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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1901-1905
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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/8/1901 Turner Luella G. F W Lewis Turner Mary Turner Sayre Engineer 4/11/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/9/1901 Tade Lizzie A. F W Samuel Tade Myrtie Tade Sayre Fireman 3/23/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/6/1905 Thetgee Harold Basil M W Albert H. Tetgee Golda Thetgee Wilawana Laborer 2/2/1901 Wilawana
9/5/1901 Talada Beatrice F W Charles Talada Avis Talada Cayuta St. Blacksmith 7/23/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/10/1901 Tuttle Harry M W Byron Tuttle Edith Tuttle Sheshequin Farmer 10/9/1900 Sheshequin
1901 Taylor David Stewart M W John Taylor Dora C. Taylor Herrick Farmer 6/24/1901 Herrick
11/19/1901 Tereschi Louisa F W Toby Tereschi Catharine Tereschi Sayre Laborer 9/27/1901 Sayre, Pa.
12/9/1901 Teed Wallace R. M W Utley Teed Maud Teed Sayre Merchant 10/13/1901 Sayre, Pa.
11/14/1901 Tate Lizzie F W Samuel Tate Myrtie Tate Sayre Fireman 3/27/1901 Sayre, Pa.
12/2/1901 Truesdale Viola F W Daniel Truesdale Ellie Truesdale Smithfield Farmer 8/2/1901 Smithfield
12/2/1901 Truesdale Annie F W George Trusdale Margaret Truesdale Smithfield Farmer 9/18/1901 Smithfield
12/2/1901 Tripp Anna F W D. O. Tripp Sarah Tripp Pike Blacksmith 9/23/1901 Pike
June.1901 Taylor Manning Charles M W Freeman Luther Taylor Emma B. Taylor New Albany Editor 6/12/1901 New Albany, Pa.
12/2/1901 Towner Gerald D. M W Gerald E. Towner Eva Towner Hornbrook Stonecutter 8/29/1901 HornBrook
11/12/1901 Tomlinson Ina Russell F W V.E. Tomlinson Isabell Tomlinson W. Burlington Blacksmith 9/6/1901 W. Burlington
9/4/1901 Truitt Harry White M W H.W.Truitt Maud Truitt Canton Boro Dentist 8/14/1901 Canton Boro
12/9/1901 Thompson Gladys B. F W H. H. Thompson Julia Thompson Gillett Farmer 6/25/1901 Gilletts
12/4/1901 Tanner   F W George O. Tanner Hattie Tanner Towanda D. L. 11/3/1901 Towanda
12/4/1901 Thurston George H. M W Perry Thurston Emma Thurston Powell Com. Labor 11/13/1901 Powell
12/4/1901 Thurston Elwood Lester M W Claud Thurston Belle Thurston Powell Com. Labor 11/23/1901 Powell
4/7/1901 Talladay Malcomb M W Leroy Talladay Elizabeth Talladay Long Valley Miner 4/7/1901 Blossburgh
5/16/1902 Tuttle Olive May F W Allan Tuttle Lillian Tuttle N. Towanda Fireman 5/15/1902 N. Towanda
5/16/1902 Teeter Ivan M W Frederick C. Teeter Minnie Teeter Albany Twp. Farmer 2/18/1902 Albany Twp.
5/19/1902 Terrell   F W Burton Terrell Ida Terrell Albany Twp. Farmer 5/7/1902 Albany Twp.
5/6/1902 Tyler Hellen I. F W L. G. Tyler Meda Tyler Spring Hill Farmer 1/7/1902 Spring Hill
5/8/1902 Turner Henry Robert M W C. H. Turner Julia Roberts Towanda Ins. Agent 4/21/1902 N. Towanda
5/23/1902 Trumbull Charley Clinton M W Morgan Trumbull Ida S. Trumbull Orwell, Pa. Laborer 1/15/1902 Orwell, Pa.
5/5/1902 Taylor Pearl Edmond M W M. W. Taylor Lillian Taylor Sayre Laborer 12/11/1901 Powell
  Tuttle Mildred Traver F W Egbert Tuttle Blanch Sayre Engineer 2/14/1902 Sayre, Pa.
9/1/1902 Taylor Robert Alton M W Alton Taylor Lydia Taylor Taylorville Farmer 3/12/1902 Taylorville
9/1/1902 Taylor John Stalford M W Alton Taylor Lydia Taylor Taylorville Farmer 3/12/1902 Taylorville
5/31/1902 Thrall Harry M W Emory Thrall Alice Thrall S. Waverly Laborer 5/31/1902 S. Waverly
11/20/1902 Teeter   M W R. H. Teeter Effie Teeter Albany Twp. Farmer 10/25/1902 Albany Twp.
12/5/1902 Teed Richard Irving M W Laverne Teed Martha Teed Sayre Photographer 8/21/1902 Sayre, Pa.
12/3/1902 Tompkins Florance F W N. G. Tompkins Amanda A. Tompkins Sayre Laborer 6/19/1902 Sayre, Pa.
12/2/1902 Thorp Anita F W Adelbert Thorp Domia ? Thorp Athens, Pa Laborer 5/27/1902 Athens, Pa.
11/22/1902 Tillitson Seymour M. M W Denton M. Tillitson Arminda E. Tillitson LeRoy, Pa. Farmer 10/1/1902 LeRoy, Pa.
  Towner Mable F W Joseph Towner Emma Towner Orchard St. Laborer 10/11/1902 Sayre, Pa.
  Tuttle Gladdus M. F W Homer Tuttle Mabel Tuttle Smithfield Physician 8/18/1902 Smithfield
12/10/1902 Turner Earnest M W Charles H. Turner Lilley B. Turner Grover Farmer 12/28/1901 Grover
  Terry Mabel F W   Mary Henderson Canton Boro Housemaid 4/5/1902 Canton
12/11/1902 Travis Charles F. M W Mateland Travis Catherine Travis N. Towanda Laborer 9/25/1902 N. Towanda
12/18/1902 Tompkins May F W George Tompkins Irma ? Tompkins Sheshequin Laborer 10/10/1902 Sheshequin
  Tuttle Orpha F W Byron Tuttle Edith Tuttle Sheshequin Farmer 5/4/1902 Sheshequin
  Tuttle Hazel F W Charles Tuttle Madge Tuttle Sheshequin Farmer 11/12/1902 Sheshequin
  Titus La Count ? M W Bliss Titus Minnie Titus Herrick Farmer 6/11/1902 Herrick
12/6/1902 Towner Howard Andrews M W Almeron Towner Lottie Towner Rome Twp. Farmer 11/11/1902 Rome Twp.
12/6/1902 Taylor Newton Philip M W P. H. Taylor Adice ? Taylor Rome Twp. Farmer 6/29/1902 Rome Twp.
12/12/1902 Taylor Kenneth M. M W Maynard Taylor Esther Taylor Col. X Rds. Farmer 5/8/1902 Columbia Twp.
12/17/1902 Trippe Florence F W Fred H. Trippe Carrie Trippe Canton Boro Merchant Jan.1902 Canton
  Taylor Laura Grace F W Encill Taylor Fannie Taylor Granville Farmer 7/22/1902 Granville, Pa.
5/12/1903 Thompson Alice Irene F W P.C. Tomson Marth Tomson Ulster Farmer 2/7/1903 ???
5/7/1903 Titus Elsie E. F W German S. Titus Mable C. Titus N. Spring Hill Farmer 4/6/1903 N. Spring Hill
5/14/1903 Taylor Mareyette F W James A. Taylor Blemma S. Taylor Spring Hill Farmer 1/10/1903 Spring Hill
8/29/1903 Taylor   M W F. L. Taylor Emma B. Taylor New Albany Editor 8/10/1903 New Albany, Pa.
5/11/1903 Tolburt Verna Grace F W Samuel Tolburt Hattie O. Talburt Sayre Car Inspector 1/19/1903 Sayre, Pa.
9/3/1903 Tate John henry M W Samuel Tate Myrtle Tate Sayre Fireman 5/3/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  Thurston Geo. Howard M W Perry Thurston Emma Thurston Powell Laborer 11/13/1901 Powell
5/5/1903 Trowbridge Freeman M W Sam Trowbridge Amanda Trowbridge Pike Month L. 12/29/1902 Jenningsville
5/4/1903 Thomas Lela Hellen F W Mahlon Thomas Mattie Thomas Smithfield Farmer 11/21/1902 Smithfield
12/7/1903 Thrall Oliver B. M W James E. Thrall Julia B. Thrall Col. X Rds. Farmer 10/28/1903 Columbia Twp.
5/9/1903 Talada Tracy M W George T. Talada Nancy Talada Athens, Pa Laborer 4/17/1904 Sayre, Pa.
9/14/1903 Talada Gladys F W Henry Talada Ella Talada Wyalusing Laborer 9/25/1902 Wyalusing
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