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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1901-1905
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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/10/1901 Edwards Clyde M W George Edwards Bertha Stevensville Laborer 1/7/1901 Centerville
5/2/1901 Eberlin Clarence M W Ransom Eberlin Dorrita Eberlin S. Wilmot Farmer 10/13/1900 S. Wilmot
11/15/1901 Emery Gladys E. F W James R. Emery Mary Emery Sayre, Pa. Blacksmith 1/20/1901 Wysox, Pa
12/2/1901 Ellsworth L. Tracy M W William Ellsworth Fanny Gregory Ellsworth Main St. Dealer 7/21/1901 Laceyville, Pa.
12/12/1901 Edsall Flossie Irene F W Clarence Edsall Alice Edsall Prattville Laborer 8/20/1901 Prattville
1901 Everett Maud F W Edward Everett Lena Everett Thomas Ave. Fireman 8/14/1901 Sayre
  Elliott Gertrude F W James Elliott Elliott Durell Farmer 9/20/1901 Durell Center
5/15/1902 Eastman Gerald Eugene M W James E. Eastman Carrie E. Eastman Orwell, Pa. Farmer 1/1/1902 Orwell
  Everett Margaret Maud F W Edward Everett Lena M. Sayre, Pa. Fireman 8/24/1901 Geneva, NY
5/21/1902 Everson Hilda F W Eugene Everson Ella Everson W. Burlington Farmer 2/5/1902 W. Burlington
9/2/1902 Estep Zilpha Maria F W Clias Estep Helen Estep E. Troy Laborer 7/23/1902 E. Troy
5/20/1902 Eberlin Catherine F W Barney Eberlin Ida Eberlin Hollenback Farmer 8/28/1900 Wilmot
5/20/1902 Eberlin George Lantz M W Barney Eberlin Ida Eberlin Hollenback Farmer 2/26/1902 Wilmot
12/11/1902 Emery Gladys E. F W J. R. Emery Mary Emery Sayre, Pa. Blacksmith 6/20/1902 Sayre
11/11/1902 Evens Margrett F W Wm. H. Evens Mary Evens Taylor Ave Cigar Mfg. 8/7/1902 Wyalusing Boro
12/4/1902 Edwards S. B. M W J. H. Edwards Hattie Edwards Stevensville Farmer 11/28/1902 Stevensville
12/6/1902 Edwards Clarence M W Geo. Edwards Bertie Edwards Stevensville Laborer 10/25/1902 Stevensville
12/10/1902 Ennis John Alexander M W Loyd Ennis Nelley Ennis Towanda St. Carpenter 4/10/1902 Towanda St.
12/10/1902 Everett Fredrica F W John E. Everett Augusta Everett Franklin M.L. 8/21/1902 Franklin
  Eiklor Alta F W Godfrey Eiklor Mary Eiklor   Farmer 8/10/1902 Sheshequin
12/18/1902 Eaton Raymond M W Clarence Eaton Teresa Allen William St. Baker 5/8/1902 Towanda
12/13/1902 Ely Arthur Daniel M W Ulysses Ely Nellie Ely Hollenback Farmer 5/27/1902 Hollenback
12/10/1902 Evans Fay M W Rubin Evans Isabel Evans Elwell Farmer 8/17/1902 Elwell
12/4/1902 Eastabrooks Mary Hermina F W C. B. Eastabrooks Nettie L. Eastabrooks Orwell, Pa. Farmer 7/19/1902 Orwell
5/18/1903 Everts Estelle E. M W Estele Everts Estella Everts Wells Farming 4/20/1903 Wells
5/12/1903 Everhart Leroy M W Wm. Everhart Grace Everhart Church St. Laborer 10/20/1902 Athens, Pa.
5/16/1903 Evans Valeda May F W Daniel Evans Almedia Evans Ridgebury Farmer 3/8/1903 Ridgebury Twp.
5/8/1903 Every Ruth F W James Every Polly Every LeRoy Farmer 12/31/1902 LeRoy, Pa.
5/19/1903 Elliott Gertrude F W S. C. Elliott Dellaphene Elliott Berrytown Farmer 3/27/1903 Berrytown
5/21/1903 Elliott Verna D. F W Harry Elliott Maud Elliott Grover Farmer 3/3/1903 Grover
5/4/1903 Edwards Clair ? M W G. M. Edwards Birtie Edwards Stevensville Farm Hand 11/25/1902 Stevensville
5/20/1903 Evans Norman M W Schyler Bates Mary Bates Sugar Run Farmer 9/8/1902 Sugar Run
12/8/1903 Eike Alma May F W Walter Eike Minnie Eike Sayre, Pa. Fireman 9/9/1903 Sayre
12/10/1903 Ellis Charles E. M W Orson E. Ellis May Ellis Grover Laborer 9/28/1903 Grover
12/9/1903 Emery Thelma F W Jacob Emery Julia Emery Frenchtown Farmer 12/5/1903 Frenchtown
12/10/1903 English Orlando M W Addison O. English Anna English Spring Hill Farmer 10/12/1903 Camptown
4/30/1904 Eddy Beatrice Almeda F W Fred Eddy (Illegitimate) Hattie Maud Brizzy Monroe Boro Laborer 4/9/1904 Monroe Boro
5/19/1904 Elliott Carl M W C. L. Elliott Lidia E. Elliott Wylausing Laborer 1/23/1904 Wyalusing
May.1904 Eddy Elizabeth F W Rob't Eddy Margaret Eddy Orwell, Pa. Farmer 1/18/1904 Orwell
8/31/1903 Everett Hazel May M W Burt Everett Grace Everett Sayre Boro Brakeman 5/12/1903 Sayre Boro
8/4/1904 Everson Horis M W Eugene Everson Ellie Everson Masontown Laborer 8/10/1903 Burlington
8/16/1904 Evans Beatrice Louisa F W S. C. Evans Elmira Evans Athens Laborer 4/4/1904 Athens, Pa.
  Elliott Aubrey L. M W Joe Elliott Bertha M. Elliott Shangtown Farmer 3/19/1904  
6/16/1904 Ellsworth Clyde M W Edwin Ellsworth Lizzie Ellsworth Towanda Farmer 2/21/1904 Towanda
May.1904 Elsworth Mera F W John H. Elsworth Lena Elsworth Sayre Carpenter 10/23/1903 Sayre
May.1904 Eike   M W Robt. Eike Caroline Eike Sayre Fireman 4/30/1904 Sayre
5/18/1904 Ervay Hazel C. F W Claude E. Ervay Susie Ervay Sayre Laborer 12/15/1903 Sayre
5/13/1904 Every Ethel May F W Jas. Every Polly A. Every LeRoy Farmer 3/27/1904 LeRoy, Pa.
5/16/1904 Every Ethel May F W Jas. Every Polly A. Every LeRoy Farmer 4/27/1904 LeRoy, Pa.
5/5/1904 Eberlin Bernard M W Bernard Eberlin Ida M. Eberlin Wilmot Farmer 2/25/1904 Wilmot
12/21/1904 Edsell Bentley M W Clarence Edsell Alice Edsall LeRaysville Laborer 11/6/1904 LeRaysville
12/3/1904 Ellis Frances A. F W Wilmot Ellis Nellie Barnes Ellis Ellis Hill Farmer 8/14/1904 Ellis Hill
12/3/1904 Elliott Dorthy L. F W Wm. Elliott Emma R. Elliott Durell Laborer 7/23/1903 Durell
12/16/1904 Ellis Mildred Anna F W Floyd E. Ellis Lena May Ellis Athens Carpenter 9/27/1904 Athens, Pa.
12/14/1904 Eddy Carleton M W John B. Eddy Lizzie Eddy Rome Boro Laborer 11/1/1904 Rome Boro
12/5/1904 English Irene Myrtle F W Cyrus English Nancy English South Branch Laborer 4/19/1904 South Branch
12/8/1904 Elliott Zelma Orion F W Gilbert Elliott Anna L. Elliott Liberty Corners Farmer 9/14/1904 Liberty Corners
Dec.1904 Eike Clarance M W Rob't Eike Caroline Eike Sayre Fireman 6/21/1904 Sayre
Dec.1904 Ellis Baby M W Fred L. Ellis Emma A. Ellis Sayre Barber 11/20/1904 Sayre
Dec.1904 Ellis Judson Orrin M W Fred A. Ellis Grace Mable Ellis Sayre Engineer 4/13/1904 Tunkhannock, Pa.
4/11/1905 Ennis   M W Lloyd Ennis Sarah Ennis Monroe Boro Carpenter 3/27/1905 Monroe Boro
5/11/1905 Edwards Baby M W Harvey Edwards Hattie Edwards LeRaysville Farmer 4/30/1905 Pike
4/8/1905 Everson Theodore M W Eugene Everson Mrs. Everson Masontown Laborer 11/3/1904 Monroeton
5/1/1905 Ennis Helen May F W Bert Ennis Charlot Ennis Standing Stone Farmer 4/20/1905 Standing Stone
5/1/1905 Eighmey Velma F W John Eighmey Dora Eighmey Wells Farmer 1/4/1905 Columbia
6/1/1905 Edsell Avery M W C. S. Edsell A. R. Edsell LeRaysville Laborer 11/6/1905 LeRaysville
5/11/1905 Eaton Emma F W Clarence Eaton Theresa Allen William St. Baker 8/18/1905 Towanda
9/6/1905 Estelle Foster Royce M W Sam'l Estelle May E. Estelle New Albany Barber 8/4/1905 New Albany
5/6/1905 Eiklor Eunice F W Godfred Eiklor Mary Eiklor Sheshequin Farmer 2/22/1905 Sheshequin
6/7/1905 Evans Lawrance M W Ruben Evans Isabel Evans Sciota Vall Farmer 4/18/1905  
8/25/1905 Elliott Francis Lealyn M W Harry Elliott Maud Elliott Grover Farmer 5/9/1905 Grover
8/25/1905 Ellis Lawrence Glen M W Orison ? Ellis Mary Ellis Grover Laborer 6/17/1905 Grover
12/4/1905 Ellis Elizabeth F W Emerson Ellis Jeney Ellis Wysox Laborer 7/16/1905 Wysox, Pa
12/21/1905 Eddy Clarence M W J. L. Eddy Daisy Eddy Laquin Laborer 10/8/1905 Laquin
12/5/1905 Eddy Fern F W John Eddy Grace Eddy Albany Twp. Farmer 7/22/1905 Albany Twp.
12/12/1905 Estell Elipha M F W Wilbur Estell Susanna Estell Albany Twp. Farmer 1/5/1905 Albany Twp.
12/12/1905 Estell Fred L. M W Frank Estell Winnie? Estell Albany Twp. Farmer 10/30/1905 Albany Twp.
10/19/1905 Everts Lloyd C. M W L. F. Everts Anna Everts Berrytown Farmer 9/2/1905 Berrytown
12/18/1905 Evens Baby M W Wm. Evans Grace Evans Ridgebury Laborer 11/2/1905 Ridgebury Twp.
12/20/1905 Epley Vira F W Bert Epley Edna Epley Overton Laborer 10/23/1905 Overton
12/21/1905 Essenwine Ruth C. F W Wm. Essenwine Maude Whyte Kingsberry Ave. Laborer 11/2/1905 Towanda
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