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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/8/1902 Inman John M W Barran Inman Chloe Inman Sayre Brakeman 4/22/1901 Lagrange?, Pa
  Isaacs Ruth F W Samuel Isaacs Bertha Isaacs Canton Farmer 12/27/1901 Canton
5/8/1903 Irvin Roy M W Fred Irvin Maud Irvin Monroe Laborer 2/12/1902 Riasia?, Pa
12/14/1903 Isabell Bertha F W Fay Isbell Jennie Isbell Budge & Charles Laborer 8/31/1903 Budge & Charles
5/28/1904 Isabell John F. M W Olive Isibell Sharlotte E. Isibell Milan, Pa. Laborer 4/23/1904 Milan, Pa.
9/23/1903 Ingraham Chancy Wright M W Chas. N. Ingraham Susie C. Ingraham Athens Machinist 3/20/1903 Athens
5/10/1905 Innes Pauline Owen F W Theodore Innes Mable Innes Grover Laborer 2/9/1905 Grover
12/20/1905 Isibell George? M W Oliver Isibell Charlot Isibel Milan, Pa. Carpenter 12/19/1905 Ulster in Milan
  Isaacs Eva M. F W Henry R. Isaacs Rexa B. Isaacs Canton Laborer 6/21/1905 Canton
NOTE* Many different spellings of Isabell all on same line                  
5/16/1901 Joralemon Charles Edward M W Hosea Joralemon Lucy Joraleman Col.X Rds. Farmer 1/12/1901 Columbia
9/4/1901 Johns Dorthie May F W Charles Johns Cora Johns East Troy Farmer 5/12/1901 East Troy
12/9/1901 Johnston Sylvia Dorothy F W L. A. Johnston Rena Johnston Towanda Sawyer 7/29/1901 Towanda, Pa.
5/7/1901 Jones Phoebe Jane F W Wm. H. Jones Mary Jones Athens Laborer 3/23/1901 Athens
12/2/1901 Jenney   M W Clarence Jenney Marie Jenney Smithfield Laborer 10/22/1901 Smithfield
11/19/1901 Johnson Charles F. M W Charles Johnson Josephine Johnson N. Towanda Laborer 6/6/1901 N. Towanda
12/12/1901 Jones Christine F W Elmer Jones Mary Jones Neath Farmer 5/20/1901 Neath
12/3/1901 Johnson Florence F W Benny Johnson Hellen Johnson Rent Run Stonemason 8/26/1901 Monroe Twp.
9/4/1901 Jaquish John M W O. W. Jaquish Lillie Jaquish Canton Boro Merchant 8/25/1901 Canton Boro
12/6/1901 Jones Edwin R. M W Fred Jones Nellie Jones S. Warren Farmer 10/31/1901 South Warren
12/19/1901 Johnson Nelly F W Andrew Johnson Lizzy Johnson F. h. hagerman Farmer 12/14/1901 Towanda Twp.
11/26/1901 Jenkins Mable F W J. S. Jenkins Emma Jenkins Wells Farmer 11/14/1901 Wells, Pa.
11/6/1901 Judson Owen M W James Judson Minnie Judson Fassetts, S.C. Farmer 8/16/1901 Fassett
11/20/1901 Joralemon Hildred F W L. D. Joralemon Ruby Joralemon Gilletts Farmer 8/11/1901 Gillett
5/19/1902 Johnson Hudson V. M W Ira T. Johnson Martha J. Johnson 302 3rd St. Evangelist 3/11/1902 302 3rd St.
5/20/1902 Johnson Helen F W Percy Johnson Birtha Johnson 318 Poplar St. Agent 3/2/1902 318 Poplar St.
5/24/1902 Jones Margaret F   Elmer Jones Mary Jones Neath Farmer 5/6/1902 Neath
5/24/1902 Jones Marjorie F   Elmer Jones Mary Jones Neath Farmer 5/6/1902 Neath
  Johnson Louise F W Harry Johnson  Rozella Johnson Orchard St. Laborer 8/11/1902 Sayre
5/6/1902 Johnson Ginnce? F W Leonard Johnson Ella Johnson Sheshequin Laborer 3/5/1902 Sheshequin
5/6/1902 Jones Francis W. M W Ira Jones Mary Jones Sheshequin Laborer 2/7/1902 Sheshequin
6/13/1902 Junk James Henry M W Ralph Junk Bernete? Junk Hollenback Farmer 12/27/1901 Wilmot
5/17/1902 Judson LaFayette M W S. E. Judson Effie A. Judson Rutland Farmer 3/11/1902 Columbia
12/3/1902 Jackson Verna M. F W Gordon Jackson Fanny Jackson Albany Farmer 6/7/1902 Albany Twp.
12/4/1902 Jorden Mildred F W Charles Jorden Josephine Jorden Sayre Conductor 9/9/1902 Sayre
12/12/1902 Jones Adelia F W Verne Jones Linnie Jones Neath Farmer 11/12/1902 Neath
12/9/1902 Johnson Charley Stirling M W Robbert Johnson Dorey Bell Johnson South Branch Stone cutter 6/22/1902 South Branch
11/25/1902 Johnson Frank M W Henry Johnson Ella Johnson Andrew Hollar Day Laborer 8/17/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/16/1902 Jones Marion M   G. M. Jones Una Jones East Troy Butcher 10/23/1902 East Troy
  Johnson Eunice F W Leonard Johnson Ella Johnson Sheshequin Laborer 3/5/1902 Sheshequin
12/6/1902 Jones Leo F. M   Ruel Jones Alice Jones Warren Farmer 9/13/1902 Warren
  Johnson Steven Fredrick M   Edward Johnson Almira Johnson Marshview Farmer 8/8/1902 Marshview
  Johnston Emerson LaVerne M W H. L. Johnston Edith Johnston Canton Boro Salesman 8/15/1902 Canton 
12/12/1902 Junk Marguate C. F W Wm. A. Junk Hannah Junk Elwell Farmer 3/2/1902 Elwell
  Jennings Mary F W S. A. jennings Libby Jennings Terry Town Farmer 5/5/1903 Terry Twp.
5/6/1903 Johnson Edwin George M W Levi P. Johnson Blanche N. Johnson Indian Hill Farmer 6/11/1903 Indian Hill
5/23/1903 Jaroleman Infant F W Hosea Jaroleman Lucy Jaroleman Col.X Rds. Farmer 5/17/1903 Col.X Rds
8/31/1903 Jerzykowski May Katherine F W Joseph Jerzykowski Katherine Jerzykowski Sayre Tailor 6/2/1903 Sayre, Pa
8/31/1903 Johnson Baby F W Fred C. Johnson Ida Johnson Sayre Laborer 5/18/1903 Sayre, Pa
May.1903 Jones Rob't. G. M W Walter Jones Carrie Jones Sheshequin Farmer 5/24/1903 Sheshequin
5/21/1903 Jelliff Jessie M W G. J. Jelliff Roena Jelliff Berrytown Farmer 12/22/1902 Berrytown
5/14/1903 Jenkins Merle F W Jet Jenkins Mable Jenkins Grover Laborer 7/31/1902 Grover
5/28/1903 Jennings Nina Roberta F W Floyd Jennings Flossie Jennings W. Burlington Laborer 4/23/1903 W. Burlington
8/27/1903 Jacob Albertas Child F W   Alberta Jacobs Burlington   4/9/1903 W. Burlington
5/12/1903 Jestin Lena A. F W Chas. Jestin Mame Jestin Sugar Run Stone Cutter 2/16/1903 Sugar Run
5/23/1903 Johnson Hattie F W Henry Johnson Lora J. Johnson Athens Laborer 5/9/1903 E. Athens
5/23/1903 Johnson Nettie F W Henry Johnson Lora J. Johnson Athens Laborer 5/9/1903 E. Athens
12/9/1903 Jackson Florence F B Johathan Jackson Anna Jackson 3rd & Lombard Clergyman 8/17/1903 3rd & Lombard
11/23/1903 Jackson Harold M W Fred Jackson Viola Jackson Athens Laborer 2/14/1903 Athens
5/5/1903 Johnson Eloney May F W Irvine Johnson Eva Johnson Irvine St. Laborer 2/28/1903 Irvine St.
12/9/1903 Johnson Robert Ray M W Wilson Johnson Gertie Johnson Santrum? St. Laborer 11/5/1903 Santrum? St.
12/9/1903 Johnson Glen Franklin M W Floyd M. Johnson Sue Johnson Indian Hill Laborer 9/28/1903 Indian Hill
10/6/1903 Jones Myrtle F W Edgar Jones Maggie Jones Albany Twp. Farmer 8/3/1903 Albany Twp.
12/1/1903 Jordan Edith Marette F W Wm. Jordan Anna M. Jordan Ulster Farmer 9/5/1903 Ulster
12/9/1903 Johnson Sarah O. F W Fred H. Johnson Rose Johnson Granville Twp. Agent 8/16/1903 Granville Twp.
12/16/1903 Johnson Helen Louise F W Edw. L. Johnson Mary Johnson Franklin Farmer 10/6/1903 Franklin
5/3/1904 Johnson Mary F W John Johnson Lillian Johnson Myersberg Laborer 2/18/1904 Myersburg
5/9/1904 Johnson George M W Dorsey Johnson Hettie Johnson Monroe Twp. Laborer 12/25/1903 Monroe Twp.
5/28/1904 Johnson Elizabeth F W James Johnson Peggy Johnson Terry Town Laborer 2/25/1904 Terry Twp.
5/4/1904 Johnson Amey F W Eyrie Johnson Marie Johnson Monroeton Laborer 4/20/1903 Monroeton
5/20/1904 Jenkins Bayette M W A. L. Jenkins Cora C. Jenkins LeRaysville Dentist 9/22/1903 Spring Hill
6/16/1904 Johnson Jennie F W Andrew Johnson Lizzie Johnson Towanda Farmer 2/21/1904 Myersburg
6/16/1904 Johnson Minnie F W Andrew Johnson Lizzie Johnson Towanda Farmer 2/21/1904 Myersburg
  Jennings Julia F W Lewis Jennings Lizzie Jennings Macedonia Farmer 1/2/1904 Macedonia
  Jennings John M W Lewis Jennings Lizzie Jennings Macedonia Farmer 1/2/1904 Macedonia
5/3/1904 Jenny Leroy Clarence M W Wm. Jenny Frances Besley Athens Twp. Laborer 3/24/1904  
5/29/1904 Jenney Leslie Wilfred M W C. W. Jenney Mame Jenney Smithfield Farmer 12/6/1903 Smithfield
5/5/1904 Jones Marion F W Elmer Jones Mamie Roberts Jones Neath Farmer 1/20?/1904 Neath
5/3/1904 Johnson Howard W. M W L. W. Johnson Rena Wheaten Towanda Laborer 2/9/1903 Sullivan Co.
  Jenkins Eloise F W Geo. Jenkins Lillian Jenkins Canton  Laborer 9/5/1903 Canton
7/8/1904 Johnson Howard A. M W Arthur L. Johnson Mollie R. Johnson Cranford, NJ Supt.of Schools 6/19/1904 Monroe Boro
11/15/1904 Johnson Bertha F W Loren Johnson Mayme Johnson Barclay Blacksmith 12/19/1903 Barclay
12/21/1904 Jones Duglas Sibley M W Levi C. Jones Dora Manchester Jones 4th Dist. Carpenter 8/6/1904 4th Dist.
12/8/1904 Johnson Chas. Edward M W John Johnson Martha Johnson Austinville Laborer 7/29/1904 Austinville
12/5/1904 Jenkins Edith May F W S. F. Jenkins Emma Jenkins Wells Farmer 10/31/1904 Wells, Pa.
12/7/1904 Jaroleman Paul M W Hosea Jaroleman Lucy Joraleman Col.X Rds. Farmer 10/3/1904 Col.X Rds
12/19/1904 Jones Joseph M W G. M. Jones Una Jones E. Troy Butcher 10/21/1904 E. Troy
12/5/1904 Johnson Francis H. M W John R. Johnson Nora Johnson West Branch Farmer 5/14/1904 West Branch
12/7/1904 Johnson Marion F W Irvine Johnson Eva Johnson Liberty Corners Laborer 8/4/1904 Liberty Corners
5/8/1905 Johnson Edward M W Edward Johnson Bessie Johnson South Branch Laborer 2/9/1905 Sayre
5/8/1905 Johnson Zebulon M W Edward Johnson Bessie Johnson South Branch Laborer 2/9/1905 Sayre
5/9/1905 Johnson Filo M W Bigler Johnson Sarah Johnson Fowler Town Laborer 3/12/1905 Fowlertown
5/13/1905 Jones Clifford C. M W Caraday? Jones Elizabeth Jones Armenia Minister 8/23/1903 Armenia
5/6/1905 Johnson John M W Maddison Johnson Elibella Mary Johnson Ellis Hill Farmer 12/19/1904 Ellis Hill
6/24/1905 Johnson   F W W. D. Johnson Carrie Johnson LeRaysville Druggist 6/4/1905 LeRaysville
6/29/1905 Johnson Ruth Clare F W   Hattie Johnson Windham   4/20/1905 Windham
5/20/1905 Johns Willie Jacob M W Charles Johns Cora Johns Leona Laborer 3/25/1905 Leona
5/24/1905 Johnson Addie Jane F W Henry E. Johnson Lora  Ellistown Rd. Laborer 3/29/1905 Sayre
12/6/1905 Johnson Floyd D. M W Herbert Johnson Lillian Johnson Taylor Hill Farmer 8/27/1905 Rome Twp.
  Jenkins Miles M W Wilson Jenkins Jennie Jenkins Laquin Laborer 11/7/1905 Laquin
12/9/1905 Johnson Lester L. M W Robt. M. Johnson Dora R. Johnson So. Branch Stoneman 6/2/1905 So. Branch
12/12/1905 Johnson Lloyd M W Jas. H. Johnson Georgeanna Johnson So. Branch Laborer 11/4/1905 Brocktown
12/20/1905 Jennings Ruby R. F W Silas C. Jennings Libby Jennings Terry Twp. Farmer 7/4/1905 Terry Twp.
12/19/1905 Junk C. Pue ? F W Wm. A. Junk Hannah Junk Elwell Farmer 8/13/1905 Wilmot
12/18/1905 Jackson Junia F W Wm. Jackson Florence Jackson Windham Farmer 11/25/1905 Windham
12/19/1905 Johnson Daris? E. M W Wm. D. Johnson          
12/11/1905 Johnson George Steven M W Madison Johnson Mamie Johnson Durell Farmer 12/19/1904 Durell
Dec.1905 Johnson Carl L. M W Leonard Johnson Ella Johnson Sheshequin Laborer 9/19/1905 Sheshequin
12/16/1905 Justion Burton M W James Justion Carrie M. Ford Justion Towanda, Pa.#8 Laborer 8/3/1905 Towanda, Pa.#8
Dear Joyce - May 2011
Thank you for your hard work and accessible records.  I have just found the birth registration of one family member on the site shown above:

 Jenkins Merte F W Jet Jenkins Mable Jenkins Grover Laborer 7/31/1903 Grover

The listing is just a smidgen over half way down the page.  There are two errors. 1. Merle’s given name is shown as Merte instead of Merle.  I understand how these mistakes occur as I also have to read old written documents from time to time.

Merle was born in 1902 and this is born out in the recording as the registration date is given as 14 May 1903 and Merle’s birth date is recorded as 31 July 1903.  It would be impossible to record the birth before it had occurred and her obituary (displayed on your site) confirms that she was born in 1902 – a simple mistake.  Father was Justin Jenkins (obviously known as “Jet”).
Thanks again
Chris Hannan
Perth, Australia

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