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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/9/1901 McCarty Clarence J. M W Joseph McCarty Delia McCarty Sayre Carpenter 11/26/1900 Sayre, Pa.
  McCann Augustine F W James McCann Elen McCann Orchard St. Laborer 1/4/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/16/1901 McConnell Hilda Ruth F W W.M. McConnell Grace McConnell Col.X Rds Farmer 4/2/1901 Columbia
5/8/1901 McCarty Donald M W Taylor McCarty Lilian McCarty Sugar Run Farmer 7/11/1900 Wilmot
5/10/1901 McDowell Lottie F W James McDowell Etta McDowell Wilmot Farmer 4/28/1901 Wilmot
9/4/1901 McCann Bernard M W James McCann Ellen McCann S. Waverly Laborer 1/8/1901 S. Waverly
9/4/1901 McCann Augustus M W James McCann Ellen McCann S. Waverly Laborer 1/8/1901 S. Waverly
5/7/1901 McDowell Fannie S. F W Lewis McDowell May McDowell Troy Farmer 6/15/1901 Troy
5/13/1901 McIntyre Roena F W Arthur McIntyre Maude McIntyre H. Mercur Est. D.L. 2/6/1901 Towanda Twp.
  McCraney Florence L. F W Ward M. McCraney Hattie A. McCraney Canton Barber 2/19/1901 Canton
11/18/1901 McAlister Lavina Caroline F W None Rose Talida Athens None 6/1/1901 Athens
11/27/1901 McKeel Laura E. F W Travis McKeel Elizabeth McKeel Sayre Laborer 8/8/1900 Mainsburg, Pa.
12/5/1901 McCabe   M W Michael McCabe Mary McCabe Sayre Clerk 7/29/1901 Sayre, Pa.
12/11/1901 McCracken George E. M W John J. McCracken Jessie McCracken Sayre Laborer 9/24/1901 Sayre, Pa.
12/30/1901 McAfee Harold M W John McAfee Anna McAfee South St. Laborer 8/15/1901 Athens
12/16/1901 McGee Clifton M W Monroe McGee Mary McGee Edinger Hill Laborer 9/25/1901 Edinger Hill
  McCauliff John M W Thomas McCauliff Ellen McCauliff Marshview Tanner 11/1/1901 Marshview
11/11/1901 McCue Mary Sivoh F W Timothy McCue Mary A. McCue Windham Farmer 5/18/1901 Babcock Hill
9/4/1901 McCraney Florence L. F W Ward McCraney Hattie A. McCraney Canton Boro Barber 2/20/1901 Canton
12/17/1901 McFadden Theo W. M W L.T. McFadden Helen R. McFadden Canton Boro Banker 9/8/1901 Canton Boro
12/19/1901 McClure Frazer M W Harry McClure Hattie McClure Mrs. Mary Newton D.L. 9/11/1901 Towanda Twp.
5/6/1902 McCarthy Robert M W John McCarthy Mary R. McCarthy LeRoy Farmer 7/30/1901 LeRoy, Pa
5/22/1902 McClelland Gladys F W A.H. McClelland Marian McClelland Wells, Pa. Farmer 5/7/1902 Wells, Pa.
5/10/1901 McCracken Andrew C. M W J.C. McCracken Jessie McCracken Sayre Laborer 2/11/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/5/1901 McNeal Mary E. F W George E. McNeal Katie I. McNeal Milan in Ulster C.L. 11/4/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/26/1902 McCarty Raymond M W James F. McCarty Elizabeth McCarty Rome Twp. Farmer 3/11/1902 Rome Twp.
May.1902 McCland Baby M W George McCland Mertie McCland Tuscarora Twp. Father 4/11/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
5/10/1902 McKebin Rutheford M W Charles McKebin Myrtie Gerould McKebin Burlington Boro Painter 5/9/1902 Burlington Boro
9/3/1902 McCafferty Claud M W Unknown Mertie McCafferty Wilmot Farmer 3/2/1902 Wilmot
5/8/1902 McNamara Lewis E. M W John McNamara Rose McNamara S. Waverly Brakman 3/30/1902 S. Waverly
11/20/1902 McGivarty John Francis M W Chas. McGivarty Mary McGivarty Albany Twp. Farmer 4/6/1902 Albany Twp.
12/1/1902 McNeal Doyle M W Mack McNeal Blanch McNeal Albany Twp. Farmer 8/24/1902 Albany Twp.
  McCloskey Margret F W Patrick McCloskey Annie McCloskey Long Valley Miner 5/11/1902 Long Valley
12/1/1902 McCabe Thomas P. M W Michal McCabe Mary McCabe Sayre Clerk 10/4/1902 Sayre, Pa.
  McQueen Frances M. F W Frank McQueen Grace McQueen Sayre Clerk 10/13/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/13/1902 McEntire Wayne M W John V.A. McEntire Lillie McEntire South St. Laborer 12/12/1901 Athens
12/17/1902 McAsey Eddy M W Michel McAsey Bridget McAsey Athens Twp. Farmer 10/5/1902 Athens Twp.
12/12/1902 McCarthy Agustain M W Dennis McCarthy Mary McCarthy Wysox Farmer 9/22/1902 Wysox
12/15/1902 McGuire John M W James McGuire Mary McGuire TerryTown Farmer 10/4/1902 Terry Twp.
  McGovern Philip Jr. M W Philip McGovern Nancy McGovern Herrick Farmer 8/20/1902 Herrick
12/8/1902 McKee Stewart A. M W John A. McKee Minnie McKee South Creek Farmer 4/23/1902 Gillett
12/1/1902 McCann Bessie B. F W David McCann Levisa McCann South Creek Farmer 9/27/1902 Gillett
12/25/1902 McCarty Irene F W Unknown Loretta McCarty Ridgebury, Pa   5/22/1902 Ridgebury Twp.
12/10/1902 McCabe Wilton M W Berton A. McCabe Florence Marie McCabe Rome Twp. Farmer 11/17/1902 Rome Twp.
12/15/1902 McKee Thomas M W John McKee Anna Shores Fourth St. Laborer 8/25/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/10/1902 McIntyre Pauline F W Ezra McIntyre Mary McIntyre 110 Second Letter Carrier 8/25/1902 Towanda Twp.
  McNett Olive F W Harry McNett Mary McNett Canton Mail Clerk 4/7/1902 Canton
12/10/1902 McDonough   F W John McDonough Lizzie McDonough Sciota Vale Farmer 10/21/1902 Sciota Vale
5/12/1903 McCormack Kenneth B. M W M.V. McCormack Maud C. McCormack Windham Farmer 12/27/1902 Beaver Valley
  Merrill Gladys F W F.J. Merrill Cora M. Merrill Windham Laborer 4/12/1903 Windham Summit
  McCarty Tillie F W Charles McCarty Tillie McCarty Ulster Section Foreman 12/26/1902 Ulster
5/11/1903 McArdle Richard H. M W John T. McArdle Mary McArdle Willawana Salesman 1/14/1903 Wilawana
5/11/1903 McCracken John Chester, Jr. M W John Chester McCracken Jessie Inez McCracken Sayre Laborer 1/5/1903 Sayre, Pa.
8/31/1903 McMahon Margaret F W Patrick McMahon Sarah McMahon Sayre Machinist 8/2/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  McCabe David Patrick M W Dennis J. McCabe Mary C. McCabe Sayre   3/17/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  McDonough Mildred T. F W M.J. McDonough Annie Sayre Machinist 1/16/1903 Sayre, Pa.
6/4/1903 McDonough Wm. R. M W John McDonough Lizzie McDonough Sciota Vale Farmer 10/21/1902 Sciota Vale
11/23/1903 McMorran Louise F W Geo. D. McMorran Bertena McMorran Athens Laborer 7/12/1903 Athens
12/9/1903 McIntyre Elsie F W Arthur McIntyre Maud McIntyre 417 State St. Laborer 11/14/1903 417 State St.
12/14/1903 McCormick Victor M W Clarence McCormick Lena McCormick 3 Arcade Bl. Laborer 9/10/1903 3 Arcade Block
12/16/1903 McEneany Edward Leo M W Edward McEneany Mary M. McEneany TerryTown Farmer 7/17/1903 Terry Twp.
9/21/1903 McKernan Joseph M W John McKernan Teresa McKernan Albany Twp. Farmer 9/5/1903 Albany Twp.
10/21/1903 McKernan Mary G. F W Luke McKernan Lura McKernan Albany Twp. Farmer 7/13/1903 Albany Twp.
12/1/1903 McKee Nellie May F W Harley McKee Minnie McKee Ulster Laborer 5/25/1903 Ulster
12/14/1903 McNeal Beatrice F W John McNeal Mattie McNeal Slater Hollow Laborer 8/7/1903 Slater Hollow
12/15/1903 McCauliff Edward Leo M W Thos. McCauliff Nellie McCauliff Marshview Farmer 9/9/1903 Marshview
12/7/1903 McNeal James E. M W Frank McNeal May McNeal N. Towanda Laborer 8/14/1903 N. Towanda
10/14/1903 McFadden Leslie B. M W Louis McFadden Helen McFadden Canton, Pa. Cashier 3/25/1903 Canton, Pa.
10/29/1903 McNett   F W Harry McNett Edith McNett Canton, Pa. Postal Clerk 10/27/1903 Canton, Pa.
12/14/1903 McCormack L. V. M W M.V. McCormick Muad C. McCormick Windham Farmer 11/23/1903 Beaver Valley
12/7/1903 McNamara Chas. Edward M W Joseph McNamara Alice Fleming McNamara 2nd St. Baker 11/7/1903 Towanda
11/13/1903 McGee Francis F W Jas. McGee   Troy, Pa. Machinist 10/31/1902 Troy, Pa
11/13/1903 McKean Helen T. F W Jas. McKean   Troy, Pa. Agent 2/7/1903 Troy, Pa
5/28/1904 McGuire Ellen F W Jas. McGuire Mary McGuire Terry Twp. Farmer 12/30/1903 Terry Twp.
5/1/1904 McKell Travis M W Clarence E. McKell Elizabeth mcKell Troy Farmer 3/16/1904 Troy
5/5/1904 McArdle John M W John T. McArdle Mary E. McArdle Williwana Farmer 2/22/1904 Williwana
5/13/1904 McCracken Pauline F W Geo. McCracken Ida McCracken Ulster Laborer 4/9/1904 Ulster
5/14/1904 McNeal Herbert F W Herman McNeal Anna McNeal Ulster Laborer 12/20/1903 Ulster
5/14/1904 McClelland Don Wilson M W Sydney McClelland Anna McClelland Wells, Pa. Hotel Keeper 8/9/1904 Wells, Pa.
5/14/1904 McKenna Wm. M W Wm. M. McKenna Marie F. McKenna Sayre Laborer 3/21/1904 Sayre, Pa.
5/2/1904 McMahon Morris M W John McMahon Mary McMahon Sayre Machinist 2/15/1904 Sayre, Pa.
11/12/1904 McKeel Hazel F W Harvy McKeel Sarah McKeel Laquin Laborer 7/3/1904 Laquin
12/14/1904 McCabe James Richard M W Joe G. McCabe Iva E. McCabe Rome Twp. Farmer 7/5/1904 Rome Twp.
10/4/1904 McKeen Clifford H. M W Chas. McKeen Eva L. McKeen Athens R.R. 1/11/1904 Auburn, NY
12/5/1904 McCarty Mary F W Dennis McCarty Mary McCarty Apex Farmer 6/18/1904 Apex
11/25/1904 McNeal Lucy F W Mack McNeal Blanche McNeal Albany Twp. Farmer 9/11/1904 Albany Twp.
5/10/1904 McClarty Katherine E. F W Daniel McClarty Margaret McClarty Athens Dentist 12/18/1903 Athens, Pa.
Dec.1904 McGraw Harry Samuel M W Michael Harry McGraw Clara R. McGraw Sayre Laborer 11/17/1904 Sayre, Pa.
12/8/1904 McLand Babe F W Geo. M. McLand Myrtie L. McLand Tuscarora Twp. Farmer 11/6/1904 Tuscarora Twp.
5/15/1905 McCarthy Ethel Marguerite F W Chas. McCarty Tillie McCarty Ulster Section Foreman 5/12/1905 Ulster
5/6/1905 McGovern John P. M W Philip McGovern Nancy McGovern Herrick Farmer 8/31/1904 Herrick
5/3/1905 McMahon Francis L. F W John McMahon Margaret Develin Porter Place Laborer 11/5/1904 Towanda, Pa.
5/9/1905 McNeil Mary F W E. O. McNeil Anna McNeil Homets Ferry Laborer 4/5/1905 Homets Ferry
  McCraney Donald R. M W Ward M. McCraney Hattie A. McCraney Canton Barber 1/4/1905 Canton, Pa.
5/23/1905 McGuire Bernard M W Thos. McGuire Ella McGuire Wilmot Farmer 4/26/1905  
5/21/1905 McKean Robert Randolph M W Geo. McKean Achsah B. McKean W. Burlington Farmer 1/12/1905 W. Burlington
5/6/1905 McCaulif Terressa F W Michael McCauliff Mary McCauliff 204 Second St. Clerk 9/2/1904 Towanda
5/8/1905 McCarthy Theresa F W James F. McCarthy Elizabeth McCarthy Morley Hill, Pa. Farmer 4/23/1905 Morley Hill, Pa.
5/12/1905 McAsey Edward Larkin M W Micael McAsey Bridget mCaSEY Athens Twp. Farmer 3/20/1905 Athens Twp.
  McCann Mott L. M W Jno. McCann Anna Herman Sayre Hostler 11/7/1905 Sayre, Pa.
12/18/1905 McCabe Francis F W James McCabe Anna McCabe Homets Ferry Foreman 10/1/1905 Homets Ferry
12/12/1905 McArdle Gerald Lancer M W Jno. T. McArdle Mary E. McArdle Williwana Farmer 5/10/1905 Williwana
12/11/1905 McMorran Edith F W A. J. McMoran Mary McMoran Ulster Farmer 8/20/1905 Ulster
12/11/1905 McCarthy Ellen Catherine F W Frank McCarthy Hattie McCarty Ulster Section Foreman 9/9/1905 Ulster
  McHugh Elizabeth M. F W John McHugh Anna McHugh Warren Farmer 6/1/1904 Warren
12/8/1905 McKernan Elizabeth V. F W Jno. McKernan Teresa McKernan Albany Twp. Farmer 8/21/1905 Albany Twp.
12/15/1905 McKernan E. Cecelia F W Luke P. McKernan Lina McKernan Albany Twp. Farmer 10/5/1905 Albany Twp.
10/23/1905 McCarty Annie F W Wm. McCarty Laura McCarty Overton Laborer 9/24/1905 Overton
  McCool Samuel A. M W Sam'l McCool Maud E. McCool Leroy, Pa. Laborer 8/11/1905 LeRoy, Pa
  Mason Bertha J. F W Joseph Mason Bertha Canton Cigar Maker 10/21/1905 Canton
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