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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/7/1901 Lynch Beatrice F W M.J. Lynch Julia Lynch Sayre Laborer 1/31/1901 Sayre, Pa
  Lynch Bernice F W M.J. Lynch Julia Lynch Sayre Laborer 1/31/1901 Sayre, Pa
9/4/1901 Liddiard James M W Jesse Liddiard Eliza Liddiard Litchfield Farmer 12/20/1900 Litchfield
5/24/1901 Linley Laura W. F W Worth Linley Lilley Linley Overton Laborer 5/28/1901 Overton
5/14/1901 Leonard King Edwards M W Byron Leonard Julia A. Leonard Springfield Farmer 4/5/1901 Big Pond
5/15/1901 Leonard Madge Anna F W Benn Leonard Dora Leonard Springfield Farmer & piano dea. 3/13/1901 Leona
  Loux George M W John Loux Elen Loux River St. Fireman 1/31/1901 Sayre, Pa
  Levering Mary F W Nicholas Levering Josephine Levering Cayuta St. Laborer 2/19/1901 Sayre, Pa
5/12/1901 Litzelman Hugh F. M W Howard Litzelman Celia Litzelman Sheshequin Merchant 11/25/1900 Sheshequin
5/6/1901 Loomis Carrie F W H. S. Loomis Hettie Loomis Smithfield Farmer 2/16/1901 Ulster
5/6/1901 Lane D. A. Jr. M W D.A. Lane Laura Barett Lane Burlington Boro Blacksmith 5/14/1900 Burlington Boro
11/19/1901 Linton Wilbert R. M W J. Wm. Linton Bertha Linton Athens Draughtsman 6/4/1901 Athens
  Lamphere Bessie J. F W John Lamphere Lillian Lamphere Herrick Laborer 10/26/1901 Herrick
12/10/1901 Lockerby Seth Read M W Walter Lockerby Lena Lockerby Sayre Laborer 11/10/1901 Sayre, Pa
11/12/1901 Lurcock Donald Tracey M W S. M. Lurcock Lena Lurcock Sayre Laborer 11/3/1901 Sayre, Pa
5/10/1901 Little Stanley J. Jr. M W Stanley J. Little Ellen M. Little S. Main Merchant 2/2/1901 Sayre, Pa
5/6/1901 Loomis Orlando M W O. M. Loomis Mary H. Loomis Athens Twp. Farmer 2/9/1901 1st Ward Athens
5/23/1901 Lamont Marion F W R. F. Lamont Susie Lamont Greens Landing Laborer 5/11/1901 Greens Landing
12/19/1901 Lee Ethel F W Ulysses Lee Zelpha Lee Albany Twp. Farmer 8/21/1901 Albany Twp.
12/11/1901 Lamphere Jesse M W Charley Lamphere Lettie Lamphere Leraysville Laborer 5/24/1901 Towanda
Dec.1901 Little Howard M W John Little Bessie Little Sheshequin Laborer 11/30/1900 Sheshequin
Dec.1901 Lane Naomi A. F W Wm. I. Lane Ruth J. Lane Sheshequin Blacksmith 10/7/1901 Sheshequin
12/2/1901 Larabee James Murrell M W Ulyssus Larabee Roaney Larrabee West Branch,Monroe Twp. Farmer 8/26/1901 Monroe Twp.
11/22/1901 Lewis Harry Clayton M W Wm. G. Lewis Tryfena Lewis Rome Farmer 7/28/1901 Rome Twp.
11/19/1901 Lampman Jennie B. F W George Lampman Emma Lampman W. Burlington Farmer 7/9/1901 W. Burlington
12/4/1901 Lawlor Joseph Claremont M W Joseph Lawlor Ida Lawlor Wilawana Farmer 11/16/1901 Wilawana
12/4/1901 Lunger Walter M W E. O. Lunger Louisa Lunger Litchfield Farmer 10/21/1901 Litchfield
11/20/1901 Landon George M W Fred Landon Hattie B. Landon Granville, Pa. Farmer 6/9/1901 Granville, Pa
11/20/1901 Lindley Miles M. M W Solomon Lindley Mattie Landley Granville, Pa. Farmer 6/17/1901 Granville, Pa
12/7/1901 Lamb Margaret C. F W William L. Lamb Birtha M. Lamb Armenia Farmer 8/7/1901 Armenia Twp.
11/27/1901 Lott Ina May F W Willard H. Lott Rena M. Lott Orwell Stage Driver 6/7/1901 Orwell, Pa.
11/22/1901 Loomis Harland M W S. R. Loomis   Athens Boro Laborer 10/10/1901 3d Ward, Athens Boro
5/2/1902 Loewus Isabelle F W Emanuel Loewus Flora Loewus 4 St. Clerk 4/2/1902 Towanda, Pa.
  Lee Harry Camp M W J. C. Lee Jennie Camp Lee Herrick Doctor 3/4/1902 Herrickville
5/5/1902 Lattimore Mildred F W Oscar Lattimore Jessie Lattimore Scranton Laborer 1/2/1902 Scranton
5/12/1902 Lyon Sibyl F W J. C. Lyon Ferner? Lyon Spring Hill Farmer 3/12/1902 Spring Hill
5/15/1902 Lewis Hellen I. F W Geo. Bloom Lewis Wildie I. Lewis LeRoy Merchant 4/29/1901 LeRoy, Pa.
5/16/1902 Lewis Sterling Osgood M W C. L. Lewis Hattie Lewis Windham Minister 2/14/1902 Kuykendall Dist. 4
5/16/1902 Lunn Pansy Merval F W Frank Lunn Elisabeth Lunn Windham Laborer 4/2/1902 Windham Center
6/11/1902 Landback Walter B. M W W. H. Landback Anna Landback Second St. Farmer 2/23/1902 Wyalusing
5/14/1902 Lenox Harold S. M W Ernest Lenox Lizie Lenox Sayre Laborer 5/10/1902 Sayre, Pa
5/5/1902 Lenard Earl J. M W L. C. Lenard Emma S. Lenard Milan in Ulster C.L. 4/12/1902 Ulster in Milan
5/6/1902 Layton Elmer M W Arthur Layton Dell Layton Wysox Laborer 5/4/1902 Wysox
  Lindley Dorothy F W Thomas Lindley May E. Lindley Canton Farmer 2/24/1902 Canton
5/14/1902 Leonard Elisabeth O. F W Max Leonard Cora Leonard Big Pond Blacksmith 10/31/1901 Big Pond
11/26/1902 Lenox Ethel E. F W Delmer Lenox Mary C. Lenox Albany Twp. Farmer 9/13/1902 Albany Twp.
11/29/1902 Lewis Percival M W Frank Lewis Mary Lewis Albany Twp. Farmer 8/8/1902 Albany Twp.
  Lynch Robert Emmett M W James C. Lynch Margret Lynch Foot of Plane Merchant 7/27/1902 Foot of Plane
12/5/1902 Layman Ola May F W Leon Layman Lizzie M. Layman Sayre Barber 8/24/1902 Sayre, Pa
11/29/1902 Loomis Beatrice F W Frank Loomis Agnes Loomis Church St.,Athens Laborer 11/9/1902 Athens
11/14/1902 Leonard Milton O. M W Byron Leonard Julia A. Leonard Big Pond Farmer 5/11/1902 Big Pond
11/23/1902 Lowe Irene F W Fred Lowe Alia L. Lowe Athens Dealer 5/16/1902 Athens
  Lloyd Henry M W Eugene Lloyd Linda Lloyd Holly St. Brakeman 11/19/1902 Sayre, Pa
12/4/1902 Lattimer Ruth M. F W A. Lattimer Viola F. Lattimer Tuscarora Twp. Farmer 11/12/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
12/10/1902 Lattimer Joseph Wm. M W G.B. Lattimer May Lattimer Lime Hill Laborer 4/29/1901 Lime Hill
  Lane Baby F W Burr Lane Lora Lane Smithfield Farmer 11/14/1902 Smithfield
11/28/1902 Lantz Rena May F W Earnest Lantz Eva Lantz Burlington Twp. Farmer 5/7/1902 Burlington Twp.
  Lamphere Lizzie F W C. J. Lamphere Lettie Lamphere Herrick Laborer 10/12/1902 Herrick
  Landon Dorothy F W Herbert Landon Elizabeth H. Landon Herrick Farmer 8/16/1902 Herrick Twp.
12/15/1902 Lilley Charles S. M W C. S. Lilley Sarah Manville Chestnut St. Laundryman 2/19/1902 Towanda
12/5/1902 Lunn Mable A. F W Arthur Lunn Daisy A. Lunn Windham Laborer 8/13/1902 Babcock Hill
12/3/1902 Laughlin Robert M W John J. Laughlin Celia Laughlin 100 Western Ave. Laborer 9/29/1902 100 Western Ave
12/3/1902 Loomis Edward M W Myron Loomis Rose Loomis Canton Twp. Farmer 6/27/1901 Canton Twp.
12/13/1902 Lemons     W Harry Lemons Hannah Lemons Hollenback Farmer 11/11/1902 Hollenback
5/13/1903 Layman Lenox M W Wm. H. Layman Mattie Layman Albany Twp. Farmer 2/1/1903 Albany Twp.
5/16/1903 Lee Richard M W Ulysses Lee Josephine Lee Albany Twp. Farmer 12/17/1902 Albany Twp.
5/16/1903 Lent Maisie Myrtle F W Bruce B. Lent Annie Lent Orwell Farmer 6/24/1902 Orwell, Pa.
6/10/1903 Lance Wm. M W Henry Lance Anna Landback   Farmer 6/1/1903  
6/10/1903 Loomis Fanny F W L. Loomis Mary   Farmer 7/15/1902  
6/12/1903 Lake Louis Irene F W Richard Lake Nellie Lake Desmond St. Operator 12/27/1902 Athens, Pa.
6/12/1903 Lewis Clyde Norman M W William Lewis Lydia? Henry Pratt Ave. Laborer 4/28/1903 Towanda
5/5/1903 Lane Ralph M W Hurburt Lane Mary E. Lane LeRoy Farmer 5/21/1903 LeRoy, Pa.
5/5/1903 Lilley Ward Warren M W Edgar W. Lilley Bertha H. Lilley LeRoy Farmer 5/2/1903 LeRoy, Pa.
8/31/1903 Lynch Francis Joseph M W Frank C. Lynch Bessie Lynch Sayre Brakeman 6/27/1903 Sayre, Pa
8/31/1903 Labarre Floyd Ray M W John Labarre Sybel Labarre Sayre Fireman 5/12/1903 Sayre, Pa
6/18/1904 Lamb Ellery D. M W Wm. Lamb Bertha Lamb Armenia Twp. Farmer 10/29/1903 Armenia Twp.
8/7/1903 Lyon Norman W. M W Steven S. Lyon Katherine Lyon Spring Hill Farmer 7/9/1903 Spring Hill
5/19/1903 Leonard Faith F W Irvine Leonard Margarriet Leonard Big Pond Laborer 11/26/1902 Big Pond
  Lindley Dorothy F W D. T. Lindley Mae Lindley Canton Farmer 2/24/1902 Canton, Pa.
  Landon Chas. T. M W Guy A. Landon Fanny B. Landon E. Canton Farmer 5/19/1903 Canton, Pa.
9/3/1903 Landmesser Esther E. F W L. W. Landmesser Ida Bell Landmesser Standing Stone Laborer 12/31/1902 Standing Stone
5/4/1903 Leonard Mirtte F W Melvin Leonard Edith leonard Smithfield Laborer 2/3/1903 Smithfield
5/4/1903 Loomis Lucien M W A. R. Loomis Fanny E. Troy Butter Maker 3/1/1903 E. Troy
  Lockett Mildred F W George Lockett Julia Lockett Sayre B. Maker 11/12/1903 Sayre, Pa
12/17/1903 Lamont Esther Arleen F W Ray M. Lamont Susie Lamont Sayre Clerk 9/23/1903 Sayre, Pa
  Loop Marjorie F W George A. Loop Bessie M. Loop Sayre Mail Carrier 7/27/1903 Sayre, Pa
12/17/1903 Lull Paul Emerson M W George E. Lull Grace Lull Sayre Clerk 7/8/1903 Sayre, Pa
12/5/1903 Lenox George H. M W D. L. Lenox Sarah Lenox Athens Templet Maker 6/14/1903 Athens
12/9/1903 Lynch Paul M W John R. Lynch Nellie Lynch 205 Main St. Tailor 7/24/1903 205 Main St.
  Lynch Francis Joseph M W Frank Lynch Elizabeth Lynch Sayre Brakeman 6/27/1903  
12/8/1903 Leahey John M W John Leahey Agnes Leahey Athens Salon Keeper 3/9/1902 Athens, Pa.
12/7/1903 Lilley Donald Thomas M W Thomas Lilley Mary Lilley Powell Laborer 8/30/1903 Monroe Twp.
12/14/1903 Lurcock Clinton M W Winfield Lurcock Cora Lurcock Litchfield Farmer 9/28/1903 Litchfield
12/8/1903 Lee Kathryn F W Dr. J. C. Lee Jennie Lee Herrick Doctor 9/27/1903 Herrick
12/12/1903 Lewis Leah M. F W George B. Lewis Wilda S. Lewis LeRoy Lumberman 7/13/1903 LeRoy, Pa.
12/10/1903 Lorom Edna F W Randolph Lorom Anna Lorom Laquin Foreman 2/16/1903 Castorland, Lewis Co.,NY
12/9/1903 Leonard Leon M W F. L. Leonard Ethel Leonard Burlington Twp. Farmer 1/26/1903 RFD #2
  Lane Edwin M W Wm. I. Lane Ruth J. Lane Sheshequin Blacksmith 9/2/1903 Sheshequin
12/8/1903 Leavenworth Menice? F W Fred Leavenworth Della Leavenworth N. Towanda Carpenter 10/25/1903 N. Towanda
12/12/1903 Larrison Polly F W D. A. Larrison Phebe Larrison Ridgebury Farmer 6/8/1903 Ridgebury
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