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Wetmore - Champney Family Bible

Subj: Bible Records Date: 6/7/1998 4:03:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time (Thomas Wetmore) To: (Joyce Tice)

Joyce; Among the records that I have collected in my search for family there are certain notes made by my father, Albert Ernest Wetmore, back in the 1940s and 1950s when he started this project. Part of those notes are enclosed. If they are of interest fine if not just delete them. I do not have the bibles that the notes were copied from nor do I know where they might be now. But I have no doubts about their accuracy as copies of what was written in these two bibles.

LOREN WETMORE Family Bible Record: (1)

LESTER WETMORE Died Nov.25,1886 ` LUCY G. CHAMPNEY " Dec. 16,1884 MARTHA S. WETMORE " Dec. 2, 1863 SORID D. CHAMPNEY " Oct. 12,1857 JULIA J. CHAMPNEY " Jan. 22, 1864 JULIA ANN WETMORE " Dec. 20, 1876 WARREN WETMORE " Aug. 15, 1888 CLARA WETMORE " May 14, 1897 LOREN WETMORE " Dec. 12, 1902 Marriages LOREN WETMORE was married to Julia A. Butler March 11, 1838 LOREN WETMORE was married to Clara Blend Jan. 31, 1879


ELLEN WETMORE was married to Andrew Hurd Feb. 20, 1871

ASAEL WETMORE was married to EUNICE BRIGGS Apr. 29, 1804

LESTER WETMORE was married to PERCY KELLEY (no date)

WARREN WETMORE was married to SUSAN SEGEARS July 4, 1832

Marriage Certificate: Jacob R. Jenkins married LUCY E. CHAMPNEY Married at Elk Tioga Co., Pa. Aug. 25, 1878 by J. H. Husers (J.P.)

Births ASAEL WETMORE was born July 17, 1778 EUNICE BRIGGS was born Jan. 19, 1782 LESTER WETMORE was born Dec. 16, 1804 WARREN WETMORE was born Nov. 5, 1806 LUCINDA WETMORE was born May 6, 1809 LOREN WETMORE was born May 5, 1811 LEONARD J. BROWN was born July 20, 1921 JULIA ANN BUTLER was born Sept. 28, 1819 ISABELLA MARY WETMORE was born Dec. 31, 1840 ELLEN AMELIA WETMORE was born June 9, 1844 MARTHA SOPHRONA WETMORE was born Apr., 1857 ESTER MAY BROWN was born Dec. 19, 1912 NAOMI BELL BROWN was born Dec. 5, 1917 LUCY EVELINE CHAMPNEY was born Apr. 2, 1859 SORID D. CHAMPNEY was born Oct. 11, 1857 JULIA ISABELLA CHAMPNEY was born Mar., 5, 1863 LOREN RENSSELAER CHAMPNEY was born Sept. 6, 1866 WILLIAM G. CHAMPNEY was born Dec. 25, 1882 LILLIAN R. JENKINS was born Sept. 5, 1879

Deaths LOREN CHAMPNEY died Apr. 16, 1919 LEONARD J. BROWN died Sept. 5, 1938 ALMING WETMORE died Dec. 1, 1816 ISARL WETMORE died Mar. 29, 1822 Lucinda Wetmore died Nov. 1, 1825 LUMMIS WETMORE died Oct 22, 1843

Family Bible Record (2)

WARREN WETMORE was born Nov. 5, 1806 SUSAN S. SEAGEARS was born March 15, 1815 WARREN WETMORE was married to Susan Seagears July 4, 1832 A.V. WETMORE was married to Cora S. Marsh Oct. 28, 1883 (Vine Wetmore) CORA MARSH born Nov. 23, 1859 SUSAN WETMORE was born June 14, 1833 EUNICE WETMORE was born Sept. 18, 1835 ASEL VINE WETMORE was born May 3, 1844 LYNN WETMORE was born June 30, 1884 CLARA WETMORE was born June 17, 1886 LOV H. WETMORE was born Dec. 22, 1893 A. GRACE WETMORE was born Oct. 28, 1896 WARREN WETMORE died Aug. 15, 1888 ASAEL VINE WETMORE died May 13, 1924 aged 80 yrs. 10 days. LEO E. WETMORE Dearfield Twp. Sec. & Treas. EUNICE WETMORE died Jan. 15, 1910 SUSAN CARPENTER died Apr. 15, 1910 ( Is Susan Carpenter the same person as Susan Wetmore above? Lov Hazel Wetmore died September 10, 1895

Keep up the great work.

Tom Wetmore

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 20 SEP 1998
By Joyce M. Tice
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