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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/09/1903 Dority Mergret F W P. Reuptures ? Myrtle Harris Powell Beerbotleother? 07/21/1903 Powell
12/15/1903 Depew Nellie Geraldine F W Fred Depew Hattie Depew W. Burlington Run Saw Mill 11/23/1903 W. Burlington
12/16/1903 Dunham George H. M W George Dunham Jennie Dunham Terrytown Laborer 07/27/1903 Terry Township
  Dunivan Charles M W Cornelous Dunivan Jessie Dunivan Terry Town Laborer 06/08/1903 Terry Township
  Dunbar Clifford L. M W Willard H. Dunbar Florence J. Dunbar Canton Farmer 08/25/1902 Canton
12/15/1903 Dull William Guy M W D.F. Dull Martha Dull Hollenback Farmer 06/23/1903 Hollenback
09/29/1903 Drummings Dora F W John Drummings Ester Drummings Albany Twp. Laborer 02/22/1903 Albany Twp.
10/21/1903 Dibble Rexford C. M W Wm. F. Dibble Edith Dibble Albany Twp. Farmer 09/20/1903 Albany Twp.
11/02/1903 Darrow Baby F W James Darrow Myrtie Darrow Smithfield Laborer 07/29/1903 Smithfield
12/10/1903 Dibble Susie Ruth F W Chas. Dibble Ida Dibble Burlington Laborer 05/21/1903 Smithfield
12/07/1903 Dunn Francis M. M W James Dunn Mary Dunn N. Towanda Farmer 07/15/1903 N. Towanda
12/01/1903 Davis Newton M W Burton L. Davis Cora L. Davis Rome Twp. Farmer 11/10/1903 Rome Twp.
11/28/1903 Doll Grace Isabel F W George Doll Minnie Doll Canton, Pa. Laborer 07/17/1903 Canton, Pa
12/14/1903 Dunn John E. M W Benjamin Dunn Daisy Dunn Franklin Farmer 11/15/1903 Franklin
12/08/1903 Doane Harvy M W Robert Doane Jennie Doane Windham Farmer 10/10/1903 Peckhill Dis.9
12/16/1903 Dexter Geraldine F W Rodney G. Dexter Gertrude Stanton E. Troy Laborer 09/26/1903 E. Troy
11/14/1903 Dunbar Pearl F W Arthur Dunbar   Troy, Pa. Laborer 10/22/1902 Troy, Pa.
11/14/1903 Dunbar Harold M W Stanley Dunbar Etta Dunbar Big Pond Farmer 10/21/1903 Big Pond
04/30/1904 Dewar Marion E. F W John Dewar Dora Dewar Monroe Boro Laborer 01/25/1904 Big Pond
05/28/1904 Decker James M W Clarence Decker Elizabeth Decker Terry Twp. Sale 01/23/1904 Terry Township
05/11/1904 Doane Gladys Mabel F W Elmer Doane Ida Doane Windham Farmer 04/11/1904 Windham
05/02/1904 Dreslane Mary C. F W Michael Dreslane Mary Dreslane N. Towanda Farmer 12/23/1903 N. Towanda
05/18/1904 Devine Harold M W Alonzo Devine Adelia Devine LeRaysville Farmer 05/04/1904 Leraysville
  Davis Gerald Rexford M W Frederick Davis Alht?? Athens Ins. Agt. 7/11/1903/4? Athens
  Dunfee Beatrice F W Geo. J. Dunfee   Athens Laborer 02/03/1904 Athens
05/05/1904 Drake Wm. E. M W Henry J. Drake Lizzie M. Drake Wysox, Pa. Laborer 12/24/1903 Wysox, Pa
12/12/1903 Dunbar Theo. Eugene M W Luins ? A. Dunbar Mabel L. Dunbar Athens Laborer 10/20/1903 Athens
05/19/1904 Dillin Arthur M W Chas. Dillin Fanny Dillin Austinville Laborer 05/04/1904 Austinville
09/07/1904 Dewey Elmer C. M W E. O. Dewey Rose Dewey S. Creek Merchant 03/09/1904 South Creek
May.1904 Decker Carl J. M W John C. Decker May Decker Sayre Switchman 09/30/1903 Sayre
05/25/1904 Duhlstine Geo. Tracy M W Geo. Duhlstine Lena A. Duhlstine Sayre Laborer 05/15/1904 Sayre
05/29/1904 Dibble Marnie F W Wm. Dibble Grace Dibble Smithfield Laborer 08/29/1903 Burlington
May.1904 Douglass Madge Elanyse F W Wm. J. Douglass Bertha Douglass Sayre Fireman 04/14/1904 Sayre
May.1904 Drislane Mary F W Richard Drislane Katherine Drislane Sayre Carpenter 08/23/1903 Sayre
08/25/1904 Dun John Elmer M W C. Ben Dun Daisy M. Dun LeRoy Farmer 11/15/1903 Franklin
05/16/1904 Derby Laura F W Rob't Derby Rose Derby Overton Laborer 03/20/1904 Overton
05/02/1904 Dildine Mary F W Chas. Dildine May Dildine Sayre Engineer 02/22/1904 Sayre
05/03/1904 Drake Albert M W W. E. Drake Mary Drake Sayre Machinist 11/09/1903 Sayre
  Dunbar Ralph E. M W Willson Dunbar Lilla Dunbar Canton Farmer 01/26/1904 Armenia
10/29/1904 Duggan Katharine W. F W Thos. J. Duggan Katharine J. Duggan Long Valley Merchant 10/06/1904 Monroe Boro
11/11/1904 Donlon Daniel M W James Donlon Julia Donlon Laquin Laborer 06/05/1904 Laquin
12/05/1904 DuBois Mildred Julia F W S.H. DuBois Minnie DuBois Athens Clerk 10/10/1904 Athens
12/05/1904 Dixon Anna Elizabeth F W Dan'l S. Dixon Mary L. Dixon Sayre Laborer 10/20/1904 Sayre
12/05/1904 Dugan   M W Hugh B. Dugan Jr. Tresia R. Dugan Sayre Machinist 12/05/1904 Sayre
  Dorsett Lewis W. M W Lewis W. Dorsett Mary S. Dorsett Sayre Banker 10/16/1904 Addison, NY
12/07/1904 Dunfee Edward Ransom M W Ransom Dunfee Lizzie Dunfee N. Towanda Brakeman 06/19/1904 N. Towanda
Nov.1904 Davidson Leonard Job M W C. N. Davidson Cora E. Davidson Orwell Farmer 05/16/1904 Orwell
12/10/1904 Daine William Burton M W Thos. R. Daine Sarah C. Daine Litchfield Laborer 10/29/1904 Litchfield
Dec.1904 Davidson David L. M W Chester A. Davidson nellie Davidson Sayre Laborer 02/15/1904 Sayre
10/30/1904 Dibble Locera Robert M W Robert Dibble Charlotte Dibble Athens ?? 12/20/1903 Athens
12/17/1904 Dohn Florence Elizabeth F W Geo. Dohn Lena Dohn Athens Carpenter 09/02/1904 Athens
10/06/1904 Driscoll Thos. F. M W Jerry Driscoll Catherine Driscoll Ridgebury Farmer 02/07/1904 Ridgebury
12/14/1904 Dirk Phyllis F W C. N. Dirk Dora Dirk Columbia Co. Laborer 09/07/1904 Benton, Pa.
12/19/1904 Dickinson Oliver M W Israel Dickinson Lulu Dickinson Tuscarora Laborer 11/12/1904 Tuscarora
12/19/1904 Devine   M W Bennie H. Devine Effie Devine Tuscarora Farmer 09/30/1904 Tuscarora
Dec.1904 Dowd Lawrence W. M W John Dowd Vera Dowd Sheshequin Laborer 07/12/1904 Sheshequin
  Duart Willis R. M W D. Henry Duart Grace Duart Canton, Pa. Farmer 09/22/1904 Canton, Pa
12/14/1904 Doane John M W Clyde Doane Lucia Doane Windham Farmer 06/12/1904 Windham
12/14/1904 Doane Wm. M W Clyde Doane Lucia Doane Windham Farmer 06/12/1904 Windham
12/21/1904 Dunham James R. M W George Dunham Jennie Dunham Terry Town Farmer 11/13/1904 Terry Twp.
12/21/1904 Dull Lester M. M W Dudley Dull Martha Butler Dull Main St. Electrician 10/08/1904 Wylusing Boro
12/14/1904 Darrow Ralph L. M W Herman Darrow Bertha Darrow W. Burlington Laborer 08/15/1904 W. Burlington
12/16/1904 Dubert Harold Andrew M W Walter A. Dubert Maud Dubert W. Burlington Farmer 06/16/1904 W. Burlington
12/06/1904 Duinon Ethlyn F W F. A. Duinon ? Della Arnold Duinon Pike Farmer 05/29/1904 Pike
12/07/1904 Dubler Earl Edward M W Edward Dubler Florance Dubler Sayre Car Repairer 11/07/1904 Sayre
05/13/1905 Dunbar Lucy May F W Delmar Dunbar Eva Dunbar Armenia Laborer 01/12/1904 Armenia
05/17/1905 Dunbar Nellie Esther F W Frank Dunbar Bessie Dunbar Armenia Farmer 11/28/1903 Armenia
12/27/1904 Decker Thea Irene F W Miner Decker Ella Decker Athens Boro Laborer 08/01/1904 Athens
05/07/1905 Darling Blah Z. M W Harry Darling Anna Darling Troy Twp. Farmer 06/11/1904  
May.1905 Donovan Michael M W John Donovan Mary Donovan Wysox, Pa. Laborer 04/20/1905 Wysox, Pa
15/6/1905 Davis Agnes F W Rush B. Davis Matilda Davis Albany Twp. Farmer 04/22/1905 Albany Twp.
05/27/1905 Dehaven Harry B. M W Dead Katie M. Dehaven Laceyville   03/16/1905 Laceyville
05/10/1905 Dunham Sterling Boardman M W Fay Dunham Celia Dunham Windham Farmer 03/29/1905 Windham
05/03/1905 Drew Rosa Viola F W Edwin M. Drew Emily M. Drew 407 First St. Laborer 05/27/1904 Athens, Pa.
05/29/1905 Dougherty Margarett F W M. F. Dougherty Ida Daugherty S. Towanda Laborer 05/16/1905 Towanda
  Dunfee Louise Josephine F W Geo. Dunfee   Athens Boro Laborer 02/02/1905 Athens Boro
05/10/1905 Dixon Freman M W Jas. Dixon Clara Fox River St. Laborer 10/24/1904 Towanda
05/09/1905 Dunn Catherine F W James Dunn Mary Dunn N. Towanda Laborer 01/05/1905 N. Towanda
05/29/1905 Dunbar Claud R. M W George Dunbar Cora Dunbar Armenia Farmer 03/30/1905 Armenia
09/01/1905 Danson   M W Frank Danson Ella Danson Sayre Yd.Master 08/21/1905 Sayre
05/22/1905 Darrow Henry Sinclair M W Lloyd Darrow Martha J. Darrow W. Burlington Farmer 01/17/1905 W. Burlington
05/15/1905 Davidson Eleanor F W Harvey Davidson Edna Davidson 617 Second Driver 10/02/1904 Towanda
05/19/1905 Daugherty Lawrence Joseph M W James A. Daugherty Aline Frances Daughterty 13 Olive Agent 12/28?/1904 Towanda
05/24/1905 Decker Margurite H. F W Andrew Decker Margurite E. Lockhart Brakeman 03/16/1905 Sayre
05/10/1905 Dumphy Cornellia F W James Dumphy Margaret Dumphy 105 Ward Ave Fireman 08/05/1904 Towanda
05/15/1905 Depew Sarah F W James Depew Grace Depew Smithfield Farmer 02/11/1905 Smithfield
05/02/1905 Duggan Leonard Job M W Hugh Duggan Theresa Duggan Sayre Machinist 04/28/1905 Sayre
08/30/1905 Dodge Alice May F W James A. Dodge Anna Dodge New Albany Lumberman 05/31/1905 New Albany
05/11/1905 Dickens Alberta F W Stephen G. Dickens Emma J. Dickens Bumpville Carpenter 08/18/1904 Bumpville
12/13/1905 Decker Hellen F W Fread Decker Anna Decker Athens Twp. Laborer 12/25/1904 Waverly, NY
12/01/1905 Davis Byron R. M W Bert L. Davis Cora Davis Rome, Pa. Laborer 06/23/1905 Rome Boro
12/05/1905 Decker Clyde E. M W Geo. L. Decker Clara V. Decker Tuscarora, Pa. Laborer 08/23/1905 Tuscarora
12/18/1905 Dewey Rose M. F W E. O. Dewey Rose Dewey S. Creek Merchant 11/04/1905 South Creek
11/16/1905 Dumfee Edward C. M W Hiram F. Dumfee Lizzie Dumfee N. Towanda Brakeman 06/13/1905 N. Towanda
12/20/1905 Devine Dortha F W O. J. Devine Adelia Devine Pike Farmer 12/10/1905 Pike
12/08/1905 Dunlop Wm. E. M W Jno. Dunlap Minnie Dunlap E. Athens Second Hand Store 07/12/1905 E. Athens
  Dennison Adelle Louise F W Prof. Wm. Dennison Laurie Mace Dennison Elmira St. Teacher 06/09/1905 Troy, Pa.
Dec.1905 Duggan Gomer L. M W Gomer Duggan Marion Duggan Sheshequin Laborer 08/23/1905 Sheshequin
12/09/1905 Darrow Viola Lillian F W B. A. Darrow Janetta Darrow Burlington Twp. Farmer 04/07/1905 Burlington Twp.
12/06/1905 Dibble Ruth Margaret F W Wm. Dibble Edith Dibble Albany Twp. Farmer 08/08/1905 Albany Twp.
12/08/1905 Decker Marian F W Rufus Decker Mina Decker Albany Twp. Farmer 08/22/1905 Albany Twp.
Sept.1905 Dunbar Orrin Russell M W Homer Dunbar Harriett E. Dunbar 310 First Laborer 07/30/1905 Athens, Pa.
12/21/1905 Dutcer Elizabeth Anna F W J. A. Dutcher Frankie Dutcher Wysox, Pa. Farmer 05/29/1905 Wysox, Pa
  DeRenner George H. M W Geo. DeRenner Mable DeRenner Laquin Laborer 03/12/1905 Laquin
06/03/1905 Dunbar Finley M W Frank Dunbar Bessie Smith Dunbar Troy Farmer 01/31/1905 Armenia
12/05/1905 Dunning Ruth Margaret F W L. B. Dunning Dora Dunning S. Creek Farmer 12/05/1905 South Creek
12/05/1905 Daughterty Gertrude E. F W Glen Daugherty Clara Daughterty Union Valley Laborer 08/10/1905 Rome Twp.
12/05/1905 Davison Mary Jane F W Bly J. Davison Janetta Darrow Canton Druggist 07/19/1905 Canton, Pa
12/05/1905 Darling Burt M W William Darling Elna M. Darling Canton Paper Hanger 06/15/1905 Canton, Pa
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