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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
Dec.1904 Morley Herbert A. M W Fay Morley Anna Morley Sheshequin Laborer 10/13/1904 Sheshequin
12/19/1904 Madden Chas. J. M W James J. Madden Margaret E. Madden 525 Second Engineer 12/3/1904 Towanda
12/19/1904 Madden Mary F W James J. Madden Margaret E. Madden 525 Second Engineer 12/3/1904 Towanda
12/13/1904 Moses Charlotte M. F W Wm. Moses Mattie Moses Grover Farmer 7/4/1904 Grover
12/13/1904 Maley Hellen M. F W Martin Maley Margarett Maley Grover Foreman 12/1/1904 Grover
12/21/1904 Makinster Daisy Adell F W C.C. Makinster Matilda Makinster Grover Laborer 12/18/1904 Grover
12/10/1904 Moran Boardman O. M W Wm. Moran Jennie Moran Windham Farmer 10/27/1904 Windham
12/10/1904 Merrill Cheista F W Peter Merrill Ida Merrill Windham Farmer 11/30/1904 Windham
12/21/1904 Matson Darell M W W.N. Matson Nettie Matson LeRaysville Blacksmith 11/19/1904 LeRaysville
12/5/1904 Myrick Loyd Lawrence M W Edwin Myrick Mary Myrick Sayre Machinist 10/20/1904 Sayre, Pa.
12/5/1904 Myrick Floyd Clarence M W Edwin Myrick Mary Myrick Sayre Machinist 10/20/1904 Sayre, Pa.
5/1/1905 Morgan John M W G.H. Morgan Anga Morgan Troy Twp. Laborer 4/30/1905  
June.1905 Mosier William M W John Mosier Clara Mosier Sand Run Miner 5/4/1905 Sand Run
June.1905 Mosier Willis M W John Mosier Clara Mosier Sand Run Miner 5/4/1905 Sand Run
6/13/1905 Miller Lavisa F W Gordon Miller Sarah Miller TerryTown Farmer 4/27/1905 Terry Town
5/10/1905 Merritt Clara F W Joshua Merritt Mary Merritt Laceyville Stone Cutter 7/3/1904 Laceyville
5/2/1905 Mingos Ellen F W L.W. Mingos Laura Mingos Ellis Hill Farmer 12/9/1904 Ellis Hill
  Miller Signia? Belle F W Fred Miller   Athens Boro Cabinet Maker 3/2/1905 Athens Boro
May.1905 Miller Alice M. F W Lewis J. Miller Jessie M. Miller Athens Twp. Machinist 12/20/1904 Athens Twp.
8/25/1905 Mosher Beatrice E. F W Walter P. Mosher R. Lavina Mosher Sylvania Laborer 4/27/1905 Sylvania
  Murphy Mary F W Thos. J. Murphy Mary Murphy Hurley Dist. Farmer 2/27/1905 Hurley Dist.
  Murphy Theressa F W Dan'l. Murphy Anna Murphy S. Waverly Laborer 4/12/1905 S.Waverly
5/13/1905 Manson Charlotte Recile? F W Wallace A. Manson Clara L. Manson Sayre Mechanic 1/22/1905 Greenbay,Wis.
9/1/1905 Miller Clarence E. M W Benj. F. Miller Mable Miller Sayre Foreman 6/7/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/14/1905 Mannix Mathew M W Michael Manix Margaret Mary Manix 838 Main Conductor 3/29/1905 Towanda
5/19/1905 Montgomery John A. M W Henry Montgomery Mable B. Montgomery 711 Fourth Laborer 9/21/1905 Wysox Twp.
May.1905 Madison Lyle F W Hardy Madison Anny Madison Sayre Brakeman 6/6/1904 Sayre, Pa.
5/25/1905 May John Earl M W John May Anna May Wilmot Farmer 9/28/1904
Sept.1905 Monroe Ruth Ester F W Chas. H. Monroe Dora Spring St. Brakeman 6/30/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/3/1905 Miller Ellen Alundith F W Harry Miller Letta Miller 108 Charles St. Paper Hanger 6/12/1905 Towanda
5/4/1905 May Galon O. M W Claud May Anna May 124 Charles St. Truckman 8/18/1904 Towanda
5/4/1905 Middaugh Sarah A. F W Miles A. Middaugh Almeda A. Middaugh 208 Western Ave. Salesman 3/8/1904 Towanda
5/9/1905 Maryott John H. M W Wm. Maryott Anna Maryott 202 Second St. Blacksmith 2/22/1905 Towanda
5/6/1905 Middaugh Catharine J. F W Wm. Middaugh Anna Middaugh Sheshequin Laborer 3/24/1905 Sheshequin
5/23/1905 Mason Addie May F W George Mason Addie Mason Armenia Farmer 8/2/1904 Armenia
9/6/1905 Morley Lorence M W C.E. Morley Addie Morley Springfield Laborer 7/23/1905 Springfield
July.1905 Morgan Wm. M W Chas. Morgan Edna Sayre BoilerMaker 5/25/1905 Sayre, Pa.
July.1905 Mason Lester Walter M W Henry Mason Annie Sayre Machinist 5/22/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/2/1905 Mason Anna Eleanor F W Clarence Mason Mary Mason Sayre Machinist 2/26/1905 Sayre, Pa.
5/2/1905 Mullaly Daniel M W Daniel Mullaly Nora Mullaly Sayre Wreck Crew 3/20/1905 Sayre, Pa.
12/26/1905 Merrithew Anna F W Burton Merrithew Della Merrithew Athens Boro Laborer 7/3/1905 Athens Boro
12/26/1905 Minier Walter M W E.B. Minier Edith R. Minier S. Waverly Laborer 10/3/1905 S.Waverly
12/4/1905 Moyer Dortha F W Ira Moyer Lillian Moyer S. Waverly Laborer 10/3/1905 S.Waverly
12/12/1905 Maryott   M W P.C. Maryott Emmie Maryott Wysox Farmer 12/4/1905 Wysox
12/19/1905 Morgan Myrtie F W Enos Morgan Emily Morgan Snedekers Farmer 7/25/1905 Snedekers
12/14/1905 Minor Francis James M W Wm. Minor Fannie S. Minor Sayre Machinist 11/26/1905 Sayre, Pa.
  Meakh Sophrah F W Frank Meakh Mary Meakh Cold Spring Laborer 4/26/1905 Brooklin, NY
  Morse Russell C. M W Rosco Morse Ruby Morse LeRoy, Pa. Farmer 8/31/1905 LeRoy
12/18/1905 Morris Musm? M W James Morris Eva Morris Overton Laborer 2/28/1905 Overton
  Mabee Clifford Brown M W Fred Mabee Lena Mabee Sayre Machinist 6/30/1905 Sayre, Pa.
12/20/1905 Merrill Irene F W Floyd Merrill Cora Merrill Windham Laborer 7/28/1905 Windham
12/18/1905 Miller Olive F W Jessie Miller Orpha Miller Ridgebury Farmer 2/8/1905 Ridgebury
12/21/1905 Monroe John Thomas M W Ira Monroe Margaret Monroe John St. Clerk 10/20/1904 Troy
12/21/1905 Morse Anna J. F W Rev. E.P. Morse Jannette E. Morse Main St. Clergyman 11/6/1903 Troy
12/6/1905 Morgan Elsie L.   F W M.M. Morgan Florence Morgan Burlington Twp. Farmer   Burlington Twp.
12/7/1905 Madigan Michael R. M W W.R. Madigan Addie Madigan Burlington Twp. Farmer 7/29/1905 Burlington Twp.
5/31/1905 Middaugh Mary Alta F W Frank Middaugh Minnie Middaugh Athens Milk Dealer 5/17/1905 Athens, Pa.
12/21/1905 Manahan Franklyn M W Goodrich Manahan Margaret Manahan Athens Laborer 6/12/1904 Athens
12/5/1905 Moger Kathryn Beedabelle F W Wm. C. Moger Augusta Moger Oak Hill Farmer 8/10/1905 Oak Hill
5/3/1905 Maxfield Samuel Harold M W E.J. Maxfield Alice Maxfield Silvaria, Pa. Laborer 3/27/1905 Silvaria, Pa
11/7/1905 Munn Tressa F W Wm. Munn Laura Munn Litchfield Farmer 10/1/1905 Litchfield
12/15/1905 Martin   M W Jacob Martin Nellie Martin Laceyville Laborer 11/8/1905 Laceyville
12/6/1905 Maltz Lena Gertrude F W Joseph Maltz Ida Maltz 100 Fourth Peddler 8/11/1905 Towanda
12/7/1905 Mace Kathrin F W Geo. Mace Clara Mace Herrick Farmer 6/18/1905 Michigan
12/7/1905 Moon Beryl Edra F W Vanda Moon Myrtle Moon Albany Twp. Farmer 7/26/1905 Albany Twp.
12/11/1905 Miller Ida Irene F W Alta M. Miller Augusta Miller Durell Farmer 9/23/1905 Marshview
  Mull Merl F W Geo. Mull Mary Mull Barclay Laborer 4/17/1905 Barclay
  Mull George M W Edw. Mull Cora Mull Barclay Laborer 9/30/1905 Barclay
12/6/1905 Marcy Leo M W Lannie? C. Marcy Joe Hanna Marcy Liberty Corners,Monroe Twp. Farmer 7/30/1905 Liberty Crn.,Monore Twp.
Dec.1905 Madden Ruth P. F W Edw. Madden Ines Madden Sayre Brakeman 11/29/1904 Sayre, Pa.
Dec.1905 Manderville Robt. W. M W Sayre Mandervill Anna M. Mandervill Sayre Laborer 12/4/1904 Sayre, Pa.
12/8/1905 Miller John M W Fred Miller Annie Miller Sayre Machinist 11/8/1905 Sayre, Pa.
  Marble Florence Edna F W Wm. J. Marble Vernice M. Marble Sayre Machinist 8/30/1905 Sayre, Pa.
12/21/1905 Manville Arthur Clausen M W Geo. W. Manville Anna L. Clanson Potter Place Mechanic 6/28/1905 Towanda
12/21/1905 Mannix John M. M W John F. Mannix Fannie O'Connor William St. Bartender 8/24/1905 Towanda
12/21/1905 Maloney Dorothy B. F W Patrick Maloney Bridget Lynch Orchard Laborer 10/8/1905 Towanda
  Mason Wm. H. M W William Mason Louise Canton Mail Carrier 5/18/1905 Canton
  Mason Bertha J. F W Joseph Mason Bertha Canton Cigar Maker 10/21/1905 Canton
  Mosher Eloise Jeannette F W Clarence P. Mosher Bertha McLelland Mosher   Farmer 10/18/1905 Sylvania
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