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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/6/1901 Horton Hilah F W Oliver M. Horton Carrie Horton Sayre Fireman 3/23/1901 Sayre
5/19/1901 Henly Agnes F W William Henly Harriet Henly Overton Laborer 4/7/1901 Overton
9/5/1901 Heverly Jennie M W Frank Heverly Mary Heverly Overton Farmer 12/10/1901 Overton
9/4/1901 Herrick Willard F W Guy Herrick Martha Herrick Litchfield Farmer 3/13/1901 Litchfield
5/8/1901 Hoover Bernice F W George Hoover Mary Hoover Merryall Farmer 1/6/1901 Camptown
5/8/1901 Homet Lida H. M W Frank Homet Lizzie Homet Wyalusing Farmer 1/9/1901 Wyalusing
5/8/1901 Hawkins Arthur M W Bert Hawkins Anna Hawkins Orchard St. Brakeman 4/3/1901 Sayre
5/14/1901 Hunsinger Edward D. F W Augustus Hunsinger Agnes Hunsinger Springfield Farmer 2/11/1901 South Creek
5/12/1901 Horton Nellie M. M W Leslie Horton Edna Horton Sheshequin Farmer 2/16/1901 Sheshequin
5/12/1901 Horton Wilmot C. M W Burton E. Horton Bertha Horton Sheshequin Farmer 4/23/1901 Sheshequin
9/5/1901 Horton Simeon A. M W Charles J. Horton Hattie Horton HornBrook Farmer 5/26/1901 HornBrook
9/11/1901 Huff Charles William F W J. W. Huff Cora Huff Austinville Minister 4/5/1901 Austinville
9/15/1901 Hodge Genevieve M W P. P. Hodge Frankie Hodge Austinville Laborer 12/17/1900 Columbia
9/17/1901 Hurlburt Harry J. F W John Hurlburt Anna Hurlburt Col. X Rds. Laborer 2/24/1901 Columbia
9/20/1901 Howland   F W M. E. Howland Alice Howland Col. X Rds. Farmer 5/8/1901 Columbia
9/6/1901 Huntington Grace E. M W Geo. Huntington Grace Huntington Smithfield Farmer 12/29/1900 Smithfield
9/6/1901 Hall Francis M W Geo. Hall Mary Hall Smithfield Farmer 10/21/1900 Smithfield
9/3/1901 Hewitt Glen H. F W M. B. Hewitt Mertie Hewitt Sylvania Laborer 5/29/1901 Sylvania
5/13/1901 Houllan Ina B. M W H. L. Houllan Marthey Houllan North Spring Hill Laborer 8/12/1900 North Spring Hill
5/17/1901 Hunter Elery L. F W Leroy Hunter Cora Hunter E. Troy Carpenter 4/3/1901 E. Troy
12/7/1901 Heverly Marion Magdaline M W C. F. Heverly Adaline Heverly Towanda Publisher 12/3/1901 Towanda, Pa.
1901 Hawkinson Eugene M W Edward Hawkinson Alice Hawkinson Herrick Farmer 8/29/1901 Herrick
1901 Howell Walter Judson M W Walter Howell Flora Howell Herrick Farmer 9/11/1901 Herrick
11/19/1901 Hummell Robert F. M W John J. Hummell Lizzie C. Hummell Sayre Carpenter 5/14/1901 Utica, NY
1901 Hyde Frederick P. F W Frank T. Hyde Martha Hyde Ulster, Pa. Farmer 11/10/1901 Ulster, Pa.
12/10/1901 Hill Marjorie M W George R. Hill Mable Snow Hill Sayre Lumberman 4/15/1901 Sault Ste Marie, Mich
12/12/1901 Holcomb Gladys V. M W K. I. Holcomb Ida D. Holcomb Sayre Carpenter 11/26/1901 Sayre, Pa.
11/11/1901 Hapeman Leon E. M W Harry Hapeman Marie Hapeman Sayre Brakeman 10/14/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/13/1901 Hosmer Howard Clare M W Charles H. Hosmer Sarah E. Hosmer Elm St. Painter 2/18/1900 Athens
5/14/1901 Hildebrant Richard T. M W Frank Hildebrant May Hildebrant Bridge St. Laborer 3/5/1901 Athens
9/3/1901 Henry Leon Carl M W Paul Henry Grace Henry Herrick St. Blacksmith 5/14/1901 Athens
12/3/1901 Hurley John A. M W Richard Hurly Sarah Hurly Athens Twp. Farmer 7/21/1901 Athens Twp.
12/6/1901 Hayward George M W Leonard Hayward Alby Hayward Athens Twp. Farmer 11/9/1901 Athens Twp.
12/3/1901 Hopkins Floid Rufus M W Chas. Hopkins Emma Hopkins E. Towanda Laborer 9/17/1901 E. Towanda
12/11/1901 Homet Neva F W W. H. Homet Adelia L. Homet Camptown Farmer 6/11/1901 Camptown
12/5/1901 Hitchcock Miles B. M W Charles Hitchcock Bertha Hitchcock Pike Carpenter 9/16/1901 Pike
11/16/1901 Hiney Myrtle Bell F W David Hiney Ellen Hiney N. Towanda Laborer 10/11/1901 N. Towanda
12/2/1901 Holmes Mary Ellen F W Henry Holmes Martha Baxter Holmes Burlington Butter Maker 5/16/1901 Burlington Boro
12/2/1901 Heath Mable E. F W George Heath Bessie C. Heath Burlington Farmer 10/28/1901 Burlington Boro
12/11/1901 Hutchinson Edna Dorothy F W Howard Hutchinson Stella Hutchinson Leraysville Farmer 10/31/1901 Leraysville
Dec.1901 Harding Wm. S. M W George Harding Rose Harding Sheshequin Laborer 8/23/1901 Sheshequin
11/23/1901 Haight Morris M W S. S. Haight Lellie Haight Luthers Mills Farmer 6/25/1901 Luthers Mills
12/5/1901 Hollenback Joseph M W Wells Hollenback Mary Hollenback Highland Farmer 9/26/1901 Highland
12/14/1901 Harris William M W Walter Harris Orilla Harris Franklin Farmer 5/19/1901 Franklin
11/23/1901 Hillman James E. M W J. E. Hillman Sakie ? Hillman Austinville Farmer 6/15/1901 Austinville
12/4/1901 Howland William Lloyd M W Herman Howland Anna Howland Col. X Rds. Laborer 7/28/1901 Columbia
  Henachuch Clara F W Joseph Henachuck Tenie ? Henachuch Erie St. Laborer 11/12/1900 Sayre
12/11/1901 Huntley Frances F W James Huntley Ida Berger Towanda Shoemaker 5/3/1901 Towanda, Pa.
12/9/1901 Hines Huston Claton M W E. D. Hines Bernie Hines Mercer Farmer 8/31/1901 Mercer
11/11/1901 Hanlon Loreta G. F W   Adalee Hanlon Ridgebury   8/21/1901 Ridgebury
12/9/1901 Head Wilbur M W Arthur Head Frances Head State St. 322 Stenographer 10/2/1902 State St. 322
12/14/1901 Harkness C. Ruth F W Frank Harkness Huldy Harkness Big Pond Laborer 7/29/1901 Big Pond
11/22/1901 Hapeman Earl Jackson M W A. J. Hapeman Leora Harris Hapeman Athens Boro Laborer 6/23/1901 Athens Boro 3rd Ward
11/23/1901 Holmes Alphonzo M W George Holmes   Athens Boro Laborer 1/26/1901 Athens Boro 3rd Ward
5/7/1902 Hollis Ruth F W M. T. Hollis Lillian Hollis Wysox, Pa. Clerk 3/10/1902 Wysox, Pa.
5/29/1902 Hoover Carry F W Joseph Hoover Caroline Hoover Terry Twp. Farmer 4/16/1902 Terrytown
4/5/1902 Hall Henry J. M W Albert E. Hall Tillie C. Hall Monroe Boro Minister 2/1/1902 Monroe Boro
5/1/1902 Heath Mary Ellen F W Michael Heath Hannah Heath Bridge St.,Towanda Laborer 2/8/1902 Towanda, Pa.
5/8/1902 Hyde Frederick Palmer M W Frank Hyde Martha Hyde Ulster Farmer 11/10/1901 Ulster, Pa.
5/20/1902 Horton Edward S. M W T. B. Horton Clarie E. Horton LeRoy Farmer 12/11/1901 LeRoy
5/12/1902 Haflett Hattie G. F W George W. Haflett Mary Haflett Granville Farmer 12/18/1901 Granville
5/15/1902 Hamilton Lloyd M W C. A. Hamilton Minnie Hamilton Wells, Pa. Farmer 9/30/1902 Wells, Pa.
5/10/1902 Howe Martha F W James Howe Anna Howe Ridgebury Laborer 4/13/1902 Ridgebury
5/16/1902 Hotchkiss Fenton F. M W Fred C. Hotchkiss Clara Hotchkiss Windham Laborer 12/4/1901 French Dis. No 1
5/8/1902 Hibbard William M W O. J. Hibbard Jennie Emory Towanda Laborer 2/27/1902 Towanda, Pa.
5/7/1902 Harris Annette M. F W Jno. L. Harris Katherine M. Harris Powell Blacksmith 2/2/1902 Powell
5/7/1902 Hassler Emily Wallace F W Coleman Hassler Agnes Hassler Sayre Laborer 2/19/1902 Sayre
5/7/1902 Hutchinson Hellen L. F W Grant Hutchenson Maggie Hutchenson Sayre Machinist 3/1/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/5/1902 Herman Chester H. M W Harry W. Herman Regina Herman Sayre Upholster 3/30/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/10/1902 Holcomb Clarance B. M W John B. Holcomb Sarah M. Holcomb Sayre Barber 1/11/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/11/1902 Hotalen Leona M. F W Jesse Hotalen Effie Hotalen Sayre Laborer 5/3/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/18/1902 Hugh Andrew J. M W Andrew Hugh Eliza Hugh Sayre Brakeman 4/7/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/18/1902 Harvey Allen M. M W Adolphus Harvey Ethel Harvey Sayre Car Inspector 1/29/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/5/1902 Havens Paul Edward M W Jabes Havens Bell H. havens Milan in Ulster Farmer 2/12/1902 Milan in Ulster
7/15/1902 Havens Ralph Eugene M W Leo Havens Sarah Havens Milan in Ulster C.L. 7/6/1902 Milan in Ulster
5/5/1902 Hardenstine Chas. Edward M W Peter Hardenstine Allis Hardenstine E. Towanda Laborer 3/12/1902 E. Towanda
5/5/1902 Horton Orin C. M W B. P. Horton Mary Horton E. Towanda Fireman 1/19/1902 E. Towanda
  Hackett James H. M C James E. Hackett Susie A. Hackett Canton Laborer 4/19/1902 Canton
9/3/1902 Holcomb Josephine F W M. K. Holcomb Ana Holcomb Alba Farmer 8/13/1902 Alba
5/24/1902 Horton Ethel M W Frank Horton Grace Horton Rome Twp Farmer 1/22/1902 Rome Twp.
8/18/1902 Hinkley Asa M W Henry Hinkley Elma Hinkley Merryall Laborer 6/25/1902 Merryall
8/18/1902 Hoover Beatrice F W Georgie Hoover Mary hoover Merryall Laborer 6/26/1902 Merryall
5/5/1902 Hall Cephus M W Ben C. Hall Mrs. Ben C. Hall Smithfield Farmer 1/15/1902 Smithfield
5/5/1902 Hall Robert F. M W U. G. Hall Belle Hall Smithfield Farmer 11/18/1901 Smithfield
May.1902 Higley Cecil M W Harris Higley Stella Higley Center Laborer 1/6/1902 Herrick
5/8/1902 Hagerman Florence E. F W Arthur Hagerman Maud A. Hagerman Berrytown Laborer 4/14/1902 `Berrytown
5/15/1902 Harkness Manley M W Leon Harkness Maud Harkness Harkness Farmer 10/8/1901 Harkness
5/12/1902 Harris Edith May F W William Harris Lillian Harris S. Waverly Laborer 9/25/1901 S. Waverly
5/6/1902 Harris Nellie M. F W Charles Harris Jessie Harris orange Hill Farmer 12/4/1901 Orange Hill
5/17/1902 Howland   F W Charles Howland Mary Howland Austinville Farmer 5/15/1902 Austinville
5/17/1902 Hammond Foster Alfred M W A. B. Hammond Cora Hammond Coryland Farmer 4/2/1902 Columbia
12/8/1902 Heverly Marion M. F W C. F. Heverly Adaline Heverly 4 St. Publisher 12/3/1901 Towanda, Pa.
11/28/1902 Hornbeck Ravere M W Albert Hornbeck Emma Hornbeck W. Burlington Laborer 11/16/1902 W. Burlington
12/17/1902 Harris Willie M W Wm. Harris Lizzie Harris Wilawana Farmer 9/13/1902 Wilawana
12/17/1902 Hollaway   F W William Holloway Hanorld Hallowan Sayre Bag Master 12/2/1902 Sayre
12/15/1902 Hanlon Mildred F W Michael Hanlon Eva Hanlon South St. Laborer 11/20/1902 Athens, Pa.
11/11/1902 Hurlburt Ethel Frances F W Ceilan C. Hurlburt Mary Hurlburt Athens Orchard St. Laborer 10/11/1902 Athens, Pa.
11/11/1902 Hurlburt Hazel Catherine F W Ceilan C. Hurlburt Mary Hurlburt Athens Orchard St. Laborer 10/11/1902 Athens, Pa.
11/14/1902 Hunsinger Ettie D. F W Augustus Hunsinger Agnes Hunsinger Berrytown Laborer 11/8/1902 Berrytown
11/19/1902 Hosley Norman S. Jr. M W N. S. Hosley Marion Hosley Big Pond Farmer 6/16/1902 Big Pond
5/16/1902 Howe Max M W Edward Howe Maria Howe Athens Mason 2/13/1902 Athens
11/16/1902 Hoyt Louis F. M W Loris T. Hoyt Anna D. Hoyt Athens Lawyer 8/25/1902 Athens
11/21/1902 Huff Genevieve T. F W H. J. Huff Grace Huff Athens Templet Maker 3/5/1902 Athens
12/5/1902 Harford Gladdis M. F W Adelbert C. Harford Hattie Harford Tuscarora Twp. Farmer 6/6/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
12/17/1902 Henry Ina May F W Crayton Henry Augusta Henry Indian Hill Farmer 3/26/1902 Indian Hill
  Hills Marion E. F W George G. Maggie Hill Smithfield Farmer 7/26/1902 Smithfield
12/15/1902 Hancock Jay F. M W Jay Hancock Ella Hancock Terry Town Laborer 10/21/1902 Terry Twp.
12/12/1902 Hutchinson Walter L. M W George Hutchinson Cora Hutchinson Leraysville Farmer 11/8/1901 Leraysville
12/8/1902 Harris Carl M W Robert Harris Cinnie Harris Powell Laborer 6/2/1902 Powell
11/25/1902 Hunsinger Hellen L. F W Fred Hunsinger Anna Hunsinger Geo.Scovill Farmer 11/18/1902 Towanda Twp.
11/25/1902 Heskall Pearl F W Charles Heskall Ella Heskall Guy Hollon Laborer 9/18/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/2/1902 Hatch Floid Rufus M W Andrew Hatch Bertha Hatch M. Manix Sadler 7/5/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/2/1902 Hatch Leanard Jr. M W Leonard Hatch Nora Hatch Harry Scott Carpenter 7/3/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/16/1902 Horton C. Raymond M W C. C. Horton Ella Horton E. Troy Farmer 10/7/1902 E. Troy
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