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Photo of MILLER - DEAN lands on Ridgebury / South Creek line- Ancestors of Joyce M. Tice - Taken April 1998
Place Name Index - Location of Towns, Villages, Rivers, Creeks, and Ponds in Bradford Co, PA. Taken from the work of the Rev. Edward Coolbaugh Hoagland and from current maps of the county.

Names of the Townships and Towns of Bradford County from Pioneers & Patriots, by C. F. Heverly

Names of the Lakes & Hills, & Historic Sites of Bradford County from Pioneers & Patriots, by C. F. Heverly

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Other Places not listed in the above works

Ms. Tice,
 A few weeks ago I wrote to you about Lafy's Rocks.  I wondered if you would include it on your list of places in Bradford County.  Your reply was in the affirmative if I could provide you with the exact location.  I am please to inform you that I can now do that.  My delay in getting back to you stemmed from a confusion, on my part, as to whether the area was Wysox or Sheshequinn.
 Lafy's Rocks are on the East side of the North Towanda, James St. Bridge.  That area is southern most part of Sheshequinn Twp.
 To provide you with the details;  Lafy's Rocks, along the Eastern bank of the Susquehanna River, was know among local fishermen as a good site to drop a line in the water.  The spot derived it's name from the fact my Great Grandfather, George B. Lafy and one of his sons, James A. Lafy, lived in homes near the rocks.  The homes are long ago gone.  The rocks remain.  I do not know if the area is still a good "fishing hole."
 In closing, let me thank you for your time and willingness to include this tidbit of information on your fabulous web site.  I have been to many other county sites but have never found the wealth of information, nor the wonderful presentation and format that you provide.  It is my humble opinion that your site should be the "yardstick" for all others.
 Thank you very much,
Kurt D. Lafy

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