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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/07/1904 Blake Madaline F W G. P. Blake Mary Blake Col.X Roads N.C.R.R. 09/15/1904 Col.X Roads
12/07/1904 Boughton Cecil M. F W R. T. Boughton Elsie Boughton Col.X Roads Laborer 09/22/1904 Col.X Roads
12/08/1904 Berry John Laverne M W Fred Berry Maud Berry Col.X Roads N.C.R.R. 07/22/1904 Col.X Roads
12/09/1904 Barrowcliff Pauline Albina F W Harvey William Barrowcliff Alice A. Barrowcliff Spring Hill Laborer 08/26/1904 Spring Hill
11/12/1904 Bailey Robert M W Nathan Bailey Sephfona Bailey Leona Farmer 09/11/1904 Leona
12/01/1904 Braund Ward M W B. P. Braund Alice Braund Wetona Farmer 10/26/1904 Wetona
12/20/1904 Bird Myrel F W Frank Bird Lillian Bird Overton Laborer 06/04/1904 Overton
12/06/1904 Bailey Susan Madora F W Wm. N. Bailey Sarah Bailey N. Towanda Farmer 06/12/1904 N. Towanda
12/05/1904 Brown Ira M W Herbert W. Brown Sadie Brown Smithfield Farmer 07/03/1904 Smithfield
Dec.1904 Burnham Jesse Alton M W Jesse M. Burnham Lottie M. Burnham Sayre Conductor 09/01/1904 Sayre
04/24/1905 Bechtel Howard D. Jr. M W Howard Bechtel Sr. Mary A. Betchel Monroe Boro Miner 03/19/1905 Monroe Boro
05/09/1905 Bradshaw Leland M W Elmer Bradshaw Emma Bradshaw LeRaysville Farmer 02/28/1905 Pike
05/17/1905 Bixby Fannine Louise F W Porter E. Bixby Nellie J. Bixby Armenia Farmer 12/24/1903 Armenia
05/17/1905 Bixby Fannine Louise F W Porter E. Bixby Nellie J. Bixby Armenia Farmer 12/24/1903 Armenia
03/23/1905 Not Named       Egbert F. Bristol Lizzie Bristol Armenia Farmer 02/27/1905 Armenia
03/24/1905 Boyce Laura L. F W G. Frank Boyce Dora L. Boyce Armenia Laborer 12/01/1904 Armenia
05/01/1905 Bailey William M W James Bailey Hellen Bailey Troy Twp. Farmer 11/23/1904 Armenia
05/01/1905 Bickham Mable O. F W Geo. W. Bickham Rose E. Bickham Liberty Corners Laborer 03/16/1905 Armenia
05/04/1905 Brown Lawrence G. M W M. B. Brown Lena Brown West Branch Laborer 03/21/1905 Liberty Corners
05/03/1905 Brennan Martin P. M W M. P. Brennan Maggie Brennan Velarde Farmer 02/21/1905 Rummerfield
05/20/1905 Bishof Cecil M W John Bishof Dora Bishof Velarde Laborer 04/20/1905 Rummerfield
May.1905 Bartlett Ralph H. M W L. D. Bartlett Ettie Bartlett Wysox Farmer 11/10/1904 Wysox
May.1905 Baxter Muriel F W ??? Baxter Mary Baxter Granville Farmer 12/06/1904 Granville
06/13/1905 Bedford James M W Wallace Bedford Lida Bedford Terry Town Laborer 03/26/1905 Terrytown
05/29/1905 Browning Hazel A. F W B. S. Browning Angie Browning Wyalusing Farmer 05/09/1905 Spring Hill
05/13/1905 Bristol Grace F W Herbert Bristol Gace Bristol Wells Farmer 10/30/1904 Wells
05/02/1905 Byron Mary A. F W Michael Byron Abbie Byron Albany Twp. Laborer 04/27/1905 Albany Twp.
05/13/1905 Bump Morris M W Clint Bump Ella Bump Albany Twp. Laborer 09/26/1904 Albany Twp.
05/18/1905 Barry Martin M W John Barry Ellen Barry Albany Twp. Farmer 04/04/1905 Albany Twp.
05/18/1905 Benjamin Hetty Eveline F W Lloyd Benjamin Elmira Benjamin Macedonia Laborer 01/25/1905 Macedonia
05/22/1905 Braund Florence F W F. J. Braund Alice Braund Durell Farmer 05/14/1905 Durell
05/29/1905 Brown Alice F W Frank Brown Lucy Brown LeRaysville Laborer 04/11/1905 LeRaysville
06/01/1905 Butts Della F W B. N. Butts Mrs. B. N. Butts LeRaysville Minister 01/28/1905 LeRaysville
05/04/1905 Brooks Helen Rae F W Wm. H. Brooks Jessie J. Brooks 107 W. Cooper St. Laborer 01/07/1905 Athens
07/01/1905 Brainard Not Named M W Frank Brainard Eva Brainard Windham Laborer 04/19/1905 Windham
05/18/1905 Boardman Levigh W. M W Alpheus Y. Boardman Gertie Boardman Windham Farmer 04/22/1905 Windham
  Brainard Jessie Louise F W C. F. Brainard   Athens Boro Blacksmith 05/02/1905 Athens Boro
  Buckley Chas. Otis M W Arthur Buckley Edith Buckley Athens Boro Bookkeeper 06/19/1905 Athens Boro
05/10/1905 Begley Margaret F W Frank Begley Lettie Northrup Pratt Ave. Conductor 06/08/1904 Towanda
05/10/1905 Brennan Elizabeth E. F W Joseph Brennan Elizabeth Lynch Kingsbury Engineer 10/03/1904 Towanda
05/10/1905 Buck James E. M W Geo. Buck Lizzie Sullivan Kingsbury Brakeman 04/24/1904 Towanda
July.1905 Button Lillian F W Arthur Button Lillian Sayre Electrician 04/06/1905 Sare
  Barber Regniald M W Gilbert Barber Nellie Barber S. Waverly Laborer 11/23/1905 S. Waverly
05/10/1905 Burns Loyd M W Frank Burns Maud Burns N. Towanda Laborer 03/16/1905 N. Towanda
05/11/1905 Bidlack Mildred E. F W Orrie A. Bidlack Addie Bidlack N. Rome Farmer 02/08/1905 N. Rome
05/11/1905 Bradley Clarence J. M W H. Ernest Bradley Ella Bradley Bumpville Farmer 03/18/1905 Bumpville
05/25/1905 Babcock Lena E. F W Guy T. Babcock Lillian M. Babcock Babcock Farmer 01/23/1905 Rome Twp.
05/25/1905 Barnes Ruth A. F W Wm. S. Barnes Rhoda M. Barnes Wickizer Farmer 04/15/1904 Wickizer
05/02/1905 Bostwick Harold M W Lester Bostwick Georgia Bostwick Sayre Machinist 01/26/1905 Sayre
05/21/1905 Bristol Charlotte C. F W Egbert Bristol Lizzie Bristol Armenia Farmer 02/27/1905 Armenia
05/15/1905 Burlingame Lena F W W. F. Burlingame Elsie Burlingame Smithfield Farmer 11/15/1904 Smithfield
05/15/1905 Balmer James S. M W John Balmer Grace Balmer Smithfield Farmer 05/15/1905 Smithfield
09/07/1905 Burgess Ruby E. F W Charles Burgess Flora Burgess Sheshequin Farmer 08/28/1905 Sheshequin
09/05/1905 Ball C. Frederick M B Jacob Ball Bessie Ball 312 Pop.St. Laborer 04/28/1905 Towanda
09/05/1905 Baker Frederick M W Joseph Baker Margret Baker 422 State St. Laborer 08/19/1904 Towanda
09/09/1905 Burchill John M W Wm. Burchill Mary Burchill 103 N. Fourth St. Marble Cutter 10/29/1904 Towanda
09/10/1905 Benjamin Annie F W Herbert Benjamin Maud Benjamin 49 Plank R. St. Laborer 01/06/1904 Towanda
09/18/1905 Birney Geo. Horton M W Frank Birney Blanch Birney Sugar Hill Farmer 12/29/1904 Sugar Hill
  Brooks Janette F W Chas. W. Brooks Bernice Brooks Canton, Pa Farmer 10/04/1904 Canton, Pa
09/05/1905 Brewer James M W J. S. Brewer Sarah Jane Brewer Vaughn Hill Laborer 08/24/1905 Vaughn Hill
May.1905 Berger Dorath E. F W Ira Berger Elizabeth Berger Sayre Machinist 01/06/1905 Sayre
May.1905 Brown Catherine E. F W Clarence A. Brown Margrett Brown Sayre Fireman 10/18/1903 Sayre
May.1905 Burlingame Paul J. M W Chas. Burlingame Elizabeth Burlingame Sayre Laborer 10/20/1904 Sayre
05/18/1905 Bixby Miles Winford M W Bert F. Bixby Edith Bixby 15 Tidd Alley Painter 03/22/1905 Towanda
05/21/1905 Blackwell Helen Isadore F W Lynn E. Blackwell Abbie A. Blackwell W. Burlington Farmer 02/16/1905 W. Burlington
05/17/1905 Brown Marguerite A. F W Harry O. Brown florence M. Brown Sayre Butcher 11/04/1904 Sayre
05/17/1905 Bolich John A. M W Herman Bolich Lena Bolich Sayre Merchant 04/28/1903 Sayre
09/07/1905 Bolich Raymond E. M W Herman Bolich Lena Bolich Sayre Merchant 08/06/1905 Sayre
05/22/1905 Barnhart Ervin L. M W Sam'l Barnhart Virn ? Barnhart Elwell Farmer 03/07/1905  
Nov.1905 Bailey Herbert M W John A. Bailey Mrs. J. A. Bailey Athens Boro Laborer 04/08/1905 Athens Boro
Nov.1905 Baldwin Ruth Leona F W F.L. Baldwin Minnie Baldwin Athens Boro ??? 10/01/1905 Athens Boro
Sep.1905 Bidlack Clarence Jasper M W Frank E. Bidlack Rose E. Bidlack 602 N.Main St Insurance Agent 07/04/1905 Athens
Sep.1905 Brink Mary Lillian F W Harry Brink Leona Brink 411 Church St. Fireman 02/02/1905 Sayre
Sep.1905 Bullhart Juanita F W J. Wilber Bullhart Ottie Bullhart 503 Desmond St. Brakeman 06/07/1905 Athens
12/13/1905 Barrowcliff Eva Sue F W Ed Barrowcliff Myrtie Barrowcliff Laceyville Farmer 05/22/1905 Laceyville
05/04/1905 Brotzman Permelia F W E. Brotzman Rosa Brotzman Tuscarora Farmer 12/28/1904 Susquehanna
06/03/1905 Buck Fred E. M W Thos. Buck Nellie Buck Athens Boro Laborer 12/24/1904 Athens, Pa
06/03/1905 Boyle Millard P. M W Guy Boyle Mable Boyle Athens Boro Fireman 05/13/1905 Athens
06/03/1905 Bailer ? John M W Joseph Bailer Nora Bailer Athens Boro Tailer 04/04/1905 Athens
12/11/1905 Bolton Pheobe June F W J. J. Bolton Alma Bolton LeRaysville Farmer 10/29/1905 Pike
12/05/1905 Brown Leslie M W Lloyd Brown Bessie Brown Burlington Farmer 04/28/1905 Burlington
12/07/1905 Bennett Enoch L. M W Wm. Bennett Lottie Bennett Burlington Laborer 12/06/1903 Burlington
12/07/1905 Bennett Eveline F W Jno. Bennett Mauine ? Bennett Burlington Laborer 03/09/1905 Burlington
  Ballard Richard Blakesley M W Dr. M.B. Ballard Anna Tidd Ballard Elmira St. Physician 02/06/1905 Troy
  Ballard Donald Hilis M W A. Burr Ballard Jessie Hillis Ballard Elmira St. Merchant 09/27/1905 Troy
11/13/1905 Bailey Wm. N. M W Wm. N. Bailey Sarah Bailey N. Towanda Farmer 09/02/1905 N. Towanda
12/18/1905 Burnham Raymond M. M W Floyd Burnham Lafrances Burnham Ridgebury Clerk 04/08/1904 Ridgebury
12/18/1905 Burt Faith M. F W Harry Burt Hattie Burt Ridgebury Farmer 10/09/1904 Ridgebury
  Bachnick Josephene F W Mathias Bachnick Minnie Bachnick Cold Spring Laborer 08/26/1905 LeRoy
  Bellows S. Haldene M W Seymour Bellows Lillie M. Bellows E.Canton Laborer 07/03/1905 E. Canton
12/21/1905 Bates Edith M. F W Lafayette Bates Bertha Bates Canton Farmer 05/10/1905 Canton, Pa
12/05/1905 Biles Mary Clara F W James L. Biles Maggie W. Biles Camptown Painter 07/22/1905 Camptown
12/12/1905 Burney Geo. Wm. M W Wm. Burney Jenny Burney Athens Twp. Farmer 11/13/1905 Athens Twp.
Dec.1905 Burke Frances W. F W Eugene E. Burke Blanch Burke Granville Farmer 08/06/1905 Granville
12/09/1905 Bostwick Frank M W Gustian Bostwick Alice Bostwick Windham Farmer 07/09/1905 Windham
  Bullock James Henry M W Alfred J. Bullock Josephine Bullock Sayre Laborer 11/04/1905 Sayre
  Berber Baby F W John Berger Lena Berger Sayre Laborer 12/03/1905 Sayre
12/16/1905 Bird Walter M W Frank Bird Lillian Bird Overton Laborer 11/15/1905 Overton
Dec.1905 Bidlack Jay W. M W Geo. Bidlack Ida Bidlack Sheshequin Laborer 12/16/1904 Sheshequin
Dec.1905 Bustin Beatrice F W thos. Bustin Hannah Bustin Sheshequin Farmer 09/01/1905 Sheshequin
12/20/1905 Bartlett Henry Hallock M W Arthur Bartlett Lelia Hallock Wyalusing Jeweller 12/02/1905 Wyalusing
12/15/1905 Benfman Earl M W Ira Benfman Sarah Benfman Standing Stone Laborer 11/01/1905 Rummerfield
12/06/1905 Bostwick Theodore R. M W James Bostwick Adelia Bostwick Litchfield Farmer 06/20/1905 Litchfield
12/06/1905 Bidlack Carlton R. M W Leslie Bidlack Ethel Bidlack Litchfield Farmer 04/21/1905 Litchfield
`12/7/1905 Birde Eugene M W Timothy E. Birde Mable A. Birde 909 Main? Laborer 09/27/1905 Towanda
10/10/1905 Ballard Eleanor M W Solomon Ballard Ana Ballard Leona Farmer 08/07/1905 Leona
12/19/1905 Bayley Carrie M W Ambrose Bayley Mehaly Bayley Homets Ferry Laborer 03/11/1905 Homets Ferry
12/09/1905 Babcock Leola M. M W Zell Babcock Sarah Babcock Union Valley,Rome Farmer 06/15/1905 Rome Twp.
12/19/1905 Bixby Cyrus T. F W Stanley Bixby Hannah Bixby Rome Twp. Laborer 11/09/1905 Towner Hill
12/13/1905 Blash Thelma Della M W Edw. Blash Clara Blash Williwana Barber 07/27/1905 Williwana
06/02/1905 Barrett Elwood F W Cyrus Barrett May Barrett Troy 63 Laborer 08/02/1904 Troy
12/19/1905 Baxter Leon Loraine F W Geo. Baxter Jennie Willa Baxter Troy 07 Farmer 08/22/1905 Troy
12/14/1905 Barrett Walter F W Ed. S. Barrett Lottie Barrett Troy 63 Laborer 10/10/1905 Troy
12/08/1905 Benjamin Mora M W Joshua Benjamin Hattie Benjamin Marshview Farmer 07/28/1905 Marshview
12/08/1905 Benjamin Dorath E. M W Joshua Benjamin Hattie Benjamin Marshview Farmer 07/28/1905 Marshview
12/18/1905 Benjamin James F W Melvin Benjamin Catharine Benjamin Marshview Laborer 08/10/1905 Marshview
12/21/1905 Brennan Mary A. M W Joseph Brennan Lizzie Lynch Kingsbury Ave. Engineer 10/06/1905 Towanda
12/29/1905 Biddle Philip A. F W Claud Biddle Jennie Biddle Canton Merchant 11/30/1905 Canton
  Bruce Ethel M W Robert Bruce Ethel Bruce Canton Clerk 02/02/1905 Canton
05/13/1947 Bates Effie E. M W Fred M. Bates Bertha Bates LeRoy Twp. Farmer 03/17/1901 LeRoy Twp.
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