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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
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Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/5/1904 Williams Levi J. M W Levi Williams Safrony Williams Smithfield Farmer 5/18/1904 Smithfield
12/5/1904 Wittig Alice F W Wm. Wittig Anna Wittig Smithfield Farmer 8/31/1904 Smithfield
12/5/1904 Wilcox Cora M. F W S.C. Wilcox Rose A. Wilcox Smithfield Farmer 6/26/1904 Smithfield
Nov.1904 Werkheiser Eugenia F W Chas. Werkheiser Laura C. Werkeiser Orwell Twp. Miller 8/29/1904 Orwell, Pa.
Dec.1904 Williams LeGrand M W Jesse P. Williams Goldia M. Williams Sayre Carpenter 7/16/1904 Sayre
12/16/1904 Wattels Vern ? M W Fred H. Wattels Flora Wattels Litchfield Laborer 11/17/1904 Litchfield
  Watkins Florence F. F W Isaac L. Watkins Gertrude Watkins Sheshequin Farmer 5/23/1904 Sheshequin
  Webb Hazel V. F W Harry Webb Lura? Webb Sheshequin Laborer 10/5/1904 Sheshequin
  Warren Ethel M. F W Paul E. Warner Lelia M. Warner 6 College Ave. Blacksmith 6/5/1904 Towanda
  Wood Frances F W Austin P. Wood Lillian M. Wood 613 Bridge Driver 9/15/1904 Towanda
  Wright Geo. Watson M W Adelbert Wright Lagusta May Wright 732 Bridge Laborer 9/25/1904 Towanda
  Withey Alfred Leonard M W Edward Withey Cora Withey Athens Laborer 8/5/1904 Athens
  Wright Wilma J. F W Justus Wright Anna L. Wright Sayre Conductor 10/25/1904 Sayre
  Weeks Baby M W Walter F. Weeks Josephine Weeks Sayre Machinist 11/5/1904 Sayre
5/14/1904 White Clarence M W Jerome White Ella White Athens Milkman 2/3/1904 Athens
9/20/1904 Winters Eugene M W Eugene J. Winters Esther Winters Athens Saloon Keeper 6/7/1903 Athens
12/28/1904 Wilcox Addie F W Frank Wilcox Anna White Towanda Laborer 11/11/1904 Towanda, Pa.
5/11/1905 Wells Ethel F W Elmer Wells Liza Wells LeRaysville Laborer 11/4/1904 Stevensville
5/16/1905 Wood Frances F W James Wood Anna Wood Troy Twp. Farmer 2/15/1904  
12/27/1904 Woodruff Ferne E. F W W.E. Woodruff Agatha M. Woodruff Athens Laborer 9/15/1904 Dushore
12/30/1904 Wilcox Elmer Oscar M W Wm. Wilcox Lillie Wilcox Athens Laborer 12/25/1904 Athens Boro
  Wells Helen Winola F W John E. Wells Faith M. McCain Towanda Druggist 12/28/1904 Towanda
  Wiggins Thomas Otho M W Chas. Wiggins Grace Wiggins Franklin Blacksmith 3/30/1905 Franklin
5/11/1905 Wilcox Wilmer D. M W J.D. Wilcox Jennie Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 12/30/1904 LeRoy, Pa.
5/1/1905 Watson Angeline F W Dave Watson Frances Watson Wells Farmer 4/28/1905 Wells
5/9/1905 Wilson Katherine F W Will Wilson Kate Wilson Wells Farmer 4/1/1905 Wells
5/13/1905 Warner Victor M W Amy Warner Maud Warner Wells Farmer 3/13/1905 Wells
5/31/1905 Webster Infant M W Harry J. Webster Nellie Webster Albany Twp. Laborer 5/30/1905 Albany Twp.
5/31/1905 Wilson Ethel L. F W Frank Wilson Mary Wilson Albany Twp. Laborer 2/8/1905 Albany Twp.
6/13/1905 Wilson Herald O. M W Geo. Wilson Minnie Wilson Terrytown Farmer 12/23/1904 Terrytown
  Whitaker Allyn M W Harrison Whitaker Magie Whitaker W. Warren Dealer 11/6/1904 W. Warren
5/18/1905 Wilbur Viola Maud F W Frank Wilbur Cora Wilbur Windham Farmer 2/21/1905 Windham
5/11/1905 Watkins Irvine M W Guy Watkins Pearl Rogers Kingsbury Ave. Operator 7/3/1904 Towanda, Pa.
6/2/1905 Wightman Frank W. M W Frank Wightman Jennie Wightman W. Burlington Laborer 5/4/1905 County House
5/15/1905 Wright Caroll E. M W Frank Wright Marion Wright Smithfield Farmer 11/17/1904 Smithfield
  Warner Alburta L. F W C.E. Warren Emma L. Warren Canton Farmer 7/23/1905 Canton, Pa.
  Worden Pearl F W C. Burton Worden Lydia J. Worden Canton Laborer 4/4/1905 Canton, Pa.
  Williams Homer B. M W G.Fred Williams Nellie B. Williams Canton Farmer 3/19/1905 Canton, Pa.
5/11/1905 Walley? John E. M W Jas. J. Walley Mary T. Walley Sayre Engineer 2/13/1905 Sayre
May.1905 Williams Augusta L. F W Wesley Williams Lillian Williams Sayre Boiler Maker 3/6/1905 Sayre
  Walther Doretha F W Charles Walther Mattie Walther Sayre Carpenter 4/4/1905 Sayre
5/24/1905 Weeks Lewis A. M W Frank Weeks Carrie Weeks Springfield Farmer 3/10/1905 Springfield
5/18/1905 Wandall Edna F W Burr Wandell Clara Wandell Sugar Hill Farmer 4/23/1905 Sugar Hill
5/8/1905 West Paul R. M W Raymond West Hattie West 505 Main Brakeman 12/1/1904 Towanda
9/1/1905 Weaver Julia Maria F W Geo. W. Weaver Molly E. Weaver 6071/2 Second Clerk 7/8/1905 Towanda
May.1905 Wildrick Helen F W Luther Wildrick Margurite N. River St. Engineer 2/3/1905 N. River St., Sayre
5/11/1905 Wetherbee Theodore M W Geo. Wetherbee Charlotte Wetherbee Grover Horse Shoer 2/6/1905 Grover, Pa.
5/25/1905 Wilson   M W Wm. Wilson Jennie Wilson Grover Laborer 7/27/1905 Grover, Pa.
5/2/1905 Wright Eleanor F W John W. Wright Mary Wright Sayre Fireman 3/30/1905 Sayre
5/2/1905 Walt Gertrude F W Joseph Walt Inez Walt Sayre Fireman 1/11/1905 Sayre
12/7/1905 White Helen F W Chas. E. White Ada White Athens Lineman 10/12/1905 Athens
12/14/1905 Wilcox Letha F W Geo. Wilcox Mina Wilcox Athens Laborer 10/1/1905 Athens
  Woodruff Ernestine F W Frank Woodruff Justa Woodruff Athens Laborer 4/6/1905 Athens
12/12/1905 Williams Dana M W F.A. Williams Hellen Williams Troy Twp. Farmer 4/14/1905 Troy
12/13/1905 Wandall Elsie F W Alonzo Wandell Lulu Wandell Athens Twp. Farmer 10/13/1905 Penna
  Wilbur Margret Ellen F W Elmer A. Wilbur Martha Wilbur Sayre W.H. Liquor Dealer 9/19/1905 Sayre
  Wykoff Ruby A. F W Fred E. Wykoff Anna M. Wykoff Sayre Cab Maker 4/13/1905 Sayre
  Welch Genevieve F W John J. Welch Agatha Welch 510 Fourth? Cabinet Maker 9/6/1905 Towanda
10/27/1905 Wolcott Cecil LaVerne M W G.E. Wolcott Edna Wolcott Springfield Farmer 9/7/1905 Springfield
  Walton Max M W John Walton Bessie Walton Elmira St. Machinist 12/18/1905 Troy
12/20/1905 Wells Winifred F W Burt Wells Adda Wells Terry Twp Farmer 8/29/1905 Terry Twp.
12/20/1905 Wells Walter M W Hurburt J. Wells Lizzie Wells Terry Twp Farmer 9/20/1905 Terry Twp.
12/9/1905 Wood Murtle E. F W Nathan Wood Julia Wood E. Athens Laborer 7/25/1905 E. Athens
12/19/1905 Warner Doris Margurite F W L.V. Warner Millie Warner Pike Farmer 12/11/1905 Pike
12/18/1905 Wood Virginia M. F W Frank Wood Mary Wood Ridgebury Laborer 4/4/1905 Ridgebury
  Williver Dorothy F W W.H. Welliver Maggie Welliver Ridgebury Carpenter 7/3/1905 Ridgebury
  Walker Alta F W Floyd Walker Opha Walker Windham Farmer 9/17/1905 Windham
  Wilcox Eleanor F W Wm. Wilcox Bertha Wilcox Granville Laborer 1/20/1903 Granville Twp.
  Wilcox Sanford E. M W Wm. Wilcox Bertha Wilcox Granville Laborer 6/19/1905 Granville Twp.
11/15/1905 White Martha F W Fred W. White Etta White N. Towanda Carpenter 7/30/1905 N. Towanda
11/15/1905 White Luellen S. F W Leroy White Dora White N. Towanda Laborer 2/8/1905 N. Towanda
12/19/1905 Wiltse Arnund E. M W Ward Wiltse Cora White N. Towanda Laborer 11/14/1905 N. Towanda
12/1/1905 Warner Mable Irene F W Harry Warner Maude Warner Wells, Pa. Farmer 12/13/1905 Wells
12/15/1905 Williver Lillian F W John Williver Tillie Williver Standing Stone Farmer 8/15/1905 Standing Stone
12/1/1905 Wood Arthur C. M W A.W. Wood Nora S. Wood Smithfield Farmer 9/7/1905 Smithfield
  White Timothy M W Timothy White Anna White Smithfield Farmer 8/2/1905 Smithfield
  Watson Iva? F W David Watson Lena Watson South Creek Farmer 4/25/1905 South Creek
5/1/1905 Winans Iva F. F W A.S. Winans Martha M. Winans Tuscarora Farmer 4/27/1905 Tuscarora
5/6/1905 Warner Elnor A. F W Harry A. Warner Nellie M. Warner Silvara Laborer 12/20/1905 Black Walnut, Pa.
5/6/1905 Warner Mazie E. F W Chas. Warner Rose B. Warner Tuscarora Laborer 5/26/1904 Tuscarora
  Worden Ward T. M W Arthur Worden Sarah Worden LeRaysville Mechanic 1/8/1905 Pike
  Watkins Mary Katherine F W John Watkins Katherine Watkins Athens Twp. Farmer 1/19/1905 Athens Twp.
  Welles Susan May F W Arthur Wells Cora Wells Athens Farmer 12/23/1894 Athens Twp.
12/13/1905 Waltman John A. M W Ed Waltman Lena Waltman Athens Twp. Laborer 8/7/1905 Athens Twp.
12/12/1905 Webster Baby F W Dan'l Webster   Greenwood Laborer 12/11/1905 Greenwood
  Wightman Marlea F W Warren Wight Luella Wight Canton Farmer 5/9/1905 Canton, Pa.
  Wright Dorthy E. F W Edw. C. Wright Addiline Wright Canton Farmer 9/5/1905 Canton, Pa.
  Ward Orin P. M W Allen T. Ward Beatrice Ward Canton Farmer 5/21/1905 Canton, Pa.
12/14/1905 Wagner Louise Caroline F W W.P. Wagner Elizabeth Wagner Sayre Boro Machinist 9/8/1905 Sayre
  Williams Sarah G. F W P.B, Williams Sarah Williams Potterville Doctor 8/11/1905 Orwell Twp.
  Warnett Bessie F W Chas. Warnett Salome Warnett Cold Spring Laborer 7/3/1905 LeRoy, Pa.
  Wilcox Wilmer D. M W John D. Wilcox Jennie Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 11/23/1905 LeRoy, Pa.
  Whipple Leo Anderson M W Dennis E. Whipple Louise Whipple LeRoy Farmer 10/20/1905 LeRoy, Pa.
6/3/1905 Watson Frederick James M W James Watson Jr. Bertha Watson Athens Tailor 12/24/1904 Athens
12/4/1905 Waldo Dorothy M. F W L.J. Waldo Josephine Waldo Wysox Clerk 9/9/1905 Wysox
12/11/1905 Williams Joseph L. M W Leroy Williams Clare Williams Overto Laborer 7/7/1905 Overton
  Wilson Pearl Amanda F W Ulis Wilson Mable Wilson Sayre Fireman 9/27/1905 Sayre
  Wolcott James Putman M W Howard E. Wolcott Sophronia Wolcott Sayre Laborer 8/14/1905 Sayre
  Wilhelm Vernas L. F W Jay Wilhelm Regina Canton Laborer 9/30/1905 Canton, Pa.
  Wright Walter F. M W Fred S. Wright Cora Wright Canton Laborer 5/12/1905 Canton, Pa.
  Wells Helen Winola F W John E. Wells Faith M. McCain Towanda Druggist 12/28/1904 Towanda, Pa.
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