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Rufus M. Rockwell and Mary A. Alvord married Sept. 26, 1822 in Troy, by Rev. Benjamin Oriatt.[See the Rockwell - Alvord Bible]
Hiram Wilson and Mary R. Rockwell married Oct. 29th 1850 in Troy by Rev. W. H. H. Dwyre
Edward C. Rockwell and Mary A. Buckhout married Mar. 15th 1855 in Troy by Rev. W. H. Knapp
S. Norton Rockwell and Mary E. Wells married Apr. 24th 1856 in Troy by Rev. T. Mitchell
R. Clarence Rockwell M. D. and Wrexville E. Long married Dec. 22nd 1857 in Troy by Rev. Mills
C. W. Thomas and L. Calphurnia Rockwell married Mar. 1st 1859 in Troy by Rev. T. Mitchell
S. H. Hazelton and Lydia L. Rockwell married in Lansing, Iowa Dec. 22nd 1859 by Rev. F. H. Miller
S. H. Stanton and L. H. A. R. Rockwell married in Troy Aug. 1862 by Rev. Marion (?) [Should be Myron] Rockwell [See Stanton - Rockwell Bible]
E. D. Purdy and Emma A. Rockwell married Apr. 7, 1868 in Troy, Pa by Rev. T. Mitchell
James Wilson and Mrs. E. Hunt married.
Joseph Hunt and Elizabeth Dobbins married Sept. 1832.
John H. Wilson and Emily Burton married April 18 (?), 1839 by Rev. A. Mansfield
William Wilson and Salenia (?) Howe married July 11th 1847 by Rev. Marion (?)Rockwell (?) [Myron Rockwell]
Charles Billings and F. Virginia Wilson married Sep. 4th 1872 in Austinville, Pa by Rev. ?
G. A. Rockwell and Emma Alberts married in Lansing, Iowa Aug. 24, 1869
John E. Rockwell M. D. Marcia A. Bliss married in Ann Arbor, Mich. Mar. 26, 1874
Dr. Rufus R. Chilson and Mary E. Wilson married May 15, 1878 by Rev. C. T. Hallowell in Troy Brad. Co. Pa.
Rufus R. Wilson and Belle McElevey married August 26, 1886 at Washington, Pa by Rev. Sam’l Drummond


Hiram Wilson was born June 14th 1826
Mary R. Wilson was born March 28th 1830
Florence Virginia Wilson was born Dec. 20th 1851
Mary E. Wilson born Jan. 19th 1857
R. Rockwell Wilson born Oct. 26th 1858   d. April 7th, 1860 at Lansing, Iowa
Rufus R. Wilson born March 15, 1865 (?)
Howard R. Billings was born Oct. 24, 1178 (1878)   d. April 29, 1879 (?)

Rufus M. Rockwell born June 2d 1801 d. Dec. 21, 1873
Mary A. Alvord born Sept. 10th 1802   d. in Troy, Pa Aug. 2, 1860
Samuel Alvord Rockwell born Feby. 15th 1825   d. Feby. 18th 1825
Elijah A. Rockwell born April 4th 1826   d. in Sacramento, Cal. Nov. 15, 1877
R. Clarence Rockwell born Nov. 3d 1828   d. in Troy, Pa Aug. 7th 1869
Mary R. Rockwell born Mar. 28th 1830
John E. Rockwell born June 5th 1831   d. Sept. 12th 1833
Edward C. Rockwell born Aug. 18th 1833
S. Norton Rockwell born Jan 4th 1835
John Elias Rockwell born Mar. 1st 1837   d. Aug. 5th 1876 in Troy, Pa
Lydia L. Rockwell born Oct. 2d 1838
L. Calphurnia Rockwell born June 27th 1840
L. Hila A. R, Rockwell born May 12th 1842
Glycon Allen Rockwell born March 12th 1844
Emma Augusta Rockwell born June 3d 1846

James Wilson born Apr. 1st 1794 (?)   d. in Rutland Oct. 8th 1865
Elisabeth Predmore born Sept. 12th 1790   d. Sept. 24th 1865 [See the Willson - Predmore Bible]
Joseph Hunt born March 21, 1810
John Wilson born April 10th 1818   d. Oct. 6th 1888
Sarah  Ann Wilson born (no month) 29th 1821   d. July 3rd, 1821
William Wilson born Oct. 27th 1823   d. April 12th 1891
Hiram Wilson born June 14th 1826

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