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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/14/1902 Sorensen Holger M W C. M. A. Sorensen Martha Sorensen Harris St. Machinist 6/14/1899 Athens, Pa.
5/14/1902 Sorensen Dolores F W C.M. A. Sorensen Martha Sorensen Harris St. Machinist 6/14/1899 Athens, Pa.
11/25/1902 Scuder Allen F W Warren Scuder Lucy Scuder Centre St. Laborer 7/13/1902 E. Smithfield, Pa.
11/13/1902 Schoonover Julia Belle F W James A. Schoonover Grace Schoonover Athens,Main St. Laborer 8/17/1902 Athens, Pa.
11/24/1902 Stone Tracy W. M W Frank Stone Nettie Stone LeRoy Farmer 9/10/1902 LeRoy
11/19/1902 Seymour Archie M W Milton Seymour Florence Seymour Harkness Farmer 9/12/1902 Harkness
11/19/1902 Swartwood John N. M W Charles Swartwood Betsie Swartwood Cayuta St. Laborer 10/16/1902 Sayre, Pa.
11/19/1902 Schill Laverne P. M W George E. Schill Mame S. Schill Smithfield Farmer 9/25/1902 Smithfield
12/15/1902 Stewart Sue F W Edward Stewart Minnie Stewart Terry Town Painter 10/9/1902 Terry Twp.
12/9/1902 St James Lena Pearl F W Geo. W. St.James Fanny A. St.James Grover Farmer 6/21/1902 Grover
12/11/1902 Smith Paul M W Fredus I Smith Lottie Smith N. Towanda Minister 11/9/1902 N. Towanda
12/11/1902 Smith Paulena F W Fredus I Smith Lottie Smith N. Towanda Minister 11/9/1902 N. Towanda
12/3/1902 Stevens Verne F W F. E. Stevens Vernie Stevens Stevensville Farmer 8/13/1902 Stevensville
12/3/1902 Schooley Luella F W Wm. Schooley Mary Schooley Stevensville Laborer 6/8/1902 Stevensville
12/3/1902 Stanton Freddie M W Jhonny Stanton Lida Stanton Stevensville Laborer 11/8/1902 Stevensville
12/10/1902 Spears Harland M W Charles Spears Mary J. Spears Powell Laborer 8/9/1902 Powell
12/9/1902 Smith   M W U. E. Smith Annie Smith W. Branch St. Farmer 10/9/1902 West Branch St.
12/2/1902 Strowed Howard M W Charles Strowed Lena Wheeler Wm. Mcintosh Fireman 8/21/1902 Towanda
12/9/1902 Smith Helen Elizabeth F W George R. Smith Bessie Smith Ulster Farmer 8/10/1902 Ulster, Pa.
12/17/1902 Smith Roger Grant M W John G. Smith Adeline Smith Ulster Farmer 12/7/1902 Ulster, Pa.
Dec.18. Stevens Dorothy F W Oscar J. Stevens Georgie Stevens Sheshequin Farmer 3/18/1902 Sheshequin
  Sherman Mary E. F W John Sherman Lottie Sherman   Laborer 9/23/1902 Sheshequin
12/12/1902 Sleeper Rena May F W Fred Sleeper Fannie Sleeper Warren Farmer 7/27/1902 Warren
12/15/1902 Sleeper Amy G. F W Merton Sleeper Iola Sleeper Warren Merchant 9/12/1902 Warren Center
Dec.1902 Schoonover Roy M W John Schoonover Vergie Schoonover Keene Summit Farmer 10/7/1902 Keene Summit
  Struppler Ruth F W Frank Struppler Maude Struppler Herrick Farmer 6/28/1902 Herrick
  Schoonover Earl M W Alfred Schoonover Flora Schoonover Herrick Laborer 11/27/1902  
12/18/1902 Stephens Thayer G. M W T. G. Stephens Ella Stephens Herrick Farmer 11/22/1902  
11/8/1902 Stirton Mary E. F W John C. Stirton Estelle Stirton Ridgegury Farmer 7/14/1902 Ridgebury
12/1/1902 Shipman Merril M W Ernest Shipman Clara Shipman Rome Twp. Farmer 4/2/1902 Rome Twp.
12/10/1902 Stephenson Fredrick J. M W Burton D. Stephenson Artie Stephenson Rome Twp. Farmer 7/23/1902 Rome Twp.
12/15/1902 Saxton John H. M W John Saxton Mary Hinkey York Ave. Agent 9/19/1902 Towanda
12/15/1902 Stevens George Jr. M W George Stevens Fannie Turner York Ave. Merchant 10/14/1902 Towanda
  Springer Nina Louisa F W C. H. Springer Nettie Springer Marshview   11/21/1902 Marshview
12/4/1902 Schrier Charles M W William Schrier HaTTIE Schrier 235 Lombard Clerk 11/3/1902 Lombard 235
11/10/1902 Sickler Effie F W William Sickler Harriet Sickler Wells, Pa. Farmer 10/4/1902 Wells, Pa.
  Shannon Elnor Catherine F W Wm. Shannon Nell Shannon Canton Merchant 1/3/1902 Canton
12/17/1902 Smith LaVerne M W Verne Smith Elizabeth Smith Canton Painter 7/7/1902 Canton
12/10/1902 Steel Elizabeth F W Orval Steel Caroline Steel Elwell Farmer 1/15/1902 Elwell
12/9/1902 Stoddard   M W Joseph Stoddard Orpha Stoddard Hollenback Farmer 10/2/1902 Hollenback
  Saxton Dorathy F W Henry W. Saxton Clara Bell Saxton Granville Laborer 9/13/1902 Granville
5/19/1903 Sterling Henry Foster M W Edward Sterling Charlot Sterling Rome Twp. Lineman 4/8/1903 Rome
  Sickler Addy F W George Sickler Sarah Sickler Terrytown Farmer 4/25/1903 Terry Twp.
5/14/1903 Sullivan Joseph M W C. J. Sullivan Elya Sullivan 4 Second Drayman 3/24/1903 4 Second st.
5/6/1903 Smith Chloe Alice F W Jesse R. Smith Vesta Smith Camptown Laborer 4/1/1903 Camptown
5/30/1902 Sleeper Charles P. M W Silas Sleeper Amelia Sleeper Warren Farmer 4/3/1903 Warren
5/26/1903 Spears Clare Levere M W Frank Spear Nellie Spear   Farmer 5/8/1903  
6/29/1903 Spencer Emily H. F W S. A. Spencer Martha   Farmer 4/26/1903  
5/13/1903 Shaw Marie Elizabeth F W F. H. Shaw Carrie Shaw Ulster Clerk 3/1/1903 Ulster, Pa.
6/27/1903 Smith Eva May F W Clyde Smith Anna Smith Granville Farmer 6/20/1903 Granville
6/27/1903 Smith Mertte F W Merton Smith Mattie Smith Granville Farmer 4/18/1903 Granville
5/22/1903 Smith Bernice Elizabeth F W Curtis Smith Cora B. Little Wells Farmer 4/16/1903 Wells
5/6/1903 Steaveans Martin Claude M W Claud M. Stevens? Flora D. Martin Indian Hill Laborer 9/16/1902 Indian Hill, Tuscarora Twp.
5/16/1903 Squires Burt M W Samuel Squires Sarah Squires Ridgegury Farmer 5/6/1903 Ridgebury
5/17/1903 Sturdevant Mable F W Wm. Sturdevant Mertie Sturdevant Ridgegury Farmer 1/17/1903 Ridgebury
5/20/1903 Smith Nancy Elenor F W Elmo Smith Ethel Smith Myresburg Laborer 5/13/1903 Myresburg
5/27/1903 Sigler Murry M. F W Lincoln Sigler Mary Murry Sigler Main Clerk 10/13/1902 Wyalusing
5/6/1903 Stacey Irene M. F W Elmer Stacey Grace Stacey Col.X Rds. Laborer 1/10/1903 Col. X Rds
8/29/1903 Shaw Albert M W Albert Shaw Ethel Shaw S. Waverly Brakeman 4/6/1903 S. Waverly
9/1/1903 Sherman Howard E. M W Floyd Sherman Lettie Sherman S. Waverly Mason 4/20/1903 S. Waverly
5/23/1903 Stone Lillian Gertrude F W Leon Stone Lena Stone LeRoy Farmer 4/19/1903 LeRoy
5/25/1903 Stone Tracy Wilbur M W Frank D. Stone Nettie Stone LeRoy Farmer 9/10/1902 LeRoy
8/31/1903 Shelden Cora I. F W Forest R. Shelden Nellie Sheldon Sayre Machinist 6/19/1903 Sayre, Pa.
8/31/1903 Stark Winifred E. F W Daniel Stark May Stark Sayre Boiler Maker 5/24/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  Schenk Anna L. F W Chas. Schenk Belle Sayre Laborer 3/6/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  Slyder Effie F W John Slyder Nellie Sayre Laborer 10/17/1902 Sayre, Pa.
6/17/1903 Smith Francis C. F W Daniel Smith Bell Smith Armenia Twp. Farmer 4/15/1903 Armenia Twp.
9/1/1903 Sweeney Burnie L. F W Robert Sweeney Adell Sweeney Armenia Twp. Farmer 4/28/1903 Armenia Twp.
6/24/1903 Snyder Virginia F W Henry Snyder Carrie Snyder Wyalusing Farmer 7/21/1902 Wyalusing
5/23/1903 Stone Henry D. M W Jestie ? Stone Perl Stone Franklin Farmer 11/22/1902 Franklin
5/23/1903 Schrader Thad H. M W Bert Schrader Sue Schrader Franklin Farmer 2/19/1903 Franklin
5/23/1903 Strope Clarissa A. F W John Strope Eva Strope Franklin Laborer 6/12/1903 Franklin
5/13/1903 Sargeant Carlisle D. M W Ezra Sargeant Winifred Sargeant Wetona Farmer 5/8/1903 Wetona
5/25/1903 Smith Ruth F W C. W. Smith Lizzie Smith Harkness Laborer 1/20/1903 Harkness
5/13/1903 Slater Fanny B. F W T. B. Slater M.I. Slater Cedar Ledge Laborer 5/31/1902 Cedar Ledge
5/20/1903 Snyder Marion F W M. ? Snyder Sally Snyder Grover Minister 3/24/1903 Grover
9/3/1903 Spalding Milo G. M W Allen A. Spalding Harriett E. Spalding Canton Farmer 3/1/1903 Canton
  Seeley Carrie D. F W Adelbert Seeley Matilda Seeley Canton Farmer 12/7/1902 Canton
8/24/1903 Slingerland Hal B. M W Carl Slingerland Maggie Slingerland Canton Farmer 4/25/1903 Canton
5/21/1903 Shrader Guy James M W Glen Shrader Bertha Shrader Overton Laborer 5/18/1903 Overton
  Shearman Paulin Agnes F W O.E. Shearman Jenny Shearman Rummerfield Blacksmith 3/4/1903 Rummerfield
  Schoonover Alfred M W Wm. Schoonover Lizzy Schoonover Rummerfield Farmer 11/25/1902 Rummerfield
  Sage Eva Louise F W Fred Sage Mable M. Sage Rummerfield Farmer 2/15/1903 Rummerfield
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