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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
8/18/1902 Woodfield Margaret Melinda F W George Woodfield Sarah Woodfield Browntown Farmer 4/12/1902 Browntown
5/6/1902 Woodruff Eliza May F W Frank Woodruff Bertha Woodruff Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 7/22/1901 Auburn Twp.,Susq. Co.
5/5/1902 Wancke Lellia F W William Wancke Lina Wancke Overton Farmer 5/16/1902 Overton
5/5/1902 Warner Hiram M W L.V. Warner Millie Warner Birney Farmer 2/20/1902 Birney
5/9/1902 Wickizer George L. M W Fred Wickizer Georgia Wickizer Pike Farmer 4/26/1902 Pike
5/5/1902 Wittig Henry M W Ed P. Wittig Grace Wittig Smithfield Laborer 4/5/1902 Smithfield
5/5/1902 Wittig Grace F W John Wittig Effie Wittig Smithfield Farmer 3/9/1902 Smithfield
5/5/1902 Wood Reva F W H.I. Wood Ida Wood Smithfield Stage Driver 1/20/1902 Smithfield
6/1/1902 Winslow Susan Windfed F W Archie Winslow Virginia Winslow Wilmot Farmer 9/17/1901 Wilmot
6/1/1902 Winslow William Lewis M W Howard Winslow Malinda Winslow Wilmot Farmer 12/31/1901 Wilmot
9/2/1902 Wood Alvaretta F W Nathan Wood Julia Wood E. Athens Laborer 6/12/1902 E. Athens
12/10/1902 Welch Margurite Marie F W Frank Welch Belle Welch Alba Blacksmith Oct.16. Alba
12/8/1902 Wood Edwin Marsden M W G.W. Wood Ellen Wood Eliz. St. Blacksmith 8/19/1902 Towanda, Pa.
  Wood Edward Kuhns M W G.W. Wood Ellen Wood Eliz. St. Blacksmith    
  Webster James M W Daniel Webster Margret Webster Long Valley Miner 5/22/1902 Long Valley
  Wooster Ellen May F W Gorden Wooster Cathrine Wooster Carbon Run Laborer 4/8/1902 Carbon Run
12/2/1902 Wheaton   M W Charles Wheaton Carrie Wheaton W. Burlington Laborer 6/23/1902 W. Burlington
12/2/1902 West Emily Amanda F W Charles West Anna West Sayre Clerk 8/10/1902 Sayre
12/16/1902 Wilking Mary Florence F W John Wilking Mary I. Wilking Sayre Machinist 8/17/1902 Sayre
12/1/1902 Wortenburg Sandy Jackson M W Henry Wortenburg Sarrah Wortenburg Wysox Gardener 6/18/1902 Wysox
12/15/1902 Welch Charles M. M W Clair Welch Minnie Welch Sayre Machinist 8/17/1902 Sayre
5/12/1902 Watson Aloysius M W Frank Watson Anna Watson Bridge St. Laborer 12/1/1901 Athens
5/19/1902 White Joseph M W Bat White Margaret White S. Main Laborer 3/13/1902 Athens
11/25/1902 White Edna F W Philo White Mina White Bridge St. Laborer 7/12/1902 Athens
12/15/1902 Weller John D. M W Arthur Weller Cora Weller Athens Twp Farmer 10/5/1902 Athens
11/1/1902 Wooster Hazen D. M W L.J. Wooster Ruth A. Wooster LeRoy, Pa. Farmer 7/24/1902 LeRoy, Pa.
11/15/1902 Wilcox DeWitt Clinton M W John D. Wilcox Jennie H. Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 10/26/1902 LeRoy, Pa.
12/10/1902 Warburton Elsie F W Calvin Warburton Malisa Warburton LeRoy Farmer 9/15/1902 LeRoy, Pa.
12/4/1902 Woodworth Ira G. M W Howard Woodworth Blanch Woodworth Wetona School Teacher 10/27/1902 Wetona
12/5/1902 Wolcott Wilbur M W George Wolcott Edna Wolcott Springfield Farmer 10/10/1902 Springfield
12/10/1902 Ward Wayne J. M W Milton Ward Laura Ward Berrytown Farmer 9/1/1902 Berrytown
5/16/1902 Wheeler Mildred Emily F W M. Wilson Wheeler Kate Wheeler Athens Fireman 11/25/1901 Athens
11/14/1902 Woodburn Harvey Henry M W John L. Woodburn Mary E. Woodburn Athens Laborer 6/17/1902 Athens
11/16/1902 Winters Helen T. F W Clarence B. Winters Francis Winters Athens Laborer 7/9/1902 Athens
11/19/1902 White Harry E. M W Chas. White Ada White Athens Lineman 5/31/1902 Athens
12/10/1902 Wells Marion F W E.F. Wells ??? Wells Oak Hill Mason 5/11/1902 Oak Hill
  Wakeley Bessie F W C.F. Wakeley Lucy W. Wakeley Smithfield Farmer 10/8/1902 Smithfield
12/15/1902 Wells Manville B. M W Burton Wells Ida Wells Terry Town Farmer 10/17/1902 Terry Twp.
12/15/1902 Wells George M W Frank M. Wells Clara Wells Terry Town Farmer 12/3/1902 Terry Twp.
12/10/1902 White Naoni ? F W Burt White Molly White Grover Laborer 8/26/1902 Grover, Pa.
12/10/1902 Williams Hellen M. F W Jay Williams Edith M. Williams Grover Laborer 8/28/1902 Grover, Pa.
  Williams Loyed R. M W Edwin C. Williams Libbie Williams Canton Farmer 9/10/1902 Canton
  Wright Kathaleen F W Warren K. Wright Luella Wright Canton Farmer 5/23/1902 Canton
12/11/1902 White Russell Horton M W Fred W. White Etta White N. Towanda Carpenter 9/26/1902 N. Towanda
12/11/1902 White Frances May F W Leroy White Isadore White N. Towanda Laborer 9/27/1902 N. Towanda
12/12/1902 Warner Gifford E. M W W.H. Warner Lystra Warner Leraysville Laborer 10/31/1902 Leraysville
12/1/1902 Waterman Susie E. F W C.F. Waterman Myrtle Waterman Pike Farmer 9/16/1902 Pike
12/6/1902 White Eddie M W E.L. White Emma White Cold Creek Farmer 11/13/1902 Cold Creek
11/28/1902 Waters Freda Pauline F W T.J. Waters Josephine Waters Burlington Twp. Farmer 10/7/1902 Burlington Twp.
11/25/1902 Walborn Walter J. M W James Walborn Louisa Walborn H.L. Scott Est. Farmer 11/18/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/16/1902 Watkins Mary Loville F W George Watkins Laura Watkins Ulster Farmer 7/10/1902 Ulster, Pa.
12/4/1902 Wadkins Louise ? F W Treat J. Wadkins Vena Wadkins Austinville Farmer 11/25/1902 Sylvania
12/10/1902 Willey Leland M W Freeling B. Willey Anna Willey Franklin Miller 8/8/1902 Franklin
11/12/1902 Wood Cora B. F W G.S. Wood May Wood South Creek Farmer 9/21/1902 Fassetts
11/13/1902 Wilcox Fredrick M W Harry Wilcox Della Wilcox Ridgebury Farmer 4/5/1902 Ridgebury
12/3/1902 Walker Irene F W Ira F. Walker Bertha D. Walker Windham Farmer 9/16/1902 Windham Summitt
12/10/1902 Webb Paul Davies M W Charles Webb Jennie Webb 209 Pine St. Barber 9/20/1902 209 Pine St.
12/12/1902 Wheating William M W Charles Wheating Carrie Wheating 9 Mulberry St. Laborer 6/23/1902 Towanda
  Wattles Frank M W Fred Wattles Flora Wattles Litchfield Laborer 12/23/1901 Litchfield
  Wells Ethel F W Winfield Wells Frances Wells Litchfield Farmer 10/27/1902 Litchfield
  Walborn Alice F W E.W. Walborn Edith Walborn Canton Laborer 7/9/1902 Canton
12/15/1902 Wandall Leon F W Burr Wandall Clara Wandall Hollenback Farmer 7/18/1902 Hollenback
12/10/1902 Wilbur Earnest Howard M W Charles Bruce Wilbur Stella Belle Wilbur Orwell, Pa. Farmer 12/1/1902 Orwell, Pa.
12/10/1902 Warren Harley M. M W Don Warren Maude Warren Granville Laborer 10/6/1902 Granville
5/8/1903 Wickham Manville P. M W Ezra Wickham Florence Wickham N. Towanda Wood Turner 4/14/1903 N. Towanda
  Williams Dorothy E. F W Fred Williams Helen Williams Troy Farmer 4/26/1903 Troy Twp.
5/7/1903 Wilmot Marion F W Claude B. Wilmot Carrie E. Wilmot Rome Boro Farmer 3/14/1903 Rome Boro
5/13/1903 Wilson Hellen M. F W A.B. Wilson Mrs. Dimmis Wilson Col.X Rds Farmer 1/5/1903 Col.X Rds
  Williams Thomas M W George Williams Ella Williams Terry Twp. Farmer 4/8/1903 Terry Twp.
5/11/1903 Wilson   M W Frank Wilson Mary Wilson Albany Twp. Laborer 5/11/1903 Albany Twp.
5/13/1903 Wayman Carroll M W Moses Wayman Eliza Wayman Albany Twp. Farmer 3/29/1903 Albany Twp.
5/22/1903 Wood Georgie Grace F W Myron Wood Rachael Lenora Wood Orwell, Pa. Blacksmith 2/2/1903 Orwell, Pa.
5/13/1903 Wiggins Gertrude P. F W Arthur Wiggins Dora Wiggins 312 State St. Painter 4/20/1903 312 State St.
5/18/1903 Willcock James M W James Willcock Edith Willcock Bridge St. Clerk 1/22/1903 9 Main St.
5/30/1903 Whitaker George R. M W Ruel Whitaker Addie Whitaker Warren Farmer 1/23/1903 Warren
5/13/1903 Waryo Harriett Bessie F W Elmer Waryo Edith Waryo Windham Farmer 5/9/1903 Lix Dis. No 8
5/25/1903 Wright Gertrude N. F W William Wright Maggie Wright   Farmer 2/3/1903  
5/18/1903 Willson Howard M W Wm. H. Wilson Kate Wilson Wells, Pa. Farmer 2/19/1903 Wells, Pa.
6/27/1903 Woodfield Margarette F W Geo. Woodfield Lena Brown Woodfield Taylor Ave Laborer 4/12/1903 Browntown
6/27/1903 Wilbur Ester F W Wm. Wilbur Lena Evans Wilbur State St. Minister 12/17/1902 Wyalusing
5/7/1903 Wilcox Hazel M. F W H.S. Wilcox Mertie B. Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 1/17/1902 LeRoy, Pa.
5/11/1903 Williams Leslie P. M W Earl Williams Frances Williams LeRoy Farmer 9/17/1902 Burlington
5/16/1903 Wilcox Floyd M W Emmet E. Wilcox Elsie Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 2/18/1903 LeRoy, Pa.
5/25/1903 Wilcox Robert Landon M W Coryell Wilcox Mary Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 2/25/1903 LeRoy, Pa.
5/4/1903 Walker Lloyd Roosevelt M W L.G. Walker Ida Walker E. Towanda Farmer 4/9/1903 E. Towanda
5/4/1903 Wurtenburg Clymer George M W George Wurtenburg Liza Wurtenburg Wysox Gardener 12/28/1902 E. Towanda
5/21/1903 Whitehead Hazel L. F W Fred Whitehead Mary C. Whitehead Powell Laborer 8/14/1902 Powell, Pa.
6/4/1903 Wheler Johny M W Charlie Wheler Susan Wheler Powell Laborer 12/15/1902 Powell, Pa.
6/23/1903 Watkins Pollie May F W Eleck Watkins Nellie Watkins Western Farmer 5/14/1903 Western, Pa.
6/17/1903 Wood Paul Davies M W Bergen Wood Alice Wood Armenia Mt. Farmer 4/27/1903 Armenia Twp.
5/4/1903 Woodworth Louise F W Wm. S. Woodworth Christine A. Woodworth 4 Dist.Athens Twp. Farmer 1/3/1903 4th Dist
5/16/1903 Watkins Harold M W Stephen B. Watkins Edna Watkins Big Pond Laborer 12/6/1902 Big Pond
  Wright Pauline B. F W Raymond H. Wright Addie S. Wright Canton Farmer 2/22/1902 Canton, Pa.
  Warren Lorrimer H. M W H.C. Warren Nellie Warren Canton Watchman 12/18/1902 Canton, Pa.
  Wickwire Olive G. F W Frank E. Wickwire Mae Wickwire Canton Flagman 4/24/1903 Canton, Pa.
9/3/1903 Wright Lillian M. F W Edward Wright Addeline Wright Canton Laborer 7/25/1903 Canton, Pa.
5/20/1903 Ward Jennie Edna F W Frank Ward Edna Ward W. Burlington Farmer 12/21/1902 W. Burlington
5/20/1903 Ward James Warren M W Moses Ward Nettie Ward W. Burlington Farmer 4/11/1903 W. Burlington
5/26/1903 Whitehead Irene K. F W Andrew T. Whitehead Florence Whitehead W. Burlington Farmer 7/6/1903 W. Burlington
5/7/1903 Wood Merle F W Dayton Wood Lena Clard Wood Pratville Farmer 2/15/1903 Pratville
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