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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
11/28/1903 Goldstein Wm. K. M W Jacob P. Goldstein Jennie Goldstein Canton, Pa. Merchant 8/12/1903 Canton, Pa.
12/16/1903 Gay Edith Marge F W Willey Gay Minnie Gay Franklin Farmer 5/1/1903 Franklin Twp
12/16/1903 Gillett Loyd M W Nelson Gillett Minnie Gillett Ridgebury Farmer 2/22/1903 Ridgebury
12/101903 Gunn Francis Wm. M W E. J. Gunn Anna Gunn Main St. Hotel Keeper 9/13/1903 Towanda
12/10/1903 Grow Clyde Alfred M W Chas. Grow Fanny Grow Olive St. Laborer 9/28/1901 Susquehanna Co.,Pa.
12/10/1903 Grow Stanley James M W Chas. Grow Fanny Grow Olive St. Laborer 7/30/1903 Towanda
11/13/1903 Gibson James M W Samuel Gibson   Troy, Pa. Laborer 3/23/1903 Troy, Pa.
12/16/1903 Grace James Leslie M W Augustus L. Grace Lizzie A. Grace Monroe Boro Butcher 10/6/1903 Monroe Boro
5/6/1904 Gray Oscar Alonzo M W Davis D. Gray Fida Gray Indian Hill Farmer 12/4/1903 Indian Hill
5/5/1904 Gilbert Laurie K. F W Ligah ? Gilbert Augusta Gilbert Powell Laborer 3/26/1904 Powell, Pa.
5/28/1904 Griffen Maryan F W Brittan Griffen Emma Griffen Terry Twp. Laborer 4/14/1903 Terry Twp.
12/12/1903 Green Marian F W Burton H. Green Edith Green Athens Templet Maker 6/22/1903 Buffalo, NY
  Gerould Wesley M W T. W. Gerould   Athens Laborer 12/14/1903 Athens
  Gavett Dortha Alvira F W L. O. Gavet Myrtie Gavett Smithfield Farmer 11/3/1903 Smithfield
  Graham Maud M. F W Mark Graham Ella Graham Smithfield Farmer 3/9/1904 Smithfield
5/3/1904 Griffen Claude M W Grant Griffen Satie Green   Laborer 3/19/1904  
7/15/1904 Grenelle Harold M W Harry Grenelle Laura Crayton Athens Farmer 7/5/1904  
5/20/1904 Gardner Wm. M W Gus Gardner Gertrude Gardner Wells Farmer 5/3/1904 Wells
5/28/1904 Grubham Lela F W John Grubham Sarah Grubham Wells Farmer 11/9/1903 Wells
5/18/1904 Gates Frances F W Burge Gates Ellen Gates Austinville Precher 5/11/1904 Austinville
May.1904 Green Eva F W Ezra Green Mable Green Sayre Fireman 4/9/1904 Sayre
May.1904 Grimley Sarah F W Jos. Grimley Jennie Grimley Sayre Brakeman 12/15/1903 Sayre
5/25/1904 Goodsell Grace Beatrice F W Chas. E. Goodsell Rose Goodsell Sayre Laborer 4/16/1904 Sayre
5/25/1904 Gillan Robt. Benj. M W Lewis T. Gillan Johanna Gillan Sayre Engineer 5/8/1904 Sayre
5/13/1904 Gay Vivian Woodward F W Chas. E. Gay May M. Gay Sayre Barber 12/21/1903 Sayre
5/16/1904 Gregory Helen L. F W F. M. Gregory Ethel M. Gregory LeRoy Farmer 12/27/1903 Leroy
5/25/1904 Gustin Burton Edw. M W C. C. Gustin Mattie Gustin N. Albany Minister 2/28/1904 N. Albany
5/3/1904 Ganley Thos. M W Fred Ganley Lizzie Kirwin Towanda Brakeman 12/26/1903 Towanda
  Graham Clifford R. M W Walter Graham Daisy Graham Canton Butter Maker 1/17/1904 E. Canton
6/5/1904 Graham Louise F W John Graham Louise Graham Towanda Blacksmith 5/30/1904 Towanda
11/18/1904 Granteer Mary F W Chas. Granteer Eva Granteer Canton Laborer 10/22/1904 Canton
12/7/1904 Galachar James M W Martin Galachar Catherine Galachar N. Towanda Mechanic 10/17/1904 N. Towanda
12/9/1904 Grinnell Lorenzo M W H. G. Grinnell Carrie Grinnell Col.X.Rds. Laborer 8/25/1904 Col. X Rds
12/20/1904 Grow Mary E. F W Alfred Grow Mary E. Grow 13 Olive Moulder 8/28/1904 Towanda
12/20/1904 Griffin Helen F. F W John B. Griffin Ellen Griffin 606 Third Agent 1/23/1904 Towanda
12/8/1904 Garriss Kenneth M W W. H. Garriss Hattie M. Garriss Tuscarora Twp. Farmer 4/25/1904 Tuscarora
Dec.1904 Gaylord Donald M W Not Proven Tressa Gaylord Sheshequin   2/29/1904 Sheshequin
12/7/1904 Goodwin Helen F W J. S. Goodwin Hettie Goodwin Stevensville Laborer 10/17/1904 Stevensville
12/8/1904 Garris Helen F W O. M. Garris Tillie Garris Leraysville Laborer 8/10/1904 Leraysville
12/14/1904 Gamble Marjorie Scott F W Joseph Gamble Caroline Gamble Wilmot Twp. Farmer 1/1/1904 Wilmot Twp.
12/5/1904 Grace Dorman J. M W Joseph Grace Ethel B. Grace Smithfield Laborer 5/21/1904 Smithfield
12/6/1904 Goodale Ethel May F W Harry Goodale Rosa Gooddale Athens Laborer 3/9/1904 Athens
Dec.1904 Gustin Nelson D. M W Chas. W. Gustin Maud Gustin Sayre Painter 8/10/1903 Sayre
Dec.1904 Granger Frances Ellen F W James E. Granger Lena A. Granger Sayre Brakeman 10/27/1904 Sayre
12/1/1904 Gale Flossie F W Lloyd Gale Grace Gale Overton Farmer 5/26/1904 Overton
Nov.1904 Gorham George Julius M W Wilbur Gorham Mame B. Gorham Orwell, Pa. Farmer 11/22/1904 Orwell, Pa
Dec.1904 Geiss Thomas Harry M W John Geiss Edith Margaret Geiss Sayre Engineer 7/3/1904 Sayre
12/7/1904 Gable Goldie Lucile F W L. H. Gable Minna Gable Litchfield Farmer 7/18/1904 Litchfield
5/11/1905 Garrus Helen Margaret F W Tilly Garrus O. N. Garrus Wylusing Teamster 8/10/1904 Stevensville
5/11/1905 Goodwin Helen F W Hetter Goodwin Jesse Goodwin LeRaysville Laborer 10/17/1904 Stevensville
5/11/1905 Groover Harold M W Thos. Groover Minnie Groover Leraysville Farmer 2/21/1905 Pike
5/11/1905 Gaggner Eva L. F W Joseph Gaggner Henrette Gaggner Laquin Laborer 3/24/1905 Laquin
5/9/1905 Gorsline Isac G. W. M W Isack H. Gorsline Philena Gorsline Litchfield Laborer 11/22/1904 Litchfield
5/10/1905 Gibbs Laurence R. M W Thurston H. Gibbs Ida M. Gibbs LeRoy, Pa. Farmer 3/4/1905 LeRoy
5/6/1905 Gavett Robert M W E. B. Gavet Lizzie Gavet Athens Teamster 3/1/1905 Athens
May.1905 Gorham Geo. J. M W Wilber Gorham Mame B. Gorham Wells Hollow Farmer 11/26/1904  
5/4/1905 Grinnell Olonzo M W Henry Grinnell Carrie Grinnell Wells Farmer 8/25/1904 Columbia
  Grennell Harold Keith M W Harry Grenell   Athens Boro Laborer 7/5/1904 Athens Twp.
  Gerould Arthur M W T. W. Gerould   Athens Boro Mail Carrier 5/21/1905 Athens Boro
5/5/1905 Gray Robert Anthony M W Elmer Gray Julia Gray 3 Mulberry St. Finisher ? 7/6/1904 Towanda
5/10/1905 Graham Florence F W James Graham Nellie Graham 10 State St. Blacksmith 7/9/1904 Towanda
6/2/1905 Gassner Francis F W Ed Gassner Ella Gassner W. Burlington Laborer 5/25/1905 County House
5/15/1905 Gustin Leon E. M W L. E. Gustin Lena Gustin Smithfield Laborer 4/1/1905 Smithfield
5/2/1905 Gay Harriet F W Clarence Gay Mary Gay Sayre Laundryman 3/26/1905 Sayre
5/13/1905 Grey Florence F W Reuben D. Grey Mary E. Grey Grover Farmer 3/7/1905 Grover
8/7/1905 Gunther Mary Kathleen F W David W. Gunther Christina Gunther 604 Main Butcher 6/4/1905 Towanda
9/7/1905 Gunn   F W Edw. J. Gunn Annie Gunn 612 Main Hotel Keeper 9/4/1905 Towanda
9/7/1905 Gunn   F W Edw. J. Gunn Annie Gunn 612 Main Hotel Keeper 9/4/1905 Towanda
5/20/1905 Griffith Clara G. F W H. M. Griffith Ella Griffith Leona Farmer 2/9/1905 Leona
5/25/1905 Gleason Rufus R. M W R. A. Gleason Winnie Gleason Big Pond Farmer 4/8/1905 Big Pond
5/17/1905 Gay Laura H. F W Clarence Gay Mary Gay Sayre Laborer 3/25/1905 Sayre
  Granteer Robert L. M W LaCelle Granteer Frances K. Granteer Canton Farmer 1/24/1905 Canton, Pa.
9/7/1905 Georgia Elizabeth Margret F W William Georgia Jenna Georgia Sayre Laborer 5/12/1905 Sayre
Nov.1905 Gerould Arthur Truman M W T. W. Gerould Bessie Gerould Athens Boro Mail Carrier 5/21/1905 Athens Boro
12/19/1905 Gernert Lucile F W S. S. Gernert Hattie Gernert Col.X.Rds. Mail Carrier 10/12/1905 Col. X Rds
12/21/1905 Gustin Geo. H. M W Chas. H. Gustin Maud L. Gustin 508 N.Main St. Painter 8/31/1905 Athens
Dec.1905 Green Virginia F W Alvah Green Editha Green Sayre Carpenter 8/19/1905 Sayre
12/20/1905 Gibbs Mina ? Bell F W John Gibbs Bertie Gibbs Rome Farmer 10/18/1905 Rome Twp.
11/7/1905 Grace Della F W H. E. Grace Henrietta Wetona Farmer 10/9/1905 Wetona
12/5/1905 Griffin Gerald M W Jno. B. Griffin Ellen F. Griffin 619 Second St. Agent 10/29/1905 Towanda
12/15/1905 Gregory Raymond M W Fred Gregory Susie Gregory Laceyville 37 Laborer 6/14/1905 Laceyville
12/18/1905 Gray Alonzo W. M W Frank Gray Cora M. Gray Laceyville 36 Farmer 10/18/1905 Laceyville
11/10/1905 Gannon Agnes F W Thomas Gannon Elizabeth Gannon Sugar Run Farmer 2/28/1905 Sugar Run
10/13/1905 Goble Clide Allen M W Jno Goble Maud Goble Litchfield Farmer 8/9/1905 Litchfield
  Goff J. Howard M W George Goff Cora J. Goff Canton, Pa. Laborer 11/10/1905 Canton
12/12/1905 Gauld Allen Fuller M W Harland Gauld Ettia Gauld Greenwood   10/4/1905 Greenwood
  Green Cathelene F W Martin Green Nora Green Leroy, Pa. Laborer 6/21/1905 Leroy
12/1/1905 Gerould Maxwell Tracy M W E. A. Gerould Lou Gerould Smithfield Farmer 6/25/1905 Smithfield
10/12/1905 Gardner Katharyn Gertrude F W Augustus Gardner Gertrude Gardner Wells, Pa. Farmer 9/29/1905 Wells Twp.
12/18/1905 Guthrie Claude W. M W Claude Guthrie Maude Guthrie Ridgeway Jeweler 11/20/1905 Ridgebury
12/20/1905 Gowen Camaran M W Camaran Gowen Carrie Gowen Terry Twp. Farmer 6/14/1905 Terry Twp.
11/15/1905 Granger John H. M W Manford Granger Catherine Granger N. Towanda Painter 6/28/1905 N. Towanda
  Greene Charles Herbert M W Chas. N. Greene Minnie Silliman Greene John St. Merchant 9/26/1904 Troy
  Gustin Lawrence M W Thaddeus Gustin Alice Thomas Gustin Redington Ave. Baker 10/26/1905 Troy
12/5/1905 Green Wallace M W P. L. Green Carrie Green Burlington Twp. Farmer 8/7/1905 Burlington Twp.
12/12/1905 Griffen R???e F W Fred L. Griffen Lydia Griffin LeRaysville Farmer 9/6/1905 Pike, Pa.
1/3/1905 Gore Kathryn J. F W M. L. Gore Elizabeth Gore Athens Decorator 5/7/1905 Athens, Pa.
5/6/1905 Gordon Emmerson J. F W Frank Gordon Jennie Gorden Silvaria Laborer 4/2/1905 Silvaria
12/2/1905 Grose Daysie G. F W Hugh Grose Clar F. Grose Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 5/16/1905 Susquehanna Co.,Pa.
12/4/1905 Gustin Hazel Blanche F W G. B. Gustin Helen Gustin Burlington Twp. Farmer 7/23/1905 Burlington Twp.
  Gaggner Alice F W Goff Gaggner Lydia Gaggner Laquin Laborer 9/23/1905 Laquin, Pa.
  Green Thomas M W Thomas Green Mary Canton Merchant 5/1/1905 Canton
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