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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/22/1905 Searfoss Salley F W Nathen Searfoss Lilley B. Searfoss LeRoy Farmer 12/23/1904 LeRoy
5/9/1905 Stacy Mary Sheffard F W Fred Stacy Orpha M. Stacy Athens. Merchant 12/19/1901 Athens, Pa.
5/9/1905 Sweeney Mirtle F W Henry Sweeney Louise Sweeney Wells Farmer 2/20/1905 Wells, Pa.
5/9/1905 Sullivan Eugene M W Eugene Sullivan Carrie Sullivan Wells Farmer 3/1/1905 Wells, Pa.
5/22/1905 Springer Hartly Thomas M W Chas. H. Springer Jennettie B. Springer Marshview Laborer 1/20/1905 Marshview
  Sleeper Mary F W Merton Sleeper Zola Sleeper Warren Center Merchant 5/8/1905 Warren Center
5/10/1905 Sexton William M W Willie Sexton Margaret Sexton Windham Farmer 12/7/1904 Windham
5/10/1905 Snyder Mildred Irene F W Lewis Snyder Emma Snyder Windham Farmer 2/22/1905 Windham
5/11/1905 Stephens Mary M. F W Thayer Stephens Ella Stephens Herrick Farmer 2/5/1905 Herrick
5/3/1905 Scott Jas. A. M W Jas. J. Scott Rose Hayes Oak St. Laborer 2/1/1905 Towanda
Aug.1905 Stark John H. M W Daniel Stark Cathren May Stark Sayre Boiler Maker 7/16/1905 Sayre, Pa.
Aug.1905 Stanton Kenneth Gladston M W George F. Stanton Ora B. Stanton Sayre Agent 7/28/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/1/1905 Strope Charles L. M W H. R. Strope Frankey Straight Strope Burlington Laborer 1/23/1905 Burlington
  Stephens Garrett M W George Stephens Lillian Stephens S. Waverly Hosler 4/9/1905 S. Waverly
  Stephens Fredrick M W George Stephens Lillian Stephens S. Waverly Hosler 4/9/1905 S. Waverly
9/6/1905 Spencer Walter M W S. N. Spencer Mintie Spencer Springfield Farmer 6/20/1905 Springfield
9/6/1905 Stervy Ralph C. M W Clinton Stervy Martha Stervy Overton Farmer 8/8/1905 Overton
5/26/1905 Scouton Gerald Edmund M W George Scouton Georgania Scouton Hollenback Farmer 4/17/1905 Sugar Hill
5/27/1905 Steel Cercel M W Clark Steel Bertha Steel Elwell Farmer 11/25/1905  
6/7/1905 Stafford Charles M W John Stafford Mary Stafford Sciotavall Farmer 3/12/1905  
5/26/1905 Saxe Ellen Lecretia F W Henry Saxe Julia Saxe Norconk Farmer 11/22/1904  
5/27/1905 Steel Ausker ? B. M W Raymond Steel Emoline Steel Elwell Farmer 4/5/1905  
6/7/1905 Shock Beatrice M. F W Fred Schock Hannah Schock Comiskey Farmer 1/22/1905  
5/15/1905 Schill Alice L. F W Geo. E. Schill Mame Schill Smithfield Farmer 10/2/1904  
5/15/1905 Scofield Wayne Yontz M W A. B. Scofield Edna Scofield Smithfield Minister 4/19/1905  
  Spalding Maary E. F W Allen A. Spalding Hattie Spalding Canton Laborer 4/18/1905 Canton, Pa.
  Seeley Guy E. M W Harvey W. Seeley Nellie B. Seeley Canton Farmer 4/23/1905 Canton, Pa.
5/27/1905 Smith Theodore Roosevelt M W Daniel Smith Belle Smith Armenia Farmer 2/3/1905 Armenia
5/2/1905 Sisson Paul M W E.R. Sisson Ida Sisson Sayre Carpenter 12/18/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/2/1905 Sullivan Armetta F W W.B. Sullivan Maary Sullivan Sayre Clerk 12/24/1904 Sayre, Pa.
5/2/1905 Sheridan Francis F W Richard Sheridan Mary Sheridan Sayre Foreman 1/10/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/23/1905 Slowey Margurite F W Thos. Slowey Margurite N. Thomas Ave. Boiler Maker 9/1/1904 Sayre, Pa.
5/24/1905 Shaffer Florence L. F W Fred W. Shaffer Alice 112 Bensley St. Laborer 7/31/1904 Sayre, Pa.
Sep.1905 Sturdevant Baby F W Burt E. Sturdevant Delia Harris St. Carpenter 8/10/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/11/1905 Sullivan Eugene M W C.J. Sullivan Eliza Sullivan 4 Second St. Truckman 9/25/1904 Towanda
5/11/1905 Schultz Pauline F W Henry Schultz Gertrude Schultz 10 Second St. Laborer 1/10/1905 Towanda
5/15/1905 Smith L. Leona F W Fred Smith Nellie Smith 110 1/2 Washington Clerk 7/18/1904 Towanda
May.1905 Sutton Charles Henry M W Benj. F. Sutton Hattie Bell Sutton Sayre Merchant 3/6/1905 Sayre, Pa.
9/7/1905 Smith Cecil Arer? F W E. Eugene Smith Mary E. Smith Sayre Fireman 12/28/1904 Sayre, Pa.
Aug.1905 Schoms Ruth Gladys F W Latriner? Schoms Olive Schoms Sayre Fireman 6/17/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/22/1905 Swain Howard Lee M W Chas. T. Swain Grace R. Swain W. Burlington Farmer 11/30/1904  
  Smith Sampton? W. M W Chester W. Smith Lizzie Smith W. Burlington Laborer 3/24/1905 W. Burlington
12/12/1905 Shultz Robert Henry M W Henry Shultz Jessie Shultz Greenwood Foreman 11/8/1905 Greenwood
12/11/1905 Shaw John Raymond M W F. Harper Shaw Clara Shaw Ulster Storekeeper 8/17/1905 Ulster
12/21/1905 Snyder Walter N. M W John Snyder Grace Snyder Litchfield Farmer 10/18/1905 Litchfield
10/18/1905 Smith Bertha F W Curtis Smith Belle Smith Wells, Pa. Farmer 9/21/1905 Wells, Pa.
Dec.1905 Storrs Owen D. M W Roy Storrs Lydia Storrs Granville Twp. Laborer 5/21/1905 Granville Twp.
12/21/1905 Schudder Thomas T. M W Chas. Schudder Carrie Schudder Granville Twp. Laborer 7/29/1905 Granville Twp.
Dec.1905 Selleck Carl L. M W Lugern Selleck Jessie Sellick Granville Twp. Farmer 4/26/1905 Granville Twp.
12/5/1905 Siglar Lawrence M W Linkon Siglar Mary Murray Siglar Wyalusing Clerk 4/2/1905 Wyalusing
12/20/1905 Snitcher Cornelia F W Homer Snitchen Sarah Hunt Wyalusing Minister 8/31/1905 Wyalusing
12/4/1905 Stanton Fred A. M W Luis B. Stanton Minnie M. Stanton Tuscarora Laborer 9/9/1905 Susquehanna Co.
12/6/1905 Shay Fay Emma F W Jas. J. Shay Ella Shay 701 Thomas St. Foreman 12/31/1904 Snow Shoe, Pa.
12/6/1905 Shay Marian Louise F W Jeremiah Shay Jane Shay 518 Third St. Foreman 10/27/1905 Towanda
  Shook Harold D. M W Arnson? Shook Ida Dunning Shook Main St. Barber 12/13/1905 Troy, Pa.
5/31/1905 Sullivan Ellen L. F W Jno. Sullivan Julia Sullivan Athens. Laborer 12/6/1904 Athens, Pa.
9/3/1905 Sutton Margarete F W Harley Sutton Charlott Sutton Athens. Clerk 7/15/1905 Athens, Pa.
12/11/1905 Surine Edward J. M W Wm. Surine Mary Surine Overton Laborer 9/16/1905 Overton
12/11/1905 Surine Francis M W Ford Surine Ellen Surine Overton Laborer 1/16/1905 Overton
Dec.1905 Simons Ruth L. F W Chas. Simons Harriett Simons Sayre Carpenter 2/10/1905 Sayre, Pa.
12/18/1905 Stevens Chas. H. M W Miles Stevens Bell Stevens Austinville Laborer 12/13/1905 Austinville
  Sleeper Royal R. M W Roy Sleeper Bessie Sleeper Warren Farmer 9/4/1905 Warren
  Sleeper Beatrice Adele F W Irene Sleeper Ella Sleeper Warren Farmer 4/8/1905 Warren
12/8/1905 Spencer James Atwood,Jr. M W James Atwood Spencer Marion E. Spencer Sayre Clerk 9/29/1905 Sayre, Pa.
12/10/1905 Shorter John M W Chas. Shorter Lida Shorter Sayre Laborer 10/12/1905 Sayre, Pa.
12/14/1905 Selleck Bertha May F W Mark Selleck Hattie Selleck W. Burlington Farmer 7/7/1905 W. Burlington
12/7/1905 Smith Anna F W U. E. Smith Anna Smith West Branch,Monroe Twp. Farmer 8/14/1905 Monroe Twp.
12/4/1905 Steel Bradley Orvil M W Henry Steel Mira Steel Elwell Farmer 10/3/1905 Wilmot
12/20/1905 Stoddard Joseph Albert M W Joseph Stoddard Orpha Stoddard Hollenback Farmer 8/12/1905 Wilmot
Dec.1905 Sweet Cora A. F W Sam'l E. Sweet Carrie Sweet Sheshequin Farmer 4/29/1905 Sheshequin
Dec.1905 Shores Emily F W Hiram J. Shores Cyntha Shores Sheshequin Farmer 6/23/1905 Sheshequin
12/6/1905 Scoonover Florence B. F W Harry Scoonover Eliza A. Scoonover E. Athens Farmer 8/17/1905 E. Athens
12/18/1905 Sage Claude O. M W Frank Sage Louise Sage Standing Stone Farmer 10/12/1905 Rummerfield
12/1/1905 Storch Gilbert C. M W Albert Storch Artie Storch Smithfield Farmer 5/23/1905 Smithfield
12/1/1905 Stevens Grant R. M W D. B. Stevens Lettie Stevens Smithfield Laborer 5/23/1905 Smithfield
  Statter ? Luella P. F W Perce Statter Maud Statter Cold Spring Laborer 8/11/1905 Leroy, Pa.
12/16/1905 Scovell Charles Lawrence M W J. Wayne Scovell Rowena Mace Scovell Towanda Farmer 9/7/1905 Towanda, Pa. #3
  Stedge Rodney Luther M W Jesse B. Stedge Zoa Stedge Sayre Brakeman 9/15/1893 Sayre, Pa.
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