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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1901-1905
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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
05/07/1901 Billian Edna A. F W Edward Billian Mary Billian Wilkesbarre Laborer 08/20/1900 Wilkesbarre
05/07/1901 Ball Genevieve F W Fred Ball Maud Ball Sayre Laborer 01/10/1901 Sayre
05/31/1901 Beecher Cleome Permelia F W H. W. Beecher Hattie LeRaysville Undertaker 12/22/1900 LeRaysville
05/31/1901 Brewer Ida F W John Brewer Florence LeRaysville Laborer 08/05/1900 LeRaysville
05/09/1901 Bartron Lee M W Chester M. Bartron Jennie M. Bartron Sayre Clerk 01/29/1901 Sayre
05/09/1901 Beysher Helen E. F W Edwin M. Beysher Dora F. Beysher Sayre Minister 01/16/1901 Sayre
05/09/1901 Burton Henry Thomas M W Thomas Burton Lydia Burton Sayre Laborer 01/31/1901 Waverly, NY
05/31/1901 Bull Emerson M. M W John Bull Anna Bull Sayre Fireman 05/31/1901 Sayre
09/04/1901 Bidlack Irwin M W Leslie Bidlack Ethel Bidlack Litchfield Farmer 12/17/1900 Windham
05/20/1901 Baker Hazle F W J. M. Baker Ellida Baker Overton Farmer 01/27/1901 Overton
09/04/1901 Bowers Harold M W George Bowers Clara Bowers Overton Blacksmith 12/06/1901 Overton
09/05/1901 Brewer William M W Elmer Brewer Cora Brewer Wyalusing Laborer 05/25/1901 Wyalusing
05/10/1901 Brace Will M W Frank Brace Hattie Brace Springfield Farmer 01/27/1901 Springfield
05/15/1901 Bailey Ruth F W Nathan Bailey Sopfronia Bailey Springfield Farmer 04/27/1901 Leona
05/24/1901 Brundige Spencer A. M W Lee Brundige Ella Brundige Big Pond Laborer 01/05/1901 Ridgebury
05/28/1901 Bailey Rachel May F W John Bailey Nellie Bailey Leona Farmer 03/10/1901 Leona
05/15/1901 Bidlack James I. M W Leslie Bidlack Ethel Bidlack Ghent Farmer 12/17/1900 Ghent
05/18/1901 Bustin Rose F W Patrick Bustin Mary Bustin Sheshequin Farmer 03/31/1901 Sheshequin
05/21/1901 Brewer Mildred E. F W Walter W. Brewer Leafe A. Brewer Orwell, Pa Farmer 04/14/1901 Orwell, PA
05/24/1901 Brink Charles Edward M W John Brink Mary Jane Brink Orwell, Pa Farmer 04/23/1901 Orwell, PA
05/24/1901 Brink Anna Jane F W John Brink Mary Jane Brink Orwell, Pa Farmer 04/23/1901 Orwell, PA
1901 Benjamin Mildred F W Alexander Benjamin Carrie Benjamin Rummerfield      
05/13/1901 Burleigh Roy James M W Alfred Burleigh Lydia Burleigh Austinville Farmer 03/05/1901 Austinville
05/17/1901 Berry May F W Fred E. Berry Lucy Berry ColX Roads Laborer 01/04/1901 Columbia
05/06/1901 Brown Gardner Lafayette M W P. E. Brown Belle Brown Smithfield Farmer 12/12/1900 E.Smithfield Twp.
05/06/1901 Baker Harriet E. F W Wilbur Baker Johanna Baker Smithfield Farmer 10/21/1900 Smithfield
09/02/1901 Bahr Raymond M W D. W. Bahr Bertha Bahr Sylvania Invalid 08/21/1901 Sylvania, Pa
05/06/1901 Bradshaw Byran M W E.M. Bradshaw Ella L. Stevensville Farmer 08/15/1900 Stevensville
05/23/1901 Barnwell William M W John Barnwell Maggie Barnwell Sugar Run Farmer 04/09/1901 Sugar Run
05/06/1901 Brown Edward K. M W Fay Brown Anna Brown S. Waverly Laborer 03/29/1901 S. Waverly
05/16/1901 Barrett Dannie M W Daniel Barrett Amy Barrett Troy Farmer 04/17/1901 Troy
05/24/1901 Bristol Maudie F W Shepard Bristol Debbie Bristol Homestead Butcher 02/14/1901 Towanda Twp
1901 Bates Donald K. M W Layfay Bates Bertha E. Bates Canton Farmer 05/09/1900 Canton Boro
12/09/1901 Bleiler Raymond M W William Bleiler Emma Bleiler Overton Restarent Keeper 10/11/1901 Overton
12/09/1901 Bartlon James G. M W William Bartlon Rose Bartlon Overton Farmer 06/22/1901 Overton
11/18/1901 Battin Lena F W Henry Battin Lena Battin Athens Laborer 09/04/1901 Athens
11/22/1901 Brown Charlotte A. F W Eben Brown Florida Brown Athens Machinist 10/26/1901 Athens
11/23/1901 Briggs Clara Leona F W John Briggs Essie Briggs Athens Laborer 05/13/1901 Athens
1901 Brown Adam Corral M W Henry A. Brown Sarah Brown Herrick Laborer 04/15/1901 Herrick
11/13/1901 Bolich Marion Roverta F W Alfred Bolich Olive May Bolich Sayre Laborer 08/27/1901 Sayre
12/09/1901 Bedford Clyde Burton M W John B. Bedford Lettie S. Bidford Sayre B.Maker 08/19/1901 Sayre
11/14/1901 Blockiman Fred M W Dewitt Blackman Jennie Blackman Sayre Fireman 12/08/1900 Sayre
11/14/1901 Brown Edward K. M W Fay Brown Anna Brown Sayre, Pa Laborer 03/29/1901 Waverly, NY
11/15/1901 Burke Marie H. F W James Burk Mary Burk Sayre, Pa Brakeman 05/20/1901 Sayre
11/15/1901 Bailey Baby Brown F W Chas. Bailey Amanda Bailey Sayre, Pa Engineer 09/27/1901 Sayre
12/05/1901 Bustin Andrew M W James Bustin Susan Bustin Athens Twp. Farmer 09/04/1901 Athens
12/02/1901 Brown Agnes F W S. O. Brown Martha Brown Smithfield Farmer 08/08/1901 Smithfield
12/11/1901 Bunip John M W Austin H. Bump Abilene Bump Camptown Laborer 07/26/1901 Camptown
12/16/1901 Beeman Velina N. F W Frank H. Beeman Mable Beeman Edinger Hill Laborer 08/01/1901 Edinger Hill
12/10/1901 Black Leona A. M W Lyman Black Jessie Black Edinger Hill Laborer 07/23/1901 Edinger Hill
11/19/1901 Bells Charles R. M W John Belles Orpha Belles N. Towanda Laborer 08/04/1901 N. Towanda
1901 Barry John L. M W John Barry Hellen Barry Albany Twp. Farmer 05/30/1901 Albany Twp.
12/12/1901 Burgess Francis Isabel F W Charley Burgess Flora Burgess Neath Laborer 12/02/1901 Neath
Dec.1901 Blackman Lora May F W Harry L. Blackman May Blackman HornBrook Farmer 03/23/1901 HornBrook
Dec.1901 Bidlack Weltha I. F W John W. Bidlack Alice Bidlack Trinket Farmer 04/15/1901 Trinket
11/15/1901 Burgess Lorenzo M W Burton Burgess Jessie Burgess Mac Laborer 01/06/1901 Mac
12/03/1901 Brown Earl Brundy M W Ward Brown Polly Brown Rent Run Laborer 10/29/1901 Monroe Twp.
12/17/1901 Brown   M W Charley Brown Bertha Brown Spring Hill Farmer 08/18/1901 Spring Hill
11/27/1901 Barnes Walter William M W Wm. S. Barnes Rhoda Barnes Rome Farmer 08/12/1901 Rome Twp.
1901 Bush Harry O. M   Andrew Bush Maggie Bush StandingStone Laborer 07/09/1901 StandingStone
11/20/1901 Bourne George M W E. L. Bourne Sophia Bourne W. Burlington Lumberman 06/24/1901 W. Burlington
11/06/1901 Bouse Rachel Electa F   Fredrick E. Bouse Lottie Bouse Marshview Farmer 09/07/1901 Marshview
09/04/1901 Boile Earnestine J. M W Harry Boile Grace Boile Canton Boro Laborer 06/23/1901 Canton Boro
12/04/1901 Boland James H. M   Daniel Boland Agnes Boland Warren Farmer 06/02/1901 Cadis
12/10/1901 Biles Ernestine J. F W Harry Biles Grace Biles Homestead Day Labor 06/23/1901 Canton
12/11/1901 Brennan Thomas P. M W Joseph Brennan Elizabeth Lynch Towanda Fireman 10/28/1901 Towanda
11/17/1901 Besley Mildred F W Jesse Besley Lucinda Besley Ridgebury Farmer 10/06/1900 Ridgebury
11/18/1901 Ballard Louise Mary F W Soloman Ballard Anna Ballard Mt. Pisga Laborer 09/03/1901 Mt. Pisga
12/07/1901 Bailey Arthur F W L. F. Bailey Ella Bailey Springfield Farmer 05/23/1901 Springfield
12/04/1901 Bernis ? John M W M. P. Bernis Sarah E. Bernis Cor.Third Ward Ave Merchant 10/19/1901 Cor.3rd & Ward Ave
12/03/1901 Burleigh Ethel F W George Burleigh Satie Burleigh Powell Laborer 08/30/1901 Powell
12/05/1901 Brown Harland P. M W Bert Brown Blanche Brown Weston Laborer 10/08/1901 Weston
12/10/1901 Barnhart David M W Chas. Barnhart Eva Barnhart Hollenback Farmer 02/27/1901 Hollenback
12/11/1901 Barnwell Robert M W John Barnwell Margrate Barnwell Sugar Run Farmer 04/09/1901 Sugar Run
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