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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1901-1905
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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/8/1901 Naylor Marion F W William Naylor Anna Naylor Sayre Laborer 1/1/1901 Rochester, NY
  Nichols Philo M W Pearly Nichols Bertha Nichols Orchard St. Laborer 4/22/1901 Sayre
  Norwood Olive F W James Norwood Margret Norwood Orchard St. Laborer 2/6/1901 Sayre
5/14/1901 Norris Grace Margaret F W Harry Norris Cora Norris Col.X Rds Laborer 12/24/1900 Columbia
5/6/1901 Nichols Everett L. M W V.R. Nichols Susie G. Nichols Smithfield Farmer 8/20/1900 Smithfield
12/11/1901 Northrop Lana ? F W Fred Northrop Bertha Northrop Overton Laborer 6/28/1901 Overton
  Nesbit Charles Harold M W Henry Nesbit Eliza Nesbit Herrick Farmer 10/25/1901 Sayre
11/11/1901 Nichols Philo O. M W Pearley Nichols Bertha Nichols Sayre Laborer 4/23/1901 Sayre
11/12/1901 Naylor Marion A. F W W.G. Naylor Anna May Naylor Sayre Editor 1/1/1901 Rochester, NY
12/11/1901 Northrop Amos Fletcher M W Amos W. Northrop Olive Northrop Leraysville Shoemaker 10/23/1901 Leraysville
11/22/1901 Nichols Beatrice F W H.O. Nichols Cora Nichols Mt. Lake Farmer 7/31/1901 Mt. Lake
12/3/1901 Northrop Minnie Hazel F W Ira A. Northrop Carrie Northrop Rent Run Sawyer 5/4/1901 Monroe Twp.
12/12/1901 Newman J. Keith M W Nathan E. Newman Susie Newman Warren Farmer 12/1/1901 Warren
5/6/1902 Nevins Lillian May F W Frank H. Nevins Maud M. Nevins Athens, Pa. Machinist 8/3/1901 Athens, Pa.
5/5/1902 Newton Freda M W Thos. Newton Daisy Newton Albany Twp. Laborer 1/30/1902 Albany Twp.
5/16/1901 Nichols Dellia E. F W Fred Nichols Leba Nichols Windham Laborer 3/10/1902 Kuykendall Dis.4
  Norris Stanley C. M W Charley Norris Maggie Norris Cayuta St. Fireman 6/11/1902 Sayre
9/1/1902 Norton Florence F W Hiram Norton Elizabeth Norton New Albany Merchant 1/6/1902 New Albany Boro
5/12/1902 Nickerson Edward M W Walter Nickerson Anna Nickerson HomeStead Farmer 4/12/1902 Towanda Twp.
  Northrup George M. M W Samuel Northrup Lillie Northrup Lamoka Laborer 4/26/1902 Lamoka
12/9/1902 Norton Paul Leon F W G.L. Norton Minnie Norton New Albany Merchant 12/7/1902 New Albany Boro
12/8/1902 Northrop Lyndon Fletcher M W Amos Northrop Olivie Northrop Leraysville Shoemaker 9/23/1902 Leraysville
12/8/1902 Northrup Murieal ? F W Leroy Northrup Lila Northrup Powell Laborer 6/30/1902 Elmira, NY
11/25/1902 Noles Edgar M W William Noles Ophelia Noles Ellen Brewing Day Laborer 11/6/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/9/1902 Nichols Claud M W Lewis Nichols Ida C. Nichols Windham Laborer 7/23/1902 Windham Center
12/5/1902 Nichols   M W Albert Nichols Ersula Nichols Windham Laborer 11/15/1902 Kuykendall Dis.4
  Nealey Nelson M W J. B. Nealey Jennie Nealey Durell Farmer 4/10/1902 Durell
  Nailen Matthew M W John Nailen Mary Nailen Canton Laborer 9/8/1902 Canton
5/18/1903 Nichols Ross M W Floyd Nichols Catherine Nichols Mt. Lake Farmer 1/2/1903 Mt. Lake
5/18/1903 Nichols Ruth G. F W Howard Nichols Cora Nichols Mt. Lake Farmer 10/7/1902 Mt. Lake
5/13/1903 Northrup Arleigh F W   Winnie Northrup River St. 7/5/1903 Athens, Pa.
5/7/1903 Neily   M W G.A. Neily Edith Neily Homets Ferry Farmer 3/7/1903 Homets Ferry
12/7/1903 Northrup Gladys Leona F W Audley Northrup Grace Northrup Powell Laborer 11/11/1903 Powell
12/12/1903 North Veronica G. F W John North Blanche North Cumiskey Farmer 9/13/1903 Cumiskey
12/14/1903 Norton Marguerette F W Hiram Norton Lizzie Norton New Albany Merchant 12/2/1903 New Albany
11/13/1903 Nagle Margaret F W Fred Nagle   Troy, Pa. Laborer 1/23/1903 Troy, Pa.
11/13/1903 Nagle Elizabeth F W Wm. Nagle   Troy, Pa. Laborer 11/15/1902 Troy, Pa.
5/4/1904 Northrup Gladis F W Oraly Northrup Grace Northrup Powell Laborer 11/11/1904 Powell
5/11/1904 Nesbit Edna Rebecca F W L.W. Nesbit Cora Nesbit Herrick Farmer 8/30/1903 Herrick
6/16/1904 Nichols   M W S. Nichols Nettie Nichols Towanda Painter 6/4/1904 Towanda
5/6/1904 Newton   M W Thos. Newton Daisy Newton Albany Twp. Laborer 4/16/1904 Albany Twp.
5/12/1904 Nichols   F W Albert Nichols Sulie Nichols Windham Laborer 1/10/1904 Windham
5/12/1904 Nichols Vernal M. M W Fred Nichols Lela Nichols Windham Laborer 5/10/1904 Windham
5/29/1904 Nichols Ralph M W V.R. Nichols Susie Nichols Smithfield Farmer 3/27/1904 Smithfield
5/16/1904 Nuber Deborah F W Jacob Nuber Vernie Nuber Wilmot Farmer 3/14/1904 Wilmot
5/10/1904 Naylor Nettie F W Fred Naylor Dora Naylor Ceder Ledge Laborer 3/28/1904 Ceder Ledge
5/19/1904 Norris Mable F W Harry Norris Cora Norris Wetona Laborer 2/10/1904 Col.X Rds
5/5/1904 Northrup A. Gordon M W Fred Northrup Grace Northrup Quicks Bend Laborer 1/10/1904 Quicks Bend
5/11/1904 Nagle Agnes F W Wm. Nagle Nellie Nagle Towanda Mail Carrier 12/10/1903 Towanda
Dec.1904 Northrup William E. M W Warren Northrup Bessie Northrup Lamoka Laborer 4/10/1904 Lamoka
Dec.1904 Northrup Maurice M W Samuel Northrup Lillie Northrup Lamoka Laborer 10/17/1904 Lamoka
Dec.1904 Northrup Raymond M W James Northrup Gertrude Northrup Lamoka Laborer 8/22/1904 Lamoka
12/6/1904 Nesbit Geo. Edward M W L.W. Nesbit Cora Nesbit Herrick Farmer 9/16/1904 Herrick
12/7/1904 Nenninger Rose Mary F W E.B. Nenninger Ruth Nenninger Altus ? Farmer 10/31/1904 Altus (Athens?)
12/6/1904 Nichols Ernest M W Louis K. Smith Laura Smith Ulster Farmer 5/16/1904 Ulster
12/12/1904 Nelson Ruth F W Andrew Nelson Lou Ameigh Nelson Snedekers Laborer 5/30/1904 Snedekers
  Northrup Raymond M W James Northrup Girtrude Northrup Powell Laborer 8/2/1904 Powell
12/22/1904 Northrup Elsie F W Leon Northrup Kit Northrup Powell Laborer 8/1/1904 Powell
Nash Joseph M W John Nash Mary Elizabeth Nash Sayre Supervisor 8/13/1904 Sayre
4/8/1905 Northrup Elsie F W Leon Northrup Ritter Northrup Greenwood Laborer 8/1/1904 Greenwood
5/13/1905 Noble Charles M W   Mary Noble Ulster   1/30/1905 Ulster
7/1/1905 Nichols Muriel I. F W Fred Nichols Lela Nichols Windham Laborer 6/1/1904 Windham
5/10/1905 Northrup Clarence L. M W Claude Northrup Bessie Corson William St. Laborer 6/24/1904 E. Towanda
5/29/1905 Nichols Eldon M W Sylvenaus Nichols Nettie Nichols S. Towanda Painter 6/4/1904 S. Towanda
5/23/1905 Nichols Adelaid Erma F W F.S. Nichols Catherine Nichols Mt. Lake Farmer 12/9/1904 Troy, Pa.
12/18/1905 Neily Glenn M W G.A. Neily Edith Neily Homets Ferry Farmer 6/28/1905 Homets Ferry
12/19/1905 Northrup Harry M W Fred Northrup Grace Northrup Taylorville Laborer 7/2/1905 Quicks Bend
12/12/1905 Northrup Reginald Coryelle M W Roey Northrup Grace Northrup Greenwood Laborer 12/11/1905 Greenwood
12/12/1905 Nichols   F W L.M. Nichols Nora Nichols Wysox Farmer 11/30/1905 Wysox
12/1/1905 Niffard E. Mildred F W Geo. Niffard Saphrona Niffard Smithfield Farmer 9/10/1905 Smithfield
12/1/1905 Nichols James Edw. M W V.R. Nichols Susie Nichols Smithfield Farmer 8/16/1905 Smithfield
12/6/1905 Northrup Clarence Llewellyn M W Claude Northrup Bessie E. Northrup 612 Second St. Laborer 6/24/1905 E. Towanda
  Newell Helen F W Perry Newell Mary Lester Newell High St. Merchant 4/4/1904 Troy, Pa.
12/16/1905 Nickerson Helen Maria F W Walter Nickerson Addie (Givens) Nickerson Towanda Farmer 12/5/1905 Towanda, Pa #3
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