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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/3/1904 Haylman Eliza E. F W Frank Heylman ? Ruth Evans Towanda Laborer 1/19/1904 Towanda
5/3/1904 Hawley Lucy L. F W Chas. Hawley Clara Snyder Towanda Laborer 4/2/1904 Towanda
5/3/1904 House Jason S. M W Adelbert House Bessie Fairbanks Towanda Laborer 10/27/1903 Towanda
6/7/1904 Hollis Alberta F W Horace Hollis Aurelia Hollis Canton Laborer 2/26/1904 Canton
12/8/1904 House Henry J. M W Burt House Mary House Homets Ferry Farmer 10/2/1904 Homets Ferry
12/21/1904 Holcomb Donald T. M W Matta H. Holcomb Ora Holcomb Troy, Pa. Farmer 7/30/1904 Troy, Pa.
12/20/1904 Houghtalen   M W Robert Houghtalen Henrietta Houghtalen Athens Twp. Farmer 12/19/1904 Athens Twp.
12/21/1904 Hadlock Eva Pauline F W F. B. Hadlock Millie Hadlock Athens Twp. Farmer 10/29/1904 Athens Twp.
5/11/1904 Henry Leon K. M W Paul Henry Grace henry Athens Butcher 5/14/1904 Athens Twp.
11/7/1904 Hosmer Helen Louise F W Fred Hosmer Effie Hosmer Athens Twp. Painter 5/30/1904 Athens Twp.
Dec.1904 Hauser Lillian Emma F W Harry J. Hauser Laura May Hauser Sayre Banker 5/18/1904 Sayre
12/10/1904 Hanefin Michael James M W Rob't Hanefin Winnie Hanefin Windham Farmer 5/13/1904 Windham
12/20/1904 Hoffman Henry C. M W Jacob L. Hoffman Hannah B. Hoffman 8 College Ave. Mason 7/25/1904 Towanda
12/20/1904 Hoffman Paul K. M W Edward T. Hoffman Helen W. Hoffman 608 Third Shoemaker 1/10/1904 Towanda
12/21/1904 Hoyt Margaret Maude F W S. T. Hoyt Jr. Elizabeth C.S. Hoyt Main & Grant Superintendent 12/10/1903  
12/5/1904 Horton Theodore M W J. W. Horton Carrie Horton South Branch Farmer 11/10/1904 South Branch
12/19/1904 Harris Sarah Edna F W William Harris Agness Harris Liberty Corners Laborer 12/12/1904 Liberty Corners
12/21/1904 Hancock Thomas J. M W Jay Hancock Ella Hancock Terry Town Laborer 5/27/1904 Terry Twp.
12/4/1904 Hyde Chas. Leander M W Frank Hyde Martha Hyde Ulster Farmer 10/13/1903 Ulster
Dec.1904 Hudson Fred E M W Orin Hudson Bertha Hudson Sayre Fireman 8/6/1904 Sayre
Dec.1904 Hudson Amy F W Orin Hudson Bertha Hudson Sayre Fireman 8/6/1904 Sayre
10/24/1904 Heidt Leonard A. F W Joseph Heidt Hattie Heidt Overton Laborer 8/16/1904 Overton
12/20/1904 Hausknecht Elsie Grace F W Bert Housknecht Angeline Housknecht Overton Clerk 9/29/1904 Overton
  Harvey Martha E. F W J. Ray Harvey Clare Harvey Powell Laborer 10/16/1904 Powell
12/7/1904 Harden Ralph S. M W Geo. S. Harden Mary E. Harden N. Towanda Painter 7/27/1904 N. Towanda
12/5/1904 Hall Harry M W U. G. Hall Belle Hall Smithfield Farmer 7/10/1904 Smithfield
12/5/1904 Harkness Lee Fred M W Frank L. Harkness Hulda Harkness Smithfield Laborer 9/12/1904 Smithfield
Dec.1904 Hitchcock Infant F W H. W. Hitchcock Mary Hitchcock Orwell Farmer 12/12/1904 Orwell
12/15/1904 Herrington Howard F. M W Lewis Herrington Lettie M. Herrington W. Burlington Farmer 6/15/1904 W. Burlington
12/8/1904 Hunsinger Robert M W Merton Hunsinger Fannie Hunsinger Sayre Tin Smith 7/19/1904 Sayre
11/8/1904 Henry Raymond Paul M W Elmer Henry Daisy Henry Sugar Hill Farmer 9/9/1904 Sugar Hill
12/13/1904 Hammond H. W. M W Chas. Hammond Myrtle Hammond New Albany Farmer 10/14/1904 New Albany
12/5/1904 Harris Amy Lucil F W Geo. A. Harris Viola Harris 4th Dist. Laborer 8/27/1904 4th Dist.
12/21/1904 Haskins Francis F W Fred Haskins Linn Haskins Ridgebury Painter 6/10/1904 Ridgebury
9/23/1904 Hanlon Alta I. F W Chas. E. Hanlon Mary Hanlon Ridgebury Farmer 5/7/1904 Ridgebury
5/28/1904 Hakes Baby M W Frank Hakes Maggie Hakes Bentley Creek Farmer 12/2/1904 Ridgebury
12/17/1904 Hanlon Catherine D. F W Fred Hanlon Lulu Hanlon Ridgebury Farmer 10/20/1904 Ridgebury
12/21/1904 Howell Huber M W L. B. Howell Nellie Howell LeRaysville Mechanic 8/30/1904 LeRaysville
12/19/1904 Harford Mary L. F W C. Adelbert Harford Hattie Harford Tuscarora Laborer 10/3/1904 Tuscarora
12/26/1904 Hatch Laurence Tice M W Andrew Hatch Mrs. Andrew Hatch RFD2,Towanda Farmer 8/29/1904 Towanda
12/28/1904 Huston Robt't Wm. M W Sam'l M. Huston Lizzie B. Moody RFD2,Towanda Farmer 6/25/1904 Towanda
12/29/1904 Hatch Leon M W Leonard Hatch Nora Hatch S. Towanda Laborer 7/1/1904 S. Towanda
12/27/1904 Hildebrant Howard Leon M W Amos Hildebrant Jennie Hildebrant Athens Boro Brakeman 9/6/1904 Athens Boro
12/27/1904 Hildebrant Harold Marion M W Amos Hildebrant Jennie Hildebrant Athens Boro Brakeman 9/6/1904 Athens Boro
12/30/1904 Horton Hallie Elizabeth F W L. C. Horton Elizabeth Horton Athens Boro Brakeman 9/3/1903 Sheshequin
4/8/1905 Harris Frank L. M W John L. Harris Ratie Harris Greenwood Black Smith 3/26/1905 Greenwood
5/1/1905 Hill Tarna ? F W James Hill Mary Hill Troy Twp. Farmer 10/12/1904  
5/17/1905 Harris Loren Stanton M W Chas. Harris Ethel Harris Armenia Farmer 3/15/1904 Armenia
12/30/1904 Huff Clifford M W Isaac Huff Anna Huff Athens Boro Templet Maker 5/26/1904 Athens Boro
5/24/1905 Hardenstine Florence I. F W Joseph Hardenstine Rosie Hardenstine Wysox Laborer 3/6/1904 Wysox
May.1905 Howell William Dennison M W B. G. Howe Myrtie Howe Orwell Hill Black Smith 2/3/1905 Orwell Twp.
May.1905 Holcomb Roslie Helen F W Ray M. Holcomb Lena Holcomb LeRoy, Pa. Farmer 4/9/1905 LeRoy
5/18/1905 Heath Worlly Clark ? M W Wm. Heath Martha Heath Macedonia Laborer 1/9/1904 Macedonia
5/1/1905 Haight Irene Elizabeth F W Arthur Haight Ella Haight Athens Laborer 12/15/1904 Athens
5/5/1905 hess Eva E. F W Irvin C. Hess Nettie E. Hess Wysox Fireman 2/27/1905 Wysox
5/8/1905 Horton Clyde E. M W Walter B. Horton Fannie Horton Wysox Laborer 1/15/1905 Wysox
5/29/1905 Howland Irene Elizabeth F W John Chandler Myrtie Chandler Wylausing Farmer 12/16/1904 Spring Hill
  Hotchkiss Julia L. F W Fred Hotchkiss Clara Hotchkiss Warren Laborer 4/4/1905 Warren
5/3/1905 Hitchcock Edroin Eugene? M W C. H. Hitchcock Bertha R. Hitchcock Herrick Farmer 11/8/1904 Herrick
5/18/1905 Harford Mira Lorena F W John Harford Luella Harford Windham Farmer 12/28/1904 Windham
5/10/1905 Heath Agnes F W Bert Heath Catherine Flynn Locust Ave. Clerk 12/31/1903 Towanda
  Hair John Joseph M W Harry Hair Josephine Hair Athens Boro Gas Maker 3/19/1905 Athens Boro
5/1/1905 Haven Seth Edson M W Austin S. Haven Myrtle M. haven Austinvelle Laborer 3/5/1905 Austinville
5/8/1905 Hadlock Charles E. M W Emmit A. Hadlock Jennie C. Hadlock Athens Twp. Laborer 1/21/1905 E. Athens
July.1905 Horton Harrold M W Jesse Horton Ethel Harris Sayre B. Maker 6/19/1905 Sayre
5/19/1905 Harkness Lee M W Harold Harkness Edna Harkness Springfield Laborer 2/7/1905 Springfield
5/15/1905 Hodge Merit A. M W Wm. Hodge Mina Hodge Smithfield Laborer 1/1/1905 Smithfield
5/3/1905 Haines Grace F W Bert Haines Mustin? Haines 1 Count St. Laborer 1/19/1905 Towanda
5/18/1905 Henry Ervin Raymond M W Elmer Henry Daisy Henry Sugar Hill Farmer 10/9/1904 Sugar Hill
5/8/1905 Harris Frank McCullagh M W Walace Harris Clara Belle Harris 22 River Laborer 2/7/1905 Towanda
5/23/1905 House Arthur R. M W Floyd Vaughn Cora M. House W. Burlington Laborer 5/2/1905 W. Burlington
5/11/1905 Harden Anna Bell F W Oscar H. Harden Nelley Harden N. Towanda Painter 12/24/1904 N. Towanda
8/25/1905 Hoose William Lyman M W Wm. Hoose L??? Hoose Grover Farmer 8/12/1905 Grover
Nov.1905 Hair Terence Vincent M W Paul Hair Sarah Hair Athens Boro Laborer 10/4/1905 Athens Boro
Dec.1905 Hawley Mildred E. F W Chas. F. Hawley Estella V. Hawley Sayre Machinist 8/31/1905 Sayre
12/14/1905 Hager Alberta F W Wm. Hager Jeney Hager Troy Farmer 7/14/1905 Troy, Pa.
Dec.1905 Horton Hellen M. F W Horan? S. Horton Ozelta Horten Sayre Fireman 4/1/1905 Sayre
Dec.1905 Hitchcock Ruth Aline F W Sam'l Hitchcock Dora Hitchcock Sayre Laborer 9/19/1905 Sayre
Dec.1905 Hudson Milton J. M W Orin Hudson Bertha M. Hudson Sayre Fireman 9/20/1904 Sayre
5/19/1905 Hyser Wesley P. M W Sam Hyser Allace Hyser Milan C.L. 3/30/1905 Ulster in Milan
Sept.1905 Haverly Hazel R. F W Ezra Haverly Flossie Haverly 610 Desmond Brakeman 1/17/1905 Athens
12/12/1905 Hakes William M W Thos. Hakes Myrtle B. Hakes Albany Twp. Farmer 9/14/1905 Albany Twp.
11/7/1905 Horton Frederick Peter Harris M W G. Z. Horton L. Maud Horton Sugar Run Farmer 10/4/1905 Sugar Run
10/21/1905 Horton George E. M W Geo. L. Horton Emma Horton Litchfield Farmer 3/29/1905 Litchfield
12/20/1905 Harp Hazel Mary F W Morace? Harps Eva Vail Wyalusing Laborer 9/26/1905 Wyalusing
12/10/1905 Howell Marea Christene F W Wm. Howell Francis Lax Howell Wyalusing Plaster Mason 9/28/1905 Wyalusing
12/20/1905 Hawley Lillian F W F. A. Hawley Angie Vanderpool Wyalusing Laborer 11/10/1905 Wyalusing
12/21/1905 Horton Murrey M. M W Clayton D. Horton Charlemas Horton Sheshequin Farmer 6/5/1905 Sheshequin
12/4/1905 Hillis Theodore Stewart M W R. S. Hillis Kate Hillis Camptown Farmer 7/3/1905 Camptown
12/4/1905 Heath Wm. Arthur M W C.D. Heath Eva Heath Burlington Twp. Farmer 5/19/1905 Burlington Twp.
12/5/1905 Hollenback Leon M W W. L. Hollenback Mary Hollenback Burlington Twp. Farmer 12/22/1905 Burlington Twp.
12/8/1905 Herda Alton A. M W Geo. Herda Bell Herda Burlington Twp. Farmer 4/1/1905 Burlington Twp.
12/19/1905 Hammond Stanley M W A. B. Hammond Cora Hammond Col.X Rds Farmer 4/9/1904 Col. X Rds
  Huber Margaret L. F W Francis K. Huber Susan Huber Redington Ave. Clergyman 7/27/1905 Troy, Pa.
  Harrison Thomas Henry M W Wm. Henry Harrison Ada A. Harrison Main St. Coachman 8/12/1905 Troy, Pa.
  Harrison Lauria F W Wm. Henry Harrison Ada A. Harrison Main St. Coachman 6/4/1904 Troy, Pa.
12/20/1905 Hoover Delphine F W Ira Hoover Delphine Hoover Terry Twp. Farmer 11/26/1905 Terry Twp.
12/20/1905 Hoover Norah F W Geo Hoover Jessie Hoover Terry Twp. Farmer 10/7/1905 Terry Twp.
12/9/1905 Harris Stanley Jay M W Walter J. Harris Della Harris E. Athens Laborer 7/28/1905 E. Athens
12/9/1905 Haflett Frank M W Geo. W. Haflett Mary Haflett Granville Farmer 5/19/1905 Granville
12/19/1905 Hanefin Paul M W Robt. Hanefin Winnie Hanefin Windham Farmer 12/9/1905 Windham
12/1/1905 Hurley John A. M W J. D. Hurley Elizabeth Hurley Smithfield Farmer 6/26/1905 Smithfield
12/1/1905 Hall Leola May F W G. W. Hall Mary Hall Smithfield Farmer 8/15/1905 Smithfield
12/1/1905 Henry Ethlyn F. F W Jno. W. Henry Edna Henry Smithfield Farmer 10/19/1905 Smithfield
11/7/1905 Heater Chas. Leander M W Chas. Heater Anna Heater Wells, Pa. Laborer 8/3/1905 Wells
12/1/1905 Hungerford Ralph S. M W Will Hungerford Grace Hungerford Wells, Pa. Laborer 8/4/1905 Wells
12/4/1905 Harkness Oakley M W Ralph Harkness Lilly Harkness So. Creek Farmer 7/12/1905 So. Creek
  Horton Harold P. M W Jesse L. Horton Ethel V. Horton Sayre Watchman 6/19/1905 Sayre
12/19/1905 Heverly Kenneth M W Jno. Heverly Anna Heverly Overton Laborer 3/9/1905 Forks Twp.Sullivan Co.
  Hoagland Allen L. M W LaRue Hoagland Nellie Hoagland LeRoy, Pa. Laborer 7/18/1905 Leroy
12/6/1905 Horton Harrold P. M W Jessie Horton Ethel Horton Sayre Laborer 6/19/1905 Sayre
  Hoagland Marion L. F W Luther M. Hoagland Ella M. Hoagland E. Canton Clerk 6/14/1905 E. Canton
  Hoagland Martha L. F W Luther M. Hoagland Ella M. Hoagland E. Canton Clerk 6/14/1905 E. Canton
  Hosband Elmer M W Geo. Hosband Alida Hosband Canton Laborer 11/5/1905 E. Canton
12/12/1905 Harvey Katherine Adalide F W Ray Harvey Clara Harvey Greenwood Laborer 11/15/1905 Greenwood
10/5/1905 Hicks Nansie ? F W Jim? Hicks Ida Hicks Wetona Farmer 5/15/1905 Wetona
12/16/1905 Heskell Carrie Ethel F W Charles heskell Ella Shaylor Heskell Towanda, Pa. #3 Laborer 8/2/1905 S. Towanda, Pa
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