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Submitted by W. John  Bauer from letters he received.
Retyped by Pat SMITH Raymond
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 Information on Seeley Family

Submitted by John Bauer from letters he received

Typed for Website by Pat Smith Raymond

Children of Mary Conant and Eleazer Seelye.

Bible Records of Mary Conant Seelye’s dated 1826 and 1827 by Miss Abbie Kelts a Granddaughter,

In possession of  Reba Kelts Seelye

  1. Mahetable Seelye, born Apr. 22, 1821 – md. May 27, 1847, to Matthew C. Thurber – died ?
  2. Eli Todd Seelye, born June 1, 1822 – md. Dec. 25, 1842, to Sarah Curtis, died 1917
  3. Samuel C. Seelye, born Jan. 4, 1824, md. Feb. 5, 1844 to Mary Hubbard, died Jan. 1, 1908. Mary died Oct. 19.1902.
  4. Hannah Seelye, born Sept. 21, 1825, --md. Aug. 29, 1844, to John Kelts, Jr. Hannah died Oct. 6, 1911. John died Oct. 5, 1868.
  5. Julius A(?). Seelye, born Mar. 25, 1828, --md. Olivia O. Seelye, who died Jan. 12, 1862, md. 2nd Elivira C ?, who died May 8, 1909.
  6. James A. Seelye, born July 20, 1830, --md. Sept. 1860 to Lorenda Wildman who died Jan. 8, 1898. James died May 8, 1909.
  7. Martha J. Seelye, born Feb. 4, 1831, --md. Aug. 4, 1859, to Samuel W. Goodridge, who died Oct. 31, 1907.
  8. J. Wesley Seelye, born July 30, 1834, --md. July 1857, to Margaret L. Hammond, she died Oct. 9, 1907, he Dec. 30, 1904.
  9. Mary A. Seelye, born July 5, 1838, --md. Dec. 24, 1851, to George W. Clark. He died Aug. 2, 1905, she died Apr. 21, 1896.
  10. Larinna S. Seelye, born Apr. 22, 1840, -- md. Aug. 1860 to Newton Wilson. He died Jan. 28, 1892.



    More children of Mary Conant & Eleazer Seelye

  12. Emma Retta Seelye born May 26, 1842, died Aug. 5, 1899. Emma md. Sept. 1860 to Camron Wildman, died
? Edward born July 25, 1815, adopted son

Manford born ?? md. ?? Died May 1883

Melford Edward was an adopted son, born July 25, 1815.

Mehatabel Seelye and Matthew Thurber 1849


  1. Benjamin Hannibal Thurber, born Nov. 2, 1850, md. Mary Ann Clark – 1 child Edna Adelsia Thurber
  2. Wilmer Marshon Thurber, md. Stella White, 1 child, Bertha Thurber, born Aug. 1883.
  3. Adelsia Thurber md. Eber Beebe
  4. Ella Thurber died in the West
  5. Eleazer Thurber died in his youth.
Taken from family bible in Abbie Kelts possession. Miss Abbie Keltz was great granddaughter of Eleazer and Mary (Conant) Seelye and resides in Knoxsville, Pa.

Ebenezer Thurber enlisted in the Rev. War in Apr. or May 1775, served 6 enlistments during the War, was a recruit in Sheldon’s Dragoons, and was an aide of Washington’s Staff at Valley Forge. Edna Adelsia Thurber Thomas has buckles from Rev. War passed on from Samuel Conant.

Ebenezer Seelye born ? 26, 1756, Litchfield Co., Conn. (1) son of Justus, Sr. and Elizabeth (Gibbs) Seelye, md. Mahetable Todd, June 2, 1779, New Milford, Conn. (2) Mahetable Todd born Sept. 12, ???. Died Aug. 10, 1756, Conn. (4) daug. Of Dr. Jonah and Jane Todd, died May 27, 1839. (1) Deerfield Township, Tioga, Pa. Buried Quaker Cem. In Knoxville, Pa., Res. Litchfield Conn. Until 1795. Tioga County, Pa., occ. Farmer, soldier, pioneer. He died June 25, 1837, Deerfield Township, Tioga, Pa. And buried in Quaker Cem. Knoxville, Pa.

Children were 1. Betsy, 2. Ann or Anna, 3. Lucina or Lucinda, 4. Mahetable, 5. Laura b. July 1, 1789, D. May 7, 1859. 6. Julius born June 6, 1787 Conn. (1), 7. Harvey, 8. Elanson or Alanson born Mar. 14, 1793, Conn (1), 9. Eleazer born Aug. 18, 1795 near Painted Post, N.Y. (1), 10. Sally born May 4, 1800, Deerfield Township, Tioga Co., Pa. (5)

Ebenezer Seelye, a native of Conn., was reported 1 of 8 brothers who served in Rev. War. He enlisted in Apr. or May 1775, and served 6 enlistment’s during the war. Ebenezer was a recruit in Sheldon’s Dragoons, an aide of Washington’s Staff, was encamped at Valley Forge. In 1795 he with his family of 8 children settled near what is now Painted Post, N.Y., possibly because of his brothers John calling or the lure of more fertile soil. In 1799, Ebenezer cleared the land that was purchased from James Strawbridge for $2.50 an acre. This land was in the Cowanesque Valley just east of what is now Academy Corners. He and his family built a log cabin and in 1810 he built a small sawmill, one of the first in the valley. Ebenezer was a Quaker in religion and was affiliated with the Quaker Church in Knoxville, Pa. Many descendants are still in Tioga Co., and other parts of our country.

*Source of data

  1. Quaker Cem., Knoxville, Pa.
  2. History of Northern Pa., families, Vol. XIII, Pg. 202, 2nd ser Pa archives
  3. Abbie Kelts papers
  4. Grolett, Family of Ebenezer Seelye’s 1910
  5. Brown’s history of Tioga Co., Pa. Pg. 868, 1897
Eleazer Seelye born Aug. 18, 1795 (1) near Painted Post, NY, Lindley, N.Y., son of Ebenezer and Mahetable (Todd) Seelye. Married Mary Conant July 9, 1820. She born Mar. 25, 1802 (1) daug. Of Rev. Samuel and Hannah (White) Conant died Nov. 12, 1894, buried in Quaker Cemetery, Knoxville, Pa., lived in Deerfield Township, Tioga Co., Pa. He died Sept. 14, 1877 (1) buried Quaker Cem. Knoxville, Pa.

11 Children

  1. Mahetable Seelye born Apr. 22, 1821
  2. Eli Todd Seelye born June 1, 1822
  3. Samuel C.? Seelye born Jan. 4, 1824
  4. Hannah Seelye born Sept. 21, 1825
  5. Julius G. Seelye born Mar. 23, 1828
  6. James A. Seelye born July 20, 1830
  7. Martha J. Seelye born Feb. 4, 1831
  8. J. Wesley Seelye born July 30, 1834
  9. Mary A. Seelye born July 5, 1838
  10. Larrina L. Seelye born Apr. 22, 1840
  11. Emmaretta Seelye born May 26, 1842
  12. Edward Mulford Seelye born July 25, 1815 Adopted
Now data on Mary Ann (Thurber) Clark who married Benj. Thurber. Her parents Benjamin Franklin and Letty Jane (Palmer) Clark. Benjamin H. Thurber buried in Caton (?) Methodist Cem.

Ephraim Palmer born Mar. 25, 1804, married Letty (Palmer) Clark she born Nov. 30, 1810, died Dec. 13, 1894, he died Sept. 19, 1848.


  1. John Henry Palmer born Nov. 30, 1834, died Jan. 7, 1902
  2. Ephriam Palmer, Jr. born Sept. 25, 1839, died ??
  3. Rufus C. Palmer born Mar. 5, 1844, died Feb. 1911
  4. Mary Ann Palmer born Feb. 25, 1830, died June 20, 1832
  5. Letty Jane Palmer born Sept. 8, 1832, died Nov. 12, 1909 she married Benjamin Franklin Clark, he born June 11, 1829, died May 9, 1914, had one child, Mary Ann Clark, born Jan. 20, 1854 died May 5, 1929. She married Benjamin Hannibal Thurber, he born Nov. 2, 1850, died Feb. 25, 1923, had one child Edna Adelsia Thurber born July 1, 1884. She married Sylvanus Marc(?) Thomas, June 23, 1909, he born July 12, 1885.
6 Children
  1. Lynn Thurber Thomas born Aug. 21, 1910, died ??
  2. Doris Lucille Thomas born Jan. 19, 1915, died ??
  3. Althea Marie Thomas, born Sept. 28, 1921, died Sept. 21, 1921, at birth (Dates typed as given-PR)
  4. Douglas Paul Thomas born Oct. 9, 1922
The Advertiser, March 6, 1895

Francis M. Shaw – The death of Francis M. Shaw, Monday, Feb. 24, was a shock to the community, but not wholly unexpected by his friends, as he had been confined to the house since Christmas. The esteem in which he was held was shown by the large attendance at his funeral of those who loved and revered him.

Mr. Shaw was 64 years old, most of his life having been spent in this village. In 1861 he enlisted with the 101st PA Inf., and after serving his country three years, was captured and imprisoned at Andersonville and Florence prisons for nearly a year. In December 1865, he was married to Mrs. Seelye; she and four daughters survive him.

For nearly twenty years he has been a faithful trustee of the State Normal School, and a consistent member of the M.E. Church. He has left the impress of a noble Christian example on many years. He was an active member of the G. A. R., and will be sadly missed by his old comrades. His genial face will be missed at the Mansfield fair, where he has been Superintendent of Farm Produce since its organization. The town has lost a man always active in promoting its enterprises, whose place will be hard to fill.

He lived a quiet, unpretentious life, and would have been surprised doubtless, could he have known the honor paid to his memory. The G.A.R., Woman’s Relief Corps and Normal Guards attended the funeral in a body, the Normal school was closed for the afternoon, Feb. 28, and trustees, teachers and students, business men and private citizens, all united in showing their esteem for him.

Flowers were sent by many friends, among them a beautiful design from the Junior class at the Normal. The beautiful words of the sermon by Mr. Rosengrant were a fitting memorial to his many virtues.

Letter attached to information from John Bauer to Budd Clark’s Shaw Family Tree

From John Bauer to Scott ??

Budd Clark has sent me a two-page family tree that adds to the information that we have of the Shaws in Tioga County in particular, it gives first and middle names of nearly all of the great grandfather’s siblings. (It also gives my great great grandfather’s name as Rodney Caesar Shaw. I hadn’t known what the C stood for.)

Ann Matilda (b. 1828)

Francis Marion (b. 1831), my great grandfather

Harriet Maria (b. 1833)

James Hollis (b. 1836)

Harry Benton (b. 1838)

Orrin (b. 1842)

Mary Helen (b. 1844)

Thomas Carlton (b. 1846)

Eliza Jane (1849-1887) m. Julius M. Bates in 1878

Ella Louise (b. 1851)

The children of Eliza Jane Shaw and Julius M. Bates were:

Henry S. Bates (1879-1934) Never married

Ella Louise Bates (b. 1883) Married Budd A. Clark (b. Aug. 14, 1874) on Nov. 11, 1915.

The children of Ella Louise Bates and Budd A. Clark were:

Budd Melvin (b. 1916). (This Budd is evidently my mother’s cousin.)

Sara Louise (1918-1994)

Budd writes:

"I knew Orrin Shaw and Ella Shaw. He was a bachelor and small farmer. She was a retired schoolteacher. In their old age they lived together in the family homestead. My mother had lived with them while she attended Mansfield State Normal School.

My grandmother was Eliza Jane Shaw who married Julius Bates of Titusville, Pa. She died at the young age of 37 and my mother grew up with relatives in Mansfield."

Budd also sent me a Clark family tree.

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