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Maud Ophelia  DRAKE
Born 1880 in Antrim, Duncan Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.
Died 1978 - place not given 
Buried ??? - info not given.
raised in Elmira, Chemunga Co., NY.
Mother:  Ida Clarissa DECKER, 1856 - 1945, 
of Mansfield, Richmond, Tioga, Pa
Father  Dr. Emery Gaston DRAKE, 1852 - 1916 
of Granville, Bradford, Pa..
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
6/20/1895 Not Named M W Not Known Bailey, Julia Granville   6/9/1895 Granville
6/20/1895 Bronson, Christine Margurete F W Bronson, E. D. Bronson, Edna V. LeRaysville Photographer 10/16/1894 LeRaysville
6/4/1895 Babcock, Ella M. F W Babcock, J. J. Babcock, Sarah J. LeRaysville Mail Carrier 2/11/1895 LeRaysville
5/7/1895 Bellows, Lorali F W Bellows, Kelsey Bellows, Lodema LeRoy Farmer 3/31/1895 LeRoy
3/27/1895 Biles, Ella Marion F W Biles, Frank Millard Biles, Jennie Ursula Monroe Boro Farmer 2/19/1895 Monroe Twp.
5/4/1895 Brown, Bessie F W Brown, Samuel Kellum Brown, Carrie Frances Monroe Twp Railroader 4/14/1895 Monroe Twp.
5/15/1895 Baker, Harry M W Baker, J. M. Baker, Elida R Litchfield Farmer 3/28/1895 Litchfield
5/21/1895 Ball  M W Ball, Jay Ball, Stella Litchfield Farmer 4/15/1895 Litchfield
5/21/1895 Bidlack, Elmer Raymond M W Bidlack, Daniel Bidlack, Phebe Jane Litchfield Farmer 3/21/1895 Litchfield
5/6/1895 Baldwin, Johnie  M W Baldwin, George Baldwin, Minnie? Monroe Farmer 6/2/1895 Monroe Twp.
5/8/1895 Benedict, Cora Helen F W Benedict, Wm. T. Benedict, Letta ? Monroe Twp Farmer 2/18/1895 Monroe Twp.
5/8/1895 Bowman, Helen M. F W Bowman, Port E. Bowman, Almeda  Powell Laborer 6/7/1894 Powell
5/13/1895 Brown, Leslie M W Brown, Leonard Brown, Ellie Powell Hotel Keeper 2/27/1895 Powell
5/16/1895 Brink  M W Brink, James Brink, Lela Rose Orwell Farmer 5/11/1895 Orwell
5/19/1895 Burl-low, Roy Earl M W Burl-low, Charles Burl-low, Paulina Overton Farmer 1/18/1895 Overton
5/8/1895 Baldwin, Earl Robert M W Baldwin, Lyman M Baldwin, Mary Neath Farmer 1/28/1895 Neath
5/9/1895 Bailey, Emma Adeline F W Bailey, Wesley I Bailey, Mary Amelia Rome Laborer 4/20/1895 Rome
5/9/1895 Bush, Wm. Kieule M W Bush, Joseph H. Bush, Bess Sayre Fireman 12/8/1895? Sayre
5/7/1895 Barnes, Ruth F W Barnes, George Barnes, Elenor Sayre Brakeman 2/22/1895 Waverly, N.Y.
5/7/1895 Bristol, Albert J. M W Bristol, U. Grant Bristol, Laura Sayre Laborer 12/18/1895? Sayre
5/6/1895 Bidlack, Leon M W Bidlack, Mercur D Bidlack, Effie Ghent Farmer 3/24/1895 Ghent
5/6/1895 Beach, John M W Beach, G. E. Beach, Myrtie Smithfield Farmer 2/17/1895 Smithfield
5/6/1895 Blakeslee, Annie F W Blakeslee, A. E. Blakeslee, Sophia Smithfield Farmer 1/30/1895 Smithfield
5/6/1895 Butts, Paul Emerson M W Butts, Joseph Butts, Mary Terry Twp Farmer 4/22/1895 Terry Twp.
7/31/1895 Bowman, Irene F W Bowman, Don M. Bowman, Mary Terry Twp Farmer 7/7/1895 Terry Twp.
5/9/1895 Baker, Loretta F F W Baker, John Baker, Eva Thos. St. Laborer 3/22/1895 Towanda
5/16/1895 Bennett, Catherine Ann F W Bennett, Joseph Bennett, Annie ? 138 Ward Ave Baggageman 1/5/1895 Towanda
5/24/1895 Bond, Patrick M B Bond, Charles Frederick Bond, Ella 107 N.Fourth St. Waiter 6/21/1895 Towanda
6/14/1895 Baker, Tresa Louise F W Baker, John Baker, Grace Main St. Butcher 6/6/1895 Towanda
9/5/1895 Bradley, Rose Elizabeth F W Bradley, John Bradley, Anna R. 10 Main St. Brakeman 3/9/1895 ? Towanda
5/18/1895 Brock, Elmer M W Brock, Elmer Brock, Augusta 19 Kingsbury Laborer 2/1895 Towanda
5/18/1895 Baker, Cyrel F W Baker, James Baker, ?? Cor. Packer Ave Laborer 12/27/1894 Towanda
8/30/1895 Begley, Catherine F W Begley, Frank Begley, Loretta Kinsbury Ave. Railroader 6/8/1895 Towanda
5/25/1895 Burgess, Clarrisa F W Burgess, Miles Bixby, Cassie Troy Twp. Laborer 5/20/1895 Troy Twp
5/15/1895 Birdsell, Ruby F W Birdsell, Charles Birdsell, Joy? Warren Farmer 7/30/1895 Warren
7/1/1895 Bahr, Evelynne F W Bahr, Lewis Johnson, Lillian Sugar Run Merchant 8/1/1895 Wilmot Twp.
5/11/1895 Baxter, Leon Earl M W Baxter, Jessie Baxter, Della S. Waverly Laborer 3/23/1895 Windham
5/6/1895 Bailey, Ben M W Bayley, Ambros Bayley, Mahala Homets Ferry Laborer 3/23/1895 Homets Ferry
5/11/1895 Brown, Arline F W Brown, Oscar Brown, Lula Brown Town Farmer 12/3/1895? Wyalusing
6/27/1895 Bump, Lloyd M W Bump, A. H. T. Bump, Alena Camptown Mechanic 5/8/1895 Camptown
5/7/1895 Brink, Esther L. F W Brink, Ruel Brink, Sarah Mercur Farmer 12/24/1895? Wickizer?
5/8/1895 Burl-low, Frank M W Burl-low, Leverell D? Burl-low, Ellie Wysox Farmer 4/19/1895 Wysox
5/9/1895 Bustin, Anna F W Bustin, George Bustin, Frank Wysox Farmer 4/1/1895 Wysox
12/3/1895 Burgess, Harry M W Burgess, Burton Burgess, Jessie Armenia Farmer 11/13/1895 Armenia Twp
12/13/1895 Bride, Susan F W Bride, Benjamin Bride, Catherine Asylum Farmer 11/14/1895 Asylum
12/8/1895 Bride, Edward M W Bride, Edward Bride, Hannah Asylum Farmer 6/2/1895 Asylum
12/14/1895 Benjamin, Daleena M W Benjamin, Elmer Benjamin, Alzina Asylum Farmer 9/4/1895 Asylum
12/14/1895 Bailey, Almeda F W Bailey, G. A. Bailey, Myrtle Asylum Farmer 8/18/1895 Asylum
12/14/1895 Benjamin, Fanny F W Benjamin, Orrin Benjamin, Nancy Asylum Farmer 11/16/1895 Asylum
12/2/1895 Brown, Anna Isadore F W Brown, Charles G. Brown, Josephine Athens Twp. Machinist 9/30/1895 Athens Twp.
12/5/1895 Briggs, Sarah E. F B Briggs, George Briggs, Millie Athens Twp. Laborer 9/19/1895 Athens Twp.
12/6/1896 Burt, Helen F W Burt, George W. Burt, Alma Athens Twp. Bookkeeper 8/24/1895 Athens Boro
11/25/1895 Brown, Rachel F W Brown, William A Brown, Martha Willow St. Cooper 11/12/1895 Athens Boro
12/2/1895 Bustin, Mary F W Bustin, Jas. Bustin, Susan Athens Twp. Farmer 10/4/1895 Athens Twp.
12/2/1895 Bunn, Wm. F. M W Bunn, Fred M. Bunn, Nettie Athens Twp. Farmer 9/4/1895 Athens Twp.
12/2/1895 Barry, Ellen F W Barry, James Barry, Margret Athens Twp. Farmer 11/6/1895 Athens Twp.
9/15/1895 Birdsell, James M W Birdsell, Frank Birdsell, Ellen Barclay Laborer 9/15/1895 Barclay
12/7/1895 Not Named M W Bennett, Orrin H. Bennett, Lillie May Burlington Twp. Farmer 12/5/1895 Burlington Twp.
12/7/1895 Borden, Anna Mildred F W Borden, Samuel Borden, Angie Burlington Twp. Farmer 7/3/1895 Burlington Twp.
11/9/1895 Ballard, Lawrence M W Ballard, Dix A. Blackwell, Helen M W. Burlington Farmer 5/14/1895 W. Burlington
11/19/1895 Blackwell, Lucy May F W Blackwell, Fred M. Hickock, Carrie L. W. Burlington Farmer 9/15/1895 W. Burlington
12/10/1895 Burleigh, Anna Ruth F W Burleigh, Frank A Kenyon, Maggie W. Burlington Farmer 8/18/1895 W. Burlington
10/2/1895 Brann, Genevieve F W Brann, Thomas M. Brann, Anna Canton Boro Butcher 9/5/1895 Canton Boro
12/6/1895 Brague, Charlotte Grace F W Brague, Oscar Brague, Hattie Canton Boro Farmer 11/2/1895 Canton 
12/5/1895 Brown, William Dean M W Brown, John H. Brown, Belle C Cedar Ledge Farmer 10/31/1895 Cedar Ledge
12/6/1895 Beals, Nono F W Beals, Delbert Beals, Emma Grover Laborer 9/8/1895 Grover
11/16/1895 Besley, Lucella I F W Besley, Gabe C. Besley, Mary M. Columbia Twp. Farmer 7/6/1895 Columbia Twp.
12/2/1895 Barnes, Nellie May F W Barnes, Merton Barnes, Lillie Franklin Laborer 10/26/1895 Franklin Twp
12/2/1895 Burroughs, Jos. O. M W Burroughs, Hiram B Burroughs, Anna Franklin Merchant 6/14/1895 Franklin Twp
12/16/1895 Bailey, Kittie Grace F W   Bailey, Julia B Granville   09-Jun Granville Center
12/11/1895 Bellows, Laura F W Bellows, Kelsey Bellows, Phebe D LeRoy Laborer 3/31/1895 LeRoy
11/30/1895 Borgeson, Oscar E M W Borgeson, Nels Borgeson, Annie LeRoy Laborer 7/28/1895 LeRoy
12/13/1895 Unnamed Child F W Bellows, John Bellows, Mary O. LeRoy Farmer 10/17/1895 LeRoy
12/6/1895 Babcock, Bennie M W Babcock, B. R. Babcock, Myrtie L. Litchfield Farmer 6/10/1895 Litchfield
11/29/1895 Bullock, Ollie Everette M W Bullock, Charles Bullock, Amanda J. Monroe Boro Barber 11/1/1895 Monroe Boro
12/13/1895 Beers, Wilbur Howe M W Beers, C. N. Beers, Lois O. Orwell Frmer 7/25/1895 Orwell
12/6/1895 Baldwin, Della L F W Baldwin, Frank Baldwin, Clara Pike Farmer 9/24/1895 Pike
12/18/1895 Banker, Margaret J. F W Banker, Frank Banker, Mary Ridgebury Laborer 4/3/1895 Ridgebury
12/6/1895 Barber, Leela Gertrude F W Barber, Frank H. Barber, Sarah E Sayre P. Hanger 6/15/1895 Sayre
12/7/1895 Blackmore, Michael Flynn M W Blackmore, Robert Blackmore, Cora C Sayre Fireman 7/7/1895 Sayre
12/11/1895 Bensley, Ada Velma F W Bensely, Arthur Bensley, Mary G Sayre Brakeman 11/20/1895 Sayre
12/11/1895 Brooks, Floyd M W Brooks, Walter Brooks, Edith Sayre Laborer 8/7/1895 Sayre
11/13/1895 Burns, Frances Ruth F W Burns, Geo. H Eleanor Sayre Conductor 12/22/1894 Waverly, N.Y.
11/14/1895 Burk, Mildred Pearl F W Burk, William Millie Sayre Engineer 11/6/1895 Sayre
12/6/1895 Brougham, Frances M. F W Brougham, William Rinda Elmer Ave Clerk 7/3/1895 Sayre
12/13/1895 Bidlack, Grace B F W Bidlack, Job W Bidlack, Alice Sheshequin Farmer 6/5/1895 Sheshequin
12/13/1895 Baxter, Florence N F W Baxter, Jay Baxter, Sarah Sheshequin Farmer 9/10/1895 Sheshequin
12/13/1895 Bennett, Helen Marie F W Bennett, George Herbert Bennett, Eva Marie Smithfield Farmer 8/5/1895 Smithfield
12/12/1895 Boughton, Lovina M F W Boughton, Sherman  Boughton, Mary South Creek Laborer 2/19/1895 South Creek Twp.
12/18/1895 Bujarski, Ligmund J. M W Bujarski, Marion Bujarski, Emily South St. Laborer 11/2/1895 S. Waverly
12/23/1895 Button, Leslie McCane M W Button, Miles Button, Elizabeth Sylvania Carpenter 10/4/1895 Sylvania
12/3/1895 Bates, Claudia F W Bates, William Bates, Ada Terry Twp Laborer 10/1/1895 Terry Twp.
12/5/1895 Benjamin, Albert M W Benjamin, Joseph Benjamin, Jane Main St. Laborer 11/23/1895 Main St.
1/9/1895 Bennise, Florence     Bennise, Martin Bennise, Sarah E Towanda Salesman 7/16/1895 Towanda
1/9/1895 Brion F W Brion, Elmer   Troy Twp. Laborer 4/26/1895 Troy
12/5/1895 Beach  M W Beach, Myron Beach, Lucy Troy Twp. Shoemaker 2/14/1895 Sylvania
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