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Subject: Nathaniel Merritt & Hepsibah Cummings Merritt
Date: 6/10/2012 11:25:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Joyce,

First, I want to say thank you for the Tri-County website! I stumbled across it to day in a search on Rev War patriot Nathaniel Merritt & Hepsibah Cummings Merritt. You have the bible page on your site at from the same DAR file that I have also obtained. I am currently researching this line for my own DAR application through their son William Merritt who moved to Athen's county, Ohio. I am currently searching for two items. Incidentally Nathaniel Merritt would be my 5th great grandfather.

1) Nathaniels burial site. I have conflicting reports of Nathaniel's burial as being in Bradford County, PA and in Athen's County, Ohio. The death date is 26 Nov 1815. Do you have any burial information for Nathaniel in your Tri county area and/or can you direct me to reference material to find it. I am in Indiana and cannnot get to PA at this time so online method or somewhere to write/email would be preferred.

2) Williams marriage record to Mary "Polly" Lillibridge/Lilabridge. Marriage date of 27 Feb 1812 has been found in other ancestry trees but need to find source record. As Nathaniel is found in Tri county area at this time, and William's first 2 children are shown as born in PA, I am hoping to find the marriage record in that area. Can you direct me to marriage resources for that time in that area?

Thank you so much for any assistance and for providing all the information you do on your website. It is much appreciated for us genealogists who can't travel some of the distances required!
Cindi Hoy-Greer

Subject: Crandall, Inman
Date: 5/31/2012 1:00:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

Joyce Tice, I am looking for information on my fathers Family (surname Crandall) & my mothers family (surname Inman). My fathers family came from Bradford county & my mothers came from Chemung county. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Yvonne Brewster

Date: 5/30/2012 4:40:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time

I am looking for any information as to the relationship between the S.R. DEFIBAUGH of Cherry Flatts, Tioga, Pennsylvania and John H. Defibaugh- because the latter sent money to S.R. DEFIBAUGH during his time in the Civil War. Unfortunately for us we have found no proof as to who John H. Defibaugh's parents were, but this individual for some reason is receiving money from him when John H. lived in Ohio. S.R. DEFIBAUGH was a dentist from what I have seen and was in the 1860 census but nothing else and since you are an expert on the area and time period I am hoping you may know the answers I am seeking because I am John H. Defibaugh's 5th great grandson.

Sincerest Regards,
Rufus H. Defibaugh

Subject: William ALLOWAY -Watchmaker -Towanda, Bradford County
From: Wesley Balla
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 12:12 PM

Hello: I am researching the life and work of William ALLOWAY, a watchmaker, who worked in upstate New York and Pennsylvania during the first half of the 19th century. I am trying to determine his death date, age at death, and when he moved to Towanda. Born circa 1798 in New Jersey, ALLOWAY settled in Towanda, Bradford County by 1840. He probably died during the 1850s because he and his family appear in the 1850 census, but only his wife and children appear in the 1860 census. His widow, Rosanna (d.1878, age 76), is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Towanda. Any information about William ALLOWAY will be greatly appreciated.

Wesley Balla

Subject: Catherine (Kitty) Dailey Greatsinger
From: Anne Marshall,
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 16:11:42 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Joyce, Catherine (Kitty) Dailey was born 1856 Chemung, Chemung New York, daughter of Walter L. Dailey who was born 4 September 1836 in Veteran Tioga New York, and his wife Caroline A. In 1870 she is 14 and living at Horseheads, Chemung NY with her parents. She married Jacob Lowman Greatsinger who was born 1 July 1849 in Chemung and died 2 July 1918 in Elmira Chemung N Y. Their daughter Edna was born 13 March 1873 in Canandaigua Ontario New York, but in the 1880 census Edna and her mother are living with her parents, Walter and Caroline in Horseheads Chemung NY. Jacob is also in Horseheads listed as a married man and living in what may have been a boarding house run by John and Almira Patterson. He is a R.R. Superintendent, an impressive job for a 30 years old.

Family lore has Catherine (Kitty) Dailey Greatsinger dead in 1883.

Little Edna is not in the 1890 and she marries Patricinne Joseph Hoshie Farrell 2 September 1896 in Duluth where her father was working, still for the railroad. Jacob Greatsinger constantly moved as his job with various railroads dictated. Again according to family members who remember Edna, she had a very loving relationship with her father.

What happened to Catherine Kitty Dailey Greatsinger? The mystery involves the fact that she is missing in the 1860 census when she would have been 4 years old. Her parents are married without children. Perhaps she was adopted? Are there adoption records in Chemung County? The last name Francis is one remembered by the grandchildren of Edna Greatsinger. Is there a place I might look for her grave? Might there be an obituary for Catherine? Or perhaps for her parents. Her father Walter L. Dailey remarried Eliza Fitzwarren Pease after the death of Caroline, who last appears in the 1880 census.

Your website is fantastic and if you want to put up this query, that is fine. Anne Marshall

Bradford Cty
Date: 27 Mar. 2012
I am trying to find information on my father and family
O'Connor Roland William
July 20, 1906 birth in Rushville PA
December 3, 1956 death in Elmira, NY
Father - Richard O'Connor - Born 1855 or 1865 Ridgebury, PA  Died 1936
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Frisbie - Born 1864 Towanda, PA
My name is Mary-Eliz. Peterson
e-mail -

"Connie L. McEwen" <>

Wed, 7 Mar 2012

Looking for the date of death for Henry Hall and where he is buried  He lived in Chatham Township, Tioga County, PA and was born somewhere between
1929 and 1932.

Connie L. McEwen
Office of Attorney Leslie Wizelman
Certified Elder Law Attorney

243 Second St. PO Box 114

Wyalusing, PA 18853

Telephone (570) 746-3844

Subject: Nehemiah Allen and daughter Eleanor Allen Wilcox
Beverly Hayes-Hartnett <>
Wed, 07 Mar 2012
Dear Joyce,

I am looking for proof that Nehemiah Allen 1788-1838 was the father of Eleanor Allen 1808-1884. She married Nathan Wilcox and immigrated to Franklin Co. OH. The History of Bradford County Pennsylvania 1891-1995 says Nehemiah had children David, John, William, Soloman, Eleanor (Mrs. Nathan Wilcox), Polly (Mrs Samuel Webber, Lydia (Mrs. Thomas T. Smoley), Huldah (Mrs Stephen Lattimer, and Sally. Eleanor would have been married after the 1830 census in which the children are listed by ages.

I would love to be in touch with some other descendants who might have a family bible or other documentation that Eleanor (Ellen) is indeed a daughter of this Nehemiah Alle.

Thank you for all your work,
Beverly Hayes-Hartnett
24933 S Stoney Lake Dr.
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

From: Matthew M. Ogburn
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 1:51 PM
Subject: Kilburn family of Lawrenceville

Hi - My name is Matt Ogburn and I found a query that refers to my great great grandfather, Guy Kilburn, who left Lawrenceville, PA in 1850 for California along with his brother Paris Kilburn and their parents Wells and Ann Guy Kilburn.  Wells' brother Ralph had settled in the Napa Valley of California in the 1830s (how he made it to CA at that very early time, nobody knows).  Wells and Ralph's father was Ira Kilburn who was a judge in Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA.

If anyone has information on the Kilburns of Lawrenceville, I'd be thrilled.
Matt Ogburn, Berkeley, CA

Subject: Chemung County Query
From: "Kay Brownell Reed"
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 16:16:26 -0500

Hannah Augusta CASE married Wilburt MOORE c 1872 in Lycoming County, PA. they lived between 1872 and 1898 in Elmira, Chemung Co., New York. Hannah Augusta Moore died 1898 in Elmira. If anyone has any information or could check obituaries and/or city directories for me it would be greatly appreciated.

Kay Brownell
Reed Librarian & Genealogist
Potter Co. Historical Society

Subj: Your Genealogy & History Website
Sent: 1/26/2012 11:35:45 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

Joyce, I wanted to write you a quick note of appreciation for all the hard work you and your team have done consolidating all of this information into one searchable website. The amount of information is pretty overwhelming, but I am not telling you anything you do not already know &

I am a descendant of the Nichols family of Horesheads. My Great Great Grandmother was Eliza Jane Nichols, daughter of John & Abby Nichols. Eliza married Frank E. Gregory and moved to Petoskey, MI, from which I am a (Tim) Gregory &

I would love to connect with some/any Nichols descendants that might still be in the area to share some genealogy information. If there is anyone that you feel you could put me in contact with would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share or forward my contact info to whomever you thing may be interested in talking.

Keep up the great work,
Best regards,
Timothy A. Gregory
West Bloomfield, MI

Subj: Van Duzer family of Bradford county
Sent: 1/22/2012 9:32:49 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Hello: I am looking for the Leroy and Ann Elizabeth (HALEY) Vanduzer family. I need the death date of Ann and where she is buried. If you have her birthday that would be great. I only know the year was 1855.

Thank you for any help.
Anita Sextro

Subj: Creek, Anna
Sent: 1/21/2012 4:18:25 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Am looking for the correct death date for one Anna NARCZEWSKI Creek (American married name) or Swierczynski (Polish married name). She has a grave marker in the Antrim Cemetery dated 1921.

Chuck Johnston

Subj: Fw: Chemung
From: Gary White -
Sent: 1/19/2012 8:55:46 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Hi I am looking for the cemetery that Marabah Milly Reeves BIRD is buried in. She was born 8th May 1784 and died 13 Feb 1833 in Portsmouth, Chemung, New York.

In the life story of her husband, Benjamin Freeman BIRD is this writing: "In the 1830 census, Benjamin F. Bird is listed in Southport, Tioga County, NY. The listing includes 2 males aged 5 to 10 years [William and Richard]; 2 females aged 10 to 15 years [Amanda and Polly]; 1 male aged 15 to 20 [Kelsey]: 1 male aged 20 to 30 [James]; 1 female aged 40 5o 50 [Meribah] and 1 male aged 50 to 60 [Benjamin]. Thus a total of eight persons were part of the household.

Sometime in the next three years, the family moved to Portsmouth, Chemung County, NY. The following is from a history written by Florence Bird, great-granddaughter of Benjamin and Margaret and his second wife, Margaret Crane.

"When he [Benjamin] first came to this section from New Jersey, Mr. Bird lived on the road which still bears his name - the "Bird Creek Road". His farm was the first one on the Pennsylvania side of the State line. it is now (1960) owned and occupied by Mr. D. Collier, who reports that the site of the Bird cabin is still marked by some stones - remnants of either the foundation or of the fireplace and chimney. Previous to the death of his first wife, Mr. Bird and his family had moved to the South Creek Road - the farm on the northeast corner of the Rodgers Road. The cemetery in which Meriba Reeves Bird is buried is a plot on this farm."

By any chance can you figure out from this info, where this cemetery is?

Date: 1/16/2012

Hi Joyce, 

First of all, THANK YOU, for this extraordinary resource.  I have found answers here that were wholly unavailable elsewhere.  You are doing a great service to this community and the people who come from the area.
Alas, I am in a desperate place.  My hope is that you could find someone who could do a single research job for me (for a price, of course).
One of the founders of Tioga County, and you have numerous references to him, is my 5th great grandfather, John Allington.
All I know from your site is that he was married to Elizabeth Swartwood, daughter of Peter.
She died in 1799 at age 19 or 20.
She and John had, for sure, one son, Jacob, who married Caterhine Westbrook and started a whole clan.  He was also a Methodist minister.
John is on the 1800 census and listed as age 24.
He and two men, I presume brothers, George and William, were early settlers and owned land in the area circa 1811 - 1816 according to records I've found on your site.
My quest is to find out two things about John.
1) Where was he born? 
2) Where did he go after 1816?
My desperation is that, based on some previous leads, I'd tracked John down to Winchcome, Gloucester England.
I am scheduled to go there for a visit next month, but I have my doubts about this being my guy, so I'd like some professional confirmation.
Can you help?
Thank you.

Jason Allington

Subj: Schmaunds, Koontzes and Spanglers
Sent: 1/14/2012 8:41:42 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

I am looking for my ancestors SCHMAUND, KOONTZ, and SPANGLER near Wellsboro, PA, where they were photographed by C.A. Sweet, of which I have two full albums of studio portraits. Thank you. I do not have county or township information.

Lois I Stubberfield

Subject: TERRILL or TYRA or TYRRILL, Chemung County, Joseph or Basilius
From: "Elaine Troidl" -
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 07:00:08 -0500

My mother s (Mary Theresa Terrill (later Tyra) Schiller s family is originally from Chemung Country, Elmira/Elmira Heights/Horseheads/Addison area.

We are trying to locate information on her father, Joseph Terrill, name legally changed to Basilius Tyra in 1940 after they moved to Buffalo NY, and his parents and siblings. We believe that Basilius Tyra was how he was baptized, however we don t have a baptismal cert on him to verify that.

I have Basilius/Joseph s death certificate, that shows he died in Buffalo NY on 06/17/1947. His birth date is 3/11/1895. His parents are listed as Frank/Francis Tyra and Theodora Smalley, birthplace Austria. He is buried in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery.

He was married to Catherine Coakley/Coakly on 06/25/1925, Catholic, and lived in the Elmira/Horseheads/Elmira Heights. We believe that some of her family had a farm in Addison NY.

I ve had little luck with to-date. We are looking for his birth certificate, baptismal cert, newspaper articles, stories  anything that will help us as we are stuck right now. I understand that sometimes these things are lost to us forever, but really appreciate whatever help can be provided.

I live in Florida now, so replies can be sent to
Regards, Elaine Troidl

Sent: 1/9/2012 12:10:13 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Dear Joyce, I have been doing some family genealogy research and I finally found your pages with the listings of the graves in Rutty Cemetery, in Canton Township.

I am a member of the DAR ( National # 738884) and a descendent of John Newell. (Newell was my maiden name.) The Newell family lived in Bradford Cty PA for many years and my great grandfather, grandfather and parents are both buried in the Tioga Point Cemetery, along with other family members.

I thought perhaps you would appreciate having more information on JOHN NEWELL. He served in the American Revolution in MA. He was born in Dudley MA, and baptized on April 28, 1745. He died in Leolyn, PA 3-(24?)-1836. He was married twice, first ( I believe to Hannah ? and secondly to Mary Willard)

His grave in Rutty Cemetery is # 6, Lot 16. A DAR marker was placed on his grave a number of years ago by the Bradford Chapter of the NSDAR.

I do have more information about him if you are interested. I also have a question about the Tioga Point Cemetery. I have been trying to locate some documentation of the purchase of the family plot in Tioga Point Cemetery but the "right to burial" document was lost by my Mother a number of years ago. These were never legally recorded according to the present cemetery caretakers. They do have plot cards but that was only for their records. Do you have any additional information that might be of interest to me?

Also, do you know if there are any contact people for the Rutty Cemetery? Is it still in use?

Thank you so much for your time.
Sincerely, Trish Thurston,
Sandpoint, ID.

Sent: 1/3/2012 12:11:57 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Dear Joyce and fellow workers......
We are brand new to your Site. I hope we are doing this 'query' correctly.

My very Great Grandfather is Hubert Heuse 1035. I am not certain that I have his 1st name correct (Hulbert or Hubert) nor the year of his birth ? Has anyone been able to locate Hubert's parents ? Did Hubert live in a Manor or a Castle with Helena ? I would like to know if there are any 'sketches/pictures' of Hubert and Helena (Elena) to be found ? And does he have a Coat of Arms ?

Also, we cannot find the names of his childrens 'wives' nor those of his grand children ? We are 'confused' abt the number of 'children' Hubert sired ? We only found one son, William Heuse.

Thank you for this vital help. We are the Hewes family of New Orleans, Chicago and lastly, Los Angeles.
Mary and Robert Huebotter (AZ).

Subject: CLARK
From: Sandra M. Clark
Date: 1/3/2012

Dear Joyce, I am searching for some family history. I believe my grandfather Charles Clark was from Elmira. My understanding is that he was an orphan and raised by someone in Elmira. I came across a picture of three gentleman that was taken by Mrs. L. Hurley in Elmira. Would you have anything related to a Charles Clark that was raised in Elmira? Or do you know of any Clark's in Elmira. I would gladly appreciate a response. Thank you for your assistance. Sandra M. Clark

Subject: HACKETT
Date: 1/1/2012

Hi Joyce,
I'm a direct descendant of the Hackett family that settled in Tioga County, PA and have a mystery concerning my great great grandmother, Isabelle (Avery) Hackett, who after the death of her husband, Samuel W. Hackett, married Ira Potter and moved up to Hornell, Steuben, NY until her death (when her body was brought back to Middlebury, Tioga, PA and her obituary appeared in the March 20th, 1918 issue of the Wellsboro Agitator).

According to the obituary, she was interred in Union/Keeneyville Cemetery. However, I could not locate her there under either her maiden name, Avery, or her first husband's surname, Hackett, or her second husband's surname of Potter. Is there any way that you might help me find where my great, great grandmother is buried? It would be a great relief to know this and be able to add it to our family history to pass along to future generations.

Thank you so much for any help you might be able to give in this matter.

Yours truly, Samuel H. Hackett (Charles Hugh, Samuel Wing, Avery John (Isabelle and Samuel W. Hackett's son), Samuel W., Seth Booth, John, Edward, Joseph)