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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
11/09/1904 Carr George L. M W Minor Carr Edith Carr Leona Farmer 09/24/1904 Leona
12/21/1904 Carr Kermit R. M W John Carr Susie Carr LeRaysville Male Carrier 07/28/1904 LeRaysville
12/19/1904 Conine Baby F W Wm. Conine Hattie Conine Sayre Mill Man 10/02/1904 Sayre, Pa
12/06/1904 Carr Francis H. M W Frank Carr Martha Carr Herrick Laborer 04/18/1904 Herrick
12/13/1904 Councilman Paul M W Carl Councilman Cora Councilman Camptown Minister 05/15/1904 Camptown
12/22/1904 Chaffee Rhoda Marcella F W Geo. E. Chaffee Harriet Chaffee W. Warren Farmer 03/18/1904 Warren
12/22/1904 Chaffee Arthur W. M W Arthur Chaffee Frances Chaffee W. Warren Laborer 08/18/1904 Warren
11/17/1904 Corner E. Clayton M W Edward Corner Nellie Corner Albany Twp. Laborer 05/23/1904 Albany Twp.
11/23/1904 Cummiskey Infant F W Richard Cummiskey Myrtle Cummiskey Albany Twp. Farmer 06/29/1904 Albany Twp.
12/03/1904 Corson Flossie A. F W H. H. Corson Millie Corson Albany Twp. Farmer 07/06/1904 Albany Twp.
12/08/1904 Caddeback Gladys Ellen F W Pearl Caddeback Anna Caddeback Athens Laborer 10/07/1904 Athens
12/14/1904 Collins Guy Lester M W Geo. W. Collins Sallie A. Collins N. Rome Farmer 11/12/1904 N. Rome
12/16/1904 Covney Andrew M W Dan'l Covney Katie Covney Morley Hill Farmer 11/12/1904 Morley Hill
12/08/1904 Clink May F W Sam'l Clink May Clink Tuscarora Laborer 12/13/1904 Tuscarora
12/19/1904 Crawford Ben Harry M W Ben Crawford Sadie Crawford Tuscarora Farmer 10/03/1904 Tuscarora
12/20/1904 Claffer Clifford S. M W Oral D. Claffer Lena Claffer Tuscarora Farmer 08/29/1904 Tuscarora
09/20/1904 Colwell Phylis M W Docas Colwell Catherine Colwell Ridgebury Farmer 03/14/1904 Ridgebury
10/05/1904 Covell Rachel H. F W Edward Covell Ora Covell Ridgebury Farmer 04/09/1904 Ridgebury
10/10/1904 Chamberlain Evan R. F W Mark Chamberlain Aroline Chamberlain Ridgebury Farmer 12/23/1903 Ridgebury
05/12/1905 Chamberlain Herbert F. M W Frank H. Chamberlain Elizabeth Chamberlain Vaughan Hill Farmer 12/16/1904 Vaughan Hill
03/23/1905 Cleveland Lillian P. F W Ray D. Cleveland Annie Aurelia Cleveland Armenia Farmer 08/19/1904 Armenia
04/08/1905 Coats Infant F W Geo. Coats   Greenwood Laborer 04/17/1905 Greenwood
05/07/1905 Clark Benard M W Leon Clark Lena Clark Troy Twp. Farmer 08/18/1904  
05/05/1905 Conrad Frederick B. M W Orin K. Conrad Ida B. Conrad Wysox Painter 12/31/1904 Wysox
05/02/1905 Chilson Burton M W Elias Chilson Mary Chilson Ellis Hill Farmer 04/10/1904 Ellis Hill
05/08/1905 Chaapel Mabel M. F W Lern Chaapel Anna Chaapel LeRoy Farmer 02/11/1905 LeRoy
05/17/1905 Campbell Margia ? F W S. W. Campbell Kitural ? Campbell LeRoy Farmer 02/05/1905 LeRoy
05/25/1905 Carr Lawrence J. M W I. E. Carr Emma A. Carr LeRoy Farmer 06/01/1904 Troy, Pa.
05/03/1905 Cole Floyd Kenneth M W Chas. Cole Mattie Cole Athens Cabinet Maker 01/14/1905 Athens
05/02/1905 Campbell Marguerite F W John Campbell Margaret Campbell Albany Twp. Laborer 01/13/1905 Albany Twp.
05/05/1905 Cullen Leonard M W Thos. Cullen Lizzie Cullen Albany Twp. Farmer 02/25/1905 Albany Twp.
05/09/1905 Chilson Fred M W Frank Chilson Eliza Chilson Albany Twp. Farmer 02/25/1905 Albany Twp.
05/01/1905 Cory Mildred F W W. M. Cory Cora Cory Wells Farmer 02/04/1905 Wells
  Conklin Infant F W Bert Conklin Lizzie Conklin Orwell Valley Farmer 12/21/1904  
  Chaffee Beatrice M. F W Fred Chaffee Iona Chaffee Warren Center Farmer 01/19/1905 Warren Center
05/10/1905 Cole Ray Elmer M W Chas. Cole Weltha Cole Windham Farmer 12/30/1904 Windham
05/10/1905 Cole Douglas M W Elmer Cole Mary Coleman Windham Farmer 04/02/1905 Windham
07/01/1905 Carpenter Wm. Henry M W Emerson Carpenter Minnie Carpenter Windham Farmer 06/25/1905 Windham
05/10/1905 Cummings Chas. Francis M W Wm. Cummings Mary Coyce William Ave. Laborer 10/20/1904 Towanda
  Campbell James Juel M W Purl Campbell Nettie Dutton Campbell Athens Boro Laborer 07/06/1904 Athens Boro
  Cole Enda May F W D. H. Cole   Athens Boro Brakeman 03/29/1905 Athens Boro
06/01/1905 Chilson Floyd Kenneth M W Sherman Chilson Ida Chilson Towanda Laborer 12/24/1904 Rummerfield
05/06/1905 Cornish Edna F W John Cornish Mary Cornish Snedekers Laborer 02/16/1905 Snedekers
  Cornish Flora M. F W Wm. Cornish Lida Cornish Sayre Laborer 04/02/1905 Sayre, Pa
  Cook Robert H. M W John H. Cook Anna Cook Sayre Cab. Maker 05/09/1904 Sayre, Pa
  Chambers Mary Loretta F W Chas. Chambers Mary T. Chambers Sayre Laborer 01/08/1905 Sayre, Pa
Aug.1905 Cole Ruth J. F W Harry S. Cole Gertrude L. Cole Sayre Laborer 06/20/1905 Sayre, Pa
05/04/1905 Chilson Portus Leona M W Fred Chilson May Chilson Main Carpenter 09/25/1904 Towanda
Aug.1905 Cook Elizabeth McGill F W Carl S. Cook Nellie F. Cook Main Laborer 07/29/1905 Towanda
05/22/1905 Courtney   M W Perry Courtney Edith Courtney Sylvania Farmer 03/17/1905 Sylvania
05/15/1905 Camfield   F W Frank Canfield Etie B. Canfield McDuffee St. Laborer 05/02/1905 McDuffee St.,Athens
05/08/1905 Chandler Wallas W. M W Geo. M. Chandler Sarah M. Chandler Athens Twp. Farmer 07/25/1904 Litchfield, Pa.
05/17/1905 Carmody Bridget Teresa F W John Carmody Bridget Carmody Sayre Laborer 05/04/1905 Sayre, Pa
05/10/1905 Cotter Hazel F W Thomas P. Cotter Bessie Cotter N. Towanda Laborer 03/18/1905 Towanda
05/02/1905 Casey Francis F W Thomas Casey Addie Casey Sayre Brakeman 02/01/1905 Sayre, Pa
July.1905 Cotter Marton M. M W Thomas M. Cotter Nellie Sayre Helper 05/06/1905 Sayre, Pa
09/07/1905 Coon Hilda R. F W Ira P. Coon Laura M. Coon Canton, Pa Laborer 05/27/1905 Canton, Pa.
05/26/1905 Chamberlain Margretta C. F W G. O. Chamberlain Lovena Chamberlain Wilmot Farmer 11/30/1904 Canton, Pa.
10/09/1905 Chaffee Carl Clarence M W Asher Chaffee Minnie L. Chaffee Monroe Boro Miller 06/25/1905 Monroe Boro
11/20/1905 Campbell Leon Arthur M W Purl Campbell Nettie Campbell Athens Boro Laborer 01/22/1905 Athens Boro
12/04/1905 Cooley Carlton F W Leo Cooley Anna Humphrey Cooley Burlington Twp. Butter Maker 06/24/1905 Burlington Twp.
12/04/1905 Clarke Tressa Lacey F W William T. Clarke Harriet Clarke S. Waverly Teacher 09/10/1905 S. Waverly, Pa.
12/19/1905 Coul Russell M W M. H. Coul Ada Coul Col.X Rds Farmer 10/28/1905 Col.X Rds
12/06/1905 Chilson Blanch F W Lewis Chilson Hattie Chilson Herrick Laborer 10/17/1905 Herrick
12/06/1905 Camp Victor M W A. W. Camp Emma Camp Herrick Farmer 06/10/1905 Herrick
12/06/1905 Cron Bennie J. M W Jesse Cron Josephine Cron Allis Hollow Laborer 08/31/1904 Allis Hollow
12/04/1905 Campbell Wm. Henry M W Oscar Campbell Della Campbell Lime Hill Farmer 08/18/1905 Lime Hill
12/18/1905 Chase Margie F W N. D. Chase Pearl Chase Ridgebury Farmer 10/23/1905 Ridgebury
12/18/1905 Carr Faith M. F W Harry Carr Sarah Carr Ridgebury Farmer 04/16/1905 Ridgebury
12/11/1905 Chilson Quinlan M W Oscar Chilson Cora Chilson S. Branch Farmer 09/04/1905 South Branch
12/19/1905 Carr   M W J. B. Carr Susie Carr LeRaysville Mail Agent 09/24/1905 LeRaysville
  Colton Hattie F W Saml. C. Colton Didette Colton Granville Farmer 08/24/1905 Granville Twp.
12/19/1905 Compton Gordon L. M W Harry Compton Grace Compton Wells Farmer 10/23/1905 Wells
12/09/1905 Cole Anna F W William Cole Lola E. Cole Macedonia Farmer 06/07/1905  
06/03/1905 Calkins Thomas Alfred M W Ezra A. Calkins Ellen VanHorn Calkins Troy Twp. Farmer 03/23/1905 Troy, Pa.
12/11/1905 Case Lois Isabelle F W Gordon Case Jennie Maynard Case Troy Twp. Farmer 08/21/1905 Troy, Pa.
  Chilson Myrtle F W W. L. Chilson Lena Chilson Laquin Laborer 04/04/1905 Laquin, Pa
12/21/1905 Codington Nelson M W Wm. Codington Belle Codington Laquin Laborer 12/01/1905 Laquin, Pa
12/01/1905 Clark henry J. M W Wm. J. Clark Mary Clark Smithfield Laborer 09/05/1905 Smithfield
12/01/1905 Collins Margarett F W J. D. Collins Nora Collins Smithfield Farmer 06/10/1905 Smithfield
12/01/1905 Corbin Mildred Estelle F W John I. Corbin Alta M. Corbin Warren Farmer 09/12/1905 Cadis
12/01/1905 Cory Almeda F W J. D. Cory Dessie Cory Tuscarora, Pa. Laborer 08/22/1905 Tuscarora
12/15/1905 Campbell Alice R. F W Robt. A. Campbell Nettie H. Campbell W. Burlington Laborer 10/19/1905 W. Burlington
05/11/1905 Campbell Bernard M W Wm. T. Campbell Etta Campbell Athens Twp. Farmer 04/13/1905 Athens Twp.
05/12/1905 Coveney Hellen F W Jerry Coveney Mary Coveney Athens Twp. Farmer 03/04/1905 Athens Twp.
12/21/1905 Campbell Alice Elizabeth F W Peter Campbell Eva Campbell Athens Farmer 06/20/1905 Athens, Pa
Sept.1905 Colegrove Ralph M W Lester Colegrove Nettie May Colegrove 126 Frederick St. Brakeman 05/01/1905 Athens, Pa
Dec.1905 Cooley Dora Irene F W B. B. Cooley Lizzie J. Cooley Blair St. Farmer 05/01/1905 Orwell Twp
12/20/1905 Chaffee   M W M. B. Chaffee Jennie Chaffee Ridgebury Farmer 12/04/1905 Orwell Twp
  Conklin   M W C. H. Conklin Mary Conklin Potterville Laborer 12/17/1905 Orwell Twp
  Cowles   F W J. M. Cowles Flora B. Cowles Orwell Hill Merchant 12/17/1905 Orwell Twp
12/18/1905 Curtice Mervil F W Hurburt Curtice Carrie Curtice Homets Ferry Laborer 08/06/1905 Homets Ferry
  Calisher Louis Joseph M W M. J. Calisher Celia Calisher Athens Laborer 12/06/1905 Athens, Pa
12/06/1905 Cashon Thomas P. M W Danl Cashon Mary Cashon Wysox 2 d Laborer 09/27/1905 Wysox
  Cotter Martin M W Thomas Cotter Elen Cotter Sayre Brakeman 05/06/1905 Sayre, Pa
  Chamberlin Evelyn F W John E. Chamberlin Carrie M. Chamberlain Sayre W.H.L??? 06/23/1905 Sayre, Pa
  Curtis Paul C. M W Fred Curtis Mary Curtis Sayre Brakeman 09/22/1905 Sayre, Pa
Dec.1905 Callear Hattie May F W Robt Callear Hattie Callear Sayre Machinist 09/22/1905 Sayre, Pa
Dec.1905 Callear Stillborn M W Robt Callear Hattie Callear Sayre Machinist 09/22/1905 Sayre, Pa
  Connell Joseph F. M W Leo Connell Ellen Connell Warren Farmer 06/01/1905 Warren
12/21/1905 Cummings Paul M W John T. Cummings Lizzie Kane Pratt Ave. Brakeman 09/12/1905 Towanda
  Cense Gertie W. F W Chas Cense Gertie Canton Blacksmith 03/13/1905 Canton
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