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Ambrose Milan DRAKE  and dog Miget 
Born 1889 in Antrim, Duncan Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.
Died 1980 
Buried ??? - info not given.
raised in Elmira, Chemunga Co., NY.
Mother:  Ida Clarissa DECKER, 1856 - 1945, 
of Mansfield, Richmond, Tioga, Pa
Father  Dr. Emery Gaston DRAKE, 1852 - 1916
of Granville, Bradford, Pa..
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/16/1894 Boelim, William M W Boelim, Wm. Boelin, Eliza J Sayre Engineer 4/3/1894 Sayre
5/9/1894 Burlingame, Ray M W Burlingame, W. F. Burlingame, Deborah Smithfield Farmer 3/26/1894 Smithfield
5/10/1894 Brown, Lenora F W Brown, Paschel Brown, Bell Smithfield Farmer 4/5/1894 Smithfield
5/10/1894 Not Named M W Brown, Welles Brown, Ella  Smithfield Farmer 4/13/1894 Smithfield
5/14/1894 Bailey, Fred R M W Bailey, Fred Rice, Frances B. Springfield Farmer 2/8/1894 Springfield
5/18/1894 Barrett, Ruby P. F W Barrett, Seymour Barrett, Mary Springfield Farmer 12/28/1893 Springfield
5/14/1894 Bates, Beatrice Margaret F W Bates, William Bates, Ada Beaver Pond Laborer 5/2/1894 Terry Twp.
5/14/1894 Bailey, Wallace M W Bailey, Benjamin Bailey, Ellen New Era Laborer 4/23/1894 New Era
5/7/1894 Benjamin, Charles M W Benjamin, David Benjamin, Harriet Towanda Laborer 3/4/1894 Towanda
5/4/1894 Brimmin, John J M W Brimmin, John J. Brimmin, Elizabeth 109 Kingsbury Av Laborer 4/3/1894 Towanda
5/4/1894 Not Named M W Brown, Edwin   Troy Buttermaker 6/17/1894 Troy
5/4/1894 Bradford, Pauline F W Bradford, George Estella L. Mosher Troy Farmer 3/24/1894 Troy
5/4/1894 Barret, James H. M W Barret, John   Troy Laborer 2/4/1894 Troy
5/4/1894 Beach F W Beach, Lincoln   Troy Laborer 6/24/1894 Troy
5/4/1894 Bright, Matha Butler F B Bright, Samuel Bright, Margaret Butler Troy Laborer 3/26/1894 Alba Boro
5/17/1894 Barret, Austin M W Barret, Daniel Barret, Amy East Troy Farmer 1/14/1894 East Troy
5/17/1894 Barton, Preston M W Barton, J. W. Ida B. Warren Blacksmith 4/10/1894 Warren
5/17/1894 Bowen, Franlin Adelbert M W Bowen, Anson H. Cornelia Warren Farmer 5/7/1894 Warren
5/8/1894 Brown, Pearl L. S F W Brown, Corey Brown, Helen Wells Farmer 3/3/1894 Wells
9/5/1894 Barnes, Bessie F W Barnes, L. E. Barnes, Callie E. Camptown Clerk 1/11/1894 Camptown
9/3/1894 Bull, Frances Elizabeth F W Bull, Hiram E. Bull, Annie E. Wysox 2nd Dist Surveyor 4/17/1894 Wysox Twp
9/4/1894 Burnham, Frances L. F W Burnham, James G. Burnham, Eva L. South Creek Farmer 6/29/1894 South Creek
12/7/1894 Bailey, Flora M F W Bailey, Emmett Bailey, Luellen Alba  Laborer 6/2/1894 Alba Boro
11/16/1894 Benjamin, Murray M W Benjamin, A. H.  Benjamin, Anna Albany Twp Farmer 11/14/1894 Hatch Hill
11/19/1894 Benjamin, Ceacil Ray M W Benjamin, Archie Benjamin, Ella Armenia Twp. Farmer 10/13/1894 Armenia Twp
11/10/1894 Benjamin, Ferman M W Benjamin, Solen Benjamin, Luzerna Asylum Farmer 10/5/1894 Asylum
11/10/1894 Benjamin, Glen M W Benjamin, Melvin Benjamin, Cathren Asylum Farmer 8/3/1894 Asylum
11/14/1894 Benjamin, Harry M W Benjamin, Charles Benjamin, Hellen Asylum Farmer 6/19/1894 Asylum
12/8/1894 Benjamin, Debbie F W Benjamin, L. T. Benjamin, Mary Asylum Farmer 10/7/1894 Asylum
12/10/1894 Benjamin, Frank M W Benjamin, Johua Benjamin, Hattie Asylum Farmer 11/25/1894 Asylum
12/4/1894 Barry, Margaret F W Barry, James Barry, Margaret Athens Twp. Farmer 11/8/1894 Athens Twp.
12/4/1894 Bullock, Gerald M W Bullock, Charles E. Bullock, Georgia E S. Towanda St. Lawyer 7/3/1894 Canton Boro
12/4/1894 Brooks, Walter N. M W Brooks, Lee Brooks, Virgia Center St. Lawyer 7/10/1894 Canton Boro
12/4/1894 Babcock, Clara F W Babcock, Charley Babcock, Charley S. Towanda St. Laborer 9/8/1894 Canton Boro
12/5/1894 Brillhart, Frances F W Brillhart, William E Brillhart, Carrie M Grover Minister 9/22/1892 Grover
12/6/1894 Brown, John M W Brown, Charles Gardener Brown, Annie Grover Laborer 10/20/1892 Grover
11/24/1894 Bowers M W Bowers, George Bowers, Susie Columbia Laborer 11/24/1894 Columbia
11/24/1894 Boyce, Viola F W Boyce, Fred C. Boyce, Nora Granville Farmer 7/21/1894 Granville
11/10/1894 Benjamine, Francis Burton M W Benjamine, Obediah Benjamine, Emma Herrick Twp Laborer 4/8/1894 Standing Stone Twp
12/6/1894 Bowker, Julia F W Bowker, J. A. Bowker, Hattie Herrick Twp Farmer 11/14/1894 Herrick Twp.
12/20/1894 Bronson, Christine Margurete F W Bronson, E. D. Bronson, Edna V. LeRaysville Photographer 10/16/1894 LeRaysville
12/19/1894 Bagley, Milo M W Bagley, James Bagley, Almada LeRoy Farmer 7/27/1894 LeRoy
12/19/1894 Borgeson, Earnest M W Borgeson, Nels Borgeson, Anna LeRoy Farmer 1/23/1894 LeRoy
12/4/1894 Benjamin, Lesla M W Benjamin, Delburt Benjamin, Delila Monroe Laborer 7/24/1894 Monroe Twp.
12/14/1894 Browning, Elizabeth F W Browning, W. D. Browning, Nellie May New York, NY Milk & Butter Store 7/25/1894 Orwell
12/14/1894 Bosworth, Anna Ruth F W Bosworth, D. L. Bosworth, Hattie A Orwell Farmer 10/22/1894 Orwell
12/31/1894 Boardman, Jennie Burtina F W Boardman, M.B.C. Boardman, Jeanetta N. Orwell Farmer 11/24/1894 Orwell
12/5/1894 Brink, Calvin Emerson M W Brink A. A. Brink, Clara LeRaysville Farmer 11/4/1894 LeRaysville
12/5/1894 Bennett, Eathel F W Bennett, D. D. Bennett, Hattie L. Stevensville Farmer 9/15/1894 Stevensville
12/5/1894 Babcock Hazel E. F W Babcock, G. F. Babcock, Jessie Stevensville Farmer 6/13/1894 Stevensville
12/3/1894 Brown, Fredie M W Brown, Fred Brown, Katie Lockhart Ave. Engineer 12/14/1893 Sayre
12/6/1894 Brown Lizzie F W Brown, Andrew Brown, Sallie Orchard Ave. Laborer 6/27/1893 Sayre
12/12/1894 Bristol,  M W Bristol, N. G. Bristol, Laura Cayuta St. Laborer 12/11/1894 Sayre
12/14/1894 Barber, Mable F W Barber, Albert Barber, Mary Sayre Restaurant 12/10/1894 Sayre
12/15/1894 Baxter  M W Baxter, George Baxter, Ellen Sayre Machinist 12/3/1894 Sayre
12/15/1894 Bull, Florence Irene F W Bull, John Bull, Anna Sayre Laborer 8/29/1894 Sayre
12/15/1894 Bustin, Robert M W Bustin, Geo. W. Bustin, Ella Sheshequin Farmer 9/29/1894 Sheshequin
12/3/1894 Brigham, Susie May F W Brigham, Geo. M. Brigham, Minnie C. Smithfield Farmer 8/31/1894 Smithfield
12/4/1894 Brown, Ida L. F W Brown, J. M. Brown, Emma Springfield Farmer 5/27/1894 Springfield
12/8/1894 Bailey, Alvin F W Bailey, N. E. Bailey, Saphrona Springfield Farmer 7/8/1894 Springfield
12/10/1894 Berry, Hugh W M W Berry, Edgar Berry, Alice Springfield Farmer 8/26/1894 Springfield
12/12/1894 Berry, Jenine B F W Berry, Pletus Berry, Martha Springfield Farmer 11/11/1894 Springfield
12/8/1894 Bennett, Hiram M W Bennett, Keron Bennett, Ida Standing Stone Laborer 8/18/1894 Standing Stone Twp
11/12/1894 Bristol,  F W Bristol, Egbert Bristol, Lizzie Sylvania Laborer 10/12/1894 Sylvania
12/10/1894 Beeman, Edith F W Beeman, James Beeman, Abbie New Era Laborer 11/23/1894 New Era
11/21/1894 Barrett, Nora F W Barrett, E. D. Barrett, Sarah Bridge St. Laborer 9/15/1895 Towanda
11/21/1894 Benjamin, Allena F W Benjamin, Jas. Benjamin Jane Towanda Laborer 2/14/1894 Towanda
12/7/1894 Biles, Catherine N. F W Biles, William Jr. Biles, Grace Towanda ?? 7/7/1894 Towanda
12/7/1894 Barnes, Mary F W Barnes, William Barnes, Adda N. Towanda Farmer 12/1/1894 Towanda
12/7/1894 Boyce  F W Boyce, J. G. Boyce, Sarah Troy   9/6/1894 Center St., Troy
12/20/1894 Baxter, Millard M W Baxter, Ezra Baxter, Emma D. Garrison Troy Twp Farmer 9/12/1894 Troy
12/20/1894 Biddle, Rena May F W Biddle, Arthur Biddle, Jennie Knights Troy Twp Teamster 8/12/1894 Troy Twp
12/3/1894 Baldwin, Thomas M W Baldwin M. A. Baldwin, Nellie East Troy Farmer 7/15/1894 East Troy
12/19/1894 Brooks, Lee A M W Brooks, W. W. Brooks, Lidia A East Troy Painter 11/24/1894 East Troy
11/20/1894 Bowen,  M W Bowen, Jerry Bowen, Mary Warren Farmer 11/4/1894 Warren
12/1/1894 Beckwith, Nellie F W Beckwith, Jerry? Beckwith, Cora Warren Farmer 7/25/1894 Warren
11/8/1894 Barrett, Roda M. F W Barrett, A. C. Barrett, Hattie A Wells Farmer 3/11/1894 Wells
11/8/1894 Beers, Fred W. Jr. M W Beers, Fred W. Beers, Celia Sugar Run Farmer 6/2/1894 Sugar Run
11/8/1894 Beers, Unnamed F W Beers, Fred W. Beers, Celia Sugar Run Farmer 6/2/1894 Sugar Run
11/26/1894 Bixby, Phoebe E F W Bixby, Luther Bixby, Delphine Windham Farmer 9/4/1894 Windham
12/13/1894 Brown, Unnamed F W Brown, Oscar Brown, Lula Wyalusing Butcher 12/2/1894 Wyalusing
12/4/1894 Brink, Grant M W Brink, Chas. Brink. Lottie Merryall Farmer 6/19/1894 Merryall
12/5/1894 Butts, Ruth C F W Butts, G. E Butts, Flora M. Wyalusing Farmer 8/6/1894 Wyalusing
12/5/1894 Bailey, Lester M W Bailey, Henry Bailey, Dellephine Foot of Plain Laborer 12/6/1894 Foot of Plain
5/8/1895 Bowman, Helen M. F W Bowman, Port E. Bowman, Almeda  Powell Laborer 6/7/1894 Powell
5/19/1895 Bouse, Nellie F W Bouse, Fred Bouse, Lollie? Asylum Farmer 5/2/1895 Asylum
5/19/1895 Benjamin, Mildred F W Benjamin, Lloyd Benjamin, Alida Asylum Farmer 4/30/1895 Asylum
5/15/1895 Borroughs, Sydney Howard M W Borroughs, E. R. Borroughs, Electa Athens Twp. Laborer 1/9/1895 Athens Twp.
5/15/1895 Bower, Myra Alice F W Bower, James Bower, Elizabeth Foot of Plain Laborer 1/21/1895 Barclay
5/15/1895 Bennett, Nellie F W Bennett, ?? Bennett, Ida Barclay Laborer 5/24/1895 Barclay
3/1895 Bristow, Robert Channel M W Bristow, F. F.? Bristow, Acelia? Canton Boro Carriage Painter 2/7/1895 Canton Boro
3/1895 Becker, Dorothy F W Becker, H. M. Becker, Edna Canton Boro Laborer 3/2/1895 Troy St., Canton
7/10/1895 Baker, Donald J. M W Baker, Allen Baker, Lena Canton Boro Laborer 6/28/1895 Canton Boro
5/14/1895 Bright, Bertha Lenore F B Bright, Henry Bright, Margaret Lavina Canton Boro Farmer 4/11/1895 Canton Boro
5/12/1895 Bullock, Ruthie F W Bullock, H. A. Bullock, Flora Columbia Twp. Farmer 5/28/1895 Columbia Twp.
6/25/1895 Boyce, Lida Pearl F W Boyce, Daniel Boyce, Dora Granville Farmer 1/3/1895 Granville
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