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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/8/1903 Lent Ted Vance M W Lewis H.Lent Rosena N. Lent Windham Farmer 8/20/1903 Peckhill Dis. 9
12/10/1903 Lucey Mary margaret F W Michael Lucey Elizabeth Lucey 2nd St. Clerk 10/20/1903 Towanda
12/15/1903 Lewis Parvel ? E. M W Guy V. Lewis Arlene Lewis L.M. Bowman Barber 7/6/1903 Towanda Twp.
11/26/1903 Logan Frances F W David Logan Francis Logan Wells, Pa. Farmer 11/14/1903 Wells, Pa.
5/9/1904 Lent Wm. M W Henry Lent Lana Lent Pond Hill Laborer 5/5/1904 Pond Hill
5/18/1904 Lent Letha R. F W P. I. Lent Mable Lent Litchfield Merchant 1/9/1904 Litchfield
12/9/1904 Lee Chas. Rodney M W Alfred Lee Bernie Lee Brocktown Laborer 4/21/1904 Brocktown
12/5/1904 Loduska Lun? E. M W John Loduska Loretta Loduska Powell Laborer 2/2/1904 Powell
5/12/1904 Lewis Wesley Stanton M W Chas. L. Lewis Hattie Lewis Windham Minister 12/10/1903 Windham
5/15/1904 Lenox Allyn M W Wm. L. Lenox Martha Lenox Albany Twp. Farmer 1/1/1903 Albany Twp.
5/16/1904 Lilly Graydon W. M W Walter Lilley Harriet Lilley Albany Twp. Farmer 1/12/1903 Albany Twp.
5/18/1904 Landmesser Bettress F W Lew Landmesser Ida Landmesser Standing Stone Laborer 3/27/1903 Standing Stone
6/20/1904 Lynch John Clifton M W J. D. Lynch   Athens Clerk 4/11/1903 Athens
5/4/1904 Lamphere Edward J. M W John Lamphere Lillian Lamphere Wysox Laborer 6/15/1903 Myersburg ?
5/16/1904 Letteer Roland C. M W Clayton Letteer Catherine Letteer Athens Laborer 1/13/1904 Mill City, Pa.
5/11/1904 Leonard John M W Layton C. Leonard Nora Leonard Ulster Farmer 3/4/1904 Ridgebury
Sep.1904 Lamberson Arthur R. M W Wm. Lamberson Hattie Lamberson Sayre Fireman 7/15/1904 Sayre, Pa
5/24/1904 Lockerby Elwood Jas. M W Walter A. Lockerby Lena Lockerby Sayre Laborer 3/25/1904 Sayre, Pa
5/16/1904 Lynch Catherne F W Jos. Lynch Mazie Lynch Mix Ave. Clerk 3/25/1904 Towanda
5/12/1904 Lehman Chas. H. M W Edw. Lehman Maggie Lehman Browntown Farmer 12/27/1903 Browntown
5/2/1904 Lynn Jos. F. M W Jos. Lynn Maud Lynn Sayre Machinist 1/18/1904 Sayre, Pa
  Lucus Edwin Stewart M W Edwin H. Lucus Minnie M. Lucus Sayre Laborer 12/18/1904 Sayre, Pa
  Lynch Arthur R. M W Daniel Lynch Alice Lynch Sayre Mech Jan.1904 Sayre, Pa
  Lease Anna Rosamond F W Fred W. Lease Anna F. Lease Sayre Photographer 5/11/1904 Sayre, Pa
9/8/1904 Landon Juliet R. F W H. E. Landon Minnie E. Landon Canton Wagon Maker 3/1/1904 East Canton
  Lawrence Lillian F W A. Darwin Lawrence Carrie E. Lawrence E. Canton Farmer 7/11/1904 East Canton
9/6/1904 Lewis Anna F W S. H. Lewis Alice Lewis So. Creek Farmer 2/19/1904 So. Creek
3/7/1904 Lancaster Helen F W Geo. H. Lancaster Mary Lancaster Canton Hotelkeeper 1/29/1904 Canton
12/21/1904 Layman Peter M. M W Fred Layman Evelyn Layman Terry Town Farmer 9/22/1904 Terry Twp.
12/6/1904 Long Rubert L. M W George Long Anna Meritt Long Pike Farmer 6/30/1904 Pike
12/12/1904 Lyon Ermina? E. F W Blain Lyons Nellie Lyons Franklin Medical Student 9/12/1904 Franklin Twp.
10/31/1904 Lefler Paul W. M W Chas. Lefler Millie Lefler Big Pond Laborer 9/15/1904 Big Pond
12/19/1904 Lewis Gerald John M W P. Gus Lewis Arline Saxe Lewis Main Barber 12/13/1904 Towanda
12/20/1904 Loewus Lillian Camilla F W Emanuel Loewus Flora Loewus 522 Fourth Clerk 10/2/1904 Towanda
10/28/1904 Longhead Worley J. M W C. B. Longhead Salley J. Longhead Alba Salesman 7/17/1904 Alba
12/10/1904 Lynch Cycil M W Thos. F. Lynch May Lynch Sayre Fireman 8/3/1904 Sayre, Pa
12/7/1904 Lateer Baby M W C. C. Lateer Catherine Lateer Sayre Car Repairer 12/4/1904 Sayre, Pa
  Leahy Edward D. M W Edward A. Leahy Elizabeth A. Leahy Canton, Pa. Farmer 10/8/1904 Canton
10/5/1904 Lefler Elizabeth B. F W Welles Lefler Myrtie Lefler Ridgebury Farmer 2/26/1904 Ridgebury
12/6/1904 Lee Thomas Lafferty M W J. C. Lee jennie Lee Herrick Dr. 9/21/1904 Herrick
12/6/1904 Landon Herbert Jr. M W Herbert Landon Elizabeth Landon Herrick Farmer 9/26/1904 Herrick
12/5/1904 Leonard Russell A. M W Grant Leonard Clara Leonard Smithfield Laborer 8/9/1904 Smithfield
5/14/1904 Leahey Robt. M W John Leahey Agnes Leahey Athens Saloon Keeper 11/16/1903 Athens
9/20/1904 Lawrence Horace K. M W F. R. Lawrence Fannie Lawrence Athens Painter 11/9/1903 Athens
12/26/1904 Langland Inga Marie F W O. J. Langland Inga Langland Athens Boro Laborer 10/5/1903 Athens
12/26/1904 Langland Ermma Christiana F W O. J. Langland Inga Langland Athens Boro Laborer 10/5/1903 Athens
12/27/1904 Lee Jane White F W D. K. Lee Martha Lee Athens Boro Laborer 10/11/1904 Athens
May.1905 Lamphere Feddie? B. M W Chas. J. Lamphere Lettie B. Lamphere Myersburg Laborer 2/3/1905 Wysox
5/8/1905 Lowe John Rene M W Fred Lowe Celia Lowe Athens Carpenter 3/13/1905 Athens
5/4/1905 Lisk Annie F W Fred Lisk Ida Lisk Wells, Pa. Laborer 7/11/1904 Wells
5/23/1905 Leverick Mary margaret F W Jacob Leverick Mary Leverick LeRoy Farmer 4/15/1905 LeRoy, Pa.
5/29/1905 Lyon Cathern F W H. S. Lyon Lottie D. Lyon Laceyville Farmer 7/8/1904 Spring Hill
6/13/1905 Larabee Pansy F W Edward Larabee Lydia Larabee Terry Town Farmer 3/19/1905 Terry Twp.
5/10/1905 Little Chas. W. M W Stanley Little Ellen Welles York Ave Agent 12/25/1904 Towanda
  Lunger Earl Carmer M W E. O. Lunger Louise Lunger Athens Boro Laborer 4/17/1905 Athens Boro
  Lake Grace F W Richard Lake   Athens Boro Telegraph Opr. 3/7/1905 Athens Boro
5/6/1905 Landen Gertrude Lila F W Harry Landen Anna Landen Snedekers Laborer 3/10/1905 Snedekers
9/6/1905 Lancaster Earl R. M W Richard Lancaster Clara Lancaster Overton Laborer 3/2/1905 Overton
  Lyon Frank M W Chas. Lyon Anna Lyon S. Waverly Laborer 12/5/1905 S. Waverly
5/23/1905 Lyon John Raymond M W Layton Lyon Lillie May Lyon Armenia Farmer 11/3/1904 Armenia
5/27/1905 Lamb Albert W. M W Wm. Lamb Bertha Lamb Armenia Farmer 3/27/1905 Armenia
5/6/1905 Lane Bertha F W D. A. Lane Laura Lane Sheshequin Blacksmith 3/10/1905 Sheshequin
5/10/1905 Lane John E. M W J. C. Lane Isa Lane N. Towanda Farmer 3/19/1905 N. Towanda
9/7/1905 Lewis Rose Ethel F W John L. Lewis Minnie Lewis Rail Road St. Laborer 2/24/1905 Towanda
9/6/1905 Leonard Florence A. F W Max Leonard Cora Leonard Big Pond Blacksmith 5/24/1905 Big Pond
11/16/1905 Lee Edward M W Wm. Lee Ellen Lee N. Towanda Laborer 6/14/1905 N. Towanda
5/5/1905 Lewis Gohmer M W Dan'l. Lewis Flora Lewis Neath, Pa. Farmer 1/15/1905 Neath, Pa.
12/11/1905 Lyon Lee Ella M W Arthur Lyon Anna Lyon Leraysville Farmer 6/26/1905 Pike
Dec.1905 LeGrand Geo. W. M W Geo. R. LeGrand Ellen LeGrand Sayre Boiler Maker 10/16/1905 Sayre, Pa
5/31/1905 Loller Helen B. F W W. H. S. Loller Lydia Loller Troy Minister 6/7/1905 Kenneth Square ?
12/9/1905 Lee Pearl M W Ulysses Lee Zelphia Lee Albany Twp. Farmer 5/3/1905 Albany Twp.
12/15/1905 Lee Hazel F W Wm. Lee Jane Lee Albany Twp. Laborer 5/31/1905 Albany Twp.
12/14/1905 Lester George M W Earnest Lester Eva Lester Sayre Boro Foreman 8/29/1905 Sayre, Pa
12/4/1905 Lynch Elizabeth F W Frank Lynch Mary Lynch Sayre Boro Brakeman 11/8/1905 Sayre, Pa
12/2/1905 Lynch Altha F W Mike Lynch Anne Lynch Sayre Boro Laborer 6/20/1905 Sayre, Pa
11/8/1905 Leonard Blanch E. F W J. B. Leonard Julia Leonard Big Pond Farmer 8/25/1905 Big Pond
12/9/1905 Lewis Alice F W S. H. Lewis Alice Lewis South Creek Farmer 11/20/1905 So. Creek
Dec.1905 Lane Harold J. M W Burr Lane Lora Lane Smithfield Farmer 5/19/1905 Smithfield
Dec.1905 Loomis Mildred F W O. M. Loomis Cora Loomis Smithfield Farmer 7/5/1905 Smithfield
Dec.1905 Loomis Elizabeth F W John Loomis Florance Loomis Smithfield Farmer 8/28/1905 Smithfield
12/18/1905 Leonard Aura F W Burt Leonard Myrtle Leonard Ridgebury Farmer 8/5/1904 Ridgebury
12/20/1905 Larabee James E. M W Fred Larabee Macy Larabee Terry Twp. Laborer 11/16/1905 Terry Twp.
12/5/1905 Lattimer Claud M W Leo B. Lattimer Frances Lattimer Tuscarora Laborer 10/12/1905 Tuscarora
12/6/1905 Lacey Ruth M. F W Geo. M. Lacey Minnie Lacey Tuscarora Farmer 10/11/1905 Tuscarora
12/21/1905 Lewis Andria M. F W W. E. Lewis Lizzie Harvey Pratt Ave. Laborer 9/26/1905 Towanda
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