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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/7/1901 Weiss Florence F W Willard Weiss Leona P. Weiss Sayre Machinist 3/7/1901 Sayre
5/8/1901 Wiley Alva L. M W Marble E. Wiley Emma Wiley Sayre Fireman 4/18/1901 Sayre
5/10/1901 Wendell Edward Merlin M W Benjaman F. Wendell Harriett E. Wendell Sayre Fireman 3/25/1901 Sayre
  Wright Charles Vincoe M W John Wright Mary A. Wright Sayre Fireman 1/20/1901 Sayre
9/5/1901 Wolcott Paul M W Putnam Wolcott Eva Wolcott Sayre Laborer 5/23/1901 Sayre
5/5/1901 Wolcott Carl M W Putnam Wolcott Eva Wolcott Sayre Laborer 5/23/1901 Sayre
5/13/1901 Whitaker Albert C. M W Silas Whitaker Angie Whitaker Springfield Laborer 12/1/1900 Berrytown
5/13/1901 Whitaker Alice A. F W Silas Whitaker Angie Whitaker Springfield Laborer 12/1/1900 Berrytown
  Warner Ralph M W John Warner Sarah Warner Orchard St. Fireman 6/15/1901 Sayre
5/7/1901 Watkins Raymond Walter M W Walter Watkins Belle Watkins Col.X Rds Farmer 2/4/1901 Columbia
5/6/1901 Watkins Irwin William M W Stephen Watkins Enda Watkins Col.X Rds Laborer 1/12/1901 Bentley Creek
5/6/1901 Wright Leon M W Frances Wright Marion Wright Smithfield Farmer 3/22/1901 Smithfield
5/6/1901 Wittig Claud M W E.P. Wittig Grace Wittig Smithfield Farmer 10/14/1900 Smithfield
5/13/1901 Wildrick George M W Isaac Wildrick Mary Wildrick N. Spring Hill Farmer 12/12/1900 N. Spring Hill
9/4/1901 Whiteing Laura H. F W George Whiteing Abbie Whiteing E. Troy Farmer 6/22/1901 E. Troy
9/4/1901 Williams Irma L. F W G. Fred Williams Nettie B. Williams Canton Farmer 8/9/1900 Canton
  Williams Paul E. M W Jay Williams Edith Williams Canton Farmer 12/23/1900 Canton
  Watts Nellie P. F W Clarence H. Watts Leona Watts Canton Farmer 8/23/1900 Canton
  Watts Beatrice F W Fred C. Watts Delina Watts Canton Farmer 11/28/1900 Canton
12/9/1901 Weaver Virginia F W Geo. Weaver Mollie Weaver Towanda Laborer 3/9/1901 Towanda, Pa.
  Wetmore Jennie V. F W C.S. Wetmore   Herrick Laborer 11/25/1901 Herrick
11/10/1901 Weiss Mary Margaret F W Henry F. Weiss Mary M. Weiss Sayre Machinist 7/28/1901 Sayre
11/18/1901 Wright Charles Vincent M W John Wright Mary A. Wright Sayre Fireman 1/20/1901 Sayre
11/21/1901 Wilking Catherine Lowman F W James Wilking Lois Wilking Sayre Machinist 10/4/1901 Sayre
  Watkins Morris A. M W Charles Watkins Rosa E. Watkins Ulster, Pa. Carpenter 8/9/1901 Ulster, Pa.
  Wright Sarah J. F W William Wright Maggie A. Wright Ulster, Pa. Farmer 11/20/1901 Ulster, Pa.
12/9/1901 Webb Clarence R. M W Festus R. Webb Cora E. Webb Sayre Laborer 6/9/1901 Sayre
12/3/1901 Winters Algie H. M W Eugene Winters Esther M. Winters South St. ???? 3/23/1901 Athens
11/29/1901 Whiteing Elrude M W James White Louise White Elin St. Laborer 7/27/1901 Athens
12/9/1901 Williams Ury L. M W Levi Williams Frone Williams Smithfield Farmer 5/15/1901 Smithfield
12/9/1901 Wittig Naomi F W William Wittig Anna Wittig Smithfield Farmer 6/4/1901 Smithfield
12/9/1901 Wakeley Mabel F W Jay Wakeley Anna Wakeley Smithfield Farmer 10/19/1901 Smithfield
12/9/1901 Ward Ralph M W Guy Ward Frankie Ward Smithfield Farmer 6/15/1901 Wellsburg, NY
  Wandel May F W Wm. F. Wandel Hattie C. Wandel Milan C.L. 3/11/1901 Athens
5/25/1901 Ward Ruth E. F W Levi Ward Sarah P. Ward Milan Mason 2/23/1901 Milan, Pa.
12/11/1901 Walker Charles Tracy M W Charles Walker Nancy Walker Camptown Laborer 9/1/1901 Camptown
12/2/1901 Wootton Mildred F W J.A. Woolton Jennie Woolton Leraysville Farmer 11/8/1901 Ford St.
11/18/1901 White Catherine L. F W Fred W. White Etta White N. Towanda Carpenter 6/30/1901 N. Towanda
  Woolsey Jenny M. F W Henry Woolsey Rose Woolsey Albany Twp. Farmer 10/5/1901 Albany Twp.
  Welch Flossie A. F W A.N. Welch Lizzie Welch Albany Twp. Laborer 8/10/1901 Albany Twp.
12/10/1901 Williams Harriett F W Frank Williams Anna Williams Neath Farmer 11/21/1901 Neath
11/14/1901 Wrisley Charles Henry M W Jacob Wrisley Ophelia Wrisley Mac Farmer 6/11/1901 Mac-Burlington Twp.
12/16/1901 Weed Sarah Ella F W N.C. Weed Alice Weed Mt. Lake Farmer 8/1/1901 Mt. Lake
  Wilmot Newell Barnum M W Claude B. Wilmot Carrie E. Wilmot Rome Boro Merchant 6/14/1901 Rome Boro
12/19/1901 Woodburn Helen Marie F W John W. Woodburn Maurie? B. Woodburn Rome Boro Hotel Keeper 10/14/1901 Rome Boro
12/16/1901 Williams Floyd M W Burnett Williams Luella Williams Grover Laborer 10/15/1901 Grover, Pa.
9/4/1901 Walter Elnora G. F W Harry Walter Martha Walter Canton Boro Laborer 8/24/1901 Canton Boro
  Webster Charles M. M W Thomas F. Webster Flora Webster Canton Farmer 11/13/1901 Canton
  Williams Roscoe D. M W Otis Williams Laura Williams Canton Farmer 6/2/1901 Canton
  Williams Edward H. M W T. Earl Williams Frances Williams Canton Laborer 4/16/1901 Canton
12/2/1901 Wheaton Ruby F W Frank Wheaton Ellen Wheaton Vawter Farmer 9/29/1901 Vawter
  White Stanley M W Jesse White May White Orchard St. Laborer 10/22/1901 Lockwood, NY
12/18/1901 Winters Lloyd M W Geo. B. Winter Ella Lines Towanda Blacksmith 11/18/1901 Towanda, Pa.
12/18/1901 Winters Floyd M W Geo. B. Winter Ella Lines Towanda Blacksmith 11/18/1901 Towanda, Pa.
11/15/1901 Whipple Joseph W. M W Fred Whipple Susan Whipple Granville Farmer 7/31/1901 Granville
12/12/1901 Webb Helen Harriet F W Andrew Webb Lizzie Webb Pond Hill Farmer 11/21/1901 Pond Hill
11/10/1901 Wood Coley M W G.S. Wood May Wood Fassetts Farmer 2/12/1901 Fassetts
12/5/1901 Wheeler Mildred F W Willis Wheeler Adda Wheeler Gilletts Blacksmith 1/31/1901 Gilletts
12/2/1901 Woodburn John Moore M W Charles M. Woodburn Bess Moore Woodburn Towanda Physician 6/4/1901 Towanda, Pa.
11/27/1901 Wood Ira G. M W Gene B. Wood Alice D. Wood Armenia Farmer 9/15/1901 Armenia Twp.
11/22/1901 Willis Edwin Ashley M W George W. Willis Cora L. Willis Orwell Farmer 7/18/1901 Orwell, Pa.
11/18/1901 White Grace F W Patrick White   Athens Boro Watchman 8/14/1901 3rd Ward, Athens Boro
11/22/1901 Wilcox Jennie F W Wm. Wilcox   Athens Boro Laborer 7/25/1901 3rd Ward, Athens Boro
5/29/1902 Wells Arch J. M W Fred Wells Catharan Wells Terry Twp. Farmer 5/18/1902 Terry Town
5/1/1902 Wood Reed M W Austin Wood Lillian Wood Bridge St.Towanda Laborer 12/31/1901 Towanda, Pa.
  White Marjorie R. F W M.L. White Mary White Herrick Painter 4/12/1902 Herrickville
5/12/1902 Warren Beatrice G. F W Frank Warren Mary Warren Ulster, Pa. Laborer 4/12/1902 Ulster, Pa.
5/12/1902 Watkins Morris Aden M W Chas. Watkins Rose Watkins Ulster, Pa. Laborer 11/9/1901 Ulster, Pa.
5/12/1902 Woodrough Paul R. M W Hartley Woodruff Suzan Woodruff Spring Hill Laborer 7/3/1901 Spring Hill
5/8/1902 Williams Edward H. M W Earl Williams Frances E. Williams LeRoy Farmer 4/15/1901 LeRoy, Pa.
5/9/1902 Whipple J. Ivan M W Arther J. Whipple Cora M. Whipple LeRoy Farmer 8/18/1901 LeRoy, Pa.
5/10/1902 Wilcox Velma E. F W Hurburt S. Wilcox Merta? Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 8/24/1901 LeRoy, Pa.
5/12/1902 Whipple Vesta Marguerite F W Dennis Whipple Mary Whipple LeRoy Farmer 7/21/1901 LeRoy, Pa.
  Wilcox James Henry M W Nathan Wilcox Gertrude Wilcox LeRoy Farmer 6/19/1901 Canton
  Williams George M W Albert Williams Anna Williams N. Warren Farmer 6/9/1902 N. Warren
5/14/1902 Wright Susan F W John Wright Dell Wright Granville Farmer 12/15/1901 Granville
  Walsh John Moore M W Frank R. Walsh   Ellis Hill Farmer 12/7/1902 Ellis Hill
5/14/1902 Wilson Foster M W Foster Wilson Flora Wilson Wells, Pa. Farmer 4/13/1902 Wells, Pa.
5/16/1902 Watson Hattie Bell F W David Watson Frances Watson Wells, Pa. Farmer 2/13/1902 Wells, Pa.
5/21/1902 Willson James F. M W Saul Willson May Willson Wells, Pa. Farmer 2/8/1902 Wells, Pa.
5/8/1902 Wiltz Winton M W Ward Wiltz Cassie Sible Towanda Laborer 4/28/1902 Towanda, Pa.
5/22/1902 Williams Roger Fenimore M W P.B. Williams Sarah A. Williams Orwell, Pa. Physician 2/2/1902 Orwell, Pa.
6/3/1902 White Lola F W Geo. C. White Elvira White Third St. Laborer 2/14/1902 Wyalusing
5/7/1902 Williams Dorothy M. F W R.S. Williams Maud Williams Sayre Merchant 1/23/1902 Sayre
  Westbrook Martha Washington F W Charles Westbrook Minnie Westbrook Holly St. Laborer 2/22/1902 Sayre
  Wright Sarah F W William Wright Maggie Wright South St. Laborer 11/10/1901 Ulster, Pa.
  Whispell Grace F W Frank Whispell Anna Whispell Orchard St. Laborer 2/6/1902 Sayre
  Washburn Charlena F W Harry Washburn Emma Washburn Bensley St. Fireman 3/2/1902 Sayre
9/4/1902 White Delmer M W Jesse White Elvira White Orchard St. Laborer 6/9/1902 Sayre
5/15/1902 Weeks Martha Josephine F W Henry S. Weeks Anna R. Sayre Clerk 12/12/1901 Sayre
5/5/1902 Witting Louise Mary F W Charley Wittig Mary Wittig Milan in Ulster ??/ 3/2/1902 Milan in Ulster
5/6/1902 Wattson Francis Edwin M W J.S. Wattson Pheby Elizabeth Wattson East Towanda Laborer 10/17/1901 E. Towanda
  Warren Leslie L. M W Glenn A. Warren Laura E. Warren Canton Farmer 3/13/1902 Canton
  Wright Meryll F W Philip M. Wright Marrion Wright Canton Butter 3/19/1902 Canton
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