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1804-2004 Tioga County PA Celebrates its Bicentennial  
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Article & Photos by Joyce M. Tice
Tioga County Historical Society President, Eugene A. Seelye, (left) is presented with a commemoration of the bicentennial 
by Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Edward G. Rendell
For those of you who could not attend today's festivities celebrating the Bicentennial of Tioga County PA, I am presenting some photos I took of the events. In the above photo, Governor Rendell is shown presenting a commemoration of the bicentennial to Gene Seeley, president of the historical society. This is one of five celebrations that Governor Rendell is attending today. Sister counties, McKean, Potter, Clearfield?, ? came into existence on the same day, and the busy Governor is trying to attend all five celebrations. He gave an excellent speech on the future of the county emphasizing environmental protection, preserving the agricultural base, land preservation and tourism on the Route 6 corridor, for which we commend him and thank him.
We had the opportunity to hear several numbers by the Wellsboro Men's Chorus, beautifully sung. 
Hamilton - Gibbs Productions, a local theater group, entertained us with a charming play, written for the occasion, on the history of Tioga. In the course of roughly twenty minutes, they managed to break their way into the wilderness, build the Williamson Road, discover coal and mine it, build at least one railroad, log out the forests and still have energy for dancing. How's that for a good day's work from our high spirited pioneers? `
Dance music for the play was provided by the character of one of the county's earliest judges who held court during the day and played his fiddle at the tavern after session closed.

The Quintet from Mansfield University's Music Department also presented an excellent musical program. Local and state politicians gave speeches congratulating the county on its anniversary.

Congratulatons and thanks to the Bicentennial Commission which organized this celebration and did a fine job of it.

Scott Gitchell, Chair Chester Bailey Anne Clark
R. Lowell Coolidge Betty Frazier Norma Howland
Albert Krieger Bonelyn Kyofski R. Keith Lindie
Dorothy Quimby Eugene A. Seelye
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 26 MAR 2004
By Joyce M. Tice
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