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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883, 1884, 1891, 1892 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

1901 Births 1901 Marriages 1901 Deaths one   1901 Deaths two Return to Volume Table of Contents More Births
Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
Note that the mothers, having relinquished their names and identity at the time of their marriage, are not mentioned in the birth notices. They were apaprently not considered significant participants in the event.
The last four columns are added by Joyce M. Tice. The number is the SRGP ID from her Sullivan Rutland Genealogy Project, and the MHS date is Mansfield High School graduation and MSNS is Mansfield State Normal School graduation.
1901   B     Name SRGP MHS MSNS
1901 19-Jun B Abernathy dau. b. Sat. to Geo. Abernathy of Mardin Cassie 29273 1921 1923
1901 26-Jun B Atherton dau. B. to Arron Atherton of Charleston recently
1901 25-Dec B Backer dau. B. 13 Dec. to A. E. Backer of Troy
1901 9-Oct B Bailey son b. today to Dr. Harry Bailey of Mansfield Thomas Rose 31732
1901 23-Oct B Bartlett son b. to Harland Bartlett [ 14702] of Lawrenceville, grandson of David of Mill Creek
1901 10-Jul B Baynes  dau. B. to Warren Baynes [81369] of Sheffield, former res. Of Mansfield
1901 29-May B Beach  dau. To L. J. Beach  [83193] of Mansfield yesterday
1901 22-May B Benson son or dau. b. to Anthony Benson [08835] last Mon. of Rutland or Roseville
1901 13-Feb B Benson son b. to George & Alby Soper Benson last Fri. at Roseville Ellsworth Wayne 26834
1901 25-Dec B Boom son b. 7 Dec. to Otis Boom of Deerfield Twp.
1901 4-Dec B Bradway son b. last Sun. to W. E. Bradway of Mansfield Raymond 23119 1920 1922
1901 11-Dec B Brinnen son to Henry Brinnen of Tioga
1901 20-Feb B Bull dau. To W. S. Bull of Mansfield 18 Feb. 1901
1901 14-Aug B Burnham dau. B. to Burt & Effie Sherman Burnham recently [Hooray!!! A woman named] Florence 80241
1901 22-May B Carpenter son b. Sat. to ----& Rena Copley Carpenter of Niles Valley
1901 30-Jan B Clark, Leah b. to O. W. Clark 28 Jan. 1901 at Richmond Twp. Leah 20493
1901 11-Sep B Cleveland  son b. to Delbert Cleveland of Willowdale, Neb. Rollin 67074
1904 17-Feb B Cleveland dau. B. to Elmer Cleveland of Mansfield 10 Feb. Nelllie 73121 1922
1901 16-Oct B Cleveland ch. B. last week to Martin Cleveland of Mardin Geraldine Gertrude 70116 1919 1921
1901 25-Dec B Cook son b. 7 Dec. to R. D. Cook of Austinburg
1901 20-Nov B Cooper, Frank Albert son b. to Frank H. Cooper 8 Nov. of Minneapolis, Minn.
1901 11-Sep B Coveney son b. Sep. 5 to Geo. Coveney of Mardin
1901 23-Jan B Cravath b. to Austin Cravath of Elkland, a dau.
1901 23-Jan B Cruttenden son b. to W. L. Cruttenden of Mansfield 17 Jan Howard 79830
1901 20-Feb B Day  Son b. to Charles A. Day of Graceton, Pa. (Lambs Creek news)
1901 13-Nov B DeWitt dau. B. to Claude DeWitt of Alba last week. (Mainesburg item) Grace 89204
1901 15-May B Dunbar twin girls b. May 7, 1901 to B. A. Dunbar of E. Troy
1901 1-May B Dyke son b. to Orren Dyke of Dykes Mills (Mardin note) Paul [?] 82680
1901 21-Aug B Elliott dau. B. 14 Aug. at Mansfield to Arthur H. Elliott of Phila Eleanor 85547 1919
1901 28-Aug B Ely  dau. B. to Nelson Ely of Jeanette, Pa. former Covington res.
1901 20-Feb B Emberger dau. B. to Joseph Emberger (Mardin items)
1901 1-May B Frost son to Art Frost of Sullivan Twp. 18 Apr. Leon 51750
1901 4-Sep B Gambell dau. B. to Capt. Ralph Gambell of Wellsboro, granddau. Of Elias Horton [85891] of Mansfield
1901 4-Dec B Garrison, Foster of Elk Run [in Sullivan Township]  Was 66 on 30 Nov. 04607
1901 27-Mar B George son to Harvey George 15 Mar. of Westfield
1901 4-Sep B Gerow  dau. B. to James Gerow of E. Charleston
1901 2-Jan B Gile  a dau. B. to Prof. & Mrs. N. C. Gile at Van Etten, N.Y. (Lambs Creek news)
1901 20-Nov B Gillett, Mrs. was 90 on Nov. 11, mother of C. A. Gillett
1901 17-Jul B Goodall dau. B. last Fri. to Lewis Goodall of Canoe Camp Louise 86997 1919 1921
1901 7-Aug B Greenman, Mrs. Margaret of Mansfield was 66 on Jul 16
1901 6-Mar B Griffen  son b. to J. P. Griffen of Lambs Creek
1901   B     Name SRGP MHS MSNS
1901 4-Sep B Hall, Mrs. Hannah was 80 yrs. Last Fri. Her sister is Mrs. Polly Wheeler [Real name Hannah Burton] 54629
1901 16-Jan B Harvey son b. to Williard Harvey of Mansfield 12 Jan.
1901 2-Oct B Holton son b. to Neuman Holton of Bailey Creek last week (Roseville items) Damon 26810 1926
1901 31-Jul B Horton  dau. B. to Wm. Horton of Covington
1901 25-Dec B Howard son b. to E. R. Howard of Lawrenceville
1901 27-Nov B Howland  dau. B. to Ray Howland of Knoxville
1901 2-Jan B Howland b. dau. To W. C. Howland 1 Jan. 1901 of Mansfield
1901 4-Sep B Johnson  son b. to S. P. Johnson of Mansfield 24 Aug.
1901 28-Aug B Jones  son b. to Albert Jones of Cherry Flats 20 Aug.
1901 25-Dec B Jorelemon dau. B. to Clark Jorelemon of Troy
1901 23-Jan B Jorelemon son b. to Hosea Jorelemon of Roseville Paul 59151
1901 13-Mar B Jupenlaz dau. B. 9 Mar. 1901 to Ernest Jupenlaz of Richmond Twp. Mattie 79310 1920 1922
1901 28-Aug B Kelly son b. 16 Aug. to Clyde & Eliza Bennett Kelly of Galeton. She former res. Of Canoe Camp
1901 11-Dec B Kennedy (Canedy) son b. last Thurs. to Will Kennedy (Canedy) Rutland Twp. (Roseville items) Lee [?] 18819
1901 30-Oct B Kettyle dau. B. to W. C. Kettyle of Corning. Mother (Gertrude Woitwich) of Mansfield
1901 24-Jul B Kilburn dau. B. 4 Jul 1901 to E. E. Kilburn of Farmington
1901 26-Jun B Kimball son b. to Emerson Kimball of Charleston recently
1901 18-Dec B Knights  dau. B. 14 Dec. to Frank Knights of Lambs Creek
1901 5-Jun B Krise dau. B. 28 May 1901 to Barney Krise of Mainesburg Frances 38766
1901 20-Mar B Leonard dau. B. 13 Mar. to B. P. Leonard of Leona, Bradford Co.
1901 16-Oct B Lilly son b. to Carl Lilly last week [Lilley] [06 OCT 1901] Wayne 03099
1901 17-Apr B Lownsberry son b. to Frank Lownsberry last Sun. George 85007
1901 4-Sep B Luther dau. B. to Alice Holden Luther of Kress, Pa. Mother age 14 yrs. (Mardin items.
1901 30-Oct B Mansfield, Mrs. Hetty of Roseville was 68 on 16 Oct. 1901 [Mehitable DeWitt] 02926
1901 1-May B Marsh  dau. B. to J. M. Marsh last Thurs. of Kellytown, Richmond Twp. 
1901 10-Apr B McConnell A dau. B. to Newberry McConnelll of Roseville last week Hilda 04030 1919
1901 23-Jan B McFall A dau. B. to Geo. McFall of Westfield
1901 20-Feb B McInroy A son b. to --- & Nettie Abernathy McInroy 16 Feb. 1901
1901 11-Dec B McKinney A son b. to Prof. L. H. McKinney of Tioga
1901 3-Apr B Mudge A dau. B. 28 Mar. 1901 to Menzo Mudge of Elk Run Helen 00165
1901 10-Apr B Neal  A dau. B. to Clarence Neal of Hills Creek (Easter)
1901 17-Jul B Noble A son b. to Wm. Noble of Tioga
1901 14-Aug B Northrup A son b. 27 Jul to B. W. Northrup of LeRaysville. Great grandson of Dr. I. M. Northrup of Keeneyville
1901 20-Feb B Obourn A son b. to George Obourn 16 Feb. 1901
1901 20-Nov B Patrick, Joseph Son b. to Henry Patrick of Deerfield Twp.
1901 10-Apr B Phelps Son b. to Floyd Phelps of Covington last Sat. Ward 12036
1901 30-Jan B Place dau. Tb. To Andrew Place of Farmington Center 16 Jan.
1901 30-Jan B Presit  A son b. to Charles Presit of Mansfield 28 Jan. [85854]
1901 12-Jun B Preston son b. 1 Jun. To Claude Preston of Mansfield
1901 17-Apr B Prime Son b. to Jon Prime, Sun. of Mainesburg
1901 13-Nov B Proseus Son b. to Rev. & Mrs. D. W. Proseus of Mainesburg 9 Nov.
1901   B     Name SRGP MHS MSNS
1901 25-Dec B Reddington dau. B. to George Reddington of Troy [81113]
1901 27-Feb B Reynolds, Mrs. Lavinia  was 90 on 21 Feb. 1901, b. 21 Feb. 1811 in Southport, N.Y., maiden name Lavinia Comfort. Her father had 8 ch. He died E. Troy in 1840. In 1848 she m. Garrett Compton & had 9 step-daus., he d. 1856. In 1861 she m. Lyman Reynolds. He d. 1880 at Mansfield 07901
1901 23-Jan B Roundsville a son b. to Thomas Roundsville of Richmond Twp., 21 Jan. Lee 80423
1901 6-Mar B Ruggles dau. B. to O. F. Ruggles of Sullivan Twp., 19 Feb. ??? 88750
1901 7-Aug B Sampson  son b. to Robert Sampson of Hills Creek
1901 14-Aug B Schipbanker dau. B. last Thurs. to M. Schipbanker of Mansfield Frances 83132 1920 1922
1901 28-Aug B Schoonover son b. to Ralph Schoononver
1901 27-Mar B Seamans son to Ray Seamans 16 Mar. of Westfield
1901 23-Oct B Sewell son b. recently to E. P. Sewell of Galeton former res. Of Covington
1901 11-Dec B Shaw, Mrs. Jane was 90 last Sun. (Mainesburg item) [Real Name - Jane Seaman] 07675
1901 6-Mar B Sherman son b. 25 Feb. to Wallace Sherman of Ridgeman [Richmond]  Twp. Howard 14205
1901 23-Oct B Simmons  son b. last Sat. to F. P. Simmons of Corning. Grandson of Isaac Lownsberry
1901 24-Jul B Simons dau. B. recently to Mrs. Nora Simons of Elkland, wt. 3 lbs.
1901 26-Jun B Smith son b. to Ralph Smith of Lawrence Corners Earl 27717
1901 10-Apr B Smith b. to O. W. Smith 3 Apr. of Sullivan Twp. William 11393
1901 8-May B Smith, C. G. of Mansfield was 78 last Sat.  [Charles Genoung Smith] 04053
1901 9-Oct B Soper son b. Sep. 20 to C. E. & Ada Burley Soper at Blossburg James  07294
1901 27-Feb B Squires  dau. B. to Wm. Squires of Sullivan Twp., last Sat. Nellie 03196 1920
1901 23-Aug B Stout Dau. B. to John Stout of Mansfield, Aug. 25 Helen [?] 78750
1901 6-Nov B Sugar dau. B. Nov. 2 to Adam Sugar [Schucker]  of E. Sullivan Hannah 31217
1901 6-Nov B Sweely  son b. to Mack  J. Sweely of Roseville William 18805
1901 27-Mar B Taylor  dau. B. to F. P. Taylor 20 Mar. 1901 of Westfield
1901 7-Aug B Tears dau. B. to Herman Tears of Sullivan Twp. 1 Aug. Olive 14812 1921
1901 24-Apr B Townsend dau. B. 14 Apr. 1901 to Will Townsend of Hornellsville, N.Y. (Mardin item)
1901 8-May B Waters  dau. B. Sun. to Willard Waters of Upper Lambs Creek
1901 25-Dec B Welch dau. B. to Ellis Welch of Elk Run [Obituary says 25 DEC 1902 for birth] Alice 04736
1901 15-May B White dau. B. this morning to M. B. White of Mansfield
1901 1-May B Williamson dau. To Dr. & Mrs. J. E. Williamson of Scranton on 22 Apr., granddau. Of J. W. Adams of Mansfield ??? 88753
1901 3-Jul B Willsey dau. B. to Edward Willsey of Mansfield, recently
1901 10-Apr B Wright son b. to Oscar Wright last week, of Roseville ??? 88754

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