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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
06/12/1902 Coddington Herbert M W J. H. Coddington Annie L. Coddington Greens Ldg. Blacksmith 05/14/1902 Greens Landing
09/01/1902 Corson Frances L. F W M. M. Corson Sarah Corson New Albany Merchant 05/06/1902 New Albany
05/26/1902 Covney Ella Iona F W John Covney Anna Covney Rome Twp Farmer 12/13/1901 Rome Twp.
05/18/1902 Chamberlin Dorthy F W Aca Chamberlin Lizzie Chamberlin Vaughn Hill Farmer 05/31/1902 Vaughns Hill
05/12/1902 Case Paul M W S. J. Case Marie Case E. Troy Farmer 02/08/1902 Troy Twp.
06/13/1902 Cullen Michael M W David Cullen Catherine Cullen Wilmot Farmer 01/28/1902 Wilmot
06/02/1902 Conant Emry J. M W M. A. Conant Daisy Conant Quicks Bend Farmer 05/11/1902 Wilmot
05/05/1902 Coleman Fred M W Fred H. Coleman Alice Coleman S. Waverly Fireman Apr.1902 S. Waverly
05/06/1902 Cole John Stedman M W Lyman Cole Anna Cole Orange Hill Farmer 03/04/1902 Orange Hill
05/20/1902 Connor George M W Anson Connor Sarah Connor E.A. Thompson Farmer 01/18/1902 Towanda Twp.
  Chilson Leon Lester M W Austin Chilson Bertha Chilson Carbon Run Laborer 05/07/1902 Carbon Run
12/01/1902 Crocker   F W R.S. Crocker Mana Crocker Sayre Engineer 11/02/1902 Sayre
05/13/1902 Case Jeanette Viola F W A. A. Case Nellie Case South St. Jeweler 12/04/1901 Athens, Pa
05/14/1902 Carner Christina Mae F W J. C. Carner May Carner Elmira St. Clerk 01/04/1902 Athens, Pa
11/14/1902 Corbin Ruth E. F W Horace Corbin Luora ? Corbin Athens Laborer 06/05/1902 Athens, Pa
11/16/1902 Crawford A. Leigh M W A. R. Crawford Sally Crawford Athens Tinsmith 08/18/1902 Athens, Pa
11/19/1902 Cramer Ernest M W Erner ? Cramer Bertha Cramer Athens Laborer 09/04/1902 Athens, Pa
12/02/1902 Carter Lela B. F W Judson D. Carter Vena ? Carter Tuscarora Twp. Farmer 07/30/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
12/03/1902 Crawford Flora F W Benj. Crawford Sadie Crawford Tuscarora Twp. Farmer 10/07/1902 Tuscarora Twp.
12/09/1902 Crandle Mary F W J. L. Crandle R. L. Crandle Grover Farmer 11/23/1902 Grover
12/10/1902 Clarke Florence F W George Clarke Bessie Clarke New Erie St. Laborer 10/10/1902 New Erie St.
12/03/1902 Campbell Chester Edson M W Orson Campbell Emma Campbell Burlington Farmer 08/27/1902 Burlington Twp.
12/09/1902 Cornell Frederick C. M W Henry Cornell Cary Cornell Sylvania Farmer 04/21/1902 Sylvania
  Chandler Lena A. F W Asa L. Chandler Grace Chandler Laborer 08/12/1902 Sheshequin
11/13/1902 Corey Leola F W H.B. Corey Mariaer Cory South Creek Farmer 01/17/1902 Gillett
11/03/1902 Corey Leora F W H.B. Corey Mariaer Cory South Creek Farmer 01/17/1902 Gillett
12/10/1902 Chamberlain Georgia Anna F W Arthur Chamberlain Maggie Chamberlain South Creek Farmer 12/04/1902 Gillett
11/19/1902 Cooper Erwin M W Charles Cooper Bertha Cooper Ridgebury Laborer 04/30/1902 Ridgebury
12/10/1902 Collins Jay M W George W. Collins Sally Collins Rome Twp. Farmer 05/15/1902 Rome Twp.
12/11/1902 Covney Francis M W Daniel Covney Katy Covney Rome Twp Farmer 07/02/1902 Rome Twp.
11/19/1902 Cheney Donna F W Gordon Cheney Teressa McNeal Locust Ave. Agent 05/13/1902 Towanda
12/10/1902 Crum Leona M. F W G.E. Crum Emma E. Crum Windham Farmer 08/07/1902 Windham Center
11/18/1902 Chilson Alfred M W Stephen Chilson Hattie Chilson Durell Farmer 02/15/1902 Durell Center
11/25/1902 Chilson Alvin M W John W. Chilson Hattie Chilson Durell Farmer 07/22/1902 Durell
11/25/1902 Cowl   F W Merton Cowl Ada Cowl Col.X.Roads Farmer 11/19/1902 Col.X Roads
12/02/1902 Culver Romeyn Francis M W Chas. M. Culver Flora Culver Towanda Lawyer 07/31/1902 Towanda
12/03/1902 Congdon Allen Stewart M W Walter N. Congdon Grace Congdon State & Third Horse Trainer 07/06/1902 Towanda
12/08/1902 Coleman Mary F W Frank Coleman Mary Coleman 310 Pine Shoemaker 11/27/1902 310 Pine
12/08/1902 Coleman Catherine F W Frank Coleman Mary Coleman 310 Pine Shoemaker 11/27/1902 310 Pine
12/29/1902 Chubuck Fay M W Everett E. Chubbuck LaFlossa Chubbuck Orwell, Pa. Farmer 06/27/1902 Orwell, Pa
03/19/1903 Carnwright Jene???? F W John Carnwright Cora Carnwright Armenia Farmer 11/19/1902 Armenia Twp.
03/12/1903 Cashion   F W Daniel Cashion Lillian Cashion N. Towanda Foreman 05/06/1903 N. Towanda
  Case Mary F W Fowler Case Mary Case Troy Farmer 03/17/1903 Troy Twp.
05/07/1903 Chubbuck Theodore M W Clarence T. Chubbuck Jessie F. Chubbuck Rome Boro Painter 02/24/1903 Rome Boro
05/05/1903 Chaffee Lois Eugene F W L. E. Chaffee Sarah C. Chaffee Herrick Farmer 02/14/1903 Herrick
05/13/1903 Cass James M W L. L. Cass Addie Mae Cass Herrick Farmer 03/13/1903 Herrick
05/15/1903 Cortney Dorris F W Perry Cortney Mrs. Edith Cortney Sylvania Farmer 12/13/1903 Sylvania
05/11/1903 Corson   M W Sevellin Corson Amelia Corson Albany Twp. Laborer 04/10/1903 Albany Twp.
05/15/1903 Chaffee Adna Otto M W Manuel B. Chaffee Leola Chaffee Orwell, Pa. Farmer 05/09/1903 Orwell, Pa
05/19/1903 Cowles Louise Margarite F W John M. Cowles Florena B. Cowles Orwell, Pa. Merchant 04/04/1903 Orwell, Pa
05/22/1903 Clark Leon Daniel M W Wm. H. Clark Mary L. Clark Orwell, Pa. Laborer 05/04/1903 Orwell, Pa
05/22/1903 Conklin   F W Greely Conklin Mary Conklin Orwell, Pa. Farmer 04/30/1903 Orwell, Pa
05/05/1903 Carr Pauline F W Leon Carl Nellie Carl Main St. Laborer 01/13/1903 Towanda
05/06/1903 Camp Ruth Elizabeth F W Wayne D. Camp May Camp Camptown Farmer 03/25/1903 Camptown
05/30/1903 Chaffee William E. M W Fred Chaffee Iowa Chaffee Warren Farmer 02/11/1903 Warren
05/12/1903 Cowles Earnest M W Arthur Cowles S. Elizabeth Cowles Windham Farmer 03/21/1903 Peck Hill
05/25/1903 Castleberry Ruth F W C. H. Castleberry Marie Castleberry   Farmer 11/30/1903  
05/12/1903 Campbell Harry Palmer M W N. T. Campbell Ellie Campbell Ulster Farmer 11/04/1902 Ulster
May.1903 Colton Grace A. F W S. C. Colton Debbie Colton Granville Farmer 10/18/1902 Granville
May.1903 Crofut Allie M. F W Fred W. Crofut Ruby Crofut Granville Laborer 04/30/1903 Granville
05/20/1903 Corey James R. M W Wm. Corey Casey Corey Wells Farmer 01/10/1903 Wells
05/11/1903 Cole Edith F W W. S. Cole Lola Cole Macedonia Farmer 03/25/1903 Macedonia
05/11/1903 Cardwell Harold M W J. F. Cardwell Anna Cardwell Frenchtown Farmer 11/16/1902 Frenchtown
5/14/14/1903 Chilson Martha G. F W Jacob Chilson Mary Chilson Marshview Farmer 11/16/1902 Marshview
05/12/1903 Cole Mary Elizabeth F W Truman Cole Anna Cole First St. Laborer 04/19/1903 Athens, Pa
06/01/1903 Carroll Robert C. M W Patrick J. Carroll Mary Sta??y N. Main St. Tel.Operator 03/01/1903 Towanda
06/01/1903 Cummings Helen F W Wm. Cummings Mary Coyle William St. Brakeman 06/03/1903 Towanda
05/21/1903 Clearwater Irene F W Frank Clearwater Harriet Clearwater Ridgebury Farmer 11/04/1902 Ridgebury
05/14/1903 Comfort Nellie May F W William Comfort Mary Comfort Snedekers Laborer 02/18/1902 Snedekers
08/29/1903 Crawford Arthur M W Clarence Crawford Ida Crawford S. Waverly Laborer 04/30/1903 S. Waverly
05/16/1903 Chamberlain Margaret F W Chas. Chamberlain Ellen Chamberlain LeRoy Farmer 06/29/1902 Union
05/23/1903 Chaapel Dolly F W Lee Chaapel Mary Chaapel LeRoy Farmer 11/27/1902 LeRoy, Pa
08/29/1903 Camp Murrell L. F W Orrin Camp Bertha Camp New Albany Laborer 05/02/1903 New Albany
05/07/1903 Crawford Alvahleagh M W Ridgway Crawford Salie Crawford Sayre Tinsmith 08/18/1902 Sayre, Pa
05/09/1903 Crayton Ida Pauline F W Avrel B. Crayton Edith B. Crayton Sayre Laborer 01/11/1903 Sayre, Pa
07/16/1903 Chambers John J. M W Chas. Chambers Mary Chambers Sayre Laborer 07/07/1903 Sayre, Pa
08/31/1903 Cornish Glen Elisha Burdett M W Wm. D. Cornish Lida Louise Cornish Sayre Laborer 06/14/1903 Sayre, Pa
  Crocker Ralph D. M W Ralph S. Crocker Maud Crocker Sayre   11/02/1902 Sayre, Pa
05/14/1903 Comfort Senella F W W. C. Comfort Blanche Comfort Grover Jeweler 03/15/1903 Grover
05/19/1903 Coon Lester M W Lant Coon Edna Coon Grover Laborer 03/27/1903 Grover
05/21/1903 Crandall Marshalett F W I. L. Crandall Rose Crandall Grover Farmer 11/23/1903 Grover
  Clark Marion F W Chas. W. Clark Hattie Clark Canton Farmer 12/15/1903 Canton, Pa.
12/02/1902 Corey Sidney A. M W F. O. Corey Jennie Corey Overton Laborer 09/12/1903 Overton, Pa.
08/24/1903 Chaffee Raymond L. M W Lee Chaffee Bessie Elsworth Chaffee Chaffee Corners Farmer 06/01/1903 Chaffee Corners
05/04/1903 Crandall Unnamed F W Evangeline Crandall Evangeline Crandall Stevensville Farmer 03/21/1903 Wyalusing
05/05/1903 Canfield Geo. W. M W S. W. Canfield Emma Canfield Pike Farmer 03/09/1903 Pike
05/04/1903 Collins Mary F W J. D. Collins Nora Collins Smithfield Farmer 04/23/1903 Smithfield
09/01/1903 Capewell Laura F W Rush Capwell Josephine Capwell Litchfield Farmer 01/12/1903 Litchfield
12/08/1903 Cory Larue D. M W Leman Cory Edith Cory Athens Farmer 08/22/1903 Athens, Pa
12/10/1903 Canfield William D. M W Wm. D. Canfield Hellen Canfield Austinville Farmer 11/01/1903 Austinville
12/02/1903 Carner Evans M W Evans B. Carner Nellie Carner Athens Merchant 03/01/1903 Athens, Pa
12/08/1903 Campbell Robert D. M W Peter Campbell Evelyn Campbell Athens Farmer 10/11/1903 Athens, Pa
  Cowen Myrtle F W Wm. Cowen Margaret Cowen Spring St. Laborer 08/15/1902 Sayre, Pa
05/07/1903 Chandler Vernan D. M W Geo. M. Chandler Stella A. Chandler Orange Hill Farmer 03/10/1903 Orange Hill
11/16/1903 Cole Helen M. F W Hurbert E. Cole Clara D. Cole Athens Laborer 08/20/1903 East Athens
05/14/1903 Curtiss Elinor D. F W Geo. S. Curtiss nellie Crosby Curtiss Athens Painter 02/20/1901 Athens, Pa
12/10/1903 Crayton Lester Roy M W Ira H. Crayton Lula Crayton Sayre Laborer 09/12/1903 Sayre, Pa
12/11/1903 Callear Evelyn Martha F W Robert Callear Hattie M. Callear Sayre Machinist 09/03/1903 Sayre, Pa
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