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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
05/07/1901 Drake Reca J F W W. E. Drake Mary J. Drake Sayre Machinist 02/03/1901 Sayre, Pa
05/02/1901 Dickson Leola Ethel F W Wm. A. Dickson Jessie Dickson Sayre Engineer 05/10/1901 Potter Co., Pa
  Davis   F W Guy W. Davis Kate M. Davis Sayre Laborer 04/03/1900 Sayre, Pa
05/31/1901 Drocge Joseph Eminel M W John A. Drocge Elenor Drocge Sayre Superintendent 05/30/1901 Sayre, Pa
05/24/1901 Dolan Thomas Luke M W Luke Dolan Annie A. Dolan Orwell Farmer 1/0/1901 Orwell
06/08/1901 Dunbar George M. M W Dellmer Dunbar Eva H Dunbar Armenia Farmer 05/18/1901 Armenia Twp
09/03/1901 Dunbar Lawrence Murray M W Delbert Dunbar Myrtie Dunbar E. Troy Farmer 06/11/1901 E. Troy
09/04/1901 Dunbar Edna H. F W Burt Dunbar Emma Dunbar E. Troy Farmer 05/07/1901 E. Troy
09/04/1901 Dunbar Elsie H. F W Burt Dunbar Emma Dunbar E. Troy Farmer 05/07/1901 E. Troy
11/18/1901 Donlin Mary Locelia F W John L. Donlin Mary Donlin Sayre Laborer 11/08/1901 Sayre, Pa
11/26/1901 Douglas Mida E. F W O. R. Douglas Hattie Douglas Sutliff Hill Laborer 06/18/1901 Sutliff Hill
05/27/1901 Dubert John Grinlife M W W. A. Dubert Marion Dubert Milan Farmer 03/25/1901 Milan
12/03/1901 Doane Lucy F W I. R. Doane May Doane Birney Farmer 09/26/1901 Birney
11/15/1901 Dunn Thomas M W James Dunn Mary Dunn N. Towanda Farmer 09/02/1901 N. Towanda
  Decker Hollister A. M W Clarence E.Decker Elizabeth A. Decker Albany Twp. Laborer 10/16/1901 Albany Twp.
Dec.1901 Devine Hasco Walter M W Eugene Devine Susan Devine LeRaysville Carpenter 08/24/1901 LeRaysville
11/15/1901 Davis John M W N. G. Davis Bertha Davis Mac Farmer 06/29/1901 Mac
11/19/1901 Dickens Mary Ellen F W Adelbert Dickens Phebe Dickens Rome Farmer 11/12/1901 Rome Twp.
12/11/1901 Dunn Clay Vern F W Henry Dunn Susan Dunn Franklin Farmer 05/17/1901 Franklin
11/16/1901 Darrow Marvin M W Loyd Darrow Martha Darrow W. Burlington Farmer 08/15/1901 W. Burlington
11/20/1901 Dibble Ethel Amelia F W William Dibble Grace Dibble W. Burlington Laborer 09/24/1901 W. Burlington
12/17/1901 Debosier Joseph M W W. J. Debosier Sarah Debosier Canton Boro Cigar Maker 09/24/1901 Canton Boro
12/18/1901 Deats Viola F W Claud Deats Clara Deats S. Waverly Machinist 12/14/1901 S. Waverly
  Dann Grace E. F W Sterling Dann Ethel M. Dann Canton Boro Darpenter 03/21/1901 Canton
12/04/1901 Decker Francis M. M W Marion Charles Decker Mahala Elizabeth Decker Litchfield Minister 02/21/1901 Litchfield
12/05/1901 Denell Mable F W Henry Denell Bertha Denell Warren Farmer 09/04/1901 Warren
12/14/1901 Deery Albert M W Wm. Deery Hannah Deery Snedeker Laborer 07/24/1901 Snedeker
11/08/1901 Dunbar Kennett M W Carlton Dunbar Adda Dunbar Granville Twp. Farmer 05/11/1901 Granville Twp.
11/16/1901 Desmond Daniel M W Daniel Desmond Margaret Desmond Ridgebury Farmer 04/11/1901 Ridgebury
11/23/1901 Dunlap Lillian V. F W J. H. Dunlap   Athens Boro Laborer 06/27/1901 3rd Ward-Athens Boro
12/04/1901 Drake Marie Reda F W Chas. Henry Drake   Athens Boro Laborer 05/28/1901 3rd Ward-Athens Boro
01/30/1901 Duggan Arthur M W Gomar ? Duggan Marian Duggan Long Valley Clerk 01/30/1901 Long Valley
05/08/1902 Davis Ruth F W Guy W. Davis Kate M. Davis Athens, Laborer 03/20/1902 Sayre, Pa
05/14/1902 Dutcher Stephen D. M W J. A. Dutcher Frank Dutcher Wysox, Pa. Farmer 01/01/1902 Wysox, Pa
05/29/1902 Dunham Larah F W George Dunham Jennie Dunham Terry Twp. Laborer 02/23/1902 New Era, Pa
05/26/1902 Dunklee Elanson D. M W Maynard Dunklee Emma J. Dunklee Monroe Boro Clerk 05/10/1902 Monroe Boro
05/07/1902 Derby Arthur M W Robert D. Derby Rose Derby Albany Twp. Laborer 02/28/1902 Albany Twp.
05/10/1902 Dimon Gilbert C. M W Frank Dimon Della Dimon S. Warren Farmer 02/03/1902 S. Warren
05/23/1902 Devine Horace M W George Devine Eva Devine Leraysville Farmer 03/26/1902 LeRaysville
05/06/1902 Decker Arey Marie M W Mane G. Neight Dazey M. Neight N. Spring Hill Laborer 11/20/1901 Porterville
05/06/1902 Decker Edith F W John W. Decker Maary Decker Camptown Laborer 05/02/1902 N. Spring Hill
05/08/1902 Driesdale Galen D. M W Robert Driesdale Ruby Dryesdale LeRoy Farmer 10/08/1900 LeRoy, Pa
05/08/1902 Dill Clara M. F W Louis Dill Masie Newell Towanda Laborer 01/05/1902 N. Towanda
05/17/1902 Dunn Ruth N. F W Emry Dunn Lottie Dunn Sayre, Pa. Clerk 10/30/1902 Ney York City
  Dickson Elsie Gertrude F W George Dickson Fannie Sayre Laborer 02/18/1902 Sayre, Pa
05/09/1902 Decker Gladas Mary F W John C. Decker Mable Decker Tannery Laborer 02/07/1902 Athens
  Darling Floyed M. M W Robert L. Darling Mary Darling Canton Laborer 01/28/1902 Canton, Pa
  Duart Catharine V. F W Henry Duart Grace Duart Canton Farmer 11/01/1901 Canton
  Doty Lamar M W Earl Doty Emma Doty Canton Laborer 01/27/1902 Canton
05/24/1902 Dickens Stella Lois F W Stephen Dickens Emma Jane Dickens Rome Twp. Mechanic 11/22/1901 Rome Twp.
5/22/192 Dibble Essie F W Clias M. Dibble Ida Dibble W. Burlington Laborer 08/27/1901 Athens Twp.
05/06/1902 Donovan Francis M. F W   Mary Donovan Stevensville   11/03/1901 Stevensville
05/05/1902 Depew Anna F W J. H. Depew Grace Depew Smithfield Laborer 03/28/1902 Smithfield
06/30/1902 Detrick Mariond M W B.S. Detrick Mary Detrick Quicks Bend Farmer 04/20/1902 Wilmot
05/14/1902 Deved Bessie F W Allen Deved Bessie Deved Springfield Farmer 04/07/1902 Springfield
05/07/1902 Drew Alton E. M W Charles Drew Anna Gertrude Drew East Athens Machinist 03/20/1902 East Athens
  Daughterty Elizabeth F W John Daugherty Mary Daugherty Long Valley Miner 05/18/1902 Long Valley
  Donlon Joseph M W James Donlon Sussie Donlon Foot of Plane Laborer 09/26/1902 Powell
  Donlon Mary F W Charles Donlon Hattie Donlon Foot of Plane Laborer 11/15/1902 Foot of Plane
11/26/1902 Depew Lillian May F W Fred Depew Hattie Depew W. Burlington Lawyer 09/02/1902 W. Burlington
12/14/1902 Davidson Kenneth M W Thomas Davidson Mary Coleman Sayre Brakeman 09/23/1902 Sayre, Pa
12/15/1902 Dunbar Florence Irene F W Clarance A. Dunbar Bertha Dunbar Centre St. Laborer 11/15/1902 Athens, Pa.
12/12/1902 Driesdale   F W Robert Driesdale Rubie Dryesdale LeRoy, Pa. Farmer   LeRoy, Pa
12/11/1902 Davis Agaatha S. F W Charles R. Davis Cathrine Davis Wysox, Pa.   09/12/1902 Wysox, Pa
12/12/1902 Davies Thomas Lipton Pembroke M W David Davies Winifred J. Davies Wysox, Pa. Clergyman 11/19/1902 Wysox, Pa
11/18/1902 Daskam Leona F W Fred Daskam Ida Daskam Athens Laborer 04/10/1902 Towanda
12/12/1902 Davis Flossie May F W Lewis Davis Jennie Davis Ulster Laborer 09/21/1902 Ulster
12/02/1902 Dervey Margurete F W Elmer A. Dewey Rose Dewey South Creek Merchant 08/16/1902 Gillett
12/01/1902 Driscoll Catherine A. F W Jerry Driscoll Catherine Driscoll Ridgebury Farmer 04/29/1902 Ridgebury
11/17/1902 Dixon Helen F W James Dixon Clarrisa Fox River St. Laborer 05/28/1902 Towanda
12/05/1902 Doane Frank M W Eugene Doane Florence Doane Windham Laborer 07/25/1902 Finch Dist.#1
12/10/1902 Doane Lillian A. F W Clyde W. Doane Lucia H. Doane Windham Farmer 07/10/1902 Windham Center
12/08/1902 Dixon Mary F W Hugh Dixon Mary Dixon 114 Ward Ave. Laborer 06/26/1902 114 Ward Ave.
  Davison Thomas Blythe M W B. J. Davison Jennie Davison Canton Druggist 09/06/1902 Canton
  Drake Loyd M W Frank Drake Gurty Drake Terry Town Farmer 05/05/1903 Terry Township
05/05/1903 Duncan Sylvia F W A. L. Duncan Frieda Duncan Athens Blacksmith 01/16/1903 Athens
05/05/1903 Davidson Thelma Gwdoln F W Harvey Davidson Edna Davidson Main St. Laborer 01/21/1903 Towanda
05/12/1903 Doane E. Nonien? F W L. F. Doane Bencie? Doane Windham Merchant 12/08/1902 Windham Center
05/15/1903 Doane Fary L. F W V. J. Doane Hellen A. Doane Windham Laborer 01/20/1903 Windham Center
05/15/1903 Davis Flossie May F W Lewis Davis Jennie Davis Ulster Laborer 09/21/1902 Burlington
May.1903 Dunbar Gerald C. M W Carlton Dunbar Sadie Dunbar Granville Farmer 10/17/1902 Granville
05/12/1903 Detta? Dorotha F W Harry Dettra ? Emma Dettra Cooper St. Laborer 11/21/1902 Athens, Pa.
08/31/1903 Dill Joseph Alburt M W Joseph Dill Ella Jane Dill Sayre Laborer 06/19/1903 Sayre, Pa
08/31/1903 Dildine Robert Raymond M W Robert Dildine Lizzie Dildine Sayre Woodcarver 06/06/1903 Sayre, Pa
08/31/1903 Davis Amo M W Henry Davis Florance Davis Sayre Machinist 12/21/1903 Elmira, NY
  Davis Geo. H. M W Geo. Davis, Sr. Alice Sayre Laborer 02/12/1903 Sayre, Pa
05/05/1903 DeBois Hilda Adeline F W Shurm DeBois Jennie DeBois Powell Laborer 12/04/1902 Endicott, NY
09/02/1903 DeWitt John M. M W C. W. DeWitt Fern DeWitt Alba Merchant 08/24/1903 Alba
12/02/1903 Dorsey Edward M W John Dorsey Margaret Dorsey Overton Farmer 08/26/1902 Overton
12/02/1903 Dorsey Wm. M W John Dorsey Margaret Dorsey Overton Farmer 09/21/1901 Overton
05/20/1903 Dibble Susie Ruth F W Charles Dibble Ida Dibble W. Burlington Farmer 03/10/1903 W. Burlington
05/06/1903 Davis Elsie Irene F W Dannle Davis ? Flora Warner Davis Neath Farmer 01/12/1903 Neath
05/07/1903 Dickinson Tracey B. M W Esrael Dickinson Lulu Dickinson Tuscarora Laborer 04/01/1903 Tuscarora
  Dickerson Bernie J. M W Daniel Dickerson Mary Dickerson E. River St. Laborer 05/06/1903 Sayre, Pa.
09/01/1903 Decker Harley S. M W Geo. Decker Nellie Decker Litchfield Farmer 03/25/1903 Litchfield
09/01/1903 Dingman Chas. M W Louis Dingman Grace Dingman Litchfield Farmer 04/08/1903 Litchfield
05/09/1903 Dunbar Willis Fred M W B. A. Dunbar Emma E. Troy Farmer 04/16/1903 E. Troy
12/01/1903 Davis Mildred Gertrude F W Homer D. Davis Jennie Davis Athens Laborer 09/27/1903 Athens
12/17/1903 Donlin Francis M. M W Wm. Donlin Mary Donlin Garden St. Brakeman 07/21/1903 Sayre
  Decker Carl M W John Decker May Decker Thomas Ave. Laborer 09/30/1903 Sayre
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