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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1893-1901
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Mildred Esther BAILEY 1895 - 1971
daughter of Cora STONE and Fred L. BAILEY
of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/21/1898 Allen, Lizzie F W Allen, Orey? Allen, Lizzie Myersburg Farmer 10/18/1897 Myersburg
11/29/1898 Alderson, Howard H M W Alderson, Elliot B Alderson, Carrie M Pike Farmer 9/12/1898 Pike
11/23/1898 Atwood, Marion Irene F W Atwood, Elmer J Atwood, Charlotte E Pike Farmer 8/19/1898 Pike
12/5/1898 Andrus, Ralph D M W Andrus, Walter Andrus, Corry Bailey Burlington Twp Laborer 6/12/1898 Burlington Twp
12/5/1898 Allen, Philliip M W Allen, H. B. Allen, Sarah Kellogg Burlington Twp Preacher 6/8/1898 Burlington Twp
5/2/1899 Ackley, Eugenia F W Ackley, Eugene Hiney, Bertha Wysox Laborer 12/22/1898 Wysox
5/2/1899 Ackley, Olene F W Ackley, Eugene Hiney, Bertha Wysox Laborer 12/22/1898 Wysox
5/2/1899 Ackley, Francis F W Ackley, Byron Ackley, Lestie? SpringHill Farmer 2/17/1898 Spring Hill
5/15/1899 Allen, Mary H F W Allen, Thomas Obryan, Elizabeth Ridgeberry Farmer 1/30/1899 Ridgebury
5/2/1899 Allen, Herman M M W Allen, Ray Allen, Myrtle Terrytown Farmer 4/22/1899 Terrytown
5/15/1899 Acla, Margaret F W Acla, Oliver Acla, Nancy Terrytown Laborer 1/12/1899 Terrytown
5/23/1899 Avery, Maggie F W Avery, William Avery, Gertrude Wells Farmer 12/6/1899 Wells
5/9/1899 Allen, Gerald Fenton M W Allen, Martin Charles Allen, Isabelle W. Burlington Farmer 11/19/1898 W. Burlington
5/1/1899 Andrews, Isum Worrell?? M W Andrews, W. D. Andrews, Myra Ulser Blacksmith 1/2/1899 Ulster
5/1/1899 Archer, Nettie Elizabeth F W Archer, George B Post, Joanna Wysox Farmer 2/3/1899 Archur Place
5/1/1899 Aumick, Agnes Anna F W Aumick, Minor Aumick, Nellie Towanda Farmer 7/2/1897 Ulster
5/19/1899 Ackley, Earl M W Ackley, R. B. Miller, Alice Main St. Laborer 5/16/1898 Towanda Boro
5/19/1899 Ackley, Pearl M W Ackley, R. B. Miller, Alice Main St. Laborer 5/16/1898 Towanda Boro
5/12/1899 Apker, Adta?? F W Apker, Walter W Amiline Sayre Carpenter 2/15/1899 Sayre
5/25/1899 Allen, Valentine P M W Allen, Fred Allen, Jessie Sayre Brakeman 12/26/1898 Sayre
5/2/1899 Ackerman, Jesse A M W Ackerman, Jesse Ackerman, Bertha Orchard St.   5/29/1899 Sayre
5/29/1899 Atkins, Erma M W Atkins, Harry Atkins, Carrie Hught St L 3/30/1899 Athens Boro
9/4/1899 Andrews, Evangeline H. F W Andrews, Ralph Andrews, Laura Canton Laborer 3/24/1899 Canton
5/10/1899 Adams  F W Adams, George E Adams, Annie Merryall Laborer 5/7/1899 Merryall
5/4/1899 Allen, Albert M W Allen, Morah Allen, Addie Albany Twp Farmer 11/22/1898 Evergreen
5/4/1899 Allen, Wilma F W Allen, Geo. E. Allen, Rose E Albany Twp Merchant 3/7/1899 Evergreen
5/1/1899 Abrell, George Lester M W Abree, Gary W Abree, Grace M Rome Boro Buttermaker 3/18/1899 Rome
5/1/1899 Aumick, Meril Habuk? M W Aumick, Hugh Aumick, Ava?? Granville Farmer 5/15/1899 Granville
6/6/1899 Abrams, Ruth F W Abrams, Stephen Abrams, Eva Wilmot Farmer 2/16/1899 Wilmot
11/17/1899 Ayers, Harlan Clinton M W Ayers, A. C. Ayres, Etta Burlington Twp Farmer 9/10/1899 W. Burlington
10/13/1899 Anderson, George M W Anderson, George  Anderson, Emma Long Valley Laborer 10/13/1899 Long Valley
12/4/1899 Ackerman, Erva F W Ackerman, henry Ackerman, Florence Sayre Painter 8/16/1899 Sayre
12/4/1899 Angle, Walter M W Angle, Sim Angle, Nora Orchard St. Laborer 10/4/1899 Sayre
11/24/1899 Adams, Rita Belle F W Adams, George E Adams, Sarah Towanda Mechanic 5/9/1899 Merryall
12/8/1899 Alexander, Fredrick M W Alexander, Ames  Alexander, Maggie Burlington Twp Farmer 5/25/1899 Burlington Twp
12/13/1899 Alexander, Wright M W Alexander, Charles Alexander, Effie Burlington Twp Laborer 7/14/1899 Burlington Twp
11/29/1899 Andrus, Queene H F W Andrus, Howard M. Andrus, Kate Armenia Farmer 7/2/1899 Armenia
11/20/1899 Andrus, Roe D M W Andrus, Adelbert Wood, Edith Ridgeberry Farmer 5/20/1899 Ridgebury
12/20/1899 Arnold, Paul R M W Arnold, Willis Arnold, Harriet S. Warren Farmer 7/8/1899 S. Warren
12/20/1899 Arnold, Earl B M W Arnold, Robert Arnold, Ettie S. Warren Farmer 6/21/1899 S. Warren
12/15/1899 Allis, Leon  M W Allis, Fred Allis, Iva Orwell Farmer 8/27/1899 Orwell
12/15/1899   M W Allis, G. G. Allis, Elma F Orwell Farmer 11/8/1899 Orwell
11/17/1899 Apker, Bernadene F W Apker, W. W. Apker, Emma Sayre Carpenter 2/16/1899 Sayre
5/7/1900 Archer, Madison L M W Archer, George B Archer, Joan Wysox Farmer 1/9/1900 Wysox
5/8/1900 Adamy  F W Adamy, Bert D Adamy, Inez L Camptown Miller 4/25/1900 Camptown
5/8/1900 Allyn, Vola F W Allyn, Joseph B Allyn, Loue? Warren Farmer 1/7/1900 Warren
6/5/1900 Ayres, Marion F W Ayres, Burt Ayres, Minnie Warren Farmer 7/16/1899 Warren
5/9/1900 Andrews, Luella F W Andrews, Horace Reynolds, Sara ently Creek Laborer 11/8/1899 Bently Creek
6/14/1900 Allis, Hellen Frost F W Allis, Ned H Allis, Augusta Wyalusing Vet.Surgeon 2/16/1900 Wyalusing
5/19/1900 Allen, John M M W Allen, John B. Allen, Elizabeth McCraney 5 Mix Ave Agent 2/21/1900 Towanda
5/10/1900 Alexander, James E M W Alexander, Guy Alexander, Matie Sayre Painter 2/16/1900 Sayre
5/19/1900 Avery, Phyliss Hayward F W Avery, Harry Avery, Alice M Sayre Dentist 1/22/1900 Sayre
5/19/1900 Allen  M W Allen, James E Allen, Nettie B Sayre Merchant 3/14/1900 Sayre
5/19/1900 Armitage, Helen Marjorie F W Armitage, Clark R Armitage, Emma S Sayre Conductor 2/4/1900 Sayre
5/7/1900 Allen, Mary E F W Allen, H. B. Allen, Sarah Kellogg Burlington Twp Preacher 2/4/1900 Burlington Twp
5/21/1900 Abrams, Emma F W Abrams, Maurice Abrams, Charlotte Wilmot Farmer 3/1/1900 Wilmot
8/15/1900 Allen, Isaac Lowman M W Allen, Jacob L Allen, Lillian Athens Carpenter 4/5/1900 Athens Boro
5/17/1900 Ames, Edward M W Ames, Wm. Ames, Nancy Vawter? Farmer 2/7/1900 Vawter?
5/3/1900 Anderson, George  M W Anderson, Sidney Anderson, Edith Long Valley Laborer 5/3/1900 Long Valley
5/17/1900 Allen, Sada B ? F W Allen, George Allen, Dessie Granville Farmer 11/18/1900 Granville
10/1/1900 Ammick, Kenneth Edmond M W Ammick, Hugh Ammick, Ada Granville Laborer 7/14/1900 Granville
12/3/1900 Arnold, Tressie M W Arnold, Willas Arnold, Elizabeth Wysox Farmer 6/24/1900 Wysox
12/7/1900 Allen, Kenneth M W Allen, Frank Allen, Elizabeth  Albany Twp Farmer 7/5/1900 Albany
12/3/1900 Adams, Hattie F W Adams, Edward Adams, Nora Brewer Hollow Laborer 5/14/1900 Brewer Hollow
11/3/1900 Ames, Loyd M W Ames, E. E. Ames, Nellie South Creek Farmer 9/14/1900 Gilletts
12/18/1900 Allen, Fern F W Allen, Oscar Allen, Minnie Terrytown Farmer 10/14/1900 Terrytown
12/19/1900 Acla, Ethel L F W Acla, Stephen Acla, Nora Terrytown Farmer 9/27/1900 Terrytown
12/12/1900 Ammerman, James M W Ammerman, Chas. Ammerman, Maude Litchfield Farmer 10/15/1900 Litchfield
12/3/1900 Allen, Thursay F W Allen, Orey? Fox, Elizabeth Wysox Laborer 9/24/1900 Wysox
12/10/1900 Allen, Eliza Minerva F W Allen, Herbert DeLa Allen, Lucy H. Orwell Farmer 7/15/1900 Orwell
12/13/1900 Arnold, Lucy Alberta F W Arnold, L. Elmer Arnold, Edith D Rome Boro Farmer 10/24/1900 Rome
12/17/1900 Abrams, Nora F W Abrams, Stephen Abrams, Eva Wilmot Farmer 5/24/1900 Wilmot
12/3/1900 Allen, Emily E F W Allen, Fred H. Allen, Jennie M Burlington Twp Faarmer 5/30/1900 Burlington Twp
12/5/1900 Adas, Elizabeth F W Adams, James Adams, Annie F Sayre Clerk 9/4/1900 Sayre
12/11/1900 Infant F W Abell, Dana Abell, Mary E Warren Centre Farmer 8/5/1900 Warren Centre
12/15/1900 Arnold, Howard Ira M W Arnold, C. O. Arnold, Mattie Windham Farmer 3/3/1900 Windham
5/18/1901 Allen, Rhode M W Allen, M. C. Allen, Addie Albany Twp Laborer 1/3/1901 Albany
5/14/1901 Alexander, Oliver M W Alexander, C. W. Alexander, Effie Burlington Twp Farmer 12/25/1900 Burlington Twp
5/22/1901 Alexander, Ralph R M W Alexander, A. W. Alexander, Margaret Burlington Twp Farmer 10/29/1900 Burlington Twp
5/22/1901 Abel, LeLeon M W Abel, Guy W Abel, Grace3 Rome Boro Buttermaker 1/25/1901 Rome
5/13/1901 Atwood, Hazel Ruth F W Atwood, Wm. L. Atwood, Rosa B Herrickville Farmer 11/14/1900 New York State
5/30/1901 Allen, Wilber G M W Allen, Charles Allen, Cora Granville Laborer 6/24/1900 Granville
5/14/1901 Andrus, Blanche F W Andrus, Horace Andrus, Sarah Ridgeberry Farmer 11/26/1900 Ridgebury
5/27/1901 Arnold, Harvey M W Arnold, Charles Arnold, Eunice Warren Farmer 4/24/1901 Warren
5/24/1901 Avery, Ineta May ? F W Avery, William Avery, Gertrude Wells Farmer 2/27/1901 Wells
1/10/1955 Ackley, Mary Frances F W Ackley, Edward Ackley, Abigail Standing Stone Carpenter 5/30/1900 Standing Stone
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