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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/14/1903 Bidlack Earle Leslie M W Leslie Bidlack Ethel Bidlack Litchfield Farmer 10/14/1903 Litchfield
12/08/1903 Brink Clarence Emory M W Harry Brink Lenora Brink Sayre Laborer 07/30/1903 Sayre
12/12/1903 Bagley William Dailey M W Clarance Bagley Hattie B. Bagley Sayre Tick.Agent 11/19/1903 Sayre
12/14/1903 Bush Gladys F W Alford L. Bush Minnie E. Bush Sayre Machinest 12/12/1903 Sayre
  Brooks Reginald Paul M W Elsworth E. Brooks Sarah S. Brooks Canton  Farmer 10/24/1903 Canton
12/01/1903 Baley Theodore R. M W Ambrose Baley Mehaley Baley Homets Ferry Laborer 02/16/1903 Homets Ferry
12/08/1903 Birney Nancy Adeline F W Harry Birney Rachael Birney Sugar Run Farmer 07/31/1903 Sugar Run
12/10/1903 Baltzer Dorothy F W Bernard Baltzer Rosa Baltzer Laquin Laborer 05/07/1903 Williamsport
12/10/1903 Bailey Brenton F. M W Fred Bailey Carrie Bailey Laquin Laborer 07/30/1903 Eldreville
12/08/1903 Boltin/Battin? Reta Beathrice Turner F W D.W. Boltin/Battin? Eva M. Boltin/Battin Grover Laborer 06/02/1903 Grover
12/14/1903 Burkley Louise F W George F. Burkley Maurie Burkley Second St. B. Smith 06/01/1903 Wyalusing Boro
12/14/1903 Bosworth Vanessa Ida F W Ford E. Bosworth Leah Bosworth State St. Merchant 08/05/1903 Wyalusing Boro
12/11/1903 Belcher Harriet Abbigal F W H. E. Belcher Eva Belcher Stevensville Teacher 10/01/1903 Stevensville, Pa
12/15/1903 Bennett Mary Hannah F W N. C. Bennett Lucy Bennett Stevensville Vet.Surgeon 05/11/1903 Stevensville, Pa
12/16/1903 Bostwick Mary D. F W Geo. H. Bostwick Lizzie M. Bostwick Ulster Farmer 05/25/1903 Ulster
12/12/1903 Bailey Lynn F W Geo. Bailey Mary Bailey Luthers Mills Farmer 10/01/1903 Luthers Mills
12/11/1903 Benjamin Zelpha F W Melvin Benjamin Kate Benjamin Marshview Laborer 05/29/1903 Marshview
12/15/1903 Benjamin Lloyd M W Joeph Benjamin June Benjamin Marshview Farmer 10/16/193 Marshview
  Bustin Wm. M W Richard L. Bustin Lizzie Bustin Sheshequin Farmer 01/02/1903 Sheshequin
  Boland Daniel W. M W Daniel F. Boland Agnes Boland Warren Farmer 07/28/1903 Warren
12/17/1903 Boland Mary F W John Boland Margrette Boland Warren Farmer 12/23/1902 Warren
  Bradshaw Helen E. F W John D. Bradshaw Weltha Bradshaw Warren Farmer 08/16/1903 Windham
12/02/1903 Bower Robbert J. M W Arthur A. Bower Elane Bower Rome Laborer 05/13/1903 Rome Twp.
10/16/1903 Brooks Arthur L. M W Lee Brooks Virginia Brooks Canton  Lawyer 07/30/1903 Canton
11/28/1903 Bullock Catherine  F W Jesse Bullock Anna C. Bullock Canton  Showman 12/20/1902 Canton
12/15/1903 Brown Maybell F W Norman Brown Anna Brown Wysox Laborer 11/05/1903 Wysox
12/07/1903 Boardman Laura F W A. Y. Boardman Gertrude Boardman 4th Dist. Laborer 07/15/1903 4th Dist.
12/09/1903 Brink Elva Wilma F W Elsworth Brink Arminda May Brink 4th Dist. Laborer 05/20/1903 4th Dist.
12/08/1903 Boardman Leroy M W Yale W. Boardman Mary A. Boardman Windham Farmer 08/17/1903 Peckhill Dis. 9
12/10/1903 Brady Bartholema M W Chas. Brady Sarah Heath Main St. Stone Mason 05/11/1903 Towanda
12/10/1903 Bride Nellen Elizabeth F W Timothy Bride Mabel Bride Olive St. Laborer 03/29/1903 Towanda
11/13/1903 Burbank Lawrence  M W Clarence Burbank   Troy, Pa. Laborer 06/25/1903 Troy, Pa.
11/13/1903 Beach Beatrice F W Luthe Beach Lena anKuren Troy, Pa. Agent 08/31/1903 Troy, Pa.
11/13/1903 Beach Raymond M W Howard Beach   Troy, Pa. Restaurant 04/21/1902 Troy, Pa.
11/13/1903 Bruce Edith F W Wallace Bruce   Troy, Pa. Cigar Maker 09/16/1903 Troy, Pa.
11/13/1903 Bull Gertrude F W Geo. Bull   Troy, Pa. Baker 08/12/1903 Troy, Pa.
12/15/1903 Biles Erestine F W Geo. Biles Ida Biles W. W. Biles Day Labor 07/14/1903 Towanda Twp.
11/26/1903 Bessley Marion L. F W Edw. Bessley Lucy Bessley Wells, Pa. Farmer 10/15/1903 Wells, Pa
12/17/1903 Beecher Keneth G. F W H. W. Beecher Hattie  LeRaysville Undertaker 08/19/1903 LeRaysville
05/05/1904 Barnes Ernest Victor M W Leslie E. Barnes Callie Barnes Camptown Clerk 01/03/1904 Camptown
05/28/1904 Baker Lincoln M W Guy Baker Laura Baker Terry Twp. Farmer 02/12/1904 Terry Twp.
05/05/1904 Bickham Gustava Louisa F W Martin Bickham Alice Bickham Liberty Corners Laborer 04/16/1904 Liberty Corners
05/04/1904 Brown Helen F W Burt Brown Black Brown Powell Laborer 03/04/1904 Powell
05/04/1904 Bacon Eleigth F W Horis Bacon Miney Bacon Powell Laborer 01/24/1904 Powell
05/05/1904 Beeman Nolan C. M W Frank Beeman Mable Beeman Spring Hill Farmer 02/10/1904 Indian Hill
May.1904 Brewer Truman M W Walter Brewer Leafe Brewer Orwell Twp. Farmer 04/24/1904 Orwell
May.1904 Brewer Theresa F W Walter Brewer Leafe Brewer Orwell Twp. Farmer 04/24/1904 Orwell
May.1904 Brown Marcus M W Ernest E. Brown Nettie Brown Orwell Twp. Farmer 12/24/1903 Orwell
  Benjamin Laura Pauline F W E. I. Benjamin Mrs. E. I. Benjamin Athens Carpenter 09/27/1903  
05/05/1904 Bullock Carry F W Alford Bullock Josephine Bullock Velarde Laborer 03/31/1904 Standing Stone
05/18/1904 Bennett Martin M W Keron Bennett Ida Bennett Standing Stone Farmer 02/11/1904 Standing Stone
  Benjamin Howard M W I. L. Benjamin   Athens Painter 06/14/1903 Athens, Pa
  Burlingame Robt. M W Chas. Burlingame Lydia Bowen Athens Laborer 05/31/1903 Athens, Pa
  Bowen Clifford B. M W Edwin R. Bowen Lyda Bowen Warren Farmer 03/25/1904 Warren
  Beardslee Donald R. M W Ralph Beardslee Nellie Beardslee Warren Farmer 04/30/1904 Warren
  Brown Martha J. F W Harry Brown June Brown Warren Farmer 12/25/1903 Warren
05/20/1904 Baldwin Alice F W M. D. Baldwin Hattie Baldwin LeRaysville   12/24/1903 LeRaysville
05/05/1904 Brink Vivia E. F W Geo. A. Brink Lucy A. Brink Wysox Farmer 01/20/1904 Wysox
06/10/1904 Benjamin Sarah Edna F W Solon Benjamin Clara Benjamin Marshview Farmer 06/29/1903 Marshview
05/02/1904 Brown Donald R. M W Frank Brown Daisy Brown Wells, Pa. Farmer 03/07/1904 Wells, Pa
05/21/1904 Bessley Marion L. F W Edd Bessley Lucy Bessley Wells, Pa. Farmer 10/15/1903 Wells, Pa
  Baxter Esther F W Jesse Baxter Adell Baxter Granville Farmer 01/11/1904 Granville
11/14/1903 Bidlack Stanley Frank M W Frank E. Bidlack Rose E. Bidlack Athens Laborer 09/19/1903 Athens, Pa
05/16/1904 Bennett Margurite Evelyn F W Chester F. Bennett Caroline Bennett Athens Carpenter 02/18/1904 Athens, Pa
01/01/1904 Brown   M W Howard Brown Lena Brown Athens Laborer 05/29/1904 Athens, Pa
09/08/1904 Babcock Ethel F W Henry Babcock Helen Babcock Athens Laborer 01/19/1904 Athens, Pa
05/17/1904 Besley Lawrence  M W Erney Besley Ruth Besley Col.X Roads Farmer 03/06/1904 Col.X Roads
May.1904 Brannaird John A. M W John D. Brainard Jennie L. Brainard Sayre Painter 05/15/1904 Sayre
05/29/1904 Brown Richard Alonzo M W S. O. Brown Martha Brown Smithfield Farmer 05/07/1904 Smithfield
05/29/1904 Balmer Nellie F W Percy Balmer Nellie Balmer Smithfield Farmer 10/24/1903 Smithfield
05/29/1904 Baker Helen M. F W Wilbur Baker Johanna Baker Smithfield Farmer 10/08/1903 Smithfield
05/29/1904 Bennett John Robert M W G. H. Bennett Eva Bennett Smithfield Farmer 05/19/1904 Smithfield
May.1904 Bush Gladyus F W Alford L. Bush Minnie E. Bush Sayre Machinest 12/12/1903 Sayre
May.1904 Banfield Dorothy C. F W Wm. Banfield Jessie Banfield Sayre Laborer 01/01/1904 Sayre
May.1904 Bowman Alford W. M W Wesley Bowman May Bowman Sayre Laborer 02/27/1904 Sayre
  Brown Frederick H. M W Eben D. Brown Floid T. Brown Sayre Machinist 04/07/1904 Sayre
05/09/1904 Benjamin Paul M W Chas. Benjamin Viola R. Benjamin Pike Farmer 01/29/1904 Pike
05/02/1904 Baggott Margaret F W J. F. Baggott Cathern Baggott Wilmot Farmer 03/11/1904 Wilmot
05/15/1904 Barnwell C. Norman M W John Barnwell Maggie Barnwell Sugar Run Farmer 01/15/1904 Sugar Run
08/29/1904 Brown Douglas M W Clyde Brown Maude Brown Browntown Farmer 07/16/1904 Browntown
  Boyed Lawrence L. M W Robt. Boyed Edith M. Boyed Canton  Farmer 12/21?/1903 Canton
09/08/1904 Baird Hughlas L. F W Hugh H. Baird Stella Baird E. Canton Blacksmith 03/07/1904 E. Canton
05/03/1904 Bailey Ruth  F W C. B. Bailey Amanda Bailey Sayre Engineer 12/19/1903 Sayre
05/04/1904 Brack Sarah  F W F. L. Brock Sadie Brock Sayre Machinist 02/18/1904 Sayre
05/17/1904 Bames ? Theo. M W Unknown Julia Bardery ? Leona Unknown 02/14/1904 Leona
05/07/1904 Brown Edna F W A. L. Brown Emma Brown Skinners Eddy Laborer 01/01/1904 Tuscarora
05/12/1904 Bourgeson Frank E. M W Nels Bourgeson Anna Bourgeson LeRoy Farmer 10/15/1903 LeRoy
05/14/1904 Bashnick Mary Rose F W Mathias Bashnick Minnie Bashnick LeRoy Farmer 12/22/1903 LeRoy
08/25/1904 Bellows Conley M W Kelsey H. Bellows Maggie Bellows LeRoy Farmer 06/27/1904 LeRoy
05/03/1904 Baker John Otto M W John Baker Margaret Cummings Towanda Laborer 02/13/1903 Hector, NY
05/03/1904 Buck Jas. E. M W Geo. Buck Margaret Sullivan Towanda Laborer 02/09/1904 Towanda
10/26/1904 Bastion Charlie M W Rob't Bastion Cora Bastion Carbon Run Miner 08/12/1904 Grover, Pa
11/10/1904 Barnhart Voltay M W Wm. Barnhart Edith Barnhart Laquin Laborer 10/30/1904 Laquin
01/05/1904 Blackman Donald  M W E. S. Black Christina Black Canton  Painter 12/19/1903 Canton, Pa
06/07/1904 Becker Kenneth M W Miller Becker Edna Becker Canton  Laborer 03/20/1904 Canton, Pa
11/07/1904 Bruce Nelda F W Harry Bruce Clara Bruce Canton  Laborer 06/06/1904 Canton, Pa
11/07/1904 Black  Lois May F W Chas. Black May Black Canton  Dealer 08/21/1904 Canton, Pa
12/09/1904 Benson Frances F W John Benson Bessie Benson Austinville Laborer 12/02/1904 Austinville
12/20/1904 Barrett Wallace M W Syrans Barrett May Barrett Troy, Pa. Laborer 08/02/1904  
12/08/1904 Brennan Earnest M W J. H. Brennan Anna D. Brennan Sayre Brakeman 05/11/1904 Sayre
12/09/1904 Bostle Vernon M W Albert Bostle Pearl Bostle Sayre Machinist 06/24/1904  
12/09/1904 Blodget Paul R. M W Lewis Blodget Edna Snow Blodget Pike Farmer 06/14/1904 Pike
  Beckwith Aline F W Rolland S. Beckwith Lena Beckwith S. Warren Farmer 04/10/1904 Warren
12/21/1904 Bennett Melvin M W Darias Bennett Elizabeth Bennett Terry Town Farmer 09/01/1904 Terry Twp.
12/21/1904 Barton William Arthur M W Dr. H.C. Barton Sura ? Barton Alba Physician 12/19/1904 Alba
Dec.1904 Boyce Rheta A. F W Orrin Boyce Lura Boyce Sheshequin Mail Carrier 08/29/1904 Sheshequin
12/10/1904 Benjamin Wm. H. M W Alex Benjamin Carrie Benjamin Rummerfield Laborer 10/11/1904 Standing Stone Twp.
12/15/1904 Baker Cleone A. F W Pearl M. Baker Edna L. Baker Union Valley Blacksmith 09/02/1904 Union Valley
12/19/1904 Bower Marion Victoria F W Arthur A. Bower M. Elaine Bower Towner ? Farmer 06/17/1904 Towner?
10/10/1904 Burnham Mildred F W H. W. Burnham Addie Burnham Ridgebury Farmer 03/27/1904 Bentley Creek
12/12/1904 Burnham Mildred F W A. R. Burnham Minnie Burnham Ridgebury Farmer 06/24/1904 Ridgebury
12/13/1904 Baldwin John F. M W F. W. Baldwin Maggie Baldwin Bentley Creek Landlord 03/08/1904 Bentley Creek
05/28/1904 Burt Mildred I. F W H. L. Burt Jennie Burt Ridgebury Farmer 12/02/1904 Ridgebury
12/16/1904 Bleiler Howard Leland M W John E. Bleiler Ida Bleiler Athens Carpenter 09/25/1904 Athens 
12/07/1904 Bull Geo. M W Omar Bull Marion Bull Apex Laborer 06/03/1904 Apex
12/08/1904 Balmer Edna Irene F W Oliver Balmer Florence Balmer South Creek Farmer 09/30/1904 Fassett
  Barnam Elizabeth E. F W Miller S. Barnam Margret M. Barnam Sayre Optician 09/08/1904 Sayre
05/10/1904 Brown Edwin Hine M W A. M. Brown Martha Brown Athens Cooper 02/02/1904 Athens
12/19/1904 Bradley Claud M W Fred W. Bradley Lucy Bradley Litchfield Farmer 11/03/1904 Litchfield
  Brown Clyde M W Jessie Brown Ida Brown Powell Laborer 07/31/1904 Powell
In the listings of births in Bradford Co. from 1901 - 1905 you have included Boltin?Battin.  I have extensive Battin material and can clarify this as Battin.  The child is Rita Beatrice Turner Battin, daughter of Dana Waddell Battin and Eva. M. Button.  You sight is the best I have found.
mouraine (Sorry, full name not signed).

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