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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/1/1903 Vancuran Edward G. M W John Vancuran Estella Vancuran Homets Ferry Laborer 8/9/1903 Homets Ferry
12/16/1903 Vanderpool Pearl F W Murton Vanderpool Ruey Vanderpool Terry Town Farmer 7/2/1903 Terry Twp.
12/12/1903 Vanover Dora Ruth F W Jerry Vanover Stella Vanover Hollenback Farmer 8/12/1903 Hollenback
12/14/1903 Vanguilder Betsey ?? F W H.J. Vangilder Minnie Vangilder Stevensville Farmer 8/18/1903 Stevensville
11/2/1903 VonWolffradt Gustan M W Herman G. Van Wolffradt Estella VonWolffradt Smithfield Farmer 7/10/1903 Smithfield
12/1/1903 Vandyke Emma Alleen F W Frank G. Vandyke Edna L. Vandyke Ulster Farmer 8/6/1903 Ulster
12/10/1903 Vanderpool Mabel F W Stewart Vanderpool Delia Vanderpool Durell Laborer 10/25/1903 Durell
12/7/1903 Vincent Victor Raymond F W Joseph Vincent Josephine Vincent Bridge St,Twa. Laborer 11/5/1903 Towanda Twp.
12/7/1903 Vanderpool Stella F W Curtis Vanderpool Viola Vanderpool Mason Alley Laborer 9/1/1903 Towanda
12/10/1903 Vosburg Ethel M W Chauncy Vosburg Nina Vosburg Main St. Barber 8/17/1903 Towanda
11/13/1903 Visniski Albert F W Thos. Visniski   Troy, Pa. Laborer 9/27/1902 Troy, Pa.
12/12/1903 Vanderpool Lottie F W Edw. Vanderpool Addie Vanderpool John Lelfedal Day Laborer 8/27/1903 Towanda Twp.
12/17/1903 Vanderpool Josephine V. F W Geo. I. Vanderpool Viletta Vanderpool P.L. Ward Farmer 11/29/1903 Towanda Twp.
5/18/1904 Vanlton Bertha F W W. G. Vanlton Ada Vanlton Litchfield Laborer 4/14/1904 Litchfield
5/5/1904 Vanderpool Anna F W Isaac Vanderpool Inez Vanderpool Liberty Corners Farmer 1/5/1904 Liberty Corners
5/28/1904 Vincent Anna F W Burton Vincent Mary Vincent Terry Twp. Farmer 4/21/1904 Terry Twp.
6/15/1904 Vanderpool Stella F W Custis Vanderpool Viola Vanderpool Towanda Laborer 9/1/1903 Towanda
6/23/1904 VanSickle Hattie F W S.O. VanSickle Vernie VanSickle Towanda Farmer 5/10/1904 Towanda
5/19/1904 Vannoy Donald M W G.L. Vannoy Henrietta Vannoy W. Burlington Farmer 4/12/1904 W. Burlington
May.1904 Vansifer Eunice A. F W Edw. Vansifer Alma Vansifer Sayre Carpenter 1/30/1904 Sayre, Pa.
May.1904 Varner Lloyd K. M W Jos. Varner Bessie Varner Sayre Brakeman 4/23/1904 Sayre, Pa.
5/12/1904 VanDyke Elizabeth E. F W Fay VanDyke Stella VanDyke LeRoy Farmer 11/28/1903 LeRoy, Pa.
5/4/1904 Vishanoff Barisa M W D.E. Vishanoff Flora Vishanoff Sayre M.D. 12/26/1903 Sayre, Pa.
5/10/1904 Vancuran E. G. M W John Vancuran Stella Vancuran Homets Ferry Laborer 8/9/1904 Homets Ferry
12/16/1904 Vancise Alta May F W G.B. Vancise Murta Vancise Litchfield Farmer 7/4/1904 Litchfield
12/6/1904 Vanderpool Gilbert M W Cornelius Vanderpool Emma Vanderpool Brocktown Laborer 11/18/1904 Brocktown
12/8/1904 Vanderpool Fisher M W Grant Vanderpool Helen Monroe Twp. Farmer 5/21/1904 Monroe Twp.
12/7/1904 Vanauken Robt. H. M W James W. Vanauken Addie E. Vanauken Indian Hill Farmer 4/17/1904 Indian Hill
12/20/1904 Vought Edith Belle F W Joel Vought Helen Vought Windham School Teacher 7/31/1904 Windham
12/15/1904 Vannoy Rhobert Carroll M W M.S. Vannoy Hattie I. Vannoy W. Burlington Farmer 9/9/1904 W. Burlington
12/14/1904 Verbeck Chas. Kenneth M W Joseph H. Verbeck May J. Verbeck N. Rome Cheesemaker 8/29/1904 N. Rome
5/6/1905 Vanderpool Henry A. M W James H. Vanderpool Myrtie Vanderpool South Branch Laborer 2/5/1905 South Branch
5/8/1905 VanAuken Dorothy May F W James M. VanAuken Elizabeth Adelia VanAuken LeRaysville Painter 5/2/1905 Pike
5/16/1905 Vroman Unnamed   W L. O. Vroman Mildred A. Vroman LeRoy Farmer 5/16/1905 LeRoy, Pa.
5/15/1905 VanDyke Frank M W Frank VanDyke Edora VanDyke Ulster Farmer 2/21/1905 Ulster
5/2/1905 Vanskiver Edith F W Frank Vanskiver Emma Vanskiver Wells, Pa. Farmer 3/28/1905 Wells, Pa.
5/13/1905 VanBencater Martha F W Bradley VanBencoten Celia VanBencoten Wells, Pa. Laborer 4/13/1905 Wells, Pa.
5/4/1905 VanCise Fred Foster M W Wm. H. Vancise Huldah VanCise 106 Vanderbilt Electrician 3/14/1905 Athens, Pa.
5/14/1905 Vanderpool Isabelle F W Peter Vanderpool Lovica Vanderpool Main St. Laborer 2/27/1905 Towanda
5/17/1905 Vanderpool Joseph J. M W Perry Vanderpool Ida Vanderpool 741 Bridge St. Laborer 3/29/1905 Towanda
9/7/1905 Vosburg Gladys May F W Edward Vosburg Hattie Vosburg Sayre Laborer 5/4/1905 Sayre, Pa.
9/10/1905 Valentine Irene Gladys F W Chas. H. Valentine Jessie Valentine Sayre Switchman 2/17/1905 Sayre, Pa.
9/6/1905 Vosburg John Jr. M W John Vosburg Aseneth Vosburg Sheshequin Farmer 1/25/1905 Sheshequin
8/25/1905 Vermilya Robert Crandle M W Orville Vermilya Ella Vermilya Grover Farmer 8/12/1905 Grover
May.1905 Vanbuskirk Opal M. F W Jno. Vanbuskirk Lottie Vanbuskirk Sayre Painter 3/6/1905 Sayre, Pa.
May.1905 Voorhes Evalynn P. F W Harley A. Voorhes Cora E. Voorhes Sayre Ticket Agent 3/8/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/24/1905 Vought Milton E. M W W. Eugene Vought Mary L. Vought Rome Farmer 3/26/1905 Rome
5/25/1905 Vansice Lelia F W Dennis P. VanSice Minnie B. Vansice Babcock Farmer 4/6/1905 Babcock
12/18/1905 VanBurien Grace F W T.M. VanBurien Ada VanBurien Ridgebury, Pa. Farmer 11/2/1905 Ridgebury, Pa.
12/9/1905 Vanderpool Dewitt M W Enos Vanderpool Augusta Vanderpool Albany Twp. Laborer 7/23/1905 Albany Twp.
9/4/1905 VanDyke Marian A. F W C.H. VanDyke Nella VanDyke Milan Butter Maker 7/11/1905 Ulster in Milan
12/4/1905 VanKuren Theodore Roosevelt M W John Vankuren Stella Vankuren Lime Hill Laborer 9/21/1905 Lime Hill
12/9/1905 Vanderpool Samuel M W Henry Vanderpool Lottie Vanderpool Marshview Laborer 7/3/1905 Marshview
12/11/1905 Vanderpool Benny M W Stewart Vanderpool Delia Vanderpool Durell Laborer 9/3/1905 Marshview
12/19/1905 Vanderpool Rennard M W Peter Vanderpool Lusia ? Vanderpool Herrick Laborer 9/25/1905 Wyalusing, Pa.
12/10/1905 Vaughn Emma F W Wm. Vaughn Elizabeth Vaughn Wyalusing Laborer 5/5/1905 Wyalusing, Pa.
12/1/1905 Vroman Theodore James M W F. W. Vroman Marie? O. Vroman Smithfield Laborer 11/8/1905 Smithfield
12/20/1905 Vargason Mile M W Wm. Vargason Sarah Vargason Terry Twp. Farmer 6/29/1905 Terry Twp.
12/20/1905 Vargason Mila F W Wm. Vargason Sarah Vargason Terry Twp. Farmer 6/29/1905 Terry Twp.
12/4/1905 Vose Eva F W Wm. Vose Emma Vose Wilmot Farmer 5/2/1905 Hollenback
12/21/1905 Voght Helen F W Norman Voght Kittie Lewis Pratt Ave. Laborer 12/5/1904 Towanda, Pa.
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