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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
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Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/16/1902 Horton C. Raymond M W C. C. Horton Ella Horton E. Troy Farmer 10/7/1902 E. Troy
12/9/1902 Hayes Margret G. F W Edd Hayes Minta Hayes Sylvania Farmer 9/18/1902 Sylvania
12/4/1902 Huslander Florence F W Will Huslander Hellen Huslander Austinville Farmer 10/8/1902 Austinville
12/16/1902 Hanlon George F. M W Fred Hanlon Lulu D. Hanlon Ridgebury Farmer 7/28/1902 Ridgebury
11/19/1902 Heath Mary L. F W Berton Heath Catherine Flynn William St. Clerk 7/9/1902 Towanda
12/15/1902 Hall Lillian F W Lorris M. Hall Eulalia Tracy York Ave. Lawyer 8/22/1902 Towanda
12/9/1902 Hiney Reed Stephen M W Ulysses F. Hiney Catherine Hiney Rome Boro Stage Driver 11/18/1902 Rome Boro
12/12/1902 Havens Cora Bell F W Dauphin Havens Martha Havens Col. X Rds. Laborer 10/1/1902 Col.X Rds.
12/12/1902 Head   M W Arthur Head Georgiania 322 State   10/2/1902 Towanda
  Huntley Pauline F W James Huntley Ida Huntley 116 Charles Shoemaker 6/18/1902 Towanda
  Hyde Nellie Lucile F W H. C. Hyde Ida M. Hyde Canton Clergyman 6/27/1902 Canton
5/26/1903 Haight Rodney Walter M W George Haight Lellie Haight Luthers Mills Farmer 3/9/1903 Luthers Mills
5/6/1903 Homet Dorothy Crawford F W Wm. S. Homet Adelia Homet Camptown Farmer 12/29/1903? Camptown
5/13/1905 Hanafin Marion E. F W Robert M. Hanafin Winafred Hanafin Windham Farmer 3/2/1903 Peck Hill Dis.#9
5/11/1903 Hoover Francis M W John Hoover May Hoover Frenchtown Farmer 9/23/1902 Frenchtown
6/1/1903 Hardenstine Henry B. M W Benett Harden Carrie Prince Porter place Plumber 12/7/1902 Towanda
5/4/1903 Hower Mildred F W Wm. Hower Mattie Hower S. Waverly Brakeman 4/13/1903 S. Waverly
5/7/1903 Holcomb Lutilda F W Chas. S. Holcomb Sadie M. Holcomb LeRoy Farmer 3/12/1903 LeRoy
5/4/1903 Harbst Wilmont M W Taylor Harbst Mary Harbst E. Towanda Laborer 4/20/1903 E. Towanda
5/4/1903 Harbst Geo. Ivan M W Danial Harbst, Jr. Louise Harbst E. Towanda Laborer 3/1/1903 E. Towanda
9/1/1903 Horton Claall? Eugene M W B. P. Horton Mary Horton E. Towanda Fireman 7/11/1903 E. Towanda
8/31/1903 Haight Lorena Florence F W Arthur Haight Ellie Haight Sayre Laborer 8/11/1903 Sayre, Pa.
8/31/1903 House Hachel Elizabeth F W Alonzo House Addie House Sayre Laborer 7/16/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  Hollingshead paul H. M W   Amy Hollingshead Sayre   8/11/1902 Catawissa, Pa
  Hulslander Elsworth M W David B. Hulslander Susie E. Hulslander Sayre   5/3/1903 Sayre, Pa.
  Herman Chester H. M W Harry Herman Regina Herman Sayre Upholster 3/30/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/5/1903 Harris Howard M W Burt Harris Myrtle Cortis Powell Laborer 6/25/1902 Powell
9/2/1903 Holcomb Helen Irene F W M. K. Holcomb Ara? Holcomb Alba Laborer 7/22/1903 Alba
5/7/1903 House   M W Burton House Mary House Homets Ferry Farmer 3/17/1903 Homets Ferry
5/21/1903 Horning Lena A. F W C. A. Horning Nettie Horning Berrytown Farmer 9/27/1902 Berrytown
11/26/1903 Hausknecht Roberta F W Bert Hausknecht Angie Hausknecht Overton Clerk 5/16/1902 Overton
5/27/1903 Harris Orrin M W John H. Harris Mary A. Harris W. Burlington Laborer 5/16/1903 W. Burlington
6/10/1903 Hornbeck Ida Gretnce F W Ardel Hornbreck Rosa Hornbreck W. Burlington Laborer 1/7/1903 W. Burlington
5/4/1903 Higgby Cecil M W Horace Higgby Stella Higgby Cold Creek Day Work 1/6/1902 Cold Creek
5/14/1903 Hendershot Floid M W E. Hendershot Flora Hendershot Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 10/18/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
5/4/1903 Hills Clifton W. M W E. J. Hills Sarah Hills Smithfield Carpenter 2/22/1903 Smithfield
9/2/1903 Hoose   M W L. A. Hoose Cora E. Troy Carpenter 8/17/1903 E. Troy
12/7/1903 Hess Vernan Judson M W C. I. Hess Nettie Hess E. Towanda Fireman 5/10/1903 E. Towanda
  Hulbert Helen Dorothy F W Ceilon Hulbert Mary Hulbert Sayre Laborer 11/30/1903  
  Hill Robt. M W Richard Hill Hannah Hill Sayre Engineer Sept.13  
  Hannas Theora Adella F W Wm. Harris Ardie Harris Sayre Fireman Nov.15  
  Hawkins Elizabeth M. F W Bert Hawkins Amy Hawkins Sayre Brakeman Nov.20  
  Hawkins John Lawrence M W John M. Hawkins Bertha Hawkins Sayre Machinist Nov.21  
9/15/1903 Holcomb Edna E. F W Purl Holcomb Martha Holcomb Athens Machinist 7/12/1903 Athens
5/5/1903 Hotaling Earl M W Robert Hotaling Henerata Hotaling Athens Farmer 2/11/1903 E. Athens
5/11/1903 Hill Laura May F W Ford Hill Clara B. Hill Athens Laborer 1/21/1902 E. Athens
  Hulett Anna Marjorie F W Elmer Hulett Helen Hulett Cayuta St. Foreman 9/24/1903 Sayre
12/16/1903 Hoose Nellie F W Wm. Hoose Rose Hoose Athens Dis.#1 Laborer 10/3/1903 Athens Twp.
12/15/1903 Harris Seber Hope F W Fred Harris Rosa Harris W. Burlington Laborer 10/28/1903 W. Burlington
12/16/1903 Henry Earnest Allen M W Will Henry Gertrude Henry W. Burlington Farmer 11/17/1903 W. Burlington
11/25/1903 Harrigan Ruth F W Michael Harrigan Sarah Harrigan Athens Laborer 9/25/1903 Athens
12/16/1903 Humphrey D. Overton M W C. Laurence Humphrey Helen Overton Humphrey 23 Main St. Editor 5/19/1903 23 Main St.
9/4/1903 Harkins Neal Eugene M W Unknown Agnes Harkins Long Valley   5/8/1903 Long Valley
12/7/1903 Hillis Susanna F W R. S. Hillis Kate Hillis Herrick Farmer 9/9/1903 Herrick
12/10/1903 Hager Daisy Almira F W G. W. Hager Ruby I. Hager Grover Farmer 8/9/1903 Grover
12/12/1903 Henderson Gaylon M W Robert Henderson Ida Henderson Grover Laborer 6/18/1903 Grover
12/8/1903 Harle Arthur M W John R. Harle Minnie R. Harle Sayre Machinist 12/27/1902 Buffalo, NY
12/9/1903 Harris Julia F W Henry Harris Lenna Harris Masontown Laborer 8/4/1903 Masontown
12/11/1903 Hughes Baby F W Andrew Hughes Eliza Hughes Sayre Brakeman 10/17/1903 Sayre
12/10/1903 Hoagland Leah R. F W LaRue Hoagland Nellie Hoagland LeRoy Farmer 7/9/1903 LeRoy
9/18/1903 Hakes Frank M W Thos. Hakes Myrtle Hakes Albany Twp. Laborer 7/19/1903 Albany Twp.
10/13/1903 Herring   M W Samuel Henning May Henning Albany Twp. Farmer 9/24/1903 Albany Twp.
12/16/1903 Harman   M W James Harman Jennie Harman New Albany Painter 10/30/1903 New Albany
12/7/1903 Hyde Slara Francis F W Frank T. Hyde Martha E. Hyde Ulster Farmer 8/8/1903 Ulster
12/16/1903 Holliday Della Edith F W Wm. P. Holliday Edith I. Holliday Ulster Butcher 7/16/1903 Ulster
12/16/1903 Horton Luellen A. M W Leslie B. Horton Edna L. Horton Ulster Laborer 8/3/1903 Ulster
12/10/1903 Hemenway Ernest Rosevelt F W H. D. Hemenway Julia Hemenway Burlington Farmer 3/7/1903 W. Burlington
12/10/1903 Hollenback Carl M W W. L. Hollenback Mary Hollenback Highland Farmer 6/29/1903 Highland
  Horton Geo. M. M W Burton E. Horton Bertha Horton Sheshequin Farmer 10/30/1903 Sheshequin
12/17/1903 Horton Carleton M W Asa Horton Mary Horton Sheshequin Farmer 2/24/1903 Sheshequin
12/15/1903 Hinds Gordon W. M W I. F. Hinds Mary F. Hinds Wysox Farmer 8/21/1903 Wysox
12/15/1903 Hinds Norman C. M W I. F. Hinds Mary F. Hinds Wysox Farmer 8/21/1903 Wysox
  Harkness LaVerna F W Ralph Harkness Lillie Harkness S. Creek Farmer 6/15/1903 S. Creek
  Hutchinson George R. M W George Hutchinson Cora Russell Hutchinson Hutchinson St. Farmer 10/28/1903 Pike
  Hutchinson William J. M W Howard Hutchinson Estella Shaffer Hutchinson Hutchinson St. Farmer 8/12/1903 Hutchinson St.
12/10/1903 Horton Claude Eugene M W Burton Horton May Horton Chas. St. Fireman 7/11/1903 E. Towanda
12/10/1903 Heath Charles M W Michael Heath Hannah Heath Bridge St. Laborer 9/6/1903 Towanda
11/13/1903 Hickok Wm. T. M W Geo. Hickok Annie Thomas Hickok Troy, Pa. Clerk 3/20/1902 Troy, Pa.
11/13/1903 Hickok Geo. L. M W Geo. Hickok Annie Thomas Hickok Troy, Pa. Clerk 3/23/1903 Troy, Pa.
9/22/1903 Hicks Joseph Burton M W J. W. Hicks Ida D. Hicks Wetona Farmer 9/16/1903 Wetona
11/25/1903 Huit Jennie F W C. N. Huit Jennie Huit Wells, Pa. Farmer 10/11/1903 Wells, Pa.
5/5/1904 Higley Ralph Eugene M W Horace E. Higley Estella Higley Lime Hill Laborer 3/9/1904 Cold Creek
5/5/1904 Hawley Floyd E. M W Wm. Hawley Dell Hawley Spring Hill Laborer 2/2/1904 Spring Hill
5/28/1904 Hansell Sarah F W Algeron Hansell Permila Hansell Terry Twp. Farmer 5/21/1904 Terry Twp.
5/3/1904 Haywood Allice F W L. Haywood Florence Haywood Litchfield Farmer 2/25/1904 Litchfield
5/2/1904 Howland Albertine M. F W Z. M. Howland Mary Cumfort Troy, Pa. Farmer 1/9/1904 Troy, Pa.
5/19/1904 Hosley Ella May F W F P. Hosley Effie Hosley E. Troy Farmer 3/28/1904 E. Troy
5/12/1904 Herda Bertha F W Theo. Herda Stella Herda Milan Farmer 2/12/1904 Milan, Pa.
5/5/1904 Hoyt Armand ? M W L. T. Hoyt Mrs. L. T. Hoyt Athens Altomey 12/11/1903 Athens
5/4/1904 Hawley Glenn M W Frederick Hawley Maud Decker N. Spring Hill Laborer 10/8/1903 N. Spring Hill
12/9/1903 Harris Margell F W Henry Harris Myrtle Harris Powell Laborer 7/21/1903 Powell
12/28/1903 Hansell Marian Lydia F W Edmond Hansell Bertie Hansell Terry Twp. Farmer 12/21/1903 Terry Twp.
  Horton Hallie Elizabeth F W L. C. Horton Mrs. L. C. Horton Athens Brakeman 9/3/1903  
  Heath Maud E. F W F. H. Heath Nellie S. Heath Liberty Corners Farmer 3/6/1904 Liberty Corners
5/14/1904 Horton Cecil P. M W Chas. Horton Alice Horton Ulster Clerk 3/1/1904 Ulster
5/14/1904 Hewitt Lutta ? F W Chas. Hewitt Jennie Hewitt Ulster Farmer 10/11/1903 Wells, Pa.
5/20/1904 Heater Melford M W Chas. Heater Anna Heater Wells, Pa. Laborer 5/16/1904 Wells, Pa.
5/5/1904 Horton Sterling B. M W Walter Horton Gurtrude Horton N. Towanda Farmer 2/25/1904 N. Towanda
  Haflett Maude F W Geo. W. Haflett Mary haflett Granville Farmer 12/22/1903 Granville
5/18/1904 Hix Clarence E. M W J. L. Hix Zetta Hix LeRaysville Farmer 1/31/1903 LeRaysville
5/20/1904 Hunsinger Walter M W Edw. Hunsinger Anna Hunsinger Albany Twp. Farmer 9/25/1903 Albany Twp.
5/6/1904 Hening Edith F W Eugene Hening Ester Hening Albany Twp. Laborer 2/18/1904 Albany Twp.
12/12/1903 Holschuh Utley Carol M W Harry Holschuh May Holschuh Athens Laborer 11/6/1903 Athens
5/10/1904 Hill Frances Arleane F W Frank S. Hill Frances M. Hill Athens Trimmer? 11/28/1903 Athens
5/10/1904 Hill Mable Beatrice F W Frank S. Hill Frances M. Hill Athens Trimmer? 8/7/1902 Athens
5/10/1904 Huffman Lee Morse M W John M. Huffman Susie Stevens Hoffman Athens Laborer 2/9/1904 Athens
5/6/1904 Hoose Lester M. M W Howard Hoose Orvilla Smith Athens Carpenter 3/9/1904 Athens
5/6/1904 Hurley Richard M W R. Hurley Elizabeth Allen Athens Farmer 3/25/1903 Athens
May.1904 Hufford Martha F W Harry S. Hufford A. Blanch Hufford Sayre Clerk 3/2/1904 Sayre
May.1904 Holalen Jas. M. M W Jesse Hotalin Effie Hotalin Sayre Laborer 1/9/1904 Sayre
May.1904 Hollingshead Walter E. M W Wm. Hollingshead Amy E. Hollingshead Sayre Machinist 10/18/1903 Sayre
  Harper Clifford E. M W Arthur Harper Jennie L. Harper Sayre Machinist 8/4/1903 Sayre
9/8/1904 Houser Lillian Emma F W Harry J. Houser Laura May Houser Sayre Barber 3/18/1904 Sayre
8/25/1904 Herda Ina F W Fred W. Herda Julia Herda LeRoy Farmer 4/4/1904 LeRoy
Sept.1904 Hill Mildred F W John Hill Laurie Hill Sayre Saloon Keeper 8/9/1904 Sayre
  Urley Joanna F W D. J. Hurley Elizabeth Hurley Smithfield Farmer 1/26/1904 Smithfield
  Hand Harald W. M W Harold Hand Anna Belle Hand Smithfield Laborer 5/9/1904 Smithfield
5/6/1904 Hendershot Irvin M W Edw. Hendershot Flora Hendershot Laceyville Laborer 2/1/1904 Tuscarora
9/7/1904 Hickok Ralph M W Thodins? Hickok Susan Hickok So. Creek Farmer 4/24/1904 S. Creek
5/2/1904 Hubbard John H. M W O. J. Hubbard Jessie Hubbard Sayre B. Helper 1/18/1904 Sayre
5/2/1904 Hubbert Helen F W C. Hulbert Mary Hulbert Sayre Laborer 11/3/1903 Sayre
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