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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/20/1904 Rockwell Florence May F W Brown Isa Rockwell W. Burlington None 3/26/1904 County House
9/6/1904 Rinebold Cecil F W Jas. Rinebold Bertha Rinebold S. Waverly Laborer 8/5/1904 S. Waverly
9/6/1904 Root Harold M W Fred Root Flossie Root S. Waverly Laborer 3/21/1904 S. Waverly
9/8/1904 Raney Helen F W David Raney Laefa Raney Sayre Conductor 7/8/1904 Towanda
5/19/1904 Rockwell Clifford LeRoy M W Judge A. Rockwell Bertha M. Rockwell Sayre Laborer 1/19/1904 Sayre
Sept.1904 Roche Morris M W John J. Roche Suse Roche Sayre Foreman 7/26/1904 Sayre
9/19/1904 Rounds Sarah G. F W Paul Rounds Emma Rounds Sayre Foreman 7/31/1904 Sayre
  Reynolds Dorthy Louise F W Geo. Reynolds Lou Reynolds Smithfield Teamster 5/21/1904 Smithfield
  Riley James Birney M W Stephen E. Riley Anna L. Riley Sayre Clerk 3/18/1904 Sayre
8/25/1904 Rockwell Paul V. M W Robt R. Rockwell Grace E. Rockwell LeRoy Farmer 5/23/1904 LeRoy
5/25/1904 Rubert Lawrence T. M W A.M. Rubert Esther C. Rubert Burlington Twp. Farmer 10/2/1903 Burlington Twp.
5/3/1904 Roberts Byron H. M W Sylvester Roberts Lucretia Roberts Grover Farmer 2/28/1904 Grover
9/6/1904 Roberts Chas. M W Nelson Roberts Lois Roberts Browntown Laborer 7/17/1904 Browntown
11/7/1904 Rinebolt James M W Frank Rinebolt Mary Rinebolt Canton Laborer 9/22/1904 Canton
12/21/1904 Rose Carl E. M W Geo. W. Rose Carrie L. Rose Milan Carpenter 11/29/1904 Milan
12/21/1904 Rutan Charlotte Irene F W Byron Rutan Joie Gaylord Rutan Front St. Laborer 10/23/1904 Wyalusing
12/14/1904 Rogers Laura M. F W Henry Rogers Martha A. Rogers Sugar Run Laborer 6/6/1904 Sugar Run
12/14/1904 Rogers Harry M W Freemont Rogers Jessie Rogers Sugar Run Mail Carrier 9/2/1904 Sugar Run
12/21/1904 Rogers Floyd M W Levi Rogers Hellen Rogers LeRaysville Mail Carrier 8/1/1904 LeRaysville
12/14/1904 Ross Marion Lavella F W Elmer T. Ross Minnie E. Ross W. Burlington Laborer 8/28/1904 W. Burlington
12/5/1904 Reeve Edith Alphia F W Chas. Reeve Ali?? Reeve Herrick Farmer 6/13/1904 Herrick
12/21/1904 Rigeway James C. M W Wm. D. Rigeway Louise? Rigeway Terrytown Farmer 7/10/1904 Terry Twp.
12/21/1904 Randall Joe M W Casper S. Randall Marie? Randall Terrytown Carpenter 11/12/1904 Terry Twp.
12/21/1904 Reese Clarance M. M W Irvian Reese Laura Reese Terrytown Laborer 6/8/1904 Terry Twp.
11/25/1904 Robinson Elmer M W James Robinson Jessie Robinson Albany Twp. Farmer 11/4/1903 Albany Twp.
12/16/1904 Ridgway Andrew M W Geo. W. Ridgway Mattie E. Ridgway Wickizer Farmer 11/2/1904 Wickizer
12/16/1904 Rumburger David M W John Rumberger Maud Romburger Sayre Engineer 9/22/1904 Sayre
12/8/1904 Riggs Aletha Auora F W Lee W. Riggs Susan M. Riggs LeRoy Farmer 8/19/1904 LeRoy
12/22/1904 Reynolds Anne C. F W Walter Reynolds Almeda Reynolds Powell Laborer 8/4/1904 Powell
  Roberts Joseph M W Will Roberts Luenna Roberts Powell Laborer 9/6/1904 Powell
  Rogers James H. M W Chas. Rogers Edith Rogers Sayre Engineer 4/23/1904 Sayre
12/5/1904 Robinson Gertrude Viola F W James Robinson Rose Robinson Smithfield Farmer 10/2/1904 Smithfield
5/17/1905 Rogers Marvin K. M W Fred A. Rogers Carrie Rogers Armenia Farmer 1/23/1904 Armenia
  Rowe Marian F W W.V. Rowe L.M. Rowe Wysox Merchant 10/7/1904 Wysox
  Roof Della F W Jacob Roof Hattie Roof Wysox Laborer 3/15/1905 Wysox
  Rogers Malcomb M W John Rogers Mary Rogers Sand Run Miner 3/7/1905 Long Valley
  Rutty Ruth F W Chas. Rutty Grace Rutty Laquin Laquin 1/9/1905 Laquin
5/13/1905 Richard Dora Alta F W Linan? Richards Aurice Richards Litchfield Merchant 3/17/1905 Litchfield
5/6/1905 Roy Stanley B. M W Levi Roy Cora Roy Wells Farmer 1/28/1905 Wells
  Ross Edward S. M W E.S. Ross Kate Ross Potterville Farmer 3/18/1905  
5/4/1905 Rettburg Myron M W Jesse Rettburg Pearl Rettburg Albany Twp. Farmer 2/1/1905 Albany Twp.
5/12/1905 Randall Leslie M W Geo. Randall Margaret Randall Albany Twp. Laborer 8/13/1904 Albany Twp.
5/22/1905 Rugar Clyde A. M W Sanfred Rugar Angie Rugar Wy??? 36 Farmer 6/2/1904 Spring Hill
6/13/1905 Rogers Vivian F W Chas. Rogers Gurty Rogers Terry Town Farmer 4/10/1905 Terry Twp.
5/13/1905 Rodabaugh Louise S. F W C. Rodabaugh Sophia Rodabaugh LeRoy Farmer 4/5/1905 LeRoy
5/2/1905 Rice Marcia Lucille F W Ned J. Rice Norra Rice 803 N. Main St. Laborer 10/9/1904 E. Smithfield
5/2/1905 Raub Stanley Esmond M W Uriah J. Raub Alice L. Raub 702 Wells Ave. Machinist 1/19/1905 Athens, Pa.
9/6/1905 Rinebold Harry M W Francis Rinebold Anna Rinebold Overton Laborer 3/9/1905 Overton
5/8/1905 Ripley Ernest Fayette M W A.W. Ripley Grace Ripley Sylvania, Pa Farmer 1/21/1905 Sylvania
5/24/1905 Richards Horace L. M W Selah Richards Louise E. Second St. Laborer 6/23/1904 Cayuta St.,Sayre
Sept.1905 Reeve Frank Weeks M W Jno. B. Reeves Sletta Cayuta Carpenter 5/23/1905 Cayuta St.,Sayre
5/10/1905 Rowe Mildred F W E.W. Rowe Hala Rowe Third St. Laborer 4/8/1905 Towanda
5/15/1905 Robinson Merrill C. M W Chas. Robinson Ella Robinson Smithfield Farmer 10/29/1904 Smithfield
5/25/1905 Richards Alie Leone F W Elmer L. Richards Laura Richards Babcock, Pa. Farmer 2/12/1905 Babcock, Pa.
  Rogers Leona F W Chas. Rogers Gemma Rogers Athens Boro Laborer 9/3/1905 Athens Boro
12/15/1905 Robinson Isadore F W Horace Robinson Nellie Robinson W. Burlington Laborer 11/3/1905 W. Burlington
12/15/1905 Rockwell Dorothy Mary F W L. W. Rockwell Luella Rockwell W. Burlington Miller 7/20/1905 W. Burlington
5/31/1905 Rolter Frances E. F W Lee Rolter Laeth? Rolter Athens Baker 1/7/1905 Athens
12/11/1904 Rathbun Allen M W Floyd Rathbun Frances Rathbun Sylvania, Pa Butcher 9/13/1905 Sylvania
12/12/1905 Rogers Alfred M W D.M. Rogers Mary Rogers Coryland Farmer 12/10/1905 Coryland
12/18/1905 Roof Ida Bell F W Walter Roof Anna Roof Standing Stone Farmer 11/5/1905 Velarde
12/20/1905 Riley Edward Hiram M W Steven Riley Anna Birney Wyalusing Clerk 9/16/1905 Wyalusing
11/7/1905 Reeser Jennie W. F W E.A. Reeser Mattie Reeser Wetona Farmer 3/4/1905 Wetona
12/19/1905 Rogers   F W Levi N. Rogers Helen Rogers Leraysville Mail Agent 11/14/1905 LeRaysville
10/19/1905 Rogers James B. M W O. S. Rogers Bertha Rogers Litchfield Farmer 7/22/1905 Litchfield
12/5/1905 Rought Harry M W Lenard W. Rought Mary A. Rought Tuscarora, Pa Laborer 5/11/1905 Tuscarora, Pa.
12/4/1905 Ross Rob't M W Geo. Ross Julia Ross Wilmot Farmer 8/22/1905 Hollenback
12/4/1905 Ross Thomas M W Geo. Ross Julia Ross Wilmot Farmer 8/22/1905 Hollenback
12/8/1905 Rogers Orlando, Jr. M W Orlando Rogers Ella Rogers Sayre Boro Laborer 8/18/1905 Sugar Run
  Rhodes Harrold D. M W Henry Rhodes Bessie Rhodes Canton Farmer 9/8/1905 Canton
  Roupp Harriet E. F W Warren G. Roupp Hattie L. Roupp Canton Farmer 10/7/1905 Canton
  Riley Mary L. F W Joseph Riley Catherine Riley Warren Farmer 12/30/1904 Warren
  Rockeffeller Leola Mae F W Bruce Rockefeller Mae Rockefeller Warren Farmer 6/19/1905 Warren
  Rogers Sarah Thelma F W Herman C. Rogers May Rogers Warren Laborer 9/28/1905 Warren
12/11/1905 Royce Josephine F W Fred Royce Alma Royce Overton Laborer 10/30/1905 Overton
12/7/1905 Rought Nila F W H.M. Rought Amanda Rought Herrick Farmer 7/14/1905 Herrick
12/29/1905 Rockwell Margarie F W Guy Rockwell Mary Canton Clerk 5/15/1905 Canton
12/29/1905 Ryan Margaret F W M.J. Ryan Margaret Randall Canton Laborer 4/30/1905 Canton
12/29/1905 Robart   F W Carl Jennie Canton Lumberman 12/17/1905 Canton
12/16/1905 Robinson William Leonard M W Fred J. Robinson Stella May Acla Robinson Towanda #4 Laborer 8/11/1905 Towanda #4
Rogers Cecil Blair M W John B. Rogers Mary I. Oliver Rogers Sugar Run Farmer 12/25/1892 Wilmot Twp
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