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Transcription of Pages copied from the David Forrest & Abigail Morse Family Bible
By Jim Duggan, Cary NC    (

Copy of Copy provided by Fran Hardman

1. Cover
The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments  …., Philadelphia, Printed by John Adams for Mathew Carey, No 122 Market Street
Nov 7 1803


Cambridge January the twentieth, Year 1807
Then bought this Bible. Price  (Eight?) Dollars
David Forrest  his book given  (?)
To Abigail Forrist the wife of my youth
To remember me by after my Death this I (?)
Give her as my property for her use as long
As she liveth and after her death to be
Returned back to my children to this I (?)
(?) and (?)    David Forrist
Guilford August the 30th 1807.

3 Page 677 Family Record

Daniel Forrist was Married December the forth day year one thousand Eight Hundred and five

Miss Esther Forrist was married to Mr Daniel Rice April the 24th Year One thousand Eight hundred and eight

Miss Susanna Forrist was married to Mr Johathan Stone February the 4th Year one thoustand eight hundred and ten.

Azubah Forrist was married June 28th 1813 to Tartus Rose

Oliver Forrist was married

Abigail Forrist was married to Jesse Pease Jan 2 1823


David Forrist was married April the ninth one thousand eight hundred and one to Sally Allard of conway in the twenty fourth year of her age from  the twenty ninth of March.

Asa Forrist was married July the fourth one thousand eight hundred and fifteen to Esther Eames of Smithfield in the 21st year of her age from the 23rd of February

Solomon Forrist was married February(?) in the seventeenth to Familiar Oveatt of Rome in the 24th year of her age  (?) (?) (?) (?) one thousand eight hundred and twenty four.

4. Page 678 Family Record


David Forrist Born in Stoughton Mass  June 24 1754
Abigail Forrist Born in Stoughton October 25 1755

David Forrest Junior born in Stoughton April 2, 1777

Experence Forrist Born in Stoughton June 11, 1779

Oliver Forrist Born in Foxborough July 28 1781

Daniel Forrist Born in Mansfield March 9 1783

Darius Forrist Born in Sharon May 11 1785

Esther Forrist Born in Sharon September 1 1786

Abigail Forrist born in Guilford April 30 1788

Susanna Forrist born in Guilford July 28 1790

Azubah  Forrist born in Stoughton September 12 1794

Asa Forrist Born in Guilford October 25 1792

Ira Forrist Born in Guilford November 19 1794

Solomon Forrist Born in Guilford April 19 1797

Multiple line --------------------------------------------------(all of above in the same hand)
Polly Forrest was born the 20th February 1802 on Sunday

Hanery Forrist was born the 8th March 1807 on (?)
Eliza Forrist was born on the 22 of sept 1810 on Tuesday
These are the names of the children of David Forrest

Abigail Forrest

(?) was born December the 2xth 1824 in Smithfield

Phinian Pratt Forrist was born January 13 1826

5. page 679
The names of my Granchildren
Daniel Forrist june born in guilford Nove 15 1806
Dolphis Forrist Born in Guilford February 26 1809
Dena Forist born in Guilford March 31 1811
Eliza Forrist daughter of Oliver Forrist born in Eaton
Richard Forrist born in

Josiah Hyde Forrist son of Asa Forrist was born in Smith
Februarty the twentysecond 1816.

David H Forrist was born in  Guilford  (?) 10, 1813

Death (Second Column)
Experence Forrist died September 20 1782
Darius Forrist died in the 21st year of his life in the year 1806 September

Abigail Blanchard born august 1721

Solomon Forrist died in Smithfield July the 1834 aged thirty-seven years

David Forrist Senior died July 2, 1834 aged 81 years and 8 days

Abigail Forrist wife of the above David Forrist (Senior) died August  (?) 1839 aged 82 years and ten months and five days.

6. Page 680

Jesse Pease died May 16 1862
Esther wife of Asa Forest died March 25th 1877 aged Eighty Three years
Tartius Rose October 26th 1877 aged 96years
Abigail Pease died March 9th 1880 Aged 92 years
Asa Forrest husband of Esther Forrest died in August 1881 aged 89 years  (?)

Josiah Hyde Forrest died Covington PA
Catherine E. Shelton wife of Josiah H. Forrest died Covington PA
Asa B Forrest son of J.H. Forrest and Catherine E Shelton died Raleigh NC Feb 8 1920. 

Note from Jim:
I've added a capsule for both David and Abigial below.  Abigail was the daughter of Solomon Morse (1720-1804) originally of Dedham and Abigail Blanchard
(1721-1814) of Norton.  Solomon and Abigail were married in Norton 30 November 1747 then moved to what is now Foxborough MA.
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