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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1901-1905
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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/27/1901 Parmenter Samuell W. M W Vern Parmenter Rose Parmenter Hoblet Farmer 1/9/1901 Hoblet
5/16/1901 Prutsman Lewette D. M W J.W. Prutsmam Lenora Prutsman Virtus Farmer 10/1/1900 Columbia
  Packard Mildred G. F W Herdick Packard Rose Packard Canton Farmer 9/15/1896 Canton
  Packard Guy R. M W Gary C. Packard Margarite M. Packard Canton Blacksmith 8/20/1900 Alba
11/13/1901 Phelps Frank M. M W Fred A. Phelps Mertie M. Phelps Sayre Mail Agent 8/19/1901 Sayre
12/13/1901 Post Hartley M. M W Forest E. Post Ella Post Sayre Brakeman 5/27/1901 Towanda, Pa.
5/20/1901 Phraney Charles Elwood M W Frank Phraney Belle Phraney S. Main Guilder 3/20/1900 Athens
11/15/1901 Purvis Orville M W Willaim Purvis Ella Purvis Athens Mason 8/5/1901 Athens
11/16/1901 Peck Oliver M W Ansel J. Peck Lena Peck Athens Laborer 10/10/1901 Athens
12/2/1901 Parsons Richard M W Charles Parsons Maggie Parsons Smithfield Laborer 5/23/1901 Smithfield
11/18/1901 Powers Manley M W E.D. Powers Sophronia Powers N. Towanda Laborer 7/28/1901 N. Towanda
12/10/1901 Phillips Floyd G. M W J.A. Phillips Amelia Phillips Leraysville Farmer 8/9/1901 Leraysville
11/18/1901 Pierce Gertrude Isabel F W P.C. Pierce Bell Pierce Burlington Farmer 7/4/1901 Burlington
12/10/1901 Palmer Brad H. M W Elmer Palmer Annie Palmer Wyalusing Laborer 6/9/1901 Wyalusing
  Powers Ida F W Geo. Powers May Powers Rome Boro Post Master 10/31/1901 Rome Boro
11/14/1901 Pierce Gladys Edith F W Wm. H. Pierce Lina Edna Pierce Rome Farmer 7/23/1901 Rome Twp.
9/4/1901 Parker Wm. C. M W Wm. C. Parker Eva Parker Canton Boro Deceased 4/1/1901 Canton Boro
9/4/1901 Powers Nora F W Jeff Powers Maggie Powers Canton Boro Laborer 7/21/1901 Canton Boro
12/3/1901 Pierce Evan H. M W John M. Pierce Margrete Pierce Sylvania Laborer 10/20/1901 Sylvania Boro
  Padget John R. M W Horace G. Padget Lucy Adams Towanda Principal 8/18/1901 Towanda, Pa.
12/9/1901 Pipher Earl Gilbert M W G.B. Pipher Huldy Pipher Mercur Farmer 8/22/1901 Mercur
11/28/1901 Patton Jennie May F W John Charles Patton Ida May Patton Orwell Laborer 9/3/1901 Orwell, Pa
12/9/1901 Peet Silverete F W Jerry L. Peet Pearl Peet Orwell Laborer 7/15/1901 Orwell, Pa
12/12/1901 Pitcher Alice Josephine F W Frank S Pitcher Kate B Pitcher Orwell Laborer 8/22/1901 Orwell, Pa
7/30/1901 Preston Emma F W George Preston Hattie Preston Sandrun Miner 7/30/1901 Sandrun
5/29/1902 Post Leigh Allan M W Steven Post Nancy Post Terry Twp. Farmer 3/24/1902 Terrytown
5/14/1902 Palmer Paul D. M W Henry L. Palmer Mertie J. Palmer LeRoy Farmer 9/22/1901 LeRoy, Pa.
5/20/1902 Phinney Leslie Genitt M W Dayton L. Phinney Eva Phinney LeRoy Farmer 3/10/1902 LeRoy, Pa.
5/10/1902 Parkhurst George M W Lynn Parkhurst Lizzie Parkhurst Granville Farmer 2/10/1902 Granville
5/8/1902 Perry Edward C. M W Horace Perry Nora Perry Powell Laborer 3/25/1902 Powell
6/11/1902 Pickett Ralph M W Marion Pickett Maggie Pickett Pleasant St. Laborer 12/4/1901 Wyalusing
  Price Katherine F W J. Henry Price Nellie E. Price Sayre Clerk 4/18/1902 Sayre
5/5/1902 Pickett Arther Leon M W Earnest Pickett Mabel Pickett E. Towanda Laborer 4/15/1902 E. Towanda
9/3/1902 Potter Joseph M W G.L. Potter Rose Agness Potter E. Towanda Shoemaker 8/6/1902 E. Towanda
5/6/1902 Phinney Lizzie F W   Eva Phinney Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 1/16/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
5/22/1902 Parsons Clarance M W Ray Prsons Carrie Parsons W. Burlington Farmer 2/6/1902 W. Burlington
5/5/1902 Phelps Eugene H. M W W.E. Phelps Nora Phelps Smithfield Carpenter 4/4/1902 Smithfield
  Parks   M W John Parks Esther Parks Canton Farmer 4/17/1902 Canton
5/6/1902 Parmenter Mildred E. F W Brinton Parmenter Nell Parmenter Springfield Buttermaker 12/19/1901 Sullivan, Tioga Co.
5/9/1902 Potter Theodore R. M W George Potter Mina Potter BigPond Horseman 8/25/1901 Big Pond
  Pelton Margret D. F W Joseph Pelton Harriet Pelton Sand Run Miner 6/20/1902 Sand Run
11/11/1902 Peck James G. M W Clarnece W. Peck Rosa Peck Athens, First St. Merchant 3/21/1902 Athens
11/12/1902 Patton Donald Joe M W Harry L. Patton Hattie Patton Vanderbilt St. Carpenter 4/11/1902 Athens
11/25/1902 Pettengall Libbie F W Monroe Pettengall Libbie Pettengall Leona Blacksmith 8/13/1902 Leona
12/2/1902 Parker Lyla B. F W Ora E. Parker Frannie Parker Tuscarora Twp. Merchant 10/18/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
  Pierce Harry Carlton M W George Pierce Dorcus Pierce Smithfield Farmer 6/7/1902 Smithfield
  Pollock Thomas M W A. T. Pollock Maggie Pollock Smithfield Farmer 7/22/1902 Smithfield
  Post Lester L. M W Peter D. Post Minnie Post   Farmer 9/2/1902 Sheshequin
12/6/1902 Pendleton Mary G. F W Emmet Pendleton Jennie Pendleton Warren Farmer 6/15/1902 Warren
12/15/1902 Pitcher Marguerite F W Fred Pitcher Olive Pitcher Warren Butcherer 9/9/1902 Warren Center
12/15/1902 Pitcher Madelene F W Fred Pitcher Olive Pitcher Warren Butcherer 9/9/1902 Warren Center
11/15/1902 Perry Mary F W Dayton Perry Ellen Sullivan Kingsbury Ave. Clerk 7/19/1902 Towanda, Pa.
11/15/1902 Peete Clara F W J.L. Peete Pearl Rogers William St. Laborer 11/4/1902 Towanda, Pa.
12/15/1902 Passage Janet F W Harry C. Passage Sallie Overton York Ave. Merchant 4/27/1902 Towanda, Pa.
12/13/1902 Peckham James Edward M W Clarence Peckham Alida Peckham Col.X Rds. Farmer 8/12/1902 Col. X Rds
  Parker Mary F W Burton Parks Ettie Parks Litchfield Farmer 11/5/1902 Litchfield
  Powers Harold John M W Jno. Powers Catherine Powers Canton Laborer Jul. 1902 Canton
12/12/1902 Penswith Lester M W Archibal Penswith Angie Penswith Sugar Run Laborer 8/5/1902 Sugar Run
12/9/1902 Passamore Pearl F W Charlie Passamore Mary Passamore Sugar Run Farmer 7/8/1902 Sugar Run
5/13/1903 Pratt Leon C. M W C.A. Pratt Elizabeth Pratt Herrick Farmer 1/25/1903 Herrick
5/15/1903 Pennay Walter J. M W Clarence Pennay Josephine Pennay Terry Town Farmer 4/2/1903 Terry Twp.
5/15/1903 Pitcher Elsa F W Frank S. Pitcher Dale Pitcher Windham Laborer 3/27/1903 Beaver Valley
5/21/1903 Pratt Baby M W Dr. F.L. Pratt Pearl Pratt Ridgebury Doctor 3/28/1903 Ridgebury
5/4/1903 Parks Oscar Newton M W Newton Parks Fannie Parks Harmony Hill Laborer 12/27/1902 Harmony Hill
5/6/1903 Platte Clayton D. M W Erwin Platte   Myresburg Farmer 1/1/1903 Myresburg
5/4/1903 Platt Marjorie L. F W Anson Platt Annie Platt E. Towanda Laborer 4/14/1903 E. Towanda
  Pooler Harold M W Bert Pooler Blanch Sayre Machinist 3/6/1903 Sayre
6/25/1903 Palmer Max M W Robert Palmer Julia Palmer Armenia Twp. Farmer 4/28/1903 Armenia Twp.
8/26/1903 Parmenter   M W Floyd Parmenter Blanch Parmenter BigPond Laborer 8/16/1903 Big Pond
5/20/1903 Peters Raymond M W Lee Peters Carrie Peters W. Burlington Farmer 4/6/1903 W. Burlington
5/27/1903 Patterson Rebecca F W Theodore Patterson Grace Patterson W. Burlington Farmer 5/20/1903 W. Burlington
8/29/1903 Parke Mrs Orman E.'s child M W Orman Parke Mrs. Orman Parke Burlington Laborer 4/14/1903 W. Burlington
5/18/1903 Pond Loyd S. M W Wm. Pond Mary Pond Hollenback Farmer 3/23/1903 Hollenback
5/11/1903 Place Leona A. F W Chas. Place Laura M. Place Sugar Run Laborer 11/18/1902 Sugar Run
5/13/1903 Pickett H. E. M W S.J. Pickett Katie Pickett Tuscarora Twp. Farmer 10/28/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
  Park John Raymond M W John Park Esther Park Centre Farmer 8/25/1903 Centre
5/14/1903 PageRobert F.   M W Robert F. Page Vera Page Athens Cashier 4/28/1903 Athens
12/12/1903 Pond Earl D. M W William Pond Mary Pond Hollenback Farmer 10/19/1903 Hollenback
12/12/1903 Pond Pearl F W William Pond Mary Pond Hollenback Farmer 10/19/1903 Hollenback
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