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Subscribe to the mailing list for researchers interested in the genealogy and history of the three adjoining counties Bradford County PA, Tioga County PA and Chemung County NY. All guests of Tri-County Genealogy  and History of Joyce M. Tice are welcome. It is strongly recommended that you make yourself thoroughly familiar with the site before posing questions to the list as many topics which generate frequent questions are covered on the site itself. For example, one of the most frequently asked questions has to do with Vital Records. See the site's Online Research Library first for the location of all Vital Records for all three of our counties and both of our states. The site's search engine will help you locate both surnames and place names so that you do not have to ask the mail list for easily found answers on the site.

This list is for people to ask questions and exchange information on subjects of interest to researchers in this geographic area that are not covered completely on the site itself - not everything can be. . When you send out a question on the mailing list, everyone currently subscribed will receive it and be able to respond or comment if they have something to offer. Although each county could have a separate mail list, I prefer to combine them as the majority of our site guests have links to at least two and often all three of our counties, so maintaining separate lists for the three subsections of the site would cause us great redundancy. These three counties are closely allied genealogically and economically. Many Bradford and Tioga County people work in or migrate to Elmira in Chemung County so that even today many Elmira residents have Bradford and/or Tioga County ancestry.

In addition, I will announce new pages uploaded to the site. It is getting to be a lot of pages to look through and that can be a shortcut for you and alert you what to look for.

To subscribe send an email to with subject SUBSCRIBE. If you try it and don't like it you may unsubscribe by sending an email to the same address with REMOVE in the subject line. Be SURE to subscribe or unsubscribe using the email address you want. If you try to unsubscribe using an email address that is not already subscribed, the system will not recognize it. There is no charge for this service and you may unsubscribe any time. If you prefer the DIGEST version, which will group the messages several to a page, then send a SUBSCRIBE notice to

Once you subscribe, mail that you send to will go to all subscribers and their responses will also go to the sender unless they also opt to send it to the whole list.

Additionally, to have the genealogical queries sent to your email box, sign up for that at the bottom of any of the three county query systems at Tri-County Queries.    The reasons for this are that it gives people a choice on whether they want queries in their mailbox or not. Those who do can sign up for the query delivery service and those who do not, can just check the query pages when they want an update. This gives us the choice on an individual basis. County sites which do not have an adequate query system may handle it differently but we do have an exceptionally well-developed site for this area and a query system that gives us the delivery system when a particular guest wants it.

When you use the mail list, there are just a few rules having primarily to do with courtesy.
1. Do not criticize anyone on the list, not another guest and not the list coordinator and not the list itself. If you have complaints about anyone address them to the list coordinator ONLY at People are very senstive to public criticism and that is what such notes are considered when posted to the mail list.
2. Sign a first and last name. Not signing a name is the social equivalent of entering a room with a bag over your nead. If you are ashamed to sign a first and last name to your message, don't say it.
3. Please do not post family or surname queries to the mail list. They belong in the query system itself and those who want queries in their mailbox have or will sign up for that to happen as part of the query system.
4. When responding to a message, unless it has general interest, respond to the sender only. If it is about general history items then it is appropriate to respond to the list. Individual families or surnames are NOT of interest to the list and are addressed elsewhere in the system.
The mail list is intended as a general communication tool for members of our online community to get to know each other and to share items of general research and history interest.

 Thanks, Joyce M. Tice

Article on Proper Use of Mail Lists

Mail List subscribers who have a personal genealogy home page, can have it linked to the User Page list by sending a message to with the address of their page. This is a great way to communicate your genealogy and what you are looking for to other users.

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