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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/8/1901 Fulford Russell F W Willis R. Fulford Anna Fulford Sayre Dispatcher 1/3/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/9/1901 Forbes Ina F. F W Elisha Forbes Mary Forbes Sayre Laborer 1/8/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/10/1901 Ferguson Ruth M W Geo. H. Ferguson Elizabeth Ferguson Sayre Conductor 5/9/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/10/1901 Falsey Martin J. M W Nicholas Falsey Agatha M. Falsey Sayre Conductor 2/2/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/9/1901 Forsythe Ralph E. M W Grant H. Forsythe Sarah E. Forsythe Sayre Machinist 1/13/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/10/1901 Fuller Wilson E. M W C. H. Fuller Alida Fuller Springfield Farmer 1/16/1901 Harkness
5/10/1901 Fuller Floid L. M W Jar Fuller Amanda Fuller Springfield Farmer 7/3/1899 Checkerville
5/10/1901 Fuller Earnest A. F W Jar Fuller Amanda Fuller Springfield Farmer 11/24/1900 Harkness
  Farrell Hazel M W Joseph Farrell Carry Farrell Orchard St. Engineer 2/16/1901 Sayre, Pa.
  Forbes Charles M. F W Grant Forbes Bertha Forbes First St. Fireman 2/19/1901 Sayre, Pa.
5/6/1901 Freeman Lena F W Frank Freeman Minnie Freeman Smithfield Laborer 9/16/1900 Alba
5/6/1901 French Clara D. F W Sylvanus French Clara D. French Smithfield Farmer 12/20/1900 Smithfield
8/28/1901 Fish Frances M. M W E. N. Fish Margaret Fish Sylvania Laborer 8/2/1901 Sylvania, Pa
5/6/1901 Frisby Sammy F W Theodore Frisby Anna Stevensville Laborer 4/10/1901 Stevensville
5/6/1901 Frisby Polly F W Aaron Frisby Matilda Stevensville Laborer 1/7/1901 Stevensville
5/15/1901 Field Emma F. M W Bevidebt? B. Field Catherine Field Armenia Farmer 7/8/1900 Armenia Twp.
9/17/1901 Freeman Loyd L. F W Charles L. Freeman Dell Freeman Canton Farmer 12/27/1899 Canton
1901 Freeman Mame P. F W Charles L. Freeman Dell Freeman Canton Farmer 3/9/1901 Canton
11/21/1901 Fouse Dorthea M W Clyde E. Fouse Elsie Irene Fouse Athens Inspector 10/25/1901 Athens
11/25/1901 Fitzgerald Chas. R. M W Charles Fitzgerald Anna Fitzgerald Athens Liveryman 8/5/1901 Athens
1901 Fitzgerald Thomas M W William J. Fitzgerald Ellen Fitzgerald Herrick Farmer 9/9/1901 Herrick
11/27/1901 Forbes Theron Ellis M W William Forbes Maud R. Forbes Sayre Deliveryman 7/18/1901 Sayre, Pa.
12/7/1901 Foreman Arthur E. M W Danial Foreman Eva Foreman Sayre Laborer 6/9/1901 Sayre, Pa.
12/16/1901 Fetherbey Maud F W Roy Fetherbey Agnes Fetherbey Spring Hill Laborer 9/2/1901 Spring Hill
11/15/1901 Flannery Mary C. F W Thomas Flannery Mary Flannery N. Towanda Farmer 8/31/1901 N. Towanda
1901 Finan   M W James Finan Lizzie Finan Albany Twp. Farmer 12/8/1901 Albany Twp.
Dec.1901 Fuller Hazel F W Clark Fuller Cora Fuller Sheshequin Laborer 9/21/1901 Sheshequin
11/13/1901 Fox Anna E. F W Ervin A. Fox Anna E. Fox Rome Farmer 6/9/1901 Rome Twp.
12/6/1901 Fuller Howard B. M W Herbert Fuller Lizzie Fuller Warren Farmer 6/24/1901 Warren
11/30/1901 Fanning Octavirie F W Lloyd Fanning Jennie Fanning Wetona Farmer 6/5/1901 Wetona
12/5/1901 Franklin Valty B. F W Chas. Franklin Emily Franklin Oak Hill Laborer 10/21/1901 Oak Hill
12/5/1901 Finton William H. M W Peter Finton Lucy Finton Hollenback Farmer 6/7/1901 Hollenback
5/3/1902 Fawcet Blanch Iren F W Ellsworth Fawcet Frankie Fawcet Main St. Paper Hanger 3/13/1902 Campbellsville, Sus.Co.,Pa
5/21/1902 Fairchild Helen Louise Ruth F W Asahel Clay Fairchild Ida Fairchild 317 State St. Merchant 2/3/1902 Towanda, Pa.
5/8/1902 Francisco Mary C. F W Benj. Francisco Rose Francisco Ulster Laborer 4/21/1902 Ulster
5/22/1902 Fitzwatter Russell M W Wm. Fitzwatter Julie Fitzwatter LeRoy Farmer 2/22/1901 E. Canton
5/12/1902 Foust Mainard M W George Foust Gladice Foust Granville Laborer 10/2/1901 Granville
5/18/1902 Feathers Roger M W Murray Feathers Minnie Feathers Ridgebury Farmer 3/22/1902 Ridgebury
5/8/1902 Flynn Paul M W David Flynn Margaret Fox Towanda Laborer 5/1/1902 Towanda, Pa.
5/17/1902 Farrar Evadna Grace F W Earl H. Farrar Sadie R. Farrar Orwell, Pa. Printer 12/29/1901 Orwell, Pa
5/7/1902 Foster Pearl F W James E. Foster Sylva Foster Powell Laborer 2/26/1902 Powell
5/6/1902 Fisher Earl M W John Fisher Susan Fisher Sayre Laborer 2/22/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/7/1902 Farr Henry Joseph M W Geo. W. Farr Mary Farr Sayre Laborer 5/6/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/8/1902 Fredrick Pauline B. F W Fred Fredrick Hattie Fredrick Sayre Carpenter 1/5/1902 Sayre, Pa.
  Foley Gerald M W Michael Foley Maud Foley Thomas Ave. Machinist 9/1/1902 Sayre, Pa.
  Finimore Agness Elizabeth F W Wm. Fenimore Maria B. Sayre Laborer 3/18/1902 Sayre, Pa.
  Finimore Anna Maria F W Wm. Fenimore Maria B. Sayre Laborer 3/18/1902 Sayre, Pa.
5/14/1902 Francke Paul John M W Joseph Francke Elfie Francke Overton Laborer 4/17/1902 Overton
5/20/1902 Field Frances V. F W Wilson H. Field Lettie V. Field E. Troy Merchant 6/15/1902 E. Troy
5/9/1902 Frantz Ronald M W E. F. Frantz Della Frantz Stevensville Farmer 12/19/1901 Stevensville
5/9/1902 Fassett Margie F W Harry Fassett Mary Fassett Stevensville Farmer 6/26/1902 Stevensville
5/5/1902 Fosburg Marion L. F W W. R. Fosburg Lulu Fosburg Smithfield Butter Maker 12/23/1901 Smithfield
5/6/1902 Farley James M W Patrick Farley Ellen Farley Comiskey Farmer 1/17/1902 Wilmot
5/30/1902 Farr Elisabeth F W L. D. Farr Emma Farr Wilmot Farmer 6/24/1902 Wilmot
12/12/1902 Flannery Agnes F W Michael Flannery Mary L. Flannery Sayre Laborer 8/6/1902 Sayre, Pa.
12/2/1902 Fitch Myra F W Ellery Fitch Lydia Fitch Elm St. Laborer 12/31/1901 Greens Landing, Pa.
12/3/1902 Francke Edward Herman M W Edward I. Francke Margaret Francke Tioga St. Merchant 8/8/1902 Athens, Pa.
11/14/1902 Fulmer Wayne Earl M W Charles Fulmer Elizabeth Fulmer Athens, Wells Ave. Blacksmith 5/23/1902 Overton, Pa.
12/1/1902 Fourd Minney Angaline F W Burton Fourd Mary Ellen Fourd Indian Hill Laborer 10/13/1900 Indian Hill
  French Paul G. M W Luke French Emma French Smithfield Farmer 5/28/1902 Smithfield
12/15/1902 Fox Mary Francis F W John A. Fox Nora Fox Terry Town Farmer 11/10/1902 Terry Twp.
  Fitzwater Edith E. F W Levi R. Fitzwater Jennie E. Fitzwater Canton Farmer 10/20/1902 Canton
12/4/1902 Frisby Carrie F W C. H. Frisby Mary E. Frisby Stevensville Laborer 6/16/1902 Stevensville
12/2/1902 Fleming James F. M W Timothy K. Fleming Anna Fleming Homestead Day Laborer 8/13/1902 Towanda Twp.
12/10/1902 Felton Mary Elizabeth F W Charle Felton Polly Felton 307 Second Bookkeeper 7/21/1902 307 Second
12/19/1902 Fox Leonard Edward M W Thomas H. Fox Emma Fox Orwell, Pa. Farmer 10/6/1902 Orwell, Pa
1/8/1903 Fitch Leslie A. M W Frank E.Fitch Mary Fitch Granville Farmer 9/14/1902 Granville
5/8/1903 Foster Delbert M W George Foster Mertie Foster N. Towanda Laborer 1/8/1903 N.Towanda
  Fusk Deonie M W Michael Fusk Mary Fusk Troy Tracklayer 1/17/1903 Troy Twp.
5/25/1903 Fuller Gertrude M. F W W. L. Fuller Jennie Fuller Herrick Farmer 4/17/1903 Herrick
5/19/1903 Frisbie Cassie ? Pauline F W Paul L. Frisbie Maud Frisbie Rome Laborer 5/17/1903 Rome
5/27/1903 Fuller Nellie M. F W Herbert Fuller Lizzie Fuller Warren Farmer 12/8/1902 Warren
5/18/1903 Farr Henry Jr. M W Henry Farr Catherine Farr Ridgebury Farmer 12/10/1902 Ridgebury
  Falsey David E. M W Nicholas Falsey Agatha Falsey Sayre Railroad 1/4/1903 Sayre, Pa.
6/20/1903 Fields Almon M W Wm. Fields Susan Fields Armenia Twp. Farmer 5/5/1903 Armenia Twp.
6/24/1903 Furman Cecil M W Dayton Furman Marcy Furman Browntown Laborer 8/20/1902 Browntown
8/28/1903 Fanning Kester Allen M W Lloyd Fanning Jennie Fanning Wetona Farmer 7/10/1903 Wetona
9/2/1903 Frawley Joseph Francis M W Tom Frawley Kate Frawley Overton Merchant 12/28/1902 Overton
5/12/1903 Frawley Margaret F. F W Timothy Frawley Mary Frawley Overton Farmer 1/28/1903 Overton
12/2/1902 Fulmer Earl W. M W Charley Fulmer Lizzie Fulmer Overton Blacksmith 5/23/1902 Overton
12/2/1902 Forrest Carl M W J. C. Forrest Liddie Forrest Overton Laborer 9/12/1902 Overton
5/5/1903 Fowler Ray M W Edwin C. Fowler Emma Groove Fowler Pike Farmer 3/15/1903 Pike
5/4/1903 Frantz Gerald M W E. T. Frantz Della Frantz Stevensville Farmer 3/15/1903 Stevensville
5/5/1903 Frisbee Floyd M W James Frisbee Lena Frisbee Stevensville Farmer 12/9/1902 Stevensville
5/5/1903 Frisbie Bertha F W Geo. Frisbie Mina Frisbie Stevensville Farmer 10/6/1902 Stevensville
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