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Caroline Gray McCONNELL (1887 - 1959)
daughter of Elisabeth WEAVER & Joseph B. McCONNELL
of Sullivan Township
Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/5/1896 Arnold, Adis E. F W Arnold, Earnest L. Arnold, Catherian Windham Farmer 1/1/1896 Windham
5/18/1896 Abrams, Susan F W Abrams, Maurice Abrams, Lottie Wilmot Farmer 5/6/1896 Wilmot
5/24/1896 Avery, Henry M. M W Avery, Amenso? Avery, Maggie Wells Farmer 11/2/1895 Wells
5/5/1896 Andrus, Vesta M. F W Andrus, Ward Andrus, Clarasa Armenia Twp Laborer 8/18/1895 Armenia
12/3/1896 Andrus, Pauline F W Andrus, Howard M. Andrus, Katie E Armenia Twp Farmer 6/28/1896 Canton Twp
12/14/1896 Allen, Vernon L M W Allen, L. C. Allen, Minnie New Albany Merchant 10/24/1896 New Albany
12/7/1896 Alger, Ferris F M W Alger, A. A. Alger, Minnie A. Orwell Farmer 8/11/1896 Orwell
12/7/1896 Armstrong, Ella F W Armstrong, Lewis Armstrong, Ina Thomas Ave Brakeman 6/22/1896 Sayre
12/7/1896 Allen, Julia Katherine F W Allen, John B. McCraney, Elizabeth 218 Poplar St Merchant 7/14/1896 Towanda
12/9/1896 Aumick, Dora F W Aumick, M. L. Aumick, Fannie East Troy Laborer 5/30/1896 Troy Twp.
11/28/1896 Ackley, Ralph M W Ackley, B. H. Ackley, Lestie? Tuscarora Farmer 7/5/1896 Tuscarora
12/4/1896 Arnold, Leslie M W Arnold, Robert W. Arnold, Ettie Warren Farmer 3/31/1896 Warren
12/9/1896 Aumick, Sarah F W Aumick, Rufus Aumick, Ella Wyalusing Fireman 10/22/1896 Wyalusing
12/7/1896 Archer, Reed Wesley M W Archer, Geo. Berton Archer, Joanna Wysox 2nd Dist Farmer 7/23/1896 Wysox
12/9/1896 Allen, Lizzie F W Allen, Oney? Allen, Lizzie Wyalusing Laborer 11/28/1896 Wyalusing
12/21/1896 Aber, Edna M F W Aber, H. Lee Aber, Gertrude South Creek Farmer 4/2/1896 South Creek Twp
12/21/1896 Andrus, Harold M W Andrus, Adelbert Andrus, Edith South Creek Farmer 5/22/1896 South Creek Twp
3/12/1896 Andrews, Ellen A F W Andrews, Oliver A Andrews, Delia E South Creek Farmer 10/3/1895 South Creek Twp
12/21/1896 Andrews, Minnie M. F W Andrews, A.B. Andrews, Julia South Creek Farmer 10/18/1896 South Creek Twp
7/10/1897 Abrams, Anna F W Abrams, Stephen Abrams, Eva Wilmot Farmer 3/17/1897 Wilmot
5/18/1897 Anderson, Charles D M W Anderson, Peter Anderson, Emma Franklin Farmer 4/24/1897 Franklin
5/18/1897 Aritey?, Leona F W Aritey, Lewis Aritey, Fanny 2nd St. ??? 1/28/1897 Towanda
5/20/1897 Allen, Marie F W Allen, M. E. Chamberlin, Laura A Ridgeberry Farmer 4/16/1897 Ridgebury
8/30/1897 Not named F W Argraves, Wm   First St.Sayre Painter 6/26/1897 Sayre
8/30/1897 Andrews, Ren L (?) M W Andrews, Worrell D Andrews, Myra Ghent Farmer 1/2/1897 Ghent
5/5/1897 Not named F W Arnold, E. B Arnold, Carrie B. Orwell Farmer 3/31/1897 Orwell
5/15/1897 Not named F W Allis, F. R. Allis, Cora E Orwell Farmer 4/7/1897 Orwell
5/7/1897 Arnold, Mary Margret F W Arnold, Joseph M Arnold, Florence State St. Teacher 12/20/1896 Towanda
8/24/1897 Adamy, Elsie Ida F W Adamy, Edgar D Adamy, Frances E North Main Mason 4/5/1897 Athens
5/6/1897 Ayers, Mahlon Paul F W Ayres, Lennie Ayres, Alice Sayre Brakeman 2/14/1897 Sayre
5/20/1897 Alexander, Helen F W Alexander, Charles Alexander, Effie Sayre Laborer 10/3/1897 Sayre
7/10/1897 Ammerman, Mabel A F W Ammerman, C. N. Ammerman, Maud Litchfield Farmer 3/7/1897 Litchfield
9/1/1897 Adney, Bessie F W Adney, Chas Adney, Hattie Litchfield Laborer 6/22/1897 Litchfield
8/30/1897 Ayres, Alvin Dana M W Ayres, Dana Ayres, Grace Alba Blacksmith 4/5/1897 Alba 
5/5/1897 Allen, Wilkey ? M W Allen, Geo. E. Allen, Rose E Albany Twp Farmer 12/26/1896 Albany Twp.
5/20/1897 Acla, James M W Acla, Fred Acla, Louise Asylum Farmer 11/29/1896 Asylum
5/20/1897 Ames, Harry M W Ames, W. J. Ames, Nancy Smithfield Farmer 1/6/1897 Smithfield
5/8/1897 Ayers, Lou Thomas M W Ayers, G. G. Ayers, Caroline Dell Canton Farmer 12/7/1896 Canton
12/14/1897 Acla, Howard M W Acla, J. Wesley Acla, Arvilla Liberty Corners Carpenter 8/28/1897 Liberty Corners
12/6/1897 Allyn, Alice I F W Allyn, Joseph Allyn, Olive Warren Farmer 8/1/1897 Warren
12/6/1897 Arnold, Harold F M W Arnold, Ellis L Arnold, Arlitta Warren Farmer 11/11//1897 Warren
12/11/1897 Allen, Roy Arthur M W Allen, Charles L. Allen, Grace Bell W. Burlington Farmer 5/15/1897 Granville Twp.
12/11/1897 Almo, Nick ? M W Almo, Joseph Almo, Francisco Orchard St. Laborer 11/14/1897 Sayre
12/6/1897 Allen, Lizzie F W Allen, O. P. Allen, Lizzie Wysox  Farmer 10/18/1897 Wysox
4/29/1897 Anderson, Harriet F W Anderson, George Anderson, Emma Long Valley Laborer 4/11/1897 Long Valley
8/16/1897 Alexander, Lulu F W Alexander, Jerome Alexander, Ella Sand??/ Miner 8/12/1897 Sand???
12/8/1897 Armstrong, Carlton Harold M W Armstrong, Fred A Armstrong, Jessie Wells Ave Merchant 9/26/1897 Athens Boro
12/14/1897 Andrus, Myrtle Sebrina F W Andrus, Ward Andrus, Clarissa L. Armenia Laborer 11/7/1897 Armenia
12/13/1897 Arey, Richard R M W Arey, Frank Arey, Emma Albany Twp Farmer 6/27/1897 Albany Twp.
10/21/1897 Austin, Gerald M W Austin, A. N. Austin, Cora Sylvania Laborer 1/27/1897 Snedikers
12/11/1897 Ackley, Hazel May F W Ackley, Robert Ackley, Hattie Asylum Laborer 2/21/1897 Asylum
12/7/1897 Arnold     Arnold, Lee Arnold, Clara Asylum Laborer 12/24/1897 Asylum
12/10/1897 Atwood, Lee A M W Atwood, H. H. Atwood, Alice B Orwell Farmer 7/5/1897 Orwell
5/14/1897 Adams, Madaline F W Adams, George E Adams, Anna Ballibay Farmer 4/1/1897 Ballibay
10/23/1897 Allen, Ray A M W Allen, Charles  Allen, Grace Bell Granville Center Farmer 5/15/1897 Granville 
12/7/1897 Allen, J. Arthur M W Allen, J. A. Allen, Mary Main St. Carpenter 6/2/1897 Towanda
12/10/1897 Allen, Henry Dorance M W Allen, John B. McCraney, Elizabeth Poplar St Merchant 721/1897 Towanda
12/11/1897 Ackley, Lester M W Ackley, Edward Ackley, Susie Towanda Farmer 6/28/1897 Towanda
7/1/1897 Ameigh, Dena M F W Ameigh, Frank W Ameigh, Nettie South Creek Farmer 10/2/1897 South Creek Twp
5/31/1898 Ayers, Ida Leona F W Ayers, Wm. G. Ayres, Mary Wells Farmer 1/23/1898 Wells
5/21/1898 Ayer, Helen F W Ayer, Bert Ayer, Minnie Warren Farmer 1/25/1898 Grover
5/21/1898 Abell, Robert M W Abell, Charles Abell, Lena Warren Farmer 1/13/1898 Warren
5/21/1898 Andrus, John M W Andrus, Eathan M. Andrus, Sophia E Canton Farmer 5/14/1898 Canton
5/10/1898 Ayres, Charlott F W Ayres, Bradly Ayres, Millie N. Towanda Merchant 12/23/1897 N. Towanda
5/4/1898 Abrams, Bradley M W Abrams, Maurice Abrams, Sharlott Wilmot Farmer 3/4/1898 Wilmot
5/31/1898 Andrews, Julia D F W Andrews, Clarence K. Andrews, Ettie F Granville  Carpenter 1/10/1898 Granville
5/6/1898 Ayers, Harold M W Ayers, Frank H. Ayers, Fanny M. Windfall Farmer 10/13/1897 Granville
5/18/1898 Atwood, Fern Henrietta F W Atwood, Wm. L Atwood, Rosa Herrickville Farmer 9/9/1897 Herrickville
6/10/1898 Aldrich, Wane? M W Aldrich, Vern Aldrich, Ella Hugh St Laborer 11/15/1897 Athens Boro
5/19/1898 Alexander  M W Alexander, Elmer Alexander, Ella Burlington Twp Farmer 4/17/1898 Burlington Twp
5/3/1898 Allis, Francis H. M W Allis, Clate ? Allis, Sarah Mercur Farmer 4/21/1898 Mercur
5/27/1898 Allen, R. Earl M W Allen, Mert Allen, Bernice J Sayre Laborer 8/30/1897 Sayre
5/28/1898 Adamy, Lester Owen M W Adamy, Walter Adamy, Ruby Eva Sayre Mason 8/4/1898 Sayre
5/20/1898 Allen, Blanche F W Allen, F. C. Allen, Rosa Grover Laborer 5/11/1898 Grover
8/10/1898 Austin, Floyd M W Austin, Frank B. Austin, Harriet Mill Creek Lar 3/19/1898 Canton Boro
11/28/1898 Arnold, Seamon C M W Arnold, Ernest Arnold, Cathren Windham Farmer 1/6/1898 Windham
12/10/1898 Alexander, Harry E M W Alexander, Guy Alexander, Mattie M Sayre Painter 8/2/1898 Sayre
12/15/1898 Avery, Baby M W Avery, Harry Avery, Alice M Sayre Dentist 11/28/1898 Sayre
12/19/1898 Alexander, Lorena Jennie F W Alexander, Morris Alexander, Minnie Sayre Laborer 7/29/1898 Sayre
12/8/1898 Adams, Joseph B M W Adams, James Adams, Anna Sayre Laborer 11/22//1898 Sayre
12/8/1898 Atwood, Paul D. M W Atwood, William Atwood, Rena Greens Landing Laborer 7/12/1897 Milan
12/8/1898 Aumick, Lewis L M W Aumick, Meritt Aumick, Fannie East Troy Laborer 8/15/1898 East Troy
12/6/1898 Allen, Elizabeth F W Allen, John B. McCraney, Elizabeth 218 Poplar St Merchant 9/28/1898 Towanda
12/17/1898 Aumick, Luther M W Aumick, Rufus Aumick, Ella Merryall Laborer 9/10/1898 Lacey Street
11/14/1898 Andrus, Able M M W Andrus, Howard M. Andrus, Katherine Armenia Farmer 1/29/1898 Armenia
11/25/1898 Allyn, Vida A F W Allyn, Caleb Allyn, Nettie Warren Center Farmer 10/9/1898 Warren
12/8/1898 Ameigh, Archie M. M W Ameigh, Frank W Ameigh, Nettie Canton Laborer 4/10/1898 South Creek Twp
12/15/1898 Allyn, Ethel F W Benajah N. Allyn Allyn, Alice B Warren Center Laborer 8/22/1898 Warren
12/9/1898 Allis, Harvey Jerome M W Allis, Norman L Allis, Anna B Orwell Laborer 9/13/1898 Orwell
12/22/1898 Alger, Donald Greenfield M W Alger, Alfred A Alger, Minnie A. Orwell Laborer 11/19/1898 Orwell
12/1/1898 Andrews, Leda May F W Andrews, A. B. Andrews, Julia South Creek Laborer 2/3/1898 Gillett
12/8/1898 Ameigh, Archie M. M W Ameigh, Frank W Ameigh, Nettie South Creek Laborer 4/10/1898 Gillett
11/18/1898 Acla, Martin M W Acla, Uriah Acla, Mary A Asylum Laborer 8/30/1898 Asylum
11/18/1898 Ackley, Margaret A F W Ackley, Edward Ackley, Abbie Asylum Laborer 8/24/1898 Asylum
12/12/1898 Ames, Clare M W Ames, Lloyd Ames, Maggie Stony Pt. Dist Farmer 11/16/1898 Herrick 
12/12/1898 Atwood, Frances Ethel F W Atwood, Fred Atwood, Anna Herrickville Farmer 12/24/1897 Herrick
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