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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1901-1905
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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/20/1903 Spencer Burr Austin M W Frank Spencer Nettie Spencer W. Burlington Farmer 7/28/1903 W. Burlington
5/20/1903 Steele Edward M W Chas. Steele Grace Steele W. Burlington Farmer 11/19/1903 W. Burlington
5/4/1903 Sumner Blendedeva F W G. G. Sumner Bertha Sumner Stevensville Farmer 12/19/1902 Stevensville
5/26/1903 Selleck Ruth F W Mark Selleck Hattie Selleck W. Burlington Farmer 12/30/1902 W. Burlington
5/5/1903 Stuckey Mary E. F C W. S. Stuckey Mary Stuckey Tuscarora Laborer 12/3/1903 Tuscarora
5/13/1903 Smith Benj. M W Ward G. Smith Ivah Smith Tuscarora Laborer 4/9/1903 Tuscarora
5/4/1903 Storch Ernest Earl M W John H. Storch Hannah Storch Smithfield Farmer 3/4/1903 Smithfield
5/4/1903 Sawyer   F W J. F. Sawyer Velma Sawyer Tioga,NY Farmer 2/7/1903 Smithfield
  Shupp Thelma F W Daniel Shupp Gertrude Shupp Fulton St. Brakeman 10/1/1902 Sayre, Pa.
  Smith Chas. Jr. M W Chas. Smith Jennie Smith E. River St. Laborer 12/15/1902 Sayre, Pa.
12/9/1903 Strange Frank Leonard M W Burt Strange Sophia Strange Columbia Twp. Farmer 9/18/1903 Sylvania
12/12/1903 Sweet Cecile F. F W Dummer Sweet Edith Sweet Austinville Farmer 8/5/1903 Austinville
11/25/1903 Smith Charles E. M W Henry E. Smith Clara G. Smith Athens. Laborer 10/24/1903 Athens, Pa.
12/1/1903 Sorenson Ruth F W Einan ? N. Sorenson Sally Sorenson Athens. Laborer 6/15/1903 Athens, Pa.
  Sullivan Frederick J. M W James Sullivan Celia Sullivan River St. Clerk 2/6/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  Swayzee Olin Earl M W Grant Swayzee Edith Swayzee Sayre Electrician 7/11/1903  
9/14/1903 Shannon Marcus Parke M W Pat Shannon Cora S. Shannon Athens. Clerk   Athens, Pa.
12/17/1903 Stilwell Adell Augusta F W Howard P. Stilwell Mary Stilwell Sayre Carpenter 11/8/1903 Sayre, Pa.
12/15/1903 Samson Gertrude F W Herbert Samson Lizzie Samson Milan, Pa. Carpenter 10/15/1903 Milan, Pa.
12/7/1903 Scott Charles E. M W Theodore Scott Mary J. Scott Railroad St. Laborer 7/11/1903 Railroad St.
12/16/1903 Shaffer Lula G. F W Raman Shaffer Lena Shaffer Terry Town Farmer 10/14/1903 Terry Twp.
  Smiley Allen W. M W Merton Smiley Cora A. Smiley E. Canton Merchant 6/28/1903 E. Canton
12/12/1903 Schworen Phoebe F W Chas. Schworen Kate Schworen Norconk Farmer 3/7/1903 Norconk
9/7/1903 Saxton Gertrude F W Samuel Saxton Stella Saxton Barclay Laborer 5/11/1903 Barclay, Pa.
9/5/1903 Stalford Mattie G. F W Joseph R. Stalford Vern Stalford Carbon Run Miner 8/23/1903 Weston, Pa.
9/5/1903 Shedden Katie F W James Shedden Mildred Shedden Carbon Run Laborer 12/29/1902 Barclay, Pa.
12/12/1903 Sullivan Margaret F W John L. Sullivan Juna Sullivan Long Valley Miner 8/23/1903 Weston, Pa.
12/10/1903 Slack Lucy F W Chas. Slack Edith Slack Laquin Laborer 10/15/1903 Laquin, Pa.
11/2/1903 Sergeant Baby M W Wm. Sergeant Jessie Sergeant Smithfield Farmer 8/23/1903 Smithfield
11/2/1903 Smith Leslie M W Winfield Smith Anna Smith Smithfield Farmer 9/27/1903 Smithfield
12/9/1903 Schmeig Rosella F W Eugene Schmeig Elizabeth Schmeig Kerrick Hill Farmer 8/6/1903 Kerrick Hill
12/17/1903 Shores Grace F W Hiram J. Shores Cynthia ? Shores Sheshequin Farmer 5/30/1903 Sheshequin
12/9/1903 Sherman Effa F W George Sherman Lucy Sherman Granville Twp. Laborer 7/2/1903 Granville Twp.
12/7/1903 Simons Florence P. F W Allen Simons Louise Simons N. Towanda Farmer 5/9/1903 N. Towanda
12/8/1903 Snyder Gladys F W Lewis Snyder Addie Snyder N. Towanda Laborer 8/11/1903 N. Towanda
12/8/1903 Schrader Russell S. M W Charles Schrader Lottie Schrader N. Towanda Laborer 6/28/1903 N. Towanda
12/10/1903 Stevens Albert Joseph M W John H. Stevens Estella J. Stevens Spring Hill Farmer 6/4/1903 Spring Hill
  Shelton Catherine F W John Shelton Joannah Shelton Warren Farmer 6/19/1903 Warren
  Sanford Charles A. M W Almeron ? Sanford Ida Sanford Warren Farmer 6/10/1903 Warren
12/7/1903 Stone Bertha E. F W P. H. Stone Grace L. Stone Cambridge, Mass Machinist 11/10/1903 Rome Boro, Pa.
12/15/1903 Strong Florence Ray F W F. R. Strong Lillian Strong Col.X Rds. Dealer 9/23/1903 Col. X Rds
  Strong Margie B. F W G. W. Strong Mary Strong South Creek Farmer 8/19/1903 South Creek
12/14/1903 Sargeant Edith M. F W Chas. Sargeant Libbie Sargeant Overton Farmer 6/18/1902 Overton
12/8/1903 Sick   F W Wm. Sick Cathryne Sick Overton Farmer 10/1/1903 Overton
12/7/1903 Strevy Theresa M. F W Geo. Strevy Mary Strevy Overton Laborer 8/11/1903 Overton
12/11/1903 Shoemaker Lott M W Wm. A. Shoemaker Della D. Shoemaker Windham Farmer 9/19/1903 Windham Center
12/10/1903 Sheldon Anna L. F W            
11/14/1903 Stanton Edith M. F W Chas. Stanton Blanche Troy, Pa. Merchant 8/29/1903 Troy, Pa.
12/15/1903 Swartwood Dorthey B. F W Wm. Swartwood Efadel Swartwood Homestead Day Laborer 7/28/1903 Towanda Twp.
12/15/1903 Swartwood Geo. D. M W Wm. Swartwood Efadel Swartwood Homestead Day Laborer 7/28/1903 Towanda Twp.
12/15/1903 Shrader Renba ? F W Allen Shrader Lillen Shrader Gideon Mace Farmer 8/16/1903 Towanda Twp.
11/23/1903 Sterling Millard J. M W John Sterling Alma Sterling Wells, Pa. Farmer 9/14/1903 Wells, Pa.
12/11/1903 Snow Myra F W Floyd M. Beckwith Julia M. Snow Orwell, Pa. Laborer 11/21/1903 Orwell, Pa.
12/14/1903 Sibley James Manley M W Fred A. Sibley Maude U. Sibley Orwell, Pa. Butter Maker 10/28/1903 Orwell, Pa.
12/15/1903 Spaulding Mary F W Jerry M. Spaulding Ella S. Spaulding Orwell, Pa. Farmer 8/5/1903 Orwell, Pa.
5/10/1904 Smith Maud F W Mead Smith Gertrude Smith Monroe Boro Laborer 5/4/1904 Monroe Boro
5/10/1904 Smith Mina F W Mead Smith Gertrude Smith Monroe Boro Laborer 5/4/1904 Monroe Boro
5/6/1904 Sullivan Fannie F W Wm. Sullivan Jennie Green Myersburg Laborer 2/15/1904 Myersburg
5/4/1904 Sharts Hilda F W George Sharts May Sharts Powell Laborer 8/22/1903 Powell
5/28/1904 Smith Lucy F W Emanuel Smith Sarah Smith Terry Twp. Laborer 3/8/1904 Terry Twp.
5/28/1904 Schultz Agness F W Harry Schultz Mary Schultz Terry Twp. Farmer 4/23/1904 Terry Twp.
5/2/1904 Slingerland Elmer E. M W Elmer E. Slingerland Virginia Slingerland Troy, Pa. Farmer 12/21/1903 Troy, Pa.
5/11/1904 Sweet William H. M W W. S. Sweet Anna Sweet Troy, Pa. Farmer 1/20/1904 Troy, Pa.
6/10/1904 Springer Ruth E. F W C.H. Springer Nettie B. Springer Marshview Farmer 12/27/1903 Marshview
5/16/1904 Shumway   F W Cyrus Shumway Eva Shumway Stevensville Farmer 4/18/1904 Stevensville
5/16/1904 Shumway   M W Cyrus Shumway Eva Shumway Stevensville Farmer 4/18/1904 Stevensville
5/19/1904 Stanton Jennie F W John Stanton Lydia Stanton Stevensville Farmer 3/23/1904 Stevensville
5/9/1904 Stevens Esther F W L. D. Stevens Grace Bradshaw Stevensville Farmer 1/8/1904 Stevensville
5/2/1904 Swackhammer Howard M W Frederick Swackhammer Addie Swackhammer Rummerfield Laborer 4/4/1904 Standing Stone
5/18/1904 Swackhammer Eula F W Evan Swackhammer Maggie Swackhammer Rummerfield Sawyer 4/22/1904 Standing Stone
5/18/1904 Sage Christine F W Frank Sage Louise Sage Rummerfield Laborer 11/23/1903 Standing Stone
5/3/1904 Stevens Francis C. M W M. G. Stevens Emily Stevens Herrick Farmer 2/18/1904 Herrick
5/5/1904 Strupler Marie F W Frank Strupler Maud Strupler Herrick Farmer 10/21/1903 Herrick
5/11/1904 Stephens R. Eugene M W Thayer Stephens Ella M. Stephens Herrick Farmer 12/26/1903 Herrick
5/16/1904 Scott   F W Geo. Scott Myrtle Scott Albany Twp. Farmer 4/21/1904 Albany Twp.
5/16/1904 Smiley Philip Carlton M W Jay Smiley Blanche Smiley Athens. Laborer 12/17/1903 W. Franklin
5/16/1904 Salsman Luida Caroline F W Warren Salsman Daisy Salsman Athens. Fireman 2/10/1904 Athens, Pa.
5/17/1904 Sterling Millard J. M W John Sterling Alma Sterling Wells, Pa. Farmer 9/14/1903 Wells, Pa.
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