brosnan, James H. M W Brosnan, Edward Brosnan, Margaret Cadis Farmer 4/6/1896 Cadis
5/24/1896 Brown, Ulila F W Brown, Edward H. Brown, Lena Wells Merchant 12/31/1895 Wells
5/6/1896 Brown, Paul Otto M W Brown, Henry Brown, Sarah C. Browntown Laborer 12/31/1895 Browntown
5/6/1896 Brown, Morton M W Brown, John G. Brown, Anna C. Browntown Laborer 2/20/1896 Browntown
12/15/1896 Benjamin, Lida Jane F W Benjamin, A. H. Benjamin, Anna Albany Twp Farmer 7/6/1896 Albany Twp.
12/16/1896 Babcock, Olive F W Babcock, Isaac Babcock, Anna albany Twp Farmer 8/18/1896 Albany Twp.
11/12/1896 Benjamin, J. H. M W Benjamin, Melvin Benjamin, Katie Asylum Laborer 9/16/1896 Asylum
11/20/1896 Benjamin, Carrie F W Benjamin, Solen Benjamin, Luzerna Asylum Laborer 10/30/1896 Asylum
11/23/1896 Bouse, Fredrick, C M W Bouse, Fred Bouse, Ettie Asylum Farmer 9/20/1896 Asylum
11/23/1896 Benjamin, Addie F W Benjamin, Joshua Benjamin, Hattie Asylum Farmer 7/16/1896 Asylum
11/26/1896 Benjamin, George M W Benjamin, Chas.  Benjamin, Hellen Asylum Farmer 8/3/1896 Asylum
11/26/1896 Benjamin, Eva F W Benjamin, Chas M. Benjamin, Viola Asylum Farmer 11/14/1896 Asylum
11/26/1896 Bailey, Geo. A. M W Bailey, Asa Bailey, Merilla     11/23/1896 Asylum
12/5/1896 Brown, William M W Brown, Jerome Brown, Helen Burlington Twp Farmer 11/20/1896 Burlington Twp.
12/5/1896 Burns, Linda Bell F B Burns, William Burns, Jane Sullivan St. Laborer 12/5/1896 Canton Boro
12/8/1896 Not Named F W Brown, C. Clark Brown, Inez M. Canton Twp. Farmer 11/30/1896 Canton 
12/10/1896 Blakeman, Claude M W Blakeman, Raymond Blakeman, Mary Canton Twp. Farmer 7/27/1896 Canton 
12/10/1896 Barnes, Margaret F W Barnes, Clarence Barnes, Millie Grover Farmer 6/18/1896 Grover
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