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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/31/1901 Gage Horace White Jr. M W H. H. Gage Julia J. Leraysville Teacher 5/24/1901 Leraysville
May.1901 Glaser Edith F W Simon Glaser Bertha Glaser Sayre Jewelry Man 2/27/1901 Sayre
  Grimley Stanley M W John Grimley Jennie Grimley Sayre Brakeman 4/12/1901 Sayre
  Griffin Fenton H. M W Frank Griffin Elizabeth Griffin Sayre Laborer 12/31/1900 Sayre
5/6/1901 Grace   F W Wilson Grace Hattie Grace Smithfield Farmer 4/4/1901 Smithfield
5/7/1901 Green Alford M W J. C. Green Martha D. Birney Farmer 2/10/1901 Birney
8/30/1901 Gaull Lena F W Frank Gaull Lena Gaull S. Waverly Laborer 5/20/1901 S. Waverly
5/9/1901 Gilbert Lorena F W Stanley Gilbert Belle Gilbert E. Troy Farmer 5/2/1901 E. Troy
  Graham Erdine F W Walter Graham Daisy Graham Canton Butter 1/18/???? Union, Tioga Co.
  Graham Ernest M W Walter Graham Daisy Graham Canton Butter 1/2/1901 Canton
  Greenleaf Hildred E. F W Fred J. Greenleaf Georgia A. Greenleaf Canton Farmer 9/14/1898 Canton
11/11/1901 Grow Hopy A. F W Alfred E. Grow M. E. Grow Sayre Moulder 5/15/1901 Sayre
12/3/1901 Green Herrald Eugene M W Harry Green Bell Green E. Towanda Carpenter 12/1/1901 E. Towanda
12/3/1901 Goodwin Walter Lee M W L.D. Goodwin Pearl Goodwin Stevensville Laborer 7/15/1901 Stevensville
9/4/1901 Granteer Florence F W Chas. Granteer Eva Granteer Canton Boro Clerk 2/4/1901 Canton Boro
9/4/1901 Greek Francis F W A.J. Greek Lillian Greek Canton Boro Deceased 6/23/1901 Canton Boro
11/30/1901 Greeno Lawrence V. M W Volney Greeno Nellie Greeno Granville Farmer 12/23/1901 Granville, Pa
12/10/1901 Grover Charles M W Osker Grover Haoner Grover Myersburg Laborer 5/22/1901  
11/12/1901 Gustin Floyd M W Jesse Gustin Alma Gustin Gilletts Farmer 10/23/1901 Gilletts
11/18/1901 Griffith E. Marion F W B.M. Griffith Frances Griffith Leona Farmer 9/13/1901 Leona
12/7/1901 Gates Catherine F W Dana Gates Cora Gates Springfield Farmer 10/31/1901 Springfield
12/5/1901 Gary Evlyn F W Daniel Gary Carrie Gary Sciotavale Farmer 10/6/1901 Sciotavale
12/10/1901 Gannon Milton M W Thomas Gannon Lizzie Gannon Oak Hill Farmer 3/17/1901 Oak Hill
12/10/1901 Gannon Eva F W Wm. Gannon Lucretia Gannon Oak Hill Farmer 5/21/1901 Oak Hill
7/20/1901 Gustin Jennie F W James Gustin Gustin Barclay Laborer 7/20/1901 Barclay
5/5/1902 Grow Nopy Anna F W Alfred E. Grow Mary E. Grow Olive St. Molder 5/15/1901 Sayre, Pa
5/12/1902 Graham Gertrude B. F W John Graham Lue Graham 204 River St. Blacksmith 12/28/1901 104 River St.
5/12/1902 Griffith Carlyle Victor M W Herman H. Griffith Nettie Griffith Ulster Laborer 3/31/1902 Ulster
5/22/1902 Gustin Seth M W Guy Gustin Roda Spencer Burlington Farmer 12/14/1901 Burlington
5/20/1902 Griffis Minnie B. F W Bruce S. Griffis Myrmeta Griffis LeRoy Butter Maker 1/30/1902 LeRoy
5/16/1902 Glover Henry A. M W Henry A. Glover M.D. Bertha Glover Windham Doctor 2/18/1902 Kuykendall Dis.4
5/6/1902 Griffen Emily Kilburn F W William Griffen Mertie L. Griffin Sayre Laborer 3/28/1902 Sayre, Pa
5/9/1902 Goodsell Pauline M. F W Chas. E. Goodsell Rose Goodsell Sayre Laborer 1/19/1902 Sayre, Pa
  Goble Winola M. F W Garet Goble Maggie Sayre Painter 6/18/1899 Sayre, Pa
  Goble Addie J. F W Garet Goble Maggie Sayre Painter 8/20/1901 Corning, NY
5/10/1902 Golden Joseph M W Thomas Golden Mary Golden Wolcott Hollow Farmer 2/11/1902 Wolcott Hollow
5/6/1902 Gooding Frances F W Ellsworth Gooding Ella Gooding Sheshequin Farmer 11/28/1901 Sheshequin
5/6/1902 Grose Allie F W Amos Grose Carrie Grose Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 2/20/1902 Auburn Twp.,Susq.Co
May.1902 Goff Asa M W Clifton Goff Lillian Goff West Valley Laborer 3/6/1902 West Valley
5/28/1902 Gernert Lillian F W S. C. Gernert Bertha Gernert Col.X.Rds. Farmer 5/23/1902 Columbia
5/28/1902 Gernert Elizabeth F W S. C. Gernert Bertha Gernert Col.X.Rds. Farmer 5/23/1902 Columbia
12/8/1902 Garrison Beatrice F W Robt. Garrison Maud Garrison Bridge St. Agt. 10/22/1902 Towanda
12/15/1902 Green Lewis E. M W E. L. Green Mable Green Sayre Laborer 6/2/1902 Farmer, NY
12/3/1902 Gordon Ella May F W Francis Gordon Jennie May Gordon Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 10/17/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
12/4/1902 Graham James M W Will Graham Vernie Brown Tuscarora Twp. Laborer 11/20/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
12/12/1902 Griffin Marion F W F. D. Grippen Lydia Grippen Leraysville Farmer 8/11/1902 Leraysville
12/4/1902 Goodwin Carmaleta F W J. S. Goodwin Hattie Goodwin Stevensville Farmer 8/29/1902 Stevensville
12/4/1902 Garris Victor N. M W A. N. Garris Tillie Garris Stevensville Laborer 8/20/1902 Stevensville
12/5/1902 Groover Burton M W John Groover Jessie Groover Leraysville Laborer 10/30/1902 Ford St.
12/5/1902 Groover Gertrude B. F W Mike McGran Bertha Groover Leraysville Farmer 5/15/1902 Ford St.
12/3/1902 Garrison Justus M W H.D. Garrison Annah Garrison Austinville Farmer 6/17/1902 Austinville
12/18/1902 Griggs Hellen B. F W Harry Griggs Lucy Griggs   Farmer 10/3/1902 Sheshequin
11/6/1902 Golden Anna F W Daniel Golden Cynthia Golden South Creek Laborer 5/3/1902 Fassetts
12/4/1902 Gernert Hazel F W Seth M. Gernert Lyda Gernert South Creek Farmer 5/13/1902 Gilletts
12/8/1902 Graham Mary Elizabeth F W James Graham Nellie Graham 306 Poplar Blacksmith 6/28/1902 306 Poplar
  Griffin Anne F W John B. Griffin Ellen Griffin 307 Third St. Agent 8/16/1902 307 Third St.
  Green Hurbert M W Thos. S. Green Mary Green Canton Dealer 3/8/1902 Canton
  Green Harold M W Thos. S. Green Mary Green Canton Dealer 3/8/1902 Canton
12/15/1902 Gannon Lucretia F W Wm. Gannon Lucretia Gannon Sugar Run Farmer 5/21/1901 Sugar Run
12/12/1902 Gannon Mildred M. F W Thomas Gannon Lizzie Gannon Sugar Run Farmer 5/17/1901 Sugar Run
12/29/1902 Galusha Freda Irene F W Leander W. Galusha Addie H. Galusha Orwell, Pa. Farmer 8/3/1902 Orwell, Pa
  Grange Clara Jane F W Hilton S. Grange Hannah Grange Granville Farmer 5/11/1902 Granville, Pa
  Granger Ethel F W   Rhoda Granger Granville   12/30/1901 Franklin Twp
  Grinell Lindruf T. M W Lindruf Grinell Jennie Grinell Granville Farmer 6/1/1902 Granville, Pa
5/19/1903 Gable Albert Newton M W George A. Gable Amanda Gable Rome Farmer 4/7/1903 Rome Twp.
6/2/1903 Gowen Leo M W Cameron Gowen Carey Gowen Terry Town Farmer 1/4/1903 Terry Twp.
  Green Paul M W E. L. Green Mable Green Terry Town Blacksmith 5/18/1903 Terry Twp.
5/13/1903 Ganely Robert M W Robert S. Ganley Ellen Ganley Tidd House Conductor 12/25/1902 Tidd House
5/7/1903 Gillon James M W John Gillon Anna Bell Gillon 2nd St. Foreman 12/15/1902 Towanda
5/7/1903 Grow   M W Alfred Grow Mary Grow Olive St. Molder 2/21/1903 Towanda
5/12/1903 Glover Bertha P. F W H. A. Glover Bertha Glover Windham Doctor 3/16/1903 Kuykendall Dis.4
6/10/1903 Golden James M W Tom Golden Mary   Farmer 5/26/1903  
5/20/1903 Gardner Gertrude B. F W S. A. Gardner Gertrude Gardner Wells Farmer 4/16/1903 Wells
5/20/1903 Guthrie Byron D. M W C. B. Guthrie Maud Guthrie Ridgebury Jeweler 5/10/1903 Ridgebury
5/20/1903 Green Chester A. M W J. S. Green Mary Green Myresburg Laborer 5/10/1903 Myersburg
5/5/1903 Granger Horace J. M W James G. Granger Lena A. Granger Sayre Brakeman 2/8/1903 Sayre, Pa
5/15/1903 Green Gerris E. M W Ezra L. Green Mabel Green Sayre Laborer 6/2/1902 Sayre, Pa
8/31/1903 Goodyear Ogden M W Miles Goodyear Cora Goodyear Sayre Electrical Eng. 7/21/1903 Sayre, Pa
  Green Winifred F W A. G. Green Editha Sayre Carpenter 8/4/1902 Sayre, Pa
5/12/1903 Gilbert Donald W. M W Eliza Gilbert Agusta Gilbert Powell Farmer 10/31/1903 Powell, Pa.
8/26/1903 Gates Catherine Arleen F W Dana M. Gates Cora Gates Springfield Farmer 6/7/1903 Springfield
5/4/1903 Garris Howard M W W. G. Garris Olive Garris Stevensville Farm Hand 12/28/1902 Cold Creek
  German Donald Edward M W Michael German Mary German Sayre Engineer 7/5/1903 Sayre
  Gasner Pearley M W Frank Gasner Ella Gasner E. River St. Laborer 5/7/1903 Sayre
12/9/1903 Graham Margaiet F W James Graham Nellie Graham 10 State St. Blacksmith 6/13/1903 Poplar 306
12/9/1903 Gordon Ruth F W Nathan Gordon Fannie Gordon 118 Ward Ave. Peddler 6/22/1903 118 Ward Ave.
12/17/1903 Green Bertha May F W A. J. Green Edith Green Sayre Carpenter 11/15/1903  
12/2/1903 Groover Ruth F W Thomas Groover Minnie Grover Merryall Laborer 7/24/1903 Stevensville
12/9/1903 Gray Walter L. M W R. D. Gray Mary L. Gray Grover Farmer 9/7/1903 Grover
12/7/1903 Gannon Georgia F W Thos. Gannon Lizzie Gannon Sugar Run Farmer 10/18/1903 Sugar Run
12/7/1903 Gannon Martha A. F W Wm. Gannon Lucretia Gannon Sugar Run Farmer 7/15/1903 Sugar Run
12/9/1903 Gillett Ronald C. M W Almon C. Gillett Lizzie Gillett Sheshequin Stone cutter 11/10/1903 Sheshequin
10/12/1903 Griffin James C. M W Harry Griffin May Griffin Canton, Pa. Manager 12/31/1902 Canton, Pa.
10/14/1903 Gleckner Donald Fairchild M W W. V. Gleckner Luella Gleckner Canton, Pa. Manufacturer 6/27/1903 Canton, Pa.
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