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New Yorkers sent more cards than anyone, so a NY card goes at the top. This was one of the earliest to come in. 
Our Ninth Anniversary Postcard Shower has been a great success. It is very rewarding for us to hear from long time friends and new about what the site has meant to them over these many years. The messages are very heart warming and the kindness and appreciation of our guests has helped rekindle the energy that we need to keep the site going and growing. Some of the notes mention specific volunteers whose work has helped them and I am so glad to see recognition given to those people. Thanks for taking the time to participate and boost our motivation.

In the tally below, there are some inconsistencies. The original purpose was to get an idea of where our guests live. However, some people sent postcards that did not represent their own area. When a New Yorker sends a Pennsylvania postcard of visa versa, both of which happened, I credited the state where they lived, rather than the state of the postcard. Our one Holland postcard was from a North Carolina guest, so NC got the point. In the case of Wyoming, a tourist New Yorker sent us two postcards and I credited Wyoming because we had none from there, same with our first Delaware card.

We actually have probably well over 400 postcards, but many guests sent several or even many. One California guest sent a postcard for each of her ancestral  families that she found represented on the site, so her generous and enjoyable fifteen were counted as one or two (they did not all come on the same day.) Now you would think that an accountant would not have any trouble counting postcards, but the creativity of our guests sent the method I had planned into a tailspin.

Some of the cards are actually very nice greeting cards, and one long time Oklahoma guest sent several beautiful postcards, a brochure about the Oklahoma Rose Rocks, and a little statue made of a rose rock and including the state bird and flowers. They are all lovely and gave me a chance to learn something aobut Oklahoma that was new to me. Many of the postcards represent historic sites of the states, and some are contemporary. There are several hand made and very charming postcards, some with ancestral photos or original photos of their area. Most of the postcards are brand new, but some vinatage ones were sent as well. I just love it when I make a suggestion and so many people get creative in interpreting it in such a variety of ways. It has been a great lot of fun.

This is not the end of it. I will continue to keep this open during our TENTH year which starts some time in the middle of this month. In selecting postcards to show here, it is VERY difficult. They are all great. Being shown here does not mean it is my favorite or that I did not  like the ones that I am not showing. I am trying to represent one form each state that sent the most. I am grateful for every one of them and cherish the memories they provide of the people who help make this site the success that it is.

As of this date we have not heard from three states. Also, I had expected more foreign cards than we got. I get email every day from people out of the country who check the site regularly. We have many Canadians who use the site consistently, but only one card from British Columbia. Keep the cards and greetings coming. We enjoy them immensely. Send yours to:

Joyce M. Tice
2068 Shaw Road
Mansfield PA 16933

1 Alabama
2 Alaska
9 Arizona
1 Arkansas
27 California
4 Colorado
4 Connecticut
3 Delaware
2 District of Columbia
27 Florida
4 Georgia
1 Idaho
4 Illinois
4 Indiana
2 Iowa
2 Kansas
1 Kentucky
 1 Louisiana
4 Maine
6 Maryland
4 Massachusetts
11 Michigan
4 Minnesota
2 Mississippi
3 Missouri
2 Montana
4 Nebraska
3 Nevada
1 New Hampshire
1 New Jersey
1 New Mexico
56 New York
12 North Carolina
  North Dakota
6 Ohio
2 Oklahoma
2 Oregon
40 Pennsylvania
1 Rhode Island
3 South Carolina
South Dakota
3 Tennesee
6 Texas
7 Utah
2 Vermont
5 Virginia
13 Washington
  West Virginia
3 Wisconsin
2 Wyoming
310 Total
48 No. of States (Includes D.C.)
4 Electronic only included above
1 Australia
1 Belize
1 --- British Columbia
1 Tasmania
1 Tinian
5 Total Out of US
315  Total
Tri-Counties Volunteer Pat NEWELL Smith made this card for us.
This card from Tasmania (down under down under) came the farthest.
Tri-Counties Ninth Birthday Postcard Blitz. - This month commemorates the ninth anniversary of the founding of Tri-Counties Genealogy & History Site. During that period countless individuals have shared their family and community artifacts and resources with us, and also countless volunteers have given their time and skills supporting our project. To show appreciation to them and to commemorate this entirely unplanned for event (Believe me, I never could have anticipated I'd continue this so long or so extensively) I'd like to initiate a postcard blitz. Send a postcard representing your state, county or city (or country if outside U.S.) To Joyce M. Tice, 2068 Shaw Road, Mansfield PA 16933. These will be arranged into a display in the Sullivan Township Museum where our local volunteers can see them and see the appreciation all of you have for the site. If you have any kind remarks to make about our site or its volunteers, please include them on the card. Be sure to include your address (at least City, State) and your email address. It will be a fun commemoration of the years of effort that have gone into developing the site and a continued motivator and show of appreciation for those who have invested so much of their time making it possible. It will be interesting and rewarding to see how far our efforts have extended in bringing you, our guests and fellow volunteers and contributors, the history of this area and the interconnections of its people.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/07/2005
By Joyce M. Tice
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