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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
05/07/1901 Callear Lillian F W Robert C. Callear Hattie M. Callear Sayre Laborer 04/03/1900 Sayre
05/09/1901 Crawford Thomas M W Howard Crawford Sarah L. Crawford Sayre Brakeman 05/08/1901 Sayre
05/10/1901 Cole Estella Lillian F W Harry S. Cole Gertrude L. Cole Sayre Laborer 12/13/1900 Sayre
  Carter Jennie F W James E. Carter Jessie Carter Sayre Laborer 11/29/1900 Sayre
  Connor Jennie May F W Wm. C. Connor          
  Catlin   M W Chas. A. Catlin Cora M. Catlin Sayre Laundry Man 03/27/1901 Sayre
05/26/1901 Carner Bessie Beck F W Geo. Carner Arvilla Carner Overton Carpenter 05/25/1901 Overton
09/04/1901 Cooper Leon M W William Cooper Jessie Cooper Litchfield Farmer 07/09/1901 Litchfield
05/16/1901 Crediford Amos Allan M W Emerson Crediford Adaline Crediford Springfield Farmer 04/07/1901 Springfield
05/27/1901 Chaffee Grace F W Albert D. Chaffee Charlotte Chaffee Orwell, Pa. Carpenter 03/09/1901 Orwell, Pa
05/06/1901 Carman Elisha M W Caleb Carman Jennie Carman Smithfield Farmer 04/08/1901 Smithfield
05/21/1901 Canedy Samuel M. Jr. M W S. M. Canedy Rosa M. Canedy Sylvania Butcher 04/26/1901 Sylvania, Pa
05/06/1901 Campbell Philip A. M W J. Herbert Campbell Eva Swingle Campbell Burlington Boro Merchant 01/07/1901 Burlington Boro
05/16/1901 Casselberry Freeman M W Henry Casselberry Dorcas Casselberry Sugar Hill Laborer 05/07/1901 Sugar Hill
05/16/1901 Cotter Nelson M W John Cotter Julia Cotter Wilmot Farmer 11/27/1900 Wilmot
  Chapman Edny May F W B. A. Chapman Martha Chapman Mrs. C.L.Bennett D.L. 05/04/1901 Towanda Twp.
12/06/1901 Cole Harold M W Sidney Cole Cora Cole Towanda Laborer 05/25/1901 Wyalusing, Pa.
12/07/1901 Cederburg George P. M W George Cederburg Bezie Cederburg Overton Laborer 06/29/1901 Overton
05/09/1901 Cramer Geo. H. M W Ernest Cramer Bertha Cramer Athens Laborer 03/16/1901 Athens
11/20/1901 Carner Muriel Elizabeth F W Evans B. Carner Nellie Carner Athens Merchant 07/28/1901 Athens
1901 Carey Harvey G. M W L. W. Carey Emma Carey Herrick Laborer 10/11/1901 Herrick
11/19/1901 Cornell Ezma Elizabeth F W Stanley Cornell Mary E. Keefe Sayre Conductor 03/29/1901 Sayre
11/27/1901 Cole Alfred Charles M W Mahlon E. Cole Mable D. Cole Sayre Fireman 11/03/1901 Sayre
12/07/1901 Cox Ira L. M W John B. Cox Gracie Cox Sayre Brakeman 09/23/1901 Sayre
12/11/1901 Cole Clifford Martin M W Harry C. Cole Gertrude L. Cole Sayre Laborer 11/21/1901 Sayre
05/10/1901 Cook Charles Hinton M W Frank Cook Eva Cook S.Main Reporter 01/15/1901 Athens 1st Ward
05/10/1901 Curtiss George S. Jr. M W George S. Curtiss Nellie Curtiss S.Main Editor 02/08/1901 Athens 1st Ward
11/27/19901 Chamberlin Edward Leon M W John E. Chamberlin Johan Chamberlin S.Main Painter 01/24/1901 Athens 1st Ward
11/15/1901 Case Eunice Elma F W Delos B. Case Charlotta C. Case Athens,Pa Laborer 09/24/1901 Athens, Pa
12/02/1901 Campbell Hazell F W Joseph W. Campbell Bell Campbell Smithfield Farmer 05/17/1901 Smithfield
12/02/1901 Campbell Marion S. F W William R. Campbell Cora Campbell Smithfield Physician 06/22/1901 Smithfield
12/02/1901 Curkendall Viola F W Vincent Curkendall Vincent Curkendall Smithfield Farmer 07/09/1901 Smithfield
12/02/1901 Chilson Edna G. F W Wilson Chilson Ida Chilson Smithfield Laborer 10/06/1901 Smithfield
12/04/1901 Crawford Francis Maria F W William Crawford Evelina Crawford Wysox Laborer 05/22/1901 Wysox
12/03/1901 Crandall Sarah F W L. M. Crandall Jennie Crandall Stevensville Farmer 09/20/1901 Stevensville
12/05/1901 Crandall Charles P. M W R.J. Crandall Evangeline Crandall Stevensville Farmer 09/29/1901 Wyalusing, Pa.
12/05/1901 Corner Nellie F W Richard Corner Mary Corner Stevensville Laborer 05/26/1901 Stevensville
12/07/1901 Cole Julia R. F W George Cole Darcy Cole Liberty Corners Farmer 12/03/1901 Monroe Twp.
12/16/1901 Crofutt Ethie Marie F W Grant Crofutt Emma Crofutt Franklin Blacksmith 08/15/1901 Franklin
1901 Cook Tillie F W Joe Cook Margret Barnett? Standing Stone Laborer 10/07/1901 Standing Stone
11/11/1901 Coolbaugh George M W Jesse Coolbaugh Lillian Coolbaugh Ellis Hill Farmer 07/31/1901 Ellis Hill
12/02/1901 Clarke Mary F W Lewis Clarke Alice Clarke S. Waverly Machinist 04/18/1901 S. Waverly
12/04/1901 Cole Hazel F W Elmer Cole Mary cole Litchfield Farmer 09/21/1901 Litchfield
11/19/1901 Carnwright Phoebe M. F   Ed Carnwright Minnie Carnwright Col.X.Roads Farmer 05/08/1901 Col.X Roads
12/11/1901 Connolly Lewis M W Louis T. Connolly Margaret Finlan Connolly Towanda Vet.Surgeon 08/30/1901 Towanda
12/11/1901 Cranmer Catherine L. F W John C. Cranmer Margaret O'Connell Towanda Laborer 08/28/1901 Towanda
11/21/1901 Clarke Edson H. M W Encil Clark Clara Clark Granville Farmer 10/30/1901 Granville
11/30/1901 Crandall Henry Fay M W Austin L. Crandall Lizzie Crandall Granville Farmer 07/05/1901 Granville
12/09/1901 Chamberline May F W George Chamberline Blanche Chamberline Myersburg Farmer 07/22/1901 Myersburg
11/15/1901 Canfield Everett B. M W W. A. Canfield Bertha Canfield Ridgebury Farmer 08/04/1901 Ridgebury
12/02/1901 Chilson Daniel H. M W L. W. Chilson Elisabeth Chilson Powell Laborer 11/09/1901 Powell
12/03/1901 Crofut Leo E. M W S. M. Crofut Bessie Crofut Powell Laborer 09/04/1901 Powell
12/06/1901 Coon Marjory C. F W Lant Coon Edna J. Coon Armenia Laborer 11/03/1901 Armenia Twp.
11/25/1901 Chaffee Odell H. M W Leon O. Chaffee Jessie Chaffee Orwell, Pa. Farmer 09/11/1901 Orwell, Pa
11/26/1901 Cowles Eustace E. M W John M. Cowles Flora B. Cowles Orwell, Pa. Merchant 09/28/1901 Orwell, Pa
11/27/1901 Cook Henry Ogden M W Cyrus D. Cook Clara E. Cook Orwell, Pa. Farmer 05/28/1901 Orwell, Pa
11/27/1901 Cook Tyler M W Reed J. Cook Francis E. Cook Orwell, Pa. Farmer 08/30/1901 Orwell, Pa
12/09/1901 Conklin Pearl H. F W Charles H. Conklin Mary C. Conklin Orwell, Pa. Laborer 07/22/1901 Orwell, Pa
12/11/1901 Chaffee Mable Irene F W Earl R. Chaffee Maggie E. Chaffee Orwell, Pa. Farmer 08/03/1901 Orwell, Pa
06/28/1901 Champion Mina F W Joseph Champion Lelah Champion Long Valley Miner 06/28/1901 Long Valley, Barclay
02/01/1901 Clinton Joseph M W Charles Clinton Clinton Carbon Laborer 02/01/1901 Carbon
03/19/1901 Clinton Lillian F W Frank Cinton Margret Clinton Barclay Miner 03/19/1901 Barclay
05/29/1902 Coleman Orla J. M W Jacob Coleman Catheran Coleman Terry Twp. Laborer 05/02/1902 Terrytown
05/29/1902 Campbell Chester M W Archibald Campbell Lobedia Campbell Terry Twp. Laborer 04/15/1902 Terrytown
06/14/1902 Chapman Leon E. M W George Chapman Susie A. Chapman Monroe Boro Laborer 03/07/1902 Monore Boro
05/07/1902 Corson Lysle M W Lewis M. Corson Matie Corson Albany Twp. Laborer 11/20/1901 Albany Twp.
05/07/1902 Corson Alma F W H. H. Corson Millie Corson Albany Twp. Farmer 11/06/1901 Albany Twp.
05/10/1902 Campbell Daisy F W R. R. Campbell Floy Campbell Albany Twp. Laborer 11/24/1901 Albany Twp.
05/09/1902 Cowen Edith F W Matthew Cowen Gene Cowen Albany Twp. Laborer 05/01/1902 Albany Twp.
05/09/1902 Coleman Erma R. F W Geo. Coleman Edith Coleman Herrick Laborer 06/05/1902 Ballibay
05/05/1902 Coleman Alice Leone F W Henry H. Coleman Lora C. Coleman Rome Boro Undertaker 01/04/1902 Rome Boro
05/21/1902 Coleman Mary F W John Coleman Rose Coleman 100 Ward Ave. Laborer 12/13/1901 100 Ward Ave
05/12/1902 Casselberry Robert M W W.F. Casselbury Harriet Casselbury Spring Hill Laborer 10/28/1900 Camptown
05/12/1902 Crayton Emery R. M W Thomas R. Crayton Florance Crayton LeRoy Farmer 07/08/1900 LeRoy, Pa
05/22/1902 Clay Ruth D. F W Rev. F. M. Clay Deby L. Clay LeRoy Minister 12/26/1901 LeRoy, Pa
  Coughn Francis M W Clarence Couglin Bertha Couglin Warren Farmer 12/22/1901 Warren
  Canfield Stanley B. M W Edwin B. Canfield Myrtie Canfield S. Warren Farmer 04/24/1902 S. Warren
  Canfield George B. M W Jerry Canfield Georgianna Canfield Warren Farmer 12/25/1901 Wysox Twp.
  Chaffee Doris E. F W George E. Chaffee Harriet Chaffee W. Warren Farmer 04/02/1902 W. Warren
05/14/1902 Chilson Floyd M W Willard Chilson Emma Chilson Durell Laborer 01/16/1902 Durell Center
05/18/1902 Chamberlin Addison M W M. W. Chamberlin Arotine ? S. Chamberlin Ridgebury Farmer 10/06/1901 Ridgebury
05/17/1902 Campbell Aline Lorretie F W A. A. Campbell Lella Campbell Windham Creameryman 04/25/1902 Windham Center
05/08/1902 Camp Harold M W John F. Camp Golden Fox Towanda Foreman 03/19/1902 Towanda
05/08/1902 Cashion Margaret Ann F W Patrick Cashion Agnes English Towanda Laborer 02/15/1902 Towanda
05/15/1902 Chaffee Helen May F W Arthur P. Chaffee Frances A. Chaffee Orwell, Pa. Cigar Maker 12/21/1901 Elmira, NY
05/15/1902 Chaffee Charles Emanuel M W Manuel B. Chaffee Genevieve L. Chaffee Orwell, Pa. Farmer 03/07/1902 Orwell, Pa
05/22/1902 Corbin Hewlett Allyn M W George Dewitt Corbin Flora Julia Corbin Orwell, Pa. Farmer 02/09/1902 Orwell, Pa
05/23/1902 Cooley Edith F W Burton B. Cooley Lizzie J. Cooley Orwell, Pa. Farmer 02/07/1902 Orwell, Pa
06/04/1902 Chubbuck Clara F W Eugene E. Chubbuck Jennie M. Chubbuck Orwell, Pa. Farmer 03/31/1902 Orwell, Pa
06/11/1902 Coyle Mary   F W J. E. Coyle Mary Buck Coyle Gaylord St. Dealer 01/03/1902 Wyalusing, Pa.
06/07/1902 Cornell Elssie B. F W H. J. Cornell Anna Cornell Gaylord St. Laborer 02/04/1902 Wyalusing, Pa.
05/05/1902 Coddington Harry M W H.S. Coddington Bertha Coddington Sayre Laborer 07/01/1901 Susquehanna, Pa
05/13/1902 Conine Charles Bert M W William Conine Comilla Conine Sayre Laborer 03/21/1902 Sayre
05/18/1902 Callear Cliton L. M W Robert Callear Hattie Callear Sayre Laborer 02/22/1902 Sayre
  Cox Jennie F W Edward Cox Irene Sayre Laborer 02/03/1902 Sayre
  Cole Alfred Chas. M W Mahlon Cole Mable D. Cole Sayre Fireman 11/03/1901 Sayre
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